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    Official Publication of FOSTORIA GLASS SOCIETY OF AMERICA Inc. To acquire and disseminate detailed knowledge concerning Fostoria Glassware

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    Volume 37 No. 5 March / April 2016

    Practically from the day Fostoria opened their factory, they produced all-glass Stand and Finger lamps. These lamps are machine-made, blown, and pressed in one operation and advertised as leak proof and the strongest all-glass lamp on the market. Available with shrunk on collars (not removable) or collars attached with plaster or cement (removable). The stands on the lamps are long and de-signed to allow one to carry the lamp safely; whereas, the sewing lamp design is to place the lamp and leave it (Figure 4). Fostoria produced the Stand lamps for at least six years before they started to make their Gone With The Wind Lamps for which the company is so well known.

    Fostoria manufactured several lines of Stand lamps while in Ohio and for years continued many of these same lines in Moundsville. Some of the early tableware lines have Stand lamps: Cascade, Virginia, Valencia, to name a few. These Stand lamps are not the same as the Vase lamps also made in some tableware lines. When not part of a tableware line the lamps have their own line numbers: No. 153, No. 154, 181, 191, and 250, again, to name a few. Many of the patterns for these lamps are generally very basic, more utilitarian than for appearance. Typically, the font and the stand do not have a decoration. Sometimes the chimneys will have a two-color band decoration and the lamps flashed with a solid color, usually green or red, or with alternating 2-color green, gold, or red aniline stain (the darkened areas in Figure 2). Late 1890, the Stand lamps took on designs that are more attractive (Figures 3 and 4). Perhaps this gave those who could not afford the elegant GWTW lamps a stylish lamp to be proud of dis-playing. A fully decorated D lamp as shown in Figure 2 cost twenty-four cents in 1900 or $7.07 today. Sometimes you can find these old lamps for $10-15 today, which is almost equivalent to 1900 prices!

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    Fostorias First Lamps All-Glass Stand Lamps

    By Gary Schneider

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    Welcome New Members

    The following individuals have recently joined FGSA and we wish to welcome each of them to the Fostoria family. New Members:

    1/13/16 Christine Moran, Westmont, IL 2/8/16 Dennis Montgomery, Riverton, IL 2/16/16 Richard Clemens, Saginaw, TX

    We encourage each member to recruit new

    members to join FGSA. Membership is essen-

    tial to fund the Fostoria Glass Society of

    America operations. Membership makes a

    great gift for a glass collector or prospective

    collector and what a great way to educate the

    next generation on the beauty and skill in-

    volved in creating Fostoria glass items. Keep

    on recruiting!

    Tickets are $5.00 each or five tickets for $20. Send a check providing name and phone number (use mailing labels) for each ticket purchased.

    FGSA PO Box 826

    Moundsville, West Virginia 26041

    2016 FGSA Convention Raffle Prizes

    Antique Scrolled Acanthus with Francis Base Kerosene Oil

    Lamp Fostoria Glass Glows

    Fostoria Antique GWTW Parlor Banquet Table Lamp

    (electrified) 26 high

    The 2016 FGSA Fostoria Convention display will feature Fostoria lamps made in the late 1800's to 1915. These two lamps represent that era; they will be the convention raffle items. The first name drawn on Sunday, June 12, 2016 will have the choice of lamps.

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    Figure 2

    Dealers offered the lamps with or without burner and chimney as shown in Figure 2. No Trimmings means without the burner and chimney. The collar determines the burner size, which regulates the brightness, and the font size controls the amount of kerosene held. The No. 1 burner would be roughly equivalent to a 25-40 watt bulb and the No. 2 burner a 40-60 watt bulb. The brightness would be near the lamp, and not like todays light bulbs lighting of the whole room. It was extremely important to use the correct burner size as explosion of the chimney and the resulting fire was very common. In the early advertisements, several chimney manufacturers listed their chimney as explosion proof. Many an unhappy lamp owner found out this was just a sales pitch! All Fostoria Stand lamp lines commonly have eight height sizes and two burner sizes (No. 1 and No. 2). In the early years, the lamps came as size A-E, and then changed to the industry standard of A-D, and O. Each Line had a Finger lamp that came in two styles, footed, and flat and some Lines also have a Sewing lamp.

    Figure 3

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    2016 Auction The 2016 auction currently has 15 consignors so we are

    looking for at least 3 to 5 more, the amount consigned

    determines if we take on any more. Those who want to

    be in the auction need to receive their packets no later

    than the end of March. I would like to have all auction

    sheets into the museum by May 21st so the photography

    can be completed and the auction lists developed.

    The auction is a major fund raiser for the Fostoria Glass

    Society to fund our operations, so consider consigning

    high quality items for the 2016 auction.

    To participate in the auction, contact John Icard as soon

    as possible at either icardrj@aol.com or via cell phone

    at 304 650-9897.

    2016 Glass Show Update

    The Show V