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  • Faber Music CHoral catalog

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  • Choral Basics 4

    Faber Choral Singles 5

    Choral Signature Series 7

    Choral Programme Series 11

    Faber Young Voices 14

    Single Choral Works 15

    Community Choral Works 18

    Large Scale Choral Works 19

    Carol Collections 21

    Hello! Founded back in 1965, Faber Music is one of the leading independent British publishers of classical, contemporary, media, and printed pop and educational music. Choral music has always been an important part of our publishing output and we’re delighted to be able to highlight these publications in this Choral Catalog. We hope that this resource will help you fi nd out more about the titles you already know, and highlight those hidden gems or new publications that you may not have come across before.


    Difficulty Ratings •••• Beginner: Works in up to 3 parts containing simple rhythms and harmonies and

    supportive keyboard accompaniments. Ideal for choirs with limited reading ability.

    •••• Easy: Works in up to 4 parts, mostly with simple rhythms and harmonies and supportive keyboard accompaniments.

    •••• Intermediate: Works in any scoring, with or without accompaniment, containing some challenging passages. Requires solid reading skills.

    •••• Advanced: Aimed at selective and professional choirs, these works are both technically and musically challenging.

    Please note: All prices are in US$ and subject to change without notice.

  • 4 Fa ber Mu sic Chor a l C ata l og

    Choral Basics has been carefully designed to provide rewarding, varied repertoire for beginner choirs. Perfect for singers of all ages, the series offers:

    • simple choral arrangements (rated Beginner difficulty) for 2 parts (soprano and alto) and 3 parts (soprano, alto and a combined male-voice part)

    • an array of repertoire including world music, spirituals, pop classics, show hits and original pieces

    • great value for money, with each volume comprising a set of three songs for easy programming

    • attractive, idiomatic arrangements, with breathing and vocal range considered for the level

    • straightforward piano accompaniments that support the vocal lines

    ISBN Title Arranger Arrangement Price

    12-057152348X 12-0571523706

    A Christmas Special Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571523390 12-0571523641

    ABBA smash hits! Vol.1 Lin Marsh Alexander L’Estrange

    SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571525172 12-0571525180

    ABBA smash hits! Vol.2 Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571523471 12-0571523684

    Auld lang syne Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571526217 12-0571526225

    Autumn leaves: Three classic Eva Cassidy songs Joanna Forbes L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-057152849X 12-0571528481

    Christmas Smash Hits! Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571521908 12-0571523633

    Danny boy Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-057152625X 12-0571526268

    Deep River Ben Parry SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571526276 12-0571526284

    Disco Classics Charlie Beale SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571526292 12-0571526306

    Frankly Speaking Charlie Beale SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571523498 12-0571523676

    Howard Goodall’s Great Big Tunes Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571521932 12-0571524028

    Love's Philosophy Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571526233 12-0571526241

    Michael Jackson Smash Hits! Simon Lesley SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571525156 12-0571525164

    More songs of a Rainbow Nation Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-057152351X 12-057152401X

    Music of the Valleys Peter Allwood SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571523528 12-0571523692

    O waly waly Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571529356 12-0571529364

    Oh Shenandoah and other American folk songs Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571523382 12-057152365X

    Songs of a Rainbow Nation Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50


    Choral Basics

  • Fa ber Mu sic Chor a l C ata l og 5

    Choral Basics & fABER cHORAL sINGLES

    ISBN Title Arranger Arrangement Price

    12-0571521916 12-0571523668

    The Gospel Train Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    12-0571526195 12-0571526209

    You’ll never walk alone and other sporting anthems Patrick Gazard SA/Men SA

    $5.50 $5.50

    You can sing but can you swing? is a series of jazz warm-ups designed to help choirs swing. Choirs are encouraged to make them their own by changing the order of the exercises, repeating sections ad lib and learning the all-important ‘step-click’. Getting into the groove has never been such fun.

    12-0571524834 You can sing but can you swing? Joanna & Alexander L'Estrange $5.50

    Faber Choral Singles is a series of beautifully crafted arrangements in a diversity of popular musical styles for today’s choirs. From Broadway, pop and folk to spirituals, gospel and original works, the music is arranged in three parts (soprano, alto and a combined male-voice part) providing flexibility for any choir.

    Rated as Easy and complete with straightforward piano accompaniments supporting the vocal lines, the Faber Choral Singles series guarantees the perfect repertoire for every occasion – so get exploring and get singing!

    ISBN Title Composer/arranger Arrangement pRICE

    12-057153791X (Is This The Way to) Amarillo? Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537804 Afton Water Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537812 All I Care About Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537820 And All That Jazz Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537839 Another Christmas Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537847 Auld Lang Syne Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537855 Danny Boy Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537863 Deep River Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537871 Early One Morning Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-057153788X Famba Naye Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537898 Freedom is Coming/Hamba Vangeli Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537901 Hamba Lulu Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537936 I've Got You Under My Skin Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537944 Jesu Ukukhanya Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85


  • 6 Fa ber Mu sic Chor a l C ata l og

    Faber choral singles

    ISBN Title Composer/arranger Arrangement pRICE

    12-0571537952 Jingle Bells Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537995 Love's Philosophy Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538002 Low-down on the Hoe-down (Medley) Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538010 Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538029 O Christmas Tree Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538037 O Waly Waly Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538045 Oh Shenandoah Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538053 Razzle Dazzle Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538061 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-057153807X Roxie Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538088 She Walks in Beauty Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538096 Si Njay Njay Njay Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-057153810X Simple Gifts Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538118 Siyahamba Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538126 Skye Boat Song Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538134 Spiritual Medley Ben Parry SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538142 Standing in the Need of Prayer Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538150 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Patrick Gazard SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537979 The Lark in the Clear Air Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571537987 The Last Rose of Summer Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538169 Thuma Mina Alexander L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538177 Wade in the Water Joanna Forbes L'Estrange SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538185 We Both Reached for the Gun Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

    12-0571538193 When You're Good to Mama Charlie Beale SA/Men $1.85

  • Fa ber Mu sic Chor a l C ata l og 7

    choral signature series

    The Choral Signature Series introduces a wealth of new or recently written choral music to choirs in search of fresh repertoire. The series draws in a rich diversity of contemporary composers and includes both lighter and more challenging works – off ering a thrilling array of varied music.

    ISBN Title composer Arrangement Accompaniment Difficulty Price

    12-0571520367 January Writ Thomas Adès SATB Organ •••• $5.80

    12-0571518354 The Fayrfax Carol Thomas Adès SATB divisi Unaccompanied •••• $5.80

    12-0571532136 Four American Choruses Julian Anderson SATB Unaccompanied •••• $7.95

    12-0571530338 I Saw Eternity Julian Anderson SATB Unaccompanied •••• $5.50

    12-0571524648 My Beloved Spake Julian Anderson SATB Organ •••• $5.50