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  • 1.A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.comfabulous-15 ->stocks for Year 2010After smashing success of previous lists COMPACT 15, QUICK15+6,SOLID-15, FANTASTIC-15, VALUE-24, ARG 30 I recommend a new list ofstocks chosen with great care after markets have given more than 80% returns andsome of our stocks giving more than 300% gains. The stocks chosen are includedas they provide Value and a good margin of safety. Year 2010 in my view wouldgive negative returns on Index basis and individual stock performance would bebrilliant. So we must divide the risk equally and 20-30% returns annually wouldalso be very good given stretched valuations for our markets when Nifty tradesabove 23 P/E and world interest Rates near zero. Indian economy is expected toclock GDP growth near 8% but a Fast-growing economy has its own pitfalls likeinflation which we are already facing and supply constraints also can lead tomarket correction. This list I present to you to use on investment basis toaccumulate over 1-2 year period and it would be a golden opportunity if broadermarkets correct even 10-15% from current levels. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com

2. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.comfabulous-15 Stock NameCurrent Market Price (Rs) Target (Rs) 3IINFOTECH87 118ABGSHIPYARD 210 270ADHUNIK MET 110 152EMCO 91 130GIC HOUSING92 150GLENMARK278 350GREAVES COT 286 352 GSPL98 125GUJ NRE COKE 80 110IFCI 5475MRPL 78 100 NEYVELILIG 152 196 POWERGRID109 141SKUMAR 4170SUZLON 91 140http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 3. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com 3i iNfotecHCMP Rs 87 Target Rs 1183IINFOTECH is a global Information Technology company whichprovides technology solutions to over 1,500 customers in more than 50countries across 5 continents, spanning a range of verticals - Banking ,Insurance , Capital Market , Mutual Funds , Government, with 8% ofthe revenue coming from ICICIBANK. RBI guidelines suggest bankingcompanies holding not more than 5% stake in non-core activities andICICI bank holds controlling stake in 3i Infotech. Talks for acquisitionof ICICI Bank Ltds controlling 27% stake in 3i Infotech Ltd haveveered to a likely price range of Rs 110-120 a share, sources toldNewsWire18. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 4. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.comabG sHiPYarDCMP Rs 210 Target Rs 270Largest Private Sector Shipbuilding Yard in India Certified by DNV for ISO 9001 - 2000. The shipyard has delivered 104 specialized and sophisticated vessels. 90% of the vessels built in last two years were exported. The company has Order in hand over Rs. 12,500 crores which are to be serviced until 2014. The company is investing 16 billion rupees to build a new facility at Dahej in the western state of Gujarat. The facility will include a unit to build jackup oil rigs. "About 85% of the facility is complete," he said, adding that the entire facility including a new ship lift should be ready by June. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 5. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com aDHuNik Metalik CMP Rs 110Target Rs 152ADHUNIK METALIK is an integrated special steel producer and iron ore miner. It is venturing into the power business through its subsidiary, APNR. Adhunik Metalik is flagship company of the Adhunik group and engaged in the production of value Added Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel products catering to the automobile, construction engineering and household industry. The Company strongly focuses on reduction of production cost and zero waste management. Adhunik will be merging group companies Vedvyas and MP Ispat, which will bring 120,000tpa of coke oven capacity and 120,000tpa of sponge iron capacity. Consolidated profits may grow by more than 50% CAGR in the next 3 years to 2012 on account of growth in steel production and iron ore mining. The company has raised capital from QIB as well as promoters and debt-equity ratio may go below 2 in March2010 from 4.9 in March 2009. Adhuniks captive iron ore mines in Orissa have received environmental and forest clearance. Final mining lease is expected soon. Margins are likely to expand due to significant savings. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 6. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.comeMcoCMP Rs 91 Target Rs 130 EMCO offers Transmission and Distribution solutions in Power Sector. Itis amongst top 3 transformer companies in India with 20000MVA capacity.Order Book at 30 Sep 2009 was Rs 1600Cr and company plans to doubletransmission tower capacity from 45000MT to 1 lakh MT. India isexpected to add a generation capacity of 62000MW on certainty basis in11th Five-year plan and against this the country has added just 14337MWin first two and half years ending Sep 2009. Thus to capacity to be added inthe remaining two and half years will be over 45000 MW. This translatesinto a capacity addition of about 19000 MW per annum. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 7. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com Gic HousiNG fiNaNceCMP Rs 92 Target Rs 150GIC Housing Finance Limited, was promoted by General Insurance Corporation of India and its erstwhile subsidiaries namely, National Insurance Company Limited, The New India Assurance Company Limited, The Oriental Insurance Company Limited and United India Insurance Company Limited together with UTI, ICICI, IFCI, HDFC and SBI. GICHFL has presence in 27 locations across the country for business. Housing being the one of the essential needs of mankind, the demand for shelter grows in line with the increase in population and the standard of living, hence the need of financing the purchasing of a House came up. A growth stock with one of the best Dividend Yields in Indian stock market!http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 8. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com GleNMarkCMP Rs 278 Target Rs 350Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a research-driven, global, fully integratedpharmaceutical company which employs over 4100 people across its globaloperations. The Company is a leader in India in the discovery of new molecules(Both NCES and Biologics) and is focused in the areas of inflammation[Asthma/COPD, etc] and metabolic disorders [Diabetes, Obesity, etc]. TheCompany has branded generic formulation interests in over 95 countries acrossthe world including India, Europe, Brazil, Rest of Latin America (excludingArgentina), Russia/CIS, Africa and Asia. Glenmark Generics Limited (GGL), is asubsidiary of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (GPL) that aims to be a globalintegrated generic and API leader. GGL has an established presence in NorthAmerica, EU and Argentina and maintains marketing front-ends in thesecountries. GGL has a strong base in Formulations development with teamsoperating out of laboratories in India and Latin America. GLENMARK hasannounced plans of IPO for Glenmark Generics which would benefit the parentcompany.http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 9. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.comGreaVes cottoNCMP Rs 286 Target Rs 352Greaves Cotton Limited, established in 1859, is one of India's leading andwell-diversified engineering companies. It manufactures a wide range ofindustrial products to meet the requirement of core sectors in India andabroad. The company's core competencies are in Diesel/Petrol engines,Gensets, Agro Equipment and Construction Equipment. Recently thecompany forayed into earth-moving with the launch of its Wheeled LoaderCG 932 H. It has also tied up with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited,Japan, to market its range of Motor Graders in India. Greaves Cotton,presently, is the only Indian manufacturer to offer a range of products inconcreting as well as compaction segment. With the inclusion of these twonew products in the earth- moving segment, it will have an exclusive positionas a supplier for the contractors involved in road building, irrigation and otherinfrastructure development projects. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 10. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com GsPl CMP Rs 98Target Rs 125 GSPL, a GSPC subsidiary, has taken a lead in developing energy transportationInfrastructure in Gujarat and connecting major natural gas supply sources anddemand markets. Gujarat State Petronet Limited is first company in India totransport natural gas on open access basis and is a Pure Natural GasTransmission Company. The transmission network of the company envisagesdevelopment of systematic and seamless pipeline network across Gujaratconnecting various suppliers and users. The suppliers of natural gas includetraders, producers and LNG terminals. The users comprise industries such aspower, fertilizer, steel, chemical plants and local distribution companies. TheIndian natural gas market is relatively underdeveloped compared to otherregions of the world. By the years 2024 to 2025, the share of natural gas wouldincrease to 20% of total primary energy consumption, according toHydrocarbon Vision 2025. http://akprabhakar.blogspot.com http://tanmaygopal.blogspot.com http://prabhakar-views.blogspot.com 11. A K Prabhakar akprabhakar.equity@gmail.com GuJ Nre cokeCMP Rs 80 Target Rs 110 Coal is becoming a precious commodity day by day because of scarcity of the fueland Gujarat NRE Coke is the largest independent producer of Met Coke in Indiaand is the only Indian company with coking coal mines in Australia having morethan 500 million tons of Metallurgical Coal with excellent coking properties. Thecompany is set to