"Facebook Platform Best Practices" - Facebook Developer Garage Bangalore

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Lalit, BitRhymes presentation at Facebook Developer Garage Bangalore on "FB plaform best practices" and their experience in building social games for 20+ million users.


  • 1.Facebook Platform Best PracticesLalit Patel, BitRhymes. www.bitrhymes.comFacebook Developer Garage, Bangalore. 10/10/10

2. About BitRhymes Who are we? Started in 2007, based out of Bangalore and Silicon Valley 26 people team at Bangalore. What we do? Social Games on popular networks Facebook and MySpace 6 Titles on Facebook, 9 Titles on MySpace Market Position 20 million users and growing fast. #3 Developer on MySpace (4 apps in top 20) 3. Facebook Apps: Best Practices 1. FBML vs iFrame 2. Virality 3. Retention 4. Metrics 5. Monetization 6. Tips / Common Pitfalls 7. Q&A 4. 1. FBML vs iFrame: Comparision iFrame: Flexibility, Javascript independence. Facebook JS library gives excellent features to implement almost all FBML features. FB recommends iFrame apps. No new FBML apps from late 2010http://developers.facebook.com/roadmap Few FBML tags are not available in iFrame (but not a show stopper) FBML is faster to implement. 5. 1. FBML vs iFrame: How it works App: http://apps.facebook.com/your_app/ Callback: http://www.example.com/canvas/ You type: http://apps.facebook.com/your_app/foo/bar iFrame loads (FBML App fetches code from): http://www.example.com/canvas/foo/bar 6. 2. Virality: Requests Until few weeks back was supposed to be retired. Now the ONLY viral channel Can be sent to friends not playing the app Most efficient way to get users to the game. Quota/Bucket Number of requests your users can sent to their friends iscalculated based on accept/ignore/block ratios. Anywhere > 50% accepts is very good. Ignore 75% acceptsFacebook shows as Avg of all apps. That number is wrongand impractical. If your request quota goes down your virality goes down 7. 2. Virality: Requests Tip: You can add tracking code to request to check with requests works best. Tip: There are two type of requests: Invitation & Request Quota is shared between both of them 8. 2. Virality: Requests Recent change to the way requests are shown on users home page. 9. 3. Retention: Feeds Recent Changes in the FB Privacy Policy: Feeds wont be shown on friends not playing the app ->The most efficient way to attract new users disappearedovernight with no pre announcement! Now you do not need to ask for users permission to showhim feed dialog box . Ensure that as every click reduces by20% http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/409 Tip: Add tracking info to feeds to judge performance. Tip: Comments / Likes on the feed promote it to the top in the users news feed. (API also available.) 10. 3. Retention: Bookmarks + Counter New Bookmarks menu on LHS Automatically added for your application when user starts using it Once a user has your bookmark, you can set a counter which will appear next to it. Counters remind users of actions they need to take within your application.$facebook_api->dashboard_incrementCount($uid); 11. 3. Retention: Like Make users like your application. Helps you post Application Updates to your Fans (people who Like the app) Updates appear on your Fans news feed. 12. 3. Retention: Like Facebook has made it real easy to add `Like` button on your app. You should prompt users to like the app and reward them with some bonus in the game. XFBML: 13. 3. Retention: Email Applications can ask for users Email address at the time of adding the app (or later) Applications can then email users directly about updates and notifications in the app. 14. 4. Metrics: Facebook Insights Facebook Insights (http://facebook.com/insights) Excellent data driven insights on your applicationsperformance Users Daily Active Users Daily New Users Demographics Gender and Age / Countries / Language Visitors Sources Daily New Bookmarks Add/Remove 15. 4. Metrics: Facebook Insights Daily Permissions Stream/Email/ Grant/Revoke Daily Blocks Daily Request Feedback Accept/Ignore/Blocks Feeds Performance Posted / Comments+Like / Hides 16. 4. Metrics: Google Analytics Google Analytics works for both iFrame / FBML apps. Provides tracking of complex user behavior. Provides Goals tracking Best Practice: use Google Analytics + Insights 17. 5. Monetization You can *also* make $$$ out of your applications Ways to monitize fb Credits (FB API) OfferPal / Super Rewards (Vender specific API) Implement your own payment gateway (Paypal / CC) 18. 6. Tips / Common Pitfalls Submit your application to FB Directory Appears in search results inside Facebook. Get FB compliance Free QA ;) Put Privacy Policy on each of your application pages and Application Profile Page. Facebook blocks your apps without notice. Developer accounts need to be verified by mobile number or credit card Be prepared to adapt to FB mood swings 19. Questions? We are hiring! www.bitrhymes.com/jobs