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•Hotel . peitfmn aunouhrpinonlfi appear on
pages, fi. 7 and H; also fill) Hiimiitnr
" ..Season Program in Ocean Or ove
Township Authorizes Five Sales;
July Tax Receipts A t $148,446 i- — - — -— -— • .
C o m m i t t e e D i s c u s s e s P r o p e r t y A p p r a i s a l s
A n d A p p r o v e s T w o S a l e s ,
Five properties o w n e d by Neptune Township were authorized, at T u e s d a y , night’s meeting of the Town­ ship committee, to be sold at public auction. The sale notices are published in this week’s issue of .the T im es ,’offers having been received from various prospective buyers.
Proceeding the action of the com­ mittee thcr>> was a general discus­ sion of prices. Chairm an Ross R. Beck suggested tha t it m igh t bo advisable to securc professional appraisals before future, sales are held. ; Although . hr: voted to pro­ ceed w ith the various sales, he said th a i he was not in a position to say whether the m in im um prices accepted to s ta rt the sales in each case were “ fa ir prices." The pro­ cedure is the same as .that, followed ior several years, according to Clerk John W , Knox,
The procedure was recommended by the Tax T itle Lien committee, of which tho township committee, tax assessor, collector, attorney and clerk; are members, who stud­ ied the situation. The committee accepts the offers as opening bids a t tin: public "sales. In m any cases properties had brought much high-, c r prices than , the- opening bids, said Mr. Knox.
The- committee confirmed two sales: lo t on Myrtle avenue to John Spencer for $300 a id two Fishe. avenue lots fo r $3G0 to Joseph j 'V'I Luncheon.
The deal made w ith the Shark R iver H ills company whereby the township comes into possession of
m any valuable lots in settlement o f back '.axes is now in the .hands o f Local Government Commissioner W alte r R . Darby for final approval, according to Clerk Knox.
Tax receipts for the month of Ju lv were reported by Collector W a lte r I I . G rayatt a t $148,440, .in ­
c luding $120,736 for 1945. Re­ ceipts on rents of. township held property amounted to $744; - lax title liens $1,6(58; cost and interest, $2882; licenses, $740. The sum of $2,00ft. was received from the U . S, government for restoration of Jum p ing Brook, fo llow ing its war­ time lease. Neptune sower account reported 10,291 received.
A com pla in t about a “ blind cor ner” a t Ridge and Corlies avenues was made by O. Van C. Sm ith, Shark R iver H ills. A high hedge a t the southwest corner there is a j traffic' hazard, . he claimed. ; Mr.’I Johnson told Mr, Sm ith that s te p s ; had been taken to force compliance w ith an ordinance lim itinc; corner i hedges to three feet in height, j
---- * ---- .'
M o o d y B i b l e T e a c h e r
T o S p e a k H e r e S u n d a y
D r . W i l b u r S m i t h ,
C h r is t ia n A u t h o r a n d
L e c tu r e r , A u d i t o r i u m
P r e a c h e r .
F L A S H ! ! Domei (Jap) was Heard to broadcast
at 7 this A. M. that Tokyo was ready
to accept Potsdam unconditional sur­
render terms.
'Official' confirmation by the State .-Department. in Washington that
Japan had actually surrendered had not been received up to the time we.’
went to-press. Radios are timed in everywhere. The dropping of the
second Atomic bomb on Nagasaki.and the entry of Russia in the war ap­
pear lo liave rung “curtains” for Japan ami ifshered. in V-J-DA Y.
udden Death O l Bandmaster
Saddens Salvation Army Week-
End, Sunday’s Attendance 9,614
D r . H e n s o n P r e a c h e s I n M o r n i n g I n
A u d i t o r i u m / C o m m i s s i o n e r O r a m e s ,
C a n a d i a n L e a d e r I n e v e n i n g
Y o u n g P e o p l e P r e s e n t
2 n d C o n c e r t O f Y e a r
G u e s t S o lo is ts , S a c r e d a n d
P o p u l a r N u m b e r s a n d
O t h e r F e a tu r e s .
Another great Young People’s Concert will be. held in the A ud i­ to rium tomorrow n igh t, A ugust 11, a t 8 :00 p. riv., under the direction of W alte r D. Eddowes. The pro*; gram will open w ith organ selec­ tions by Mrs. Eddowes, and a prayer and welcome by Dr. Robert C. W ells. . ^ v . V
The first part of the program is a sacred sequence: “ I can d o . all th ings’',.-“The Lord is m y Shep­ herd” , Sally Burch, Peg Roberts*, “ Believe in Me'*, God Understands” , Don Phillips; dram atic reading, V irg in ia Campbell; “ Back of the Clouds” , Joanne Pemberton, J im ­ my Kesler; “ Christ is the Answer”.
Lt. H . 0. Steinke, U .S.A ., of Fort Monmouth, baritone , soloist, who sang in tlie Aud itorium during Mus -ic Week, w ill sing “The Beatitudes” “Through the Years”* and by popu­ la r request, “ Dc Glory Road” .] Miss Ruth Lam ed, soprano, of Fairfield, Conn.,' will render a group of Czechoslovakian, fo lk songs, and w ill be dressed, in authentic native garb, and w ill sing a group of Ne­ gro spirituals,
A popular sequence w ill follow th is w ith Ida-Bryza sing ing “ Don-
..key Serenade” ; M ary Jane Shot- well, M ary Anderson, Betty S im p­ son, Katheryn Woelper, Barbara
The Rev; W ilbu r M. Sm ith; D. D., instructor in English, Bible at Moody Bible -Institute,, Chicago, will 1 speak in the A ud itorium at
30 and 7:30 on Sunday, August 12th and in the Temple Monday through Friday a t 11.00 a. m . and 7:30 p: m.
Dr, Sm ith,- widely known as a Christian author, - bibliographer, and: Bible conference speaker, served in the pastorate for 15. years before jo in ing the Moody facu lty in. 1938. For several years he was pastor o f the F irs t Presbyterian Church, Goatesville, Pa., a charge w ith a congregation of 1,800.
Reared in Chicago,. Dr. Sniith studied first a t Moody Bible Insti­ tute, then; attended Wooster (Ohio) College;, Dallas. Theological Semi- j nary conferred the d iv in ity degree in 1932. • • . I
: --- , -•
C o r n e l i u s - G l a s h a n \
B e t r o t h a l A n n o u n c e d
Recreation Commission Reports
Play Ground C5oal In Sight
In th e a b s e n c e o f D r . M i l ­
t o n . I I . N i c h o Is , >v h o w ; i s .
s c h e d u le d 'as . th e . - S u n d a y
m o r n i i i g ' p r e a c : h (» r , D r.
G e o r g e \V. H enson- o c c i ip ie 4
th e p u 1 p i t ;• T h e la r g e s t a.u d ir
o n ce so. f« u v th is ’s e a so n g re e t-
c(l. the- Association president, as. he chose as his theme.. “ Resources for Abundant L iv ing” /. The audience ;was'.augmented by many who. Were he re for the Salvation A rmy.'week- em L . : • • .'.. : ..*'T . '
The president paid, tribute , to the Bandm aster,.;. Major; George Granger, wh o "'pnssfcd. - away sudden- ly d ur i n g th e . Sal vat ion A rm y con - cert the-, n ight before;-- That sanie e v e n in g h e / ;.receiyecl; ii V.telegram: from .Dr. Nichols -who; was \mable. to come; because, of tlie ‘.personal adv ice 'of h isphys ic ian ’. • ' ; The’ chose ,ing! V lie htas ;been • d isciitfsi ng a t tliei daily.. 10 fi’clock ' meetings, in. , the Taberiiaclb. :.'i'he scripture reading-
er in. any instance; did Jesus boast' of being a leader of a: great host o f ; people. He always insisted they .dionld- i ise up ‘ to. meet •demands through . Cod’s help’- he- continued:
‘W hat help.have we jiv.achieving : this goal ih a t Christ -has:*Set.?. . Re- ' me»nher., how. he said," 'I am come UiaV you m'ight. luive life and have it hiore .•abundanily '. The. New Testament p6rtrays for us .Abun­ dant Living.- '. I t begins.-first of all in the niiracle of (liyine grace called .‘new '; b irth ’,” D iv .. Henson said. “ \Viihout:'^that beginning' it;'cannot be; realized, Christ’s , life is a Steady,, sure .'grovvth for - all- who face, i t ; honektly‘ iuid're.vererjtly: . *‘If:is .(Jo<I' nia( 1 e a11y provision in . .His. grace: fo r us to live .an abuii- ciaiii! i life"’ "..; tluf .vspeal<er .asked* “ There is^evidence of the .piovisioii •; th a tG lir r s t *. made . w hen. Paul a t IvphwUiji
REV . DR. W IL B U R M. SM IT H , .e d i t o r of “ Peloubet’s Select
Notes”,, who will preach m orning . and evening on Sunday.
B e t t y L y n P r o p e r t
T o W e d S t a f f S e r g e a n t
M r . and Mrs. George M. Osmun, ; of Neptune, announce the engage­ ment of the latter's daughter,. Miss Gloria G. Cornelius, to Benjam in F . , Clashan, .jr., pharmacist's m a te ! th ird class, son of M r, and Mrs.!; Benjam in F . Glashan, South A tk ins j av'enue,. Neptune. . ; )
.Miss Cornelius was graduated from Neptune h igh s'chool, class of • '44, attended Monmouth J u n io r : college, Long Branch,- and .w ill, en- ! ter tra in ing September 4 a t Wil- j liam* McK inley Alemorial hospital, Trenton. .
.G lashan is also a . graduate o f Neptune high school and entered the navy Ju ly 27, 1943. . He is n o w , on a thirty-day leave a t his home,! hav ing recently returned from 18 months’: duty in tlie European thea- j.
Mi*, a ml-Mr s.. VV alter S.. Propert,' of (Jermautnwiu- I’a., and summer res id en Is a t (U) • M t . Ta h o r , W ay, announce. the engagement of their daughter, Betty Lyn. to. S ta lf Ser­ geant David I I . K inley, A rm y A ir Corps, also of Germantown.
Miss .Propert is ,a. graduate of. the Germantown, schools and in June .was gra J.uated from the Moore School of Design in Philadel­ phia. She .was active a t the Young People's meetings here, • -
Sergeant K iidey who was. a ta il gunner on a B-26 is. home on a thirty-day. furlough after 9 months overseas where, he wras, attached to-:the. 0th A ir Force in France, He; has beeni . a\yarded the Purple Heart for . wounds received over, Germany, the A ir Medal w ith four Oak Leaf- clusters, and the Presi­ dential-citation. Sgt. K in ley is a graduate o f Am berst college where
The Ocean Grove Recreation commission reports splendid pro­ gress in com pleting it:= goal. of . a $2000 budget fo r the: equipment md operation of the, comniunity playfields in the south west .corner of the town. The total received to date is $1805. T he permanent steel back stop for ‘-the soft ball diamond is being constructed and the’ basket ball backs - are up. Swings have been - secrtred. . .Much work still remains to bo :done, but should be completed by next month, according to the committee.
The oflieers and trustees of the commission are A lfre d ;-P.’ Todd, president; Joseph Connelly, vice president; John E . NVwbon, secre­ tary; Dorothy* DeHaven, treasurer;; Howard L. Sm ith, E. L. Thompson, Joseph A. Thoma, Mrs. S. E. Heth- erington, Mrs. J . , H. Hemphill, Augustus B. K n igh t, Mrs. Donald Lippincott, trustees.
The committee ropi irts the fo l­ lowing- contributors'-to, field’: ___ ; 1 :...
M rs . Abrams, Miss Elizabeth A itken, Rose Arbor. M rs. J . Algoi*. A lbert Ander^oiii Sam pler Inn; Mrs. W illie Austin."
Barnegat Bay R estaurant,' M rs. Trene Batdorf. M a ry L Beare, Jean l». Beriihart, Alvin E . , Bills. The
. ...... . . • „ says ‘niahy achieve/abun- Pijbjcct .jyhrclii ,D H e i i i i o n . r.dant - life ’’ -by ' certain V processes:
as :his::t.heme. ;vVbun<lant;.Ln;-: first, in ;s.])i ritiiaf. strength a h a t God has provided'"hi* by. being filled w ith thy. . Holy Spirit.* . The ; second
. . . . . . . . thought, [’a u l <levlai;eW: ist to/, be a on ..Which he ba^ed h is . .theme • was; Chrj>;t-cen|:ered.: life,'; -'ihat Christ rent 1. ehr 1 ier b y . ^ la jo r /E m ii N 61 - .may •' 1 jve •;in - your hea it t h r o u ! son., of- the .SalvaCion Arin\\. taken ' I. .. . ' Vi . * t1 i . i •» *-f l ' i im 'K ii l ie M ju is I
“ I -anr' iiiViVrosfied' !>>•; the high' standard o f life the -New.'Testa­ ment gives for. Christian living",, the; speaker said .."N'ever at' any poilit, j ‘n the . -Xe\v . Tfestanieiit is there ,a I6\vcrin"- uf . standards, to meet the. p'optiiai;. demands! that:
j Jesus and his disdplcs .faced. .. N'ey-
Uilin.s, M rs . A. B lackloo);.. E . . ,1.; l io r to n ,. .Marlborough Hotel; Mrs. Edna Biace, L. K. Bronson, G il­ bert it. Bush, .Mrs. -Malic! Battel, The Seacroft.
A rthu r Carpenter. Miss' Edna Carpenter, \\. H a r o l d . C a r- penter, Mrs. Daisy Carr, .Ocean House; Mrs. Ellen Carrie!:, Mrs.; Edith Chafey, Joseph II. Chamber- lain, Hotel E a l’ierre: Eric W.S Church', Richard Clark,. M iv and I
c o ^ t ph Cu!," clly’ M r '•;Hobu,:t ! D e a t h F a i l s T o S t o p
Mrs. Alex Damon, J B! Dav irj u a i n /* son, M rs ;.c . D.en.hi^ii, curw in r . ; A r m y s v o n c e r t Dodd, ,i. .1, Dooner, . M rs.,' Grace __ _____ Drake. A llenhurst Hotel; Frank .1. Dunn, Dorothy DeHaven.
E. II. Stokes Fire Co., Eaj'lc Hook and Ladder. Co.' .
Bernard Fediles, ,7. E. Feidnian, A friend. A friend. F irst A id Squad, Mrs.-Ralph Ferrcl. I •. - ’
Mrs. K. F. Gallagher, Boscoh'el', W hile ;leadi«si ti-.e .SiilvVition H ote l; The Garrabrandts, W a ite r ! A t‘my Territorial Stall band in it:.' Gilber t, M rs .! Robert G illum . Mary '.tenth annual, music, festival iii. ii>.e: Grhce.Vi Raymond-— — Qrace,\--7-0 >cea,V'Gro\v-A-iiditi*i1iufn-L att|i'dt!\fc Green Ilafrerniati .Lumber-Co.. Mr. ui^sht. Majt.r Cieur.ire Gran^e.‘‘, vet- :md Airs. Arch Grillith; - .Mrs. \V.m. . el an conductor.. \yas: stricken .\v|t!i
P r e s id in g O f f ic e r F e l t it
W o u l d E e B a n d m a s t e r ’s
W is h T h a t C bnce r>
C o n t in u e .
O c e a n G r o v e G i r l
E n g a g e d T o C a p t a i n
Mr. and • Mrs. .Tames .Wesley H iller, .36 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, have announced the engage­ ment of ther-daughter, Donna Lu- menta, to Captain A lbert C. Tra- liowskt Jr ., A rm y' A ir Forces, son- of Mr. and M rs . A lbert Clarence Trakowski of Milwaukee, Wincpn- sin.
M iss Hiller- is. a student of Po­ litical Science at .Middlebury Col­
lege, .'Vermont, • . . . . . . Capta in Traliowski,; is stationed
a t the Signal Corps-; Engineering Laboratories, Bel mar. He' w as a studeiit o f Engineering Physic? at
Illino is before
la it Iv.1 : Tho .;. secret ; o f i,abundan t' fiving'-is^ ;Ghrist niaking^V.-his- ’lijjme ; in- the. lu in ian' heart‘>. tlie ;speaker declared. ^ ‘'The third provision- fo r <il tun da n t i i v il; g - (ii t hi s l i f e i s a - 11#vo-con| i;«)! led . Itfe.'*• l ie fu n her defiiied’th i« :by quoting frohi Ephes- . ' ;a ii s. IW\ j 7 and .=18; ,‘|That. ye' bei n g routed and Vgi'oiiiide*V'i,l .;.bjVe.; m ay : be v 'able ;iV>’;.c»>i'nprcbeni 1 .Wit\\ : a 11 ‘•aiuts jw iiat . is'.the* breadth,;- and length,: and depth ' and he)gl*:” . “.Tn de^eri b in g :the..»Ii me n.s i oijs o f Christ’s . love, / PauL said1. Christ's .'
[. 1 a broad 1 ove,‘ it is .nniversa 1; His I cji!*e :; is eternal; the love of. God.: can; .never Lbe »scal<M. atid. its depth;is-^^unfath'oniaide;jt" is .sym- - pathetic ;t 13 everyone, in-xitis.-world ' ; In. ..‘closing. ...Dr..;-. said, - * A bu ii d nt..) 5y4» g;i. is I b e • 'o nly. life woftli .1 iv ing .• for. '• [C'liris.t- Is ade- - fiiiate* to every ’ need and , the- ans­ wer, to .human life.” . : •; Co)nm i ss i on e r Be i i j a in in, 0 rain es
Jraye: the /operiiiig. praycr and the lie ii ed ic tin t\\ \ was pronounced b y_
Guyer. ‘a ':lieni t ai taV;k; .; As he '•
ITrigadFelvAy'Ul]ain GT ITat-ri :: V 'Evi*n;ng ’ Service
. ;- • CtnViniissi«)ner Ernest; 1. Pugm ire Junip.eujvvhoVpres'ided.-at the.*i\veii:ng ser-
(rontim ini oii I’acrt' I) : : i a - , - - woo :i»resi«ien.‘ai ,* ujvenmg .ser--
•;, to the lleor he wa quicUly.remove.) ,-v.ic'e;- introduced the.spcaker of the j to--.a <I«!SS1»» room ,.n the -ear ;< r| Ovo nintr. .on -. hi-, firi* o.,-,-,.ior, here | tlie A itd.toriuni, where a - n r ' - ,,j.clu:ho,.: r . ,, , ,;
i i< her« '- ,' ' r e o a r e >r 'V1't •••uirijamtri O ram es.. ot" - » • * « '- sF d , r :!>y Di‘ W illjnni A. gohln.son.- a lte r ctiii
" G a y N i n e t i e s R e V u ‘‘t t c o m . - p r a i n e i j e ^ r or '-.the' sai-i been ! dri|il
4tU.mii (int/d Vi jiersons •
;TlVii yy- ii Ve.h u i i- i .-the • .AiulitoriUnr
c • i n * * m v m j j.saw hini collapse. . . . . . . . S p e c ia l G u e s ts in Y e O ld e '. rColohet -Norinan;; ,S/ ; M a rsh a ll^ T o v /n e H a l l^ , S a t u r d a y
N ig h t , A u g u s t 18 .
var|oh.;.'Arniy.; iviirk ur Canada ;_has been’ a Salvat ion Aruiy>otlicer:. for 47. years;; . He".is a ‘native o f Aus­ tra lia , a iid ’ in .the last-, war served
who was- pi esnlnig attjie-XJUie. of .’u ('j)apla in w ith ’ the, Australian M a jo r (. ranger s .deatn, a nnftu need- j forces? ;I n his Jopen ing woi:»ls Sun- that u - would .be the ;Major: s .wish < <lay eveniUir, lie extended a. note o f
“The Gay Nineties Revue in Ve; Olde Town'e Ilall-’i. w ill lie present-
jday eve’iiUir, lie extended a. note o f ue. tne concert..• i lie. mus-J t}10ni<s. to Com, T ugm lre ’ who-invit-. topped • mom i it a n 1 y, then ; f, j , n toi/nd dress' tlie. even ing. serf*
|;.Vtve, o f Salvation Army-: weekend. U I I I L i t i l . J IL aXi . I I , , V. 111 U v . | ll ' . - • •• l » .
oil by Hii!,: Thomson’s Auditorium i Ushers..Saturday nifjlit, August IS " , undei- the direction, of W alter D. w ! 1-llt .T-'-''- - - .................................... — ••— -.
. 'Vys. ft.i'i.m ber of the orjrati-,.(|,.essi the ati-iienee on a ,subject o f ar- ‘ atKin .s-.jv-.'e t-'-P-. lie was a Lrtf nt ininor*ai'.re; - T-Ie chose as his
anger.-:,\vho-- has i.*een • The/ Ctmiinissioner said; it w as’ t lie . ; s ta ;r bmid: si nee . '^veat h onoV. and ;pri viIege to ad -
Eduowes in the .Auditorium .. 'Phe .cast in its order of -appear-, » • • • • ? • • . ..... *•* '*•
aiu-e is iis follows: Andv Leach, ,’ ralV ' z 1'5 W * scrinture St. Euke .2:40. Ivan Awfulitsch, drum major; V e ' ‘ ' ‘p Wv?»{\5..; “ .Heeaus.e, I have been 'pr^ije jjoi Volunteer FSre.nenV. Band; f la v o r ill.All. tbe.ron!inents P ,, Doolittle, George. M iller;' Mrs. .Doo- \Kngland. and Fiance.- and \vah>ei i- South America and have been cb^e-
" I o n ,* ln 1... I , , , '* • I, rt - 1 \ I ,• -* ..-, . . |* . - I;,* associated w ith .•working' ni.m . ; 1 *i-'\fes.sini*a.l - jnoo, atid' lw»eause as
the University of
he was a member o f Beta Theta Phi ‘ eiili.sting in the Army- A ir Forces fraternity . in . 1942.
Death Strides Band During Concert H urry , . “Sentim ental Journey” ; j ter. Louise Arm strong, “The More I The. engagement1 was announced See Y o u” ; and Lois W ilson, “Yah- Wednesday, August' 1, a t a bulTet Ta-Ta” . . | supper a t Miss Cornelius' honie. . Geprge Toenes, New Jersey S tate ;T hose-attend ing were Mr; and H igh School champion clarinetist, - Mrs. Glashan,. Misses Shirley Glas- wi 11 play “Concertino”, von W eber,1 hanK Charles Boyce, W illa rd Hulse andlAvilllbu.-.:assisted.. in. _th‘e_second • and.:Larry-Stein, o f ,Neptune;;.My.r-, number by Bob ICanzler p lay ing on Harris, • E la ine Runner, Lois “Two L ittle Chums” , A, Perfect;. I lviiox aiid Barbara ; Feldman, of
O ther popular songs to be heard Ocean Grove. .are “ Bell Bottomed Trousers” ,' Jean N itschm an; “ I Need V itam in U’V Harriet: Everett; “ It's a Long W ay Home'', Bruce S te inm an; “ When Hearts Were Young”, Al- mcda Johnson;’ “Tabby the C a t” , Jean A^chenbach; “ I W uv a Wab- b it t”, E m ily Young, and “Please Don’t Say N o”, Nancy LeMoine.
An intim ate glimpse a t the life : o f G. I. Joe w ill be presented by 1 Corp. H arry Nackos and L t. H . O.
Steinke, and other special features w ill be given by the Young People, phis a grand finale of patriotic
. songs.
False A larm a t Spray View
Smtike from an incinerator tha t filled the bu ild ing caused a fire scare at the Spray View Hotel, The W ashington Engine company Ocean Avenue, Saturday n igh t, dispatched to the scene-found ex­ cessive smoke coming from burn ­ ing tr a s h : and the Ocean Grove police, • investigating, found ' no blaze.
Ocean Grove .Pharmacy, 40 M ain Ave: Drugs, Prescriptions, Soda, Luncheonette. Two 'R eg V d P har­ macists on duty.,Open to 10:30 p.m . — 28tf.
No date has been set for the wedding.
.. — — — ' 1
V.oung Pemberton Enters.Princeton
Jack Pemberton, son o f Rev. an<l Mrs.. John Pemberton, of Pough- I keepsie, N. Y., was a guest here ! last'weekend- of M rs . G. L. D, Tonipkins, of Interlaken. Jack ,! whose father was a former pastor- of St. Paul's church here, entered Princeton University the {lay a fte r; his high school graduation in June t to study for the m inistry; ; He is j the'nephew .of Rev. Janies. Pember­ ton, pastor of Ballard Methodist church, Asbury Park.
American Barber Shop, 52 Main Ave. AH hair cuts are 50c.— 22tf.
I wish to; thank all who so kindly sent me cards and flowers, and who called on me or inquired about my welfare while I was ill in Fit- k in hospital. Rev. J . N. Kugler.
— 32*
A U C T IO N E E R B. G. Coats, Tel. Lg . >Br. 3599.
Licensed and Bonded. — 9 i t . .
iioouttie, ueorge. iMiuer; .\irs. .uoo* • ' ^ ' . • :»Y -r- \ little. John. Dixon; Ye O lde 'jlaes- :!n l*!>V'™«mled m the A rras-C , tro." villaBe music' teacher, W a l t ” ™' '•,'M:arement .in A.ifrnst. !h ....................... ... . . . . Eddowes; Ye Village- Oivaiiist. H« W l> i?c< l one and ,I,reeled.two ,, face .the worhl and Josephiiie Eddowes; Ladies C ho ra l' JJV)lta i \. - “ V ^ a,1.‘)(la P\ l9]: Af c a n i. ill v. 9w.1v.J1 vipg. you *11 1 orgive Society. . ":*• j t . r' 11!1- \ nVV ;»ie; i f . I. sp^/nk ton ig iit oh; the sub-
Guests: / Carrie : 'Nation,' Joe ! - . ,,?nvf ,w................. ' ................. ~ Tweedy; Senator Bliilf, B ill Gray; • • .Mrs. BlulV, Ell Spit?.; Ye Towne i , A Gossips. Ellis Worn-. Rutirir Stir- 5 :l1llc't '11 . “ v
anger had been ,'coii-:- .Ul; b'atid 'iu eaelv of ;;
Hie ;^even. concert s. given a? a part: t> f; the • a it h mil., ga t he 1; i.i i g j n O e ean
! Grove. •>v . ' ; . . "• .-.-:; • Th \boily wa< re 111 oved . to the
. .M aithew sv •'.Franciopi .and Taylor : .P'lineral l io n v . As!»ury IMrk,; tipon- j t he i> vd f »: ;o f ' I) r .* 'Harvey 11 nr til t an, •; c.otuny;’ ph y s i e i a n i :hv> Cftmpbell Finiernl Uo.nie,. of New; York C ity ;;
Lwei-e.:inlt haree of fu tv*i~al a i-rangc-;
Hay Mauley, hasso pidfotindor San- i.-n.'v-t*,. • .
dow, Ye -Towne S lrdnn Mr.n. ' 11 u ^- ' , \!J-r,V n • - llleerker Stirli.w ;- I. i 1 I a r o l; f ^ n h ' C-V 1
I.CW Mulfovd. hathinK cus-
Fpurt e/'*• t li st, N^W V o *. C;^'. ? onel Norman S. Marshal!r,.ehief-
ling; Diamond. »Iim 'B rad lev, Sam*- uel Y e o ; L i (1 inn R usse II, E ’d. J en r (ley; Ye .V inage: Organ Grinder/ Tjnny aiid de Monk; EtVrle Beach; Ve V illage T’arson,. Carl • 1 lorsehoi ; Ve Parson’s W ife, Pat, Dodd; Ye V illage. Blacksmith.- ;’Teii Pierce; Barber Shop Quartette: A lv in Bills, first tenor; Anily Leach,, second
TO G E O R G E : . (A Bandsman’s Tribute)
You were there when the final chord was played. ; Your orders camq before the festiva l was done, :.. .'
And when they came, you le ft the p latform , George. You le ft and yet you stayed w ith everyone, .-
It 's true tha t fo r a fleeting moment, ’ Horns were silenced, doubt prevailed,
i. And then we knew the music must go on. ’ -V:"
So trem bling hands raised saddened horns to grieving lips,' The music sounded— filled the balm y air. - '
Y our friends, your comrades p lay ing songs of Z ion And know ing even then th a t you were there.
W c , ymi wore there'when the final chord was played. You went on w ings of music-marching friend, And le ft us w ith determ ination to play our p a r t u n t il the
very end.
Hath tmner; W alter Carr; bath ing g irl; .lake Beutell, peace otlieer; Ye Vil- laire Sluile ^ Ia r tn .M ilt Condit; Ye Shuie Soloist, Karl Lein; Ye Skule Children; selections by the F ire­ men's band.
Special guests will he; Teddy Roosevelt,. B ill Thomson; P.. T, Barnuni, George B urrow s;: Jenny Lind, Arch Grifiith; Gihson . G irl, Heiiry. Nicdenstoin; Bu/Talo Bill; Joe Thoma; . Ann 'e Oakley, Al Todd; Ye Count»*y Chaniiicen. J u g ­ gler; Ye Old Fashioned^ Mellow- :Drama, snitched from th e .Jaw s 'o f Death; H a ir Breath. H arry , the Hero, Ray Manley; Edna, the beau­ tiful Cloak . Model, Howard Peter­ son: Dead Eye Dick, the V illa in , Earle H eight: Cactus Ike, the Fid- ler, Arch Griffith; Grand Finale.
The preacher S unday August T2(h at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30.. p. in. w ill be Dr. W ilbur M. Sm ith, Edi­ tor of Peloubet’s Notes.— 32 ,
secretary.' officiated :ff tbi? ser.vice. l; The St ii tV Band play v* I ; $e tun end .J' inarch. “ Proinbted to* tilory.*’ A voc;al solo, was ronderejl by. Ivnvoy Frank Fowler. • -Mrs. W illiam • H. McGue , tra v e tlie 7. openitvg ;• prayer. and 'Maior . Edward Cln>;k' ' pro­ nounced tho benediction. Messages,
i were irivon by:. Brigadier/ Charles B ea rch d l..
The buria l service, h?ld a t 3:30, 1). • in. Tuesday a t Kensico Ceme­ tery. New York, was conducted by Com inissioner. Donald McM illan. Lt. Col. Edw in Clayton read the. scrinture and de livered the n, aiid-Major W illiam Boai;ehel1 gave the ben«<!ictioii, followed by Taps^ Vhe Male chorus w a s present to sing. a
S18 Orokmon Ave., A. Pi TeL 154
C A R R O L L H . F R A N C IS M. D. U. S. Navy (Ret.)
U, S. Vet. B.u. Offi. Phy .:—i d o 7 pm 606 2nd Ave., Asbury Park
— I6 tf .• :
ST A T IO N E R Y : F ine assortment a t Onenahaws, “The Greeting Card Store”, 60 M ain Avenue.— Adv.
je • t • “ The.; Foi’gott en ".Christ/ - vTiijiO; 1‘i'i.isVs us t^ -forget”, the
rneaUer c o . n t i T l i e r e . is the stiipy; ofV;i hi? forirotteii ' nian who ; eomes.;out >o• i tbe• stage and his. na i«Vcs '• appv.aV• h i : headtl no’s i . bii L ''miv ' < o d p ; » r « /':foi:^',-tt«n. In . :the .-:i ' ^ rCiinada 'i> ^.000.000 'V'.Hidiiimodi'^'Sonni peonle. put : it there;<lei: *J ’ve bei*;i Va* Sa jva t^ ‘t.i-. A rm y ...biViccr fo r o\*iriv. ' yea‘--.-. 1. • Van'/. jni t • u p :‘ m y .,
.and;v1trut:!it;^lx:;-spy;' ‘N o t ' iUu- -
in ^ vpres*e(l.:;h Is -. n» \» >t ITTl ho" '?vi ’ ;*r of . th**; A lid it or him ushers. •r; I«; s j j £ j i; .«. ;j: coi» n; ( y ;nhe i»
!,v -avi*. i)Oj)*v*'-*ed ;»in'o\j<>!V’ t o -.; . ; . » : Go()’s . ji'ace -:pii 'iii-.*, Sab- *jj«.**.!* '..; ' '.*. : -.’vi'^rii"'; fen ; ;si>ldiers; - forgiit ten- r• rl. »rmd- u ' i.^ott eti naie rf' s; a *-e’ -a 1 r 1
• ci*? i.’.npit«rh; but f joiv sb'ill I, re- * -.jvion'i*: t ) ia t , forger Christ ?
iixv*1; in* •/.'isJitisv. pul/*i• ’ng world b• •.<• **s. f);.»r 1 s rootn for business :
1 * <::> ti n for tun)) tel y .for ' ‘h'-.'st, - t ’lei e 15-not' a-’place- ho can 'nter. • T V 'v 'p i 'i^ s fimn so deep- ,
’ ’* • " "* '7’ *1 1 h e . .bu i n o : in a y -'ficiiv ,th^. business" of pro-
;j,ic .p h i.* ’ he \iVged.
“ r»v. wtirl’v ng ««'Veii da:?s a week \ye m ay make a little money, by at-
itMin'il o|t Pjipo. 3)
\ritjle’s Main Central • Pharmacy Ta-sty. del:riot*s.sandwiches of a ll
liids find -''. lunch at Nagle’s 'odn Fo'intaih, tn :Main Avc.~adv«
Dr. Norman I^ayton, Chiropractor, 97 Abbott Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone. A . P. 5130.— 31-35. •
I f yon wa” * j>n' A U C T IO N E E R
Call W E T T L IN , A / P . 1490 -15 tf. J
FRIDA AUGUST 10,’'1946
lough IB com liijf" up unori: a iH ! ; ! think I ’ll try luul ilrup ill to tho Au«lltnr}um some Sundny nnd also try tlio good old A tlantic for a real swim. As over, IU11I".
IN UNIFORM 1,1. XV. S. I'crkinH 0-691021 1100 A A F lion Unit Caribbean l)iv . A.T.C. A I’O 8 IS, M iam i, Florida
1 Dear U nde Hill: Well, it's been n long time since I Inst wrote you so by the Inws of average Perlc finally go t around to writing. By tho way, I ’m now in. Puerto Rico whore all indications po int to my peinm mm Uy being stationed here. I ’ve been transferred oftt of my old outfit; Troop Carrier, to A ir T ransport' Command. Sure hated leaving tint old group bu t it is nice to live, like » white m an again. Our quarters" lici-e are lovely and there are four o f'us to a bungalow w ith all the'modarn' conveniences of home. Yep. even to electric re­ frigerator nnd stove; . The field is beautifu l and one o f the best over­ seas. We have.a grand club, sw im ­ m ing pools, tennis courts, and even a golf course of IB holes. A io t has happened since I le ft England and Fv.uice, bu t it is a ll pleasant m em­ ories. We had a tough job to do but -ve did r it. You read about our big operations in the paper, like Normandy on D Day, Holland, and the Rhine. That wasn’t ali because all the .tim e in between we' were flying supplies, etc., up to the front lines. When the big push went into Germany, we went r ig h t along tak ing gas, etc. to help keep them moving. I ’ve seen Frankfort and scores of other German cities. You ’ll never know what a grand job bombers did un til you see the rubble- of Germ any’s cities. I ’ve been flying this Douglas C-47 quite a few times now ant! it ’s a wonder­ fu l. ship. ' W e had to land fu lly loaded ships, w ith a ll kinds of loads, in little places that you wouldn't dream were a ir fields at times. We’d, drop in over bills and mountains and Sand on their pas­ tures and wheat fields and still we'd make it. A ll this is over now and we’re fly ing a ir line style but I wouldn’t have missed th a t flying with the 315th T C G fo r anyth ing in the world. The C-47 is a grand g irl and for our money- the best plane in the business because no other ship could do the job as well as .the.Old Lady did. She took.,the unexperienced pilots and brought them safely through because she couhi take a beating. I took quite a few pictures while flying over Prance and Germany and hope to show them to you all when t get back. Most of them are ill TCoda- cliromo so ! can project them on a screen. I got some excellent shots, on the ground a n d .hope they tu rn out good. I f there is a n y th in g - else you would like to know just, let me kiiow. i guess this is all to r this time. W rite spoil. Sincerely,
Hit riilil \v: .Uninv«r rlir is tnphrr Ui'Hzrl .Millon. IthJifuny
, lit'tinWir II. U i l i ' y . -Waller II. Hll«*y \V (*>!*'} HUivy HiTiuir.l T . II hm A'alicr-T..It Ini? • A11’rn i It n l« I ii so u .*< . liniitllfnti Hull la nil \f; ntlu HI .1. I I i ii i i it ; •
mi Ui . it . itiis- IMwuril .1. II. finj-al .'Ullsli
; W illiam Sam|isoti. , VV Kiln in I.. ?iji iilntrii • i;., Ail rit in S fh nn lz ; . ’I'litMiilnri* Si*lilc»**>*nirlt > r:i nl« 1>n
•liowtinl Si'uuuis •• I **ui rli’s - l.i Sc Vi-rs. (*) AV (Min lit. Nlmllrr ’ t;«*on:t*; Slillilti II.-.ytrirlialn* Shlhlpy, 1*1*11*r • i,. Slili»li*.v, >r; r.nrli- it. <; still Mi • (*): K iMtjU'tli- .1. sin It h I .oil j-I*. I’. • Sin I Hi Unlii'il A. SinJili If ii III 'K. Stull Ii ViT.iic I-,. Smith AViirriMt. 1*. Smith* W ill In m. 11. Smltli I'll ill !».- Siilttli'houso I.. sii'lniHTi?. ot In ',S l i t l l f- J r . ll lilm n l U. •Stout W ilbur St nut , liouj-'Ins.Stirlfiiir. A lhrrt J StrnsshurRot i\.,I. si rii>slinri?i*iy .lr; 1 loiiti lil : St n it ton
- Itiihi'rt Hi Strutton llihvanl AV. Stratton, U irM V. Swftiurton.
.lolin f.VHynts, Jr . (V i- li T n y ln r W'ooKfy -Thompson; Ft! m in i Thoms Martin J. Tobin- •
‘ lrvl|i« Tozonr > Uttthvr(*«v«!., Trimmer .liwpplr Vuii ( 11*11 f •I’ri'ilnrirK Van r io o f .. Wit rri'ti X.. Vasi'I (•) It ..‘.nl Ip A . “V nlut :
•sjiliM 'j T. W'lilton Utilpli F. AViihvortli W illiam S. -Wnnl Alnrshnll W’nrn<*r s • i iii111*I WfitMin, Jr.
i itfiiriru- (% Wi-Jilon • henro* IK Wpslorvrit It a r.r y W . W Ii It« : AI|n*rI' Whlto.
T.y itMI C. White liiilh It. White
C Jiir lii. W liltrhfin! nil Ih . W hit fori! r . Stephen AVlrlort
- rtinvnsiH ,T. AV Ii'le rt (•> ' |{iiIm*rl W'illiiuns 1)11 V hi W)l I Jams’ *Jr. Sura \i'illi:it»i*i.’ . • : Jfoiiii F. W i l l In ms .lull n I*. IV III him son,
Wills. W illiam IV -Winter Nor in it n Woli*nit It. lu Ill'll! Wolrotl . • llrit ry .7.' W iioil r I ii i?» .lolin W. WopJIi'y . ; 1'htfir AVrlicht • • *•'_... illiitfiriK* W rinht John S. A*i'o • .fnlin S. I*. A'otini? 1 ill wlti Yoiiiij? JllSI*|l|| : Vl>ll tie
•Ininfs llnruiiiloti : Kii.viiioihl Hnrt;iiilon i*' W in slim . llnt'KrnAt*
ill in ii) ilnrrls II. M y run ; Ilnrrls .Istcitii '.HaitsvUau, :jv,|
...W llllnin w .llW nt*. Jr. lami's II ciKlrJi'Usoii ’Janif>'--||».rln‘r l" Hiilii‘t'1 , ll»>|lirnnl; . I hli .lt u l I V ‘ • Vl.lwar.l It.' 11 oil
. . MloH : Itli liai'ii llo l/ . . . •W;ilHnin; tilli:Ill'S • • r:liarh's it. limitrr.- • Aliirtlii-.lliTley •; H*;« Ina lit .liitr lvy ' r: % ii ii * I*:, .iiim i's . . v u ioM 'f. U.- .liim i^. .ir.,
v. Il on a i'll ;iinnoii.nirnn, jr . i.,lui'<; AV. .ii't'i'rry-SmilJi : JiHni *W, J i li'r. A . • I*. .loJin^i'iv.
! ^ litry ' hi'Jm . ' .losi.pii, . liniM.p' l.>nru«‘ l\ |-|«;I'C • , \
. AVHslMI I\ !• il llI'll.V • Haul Koli)lla .
W llllnm 'I1. ICri*st:o . ' li»m t‘r l(rr*iri'. .1 r .;-
. Iiorntliy 1). Kticlrr <*>nnir l»itI»or lt;iiiiln|]i|i i,ii itnrrr •. . Itiiyiiiiiiul .H. I.n iisliil'rr . Hn’V I.I'tit .. v ' A r lh n r*. V*. I,iiK *(*) , • *' AV II1 la n i ' F t\H ton I. in s . /
...lo-cpli H.' I, fir li wooi) . . WnJIni*i*. l ’. ?,in| tvlar
. ;J(uln-rl '^riiHllM* '* ’ *t. W llllnm I .yon lion lm i .11 ucanIiiy ** W 111 hi m •. Mnrliay • K>. M«rAVh$h«»*y, -Jr. . HnsUntr .MarWlilniiVy ‘ Wcoriii'H ., ^lai»i*r •
. Kilssnil |*. Al ii .fur f •). Donirhis. It.-.MntiH'y'
,.Toliti A. AIJtrftn • , .Thomas W. Alartin,. Jr. .Tliotmts W . M u rtin- Unlii rl .ilI'C lrllnm l . Jr. ; WfllJam ’ IK- >lr(*l**Ilninl HohiTt II. Him iii* ’ I»n vlii. V. Mi'tz
: J.r.«iti AlIlllcnn : Frnnli .11 UN .' l.o«is '.I,, .illsurnc ..
C la ri'iin* Alorrls. . .. .liuiii”* Athvrt- Morrln
Will fix ' I.. Alorrls W liiiam lt.' Morris I*) ltoln*rt K, Alos*: •
; Arthur. .Tr M ln iin t. ’ ifi>M-|ih .llotml •Willliim - Alofkrlilui' . Harry AHillU»»'it. (**) .Ind; 3I1I11II<<<II. - lU ihan l V. Mulltni'n ’ ' •In11n .I..AI nr|ihy * Ala Im'I f>. >'ii I ter I ' . . Iiiilril >'i'lsnn*
. (’hitrli's .W,.; Ni'WPomh •lohii .V. Ni'Ui'omh.. Nonimn* Norris . dona i»l 0 |».|v|;W,
.1 it l*r .r>i rii or ' • Cly.1i* I'm1 tin ni*
,.-N o rm :i n .If.- Ha i* h a nt - •. (•'rnriri* • l';i t li'r>nii, ,lr. - • ; Dfirl*.-,.!, Horliins W ill Jam S; Hi* r kins . I'.huiT A; Hi-rry,'; • : 11 Ay »l I* n H itry . .lolin I'ottit W iill^ni'/A : l»fclfi>r rarro il S.-Hli-ri'p .-., * .loJlH I'llTll* r . . A. HJprci*. Jr.
-T. .• IC.'H <• lr h I-1 <!«• r f «• r
tbe Poet’s Corner
!* H6trfr4* I.i'orif.i«J H. Itoi;i>rs. Wall<t* S. .Str'ljifimnn j i : Alfri'tl-»>f. Srott W llllam (!. Srott I lm ia n r W , S«thy, Jr.
. . II. «iWhy Wilt In i't* Shaiturr J a m r*> _ .T. S b rr.rii r»l,3 d J
. .1 S.' Siiti|i1*lns Hfri’il. f’v. Slniislmry Wni. II." sfiitishitry Ilavlil K. Sti'Ai'its . ;IJoyil..l^ Sli'vpiis . Ith'hnril It. StirilMC Frank i;. Sirollsky It ut h . StroII'iky - v W ill in in ii, s i tilts r<. IV. Knlllvno. Jr. Hraltii'nl F. Suafn * . <>. I). Swijn’t Itniicrt* l:. Swank • • VJi'ior. T. Tho’mns H. Tl»om\iMin, -jr.' It. I>; Thomson ' •lolin Tlinmni , H lrniy It, T ruitt , 1'.ih\anl ei Truyh'r. .Ir. II. WIIhnr. Tunis * l\i'niip||| M. I ’ ltttPr Sian (mi F.-rtmpr Frank IV.. Van- Zam il • Will hi m .A. AViicnor Ihirohl Warrlnirton • IMtfirr V. W'nsiiuha ncir ll:i**ry W. Wit|son Itolii-rl T. Wi'Ktro W illiam U: O. Wolls llnrry AVliri'lor * liH'R W. W illiams . Amlri'M Wilson, ,Tn. St»\nli*y V, AVoofli Jr. Hoficrt Wooil • •
i IliirM I!.. 7.Inijj?
S This i t a hurry ca ll to every experienced tele­
p h o ne ope ra to r in th is area.. We need.your help,
your- experience, your t r a in in g a n d b ack g ro u nd
to h and le the trem endously-increased vo lum e o f
te lephone traffic g o in g th rough our exchanges
these d ay s—-m uch o f i t caused hy re tu rn ing
servicem en.
9 W ages pa id are the h ighest in h istory o f the
com pany . Salary credit w i l l be' a llo w ed for past
9 This is a real opportun ity for form er operators
w h o w o u ld lik e to re turn to active duty.
« Y o u c an v /o ik part lim e o t lu l l lime-
CH0C0U 1l*FUl)GE*CARAMEi D e lU h s s C a n d y Bar
• A n sw er fh it ca ll fo r h e lp now . The need is
• Your te lephone I i h and y . P ick ' i t u p a nd ask
fo r the C h ie f O p e ra to r :
M Ih Stodelhofer— — lo rn & li^orntatlon Chief Operator,
Aslury Park, Official 11
Miss Smith— ToU Chief Operutor, Asbury Park, Official 40
| G u e s s T h e T u n c |
I C o n t e s t 1
I WINNERS ) .................................................. .
Twcnty-ono persons subm itted correct papers a t the Cucss the Tune youth contest Monday after- noon in the Auditorium , w ith Mrs. Eddowes a t the organ.
The first three tunes used repro- . sented species of flowers. The next four were the seasons of the year. The program was as follows: Rose, "The Last Rose of Summ er” ; vio­ let or daffodil, “ A pril Showers” ; Buttercup, “ Sweet L ittle " Butter­ cup” ; Summer, “ In' the Good Old Summ ertime” ; Autum n, “ Song ! of Thanksgiv ing” ; Spring, “ Easter Parade” ; W inter, “ W hite Christ­ mas”.'' •’ ;• . The winners were L ila Mae Abrams, 83 Stockton avenue; Sh ir­ ley Baldwin, Scarsdale, N. Y .; Mrs. W illiam W ardell, Majestic hotel; Esther W eyant, Belleville; Dorothy Allen, Claire Hemon, 115 P ilg rim Pathw ay; Lois Alexander, E la ine Quigley,. Jam es Alexander, 82 Stockton avenue: Jane t Roach, Baldw in, L . I .; Miss Grace Archi­ bald, 17. P ilg rim Pathway; Louise
•' Grestaevel, ,2C Ocean Pathway; Mrs; H. D. Sm ith, Ardmore-Sym- merfield; Lois H . S turtz, Pathway M anor; -D. Pettigrew , C lifton ;
- Mrs. Charles E. W altz,.M rs. Robert Bigsby, Nutley; Thomas Sm ith, G7 P ilg r im ' Pathw ay;' , Sally R u th Busch, 81 Broadway; Ida Bryza, 12
.K in g s le y PI.; Ruth Goldsmith, -G rand A tlantic hotel.
— — j — •:
The Beach Comber ] Hello kids! W ell,.you d idn ’t get
sunburned did you? The weather man didn’t give you much , chance ! to do tha t but don’t give up hope .1 01’ .Sol is sure to come out o f h id ing soOn. ' V
. Let's- look around and see. w hat >ve can d ig up. this week. I t ’s, swell to. see the fam ilia r faces o f other seasons around the Grove; For in ­ stance— Steve. W ie lert and Boh Holbrook looked like they were en­ joy ing themselves on th a t, ra ft which Steve brought home w ith h im . M illie Sisco w ent a long fo r the ride. 1 Also here’s a hello for A ldyn Graham Taylor— glad to be back A ldyn 1 .. *
We’re anxiously w a iting to see Stan U lm er w a lk ing ; the boards with a g irl. So ‘ fa r he’s stayed
, pretty, close to home. A re you holding ou t for a special one S tan? Those two beautifu l g irls from last year arfe 6ack; O f course we mean Marianne and Flossie. Have you
• caught any boys yet g irls? . W e were going to pu t something
in this week about Doug . Sm ith. > go ing out w ith M argie aga in-but
we. decided not to cause his other g irl m ight read it. The N. E . um ­ b re lla , boys m ust have taken our advice because they’re noticing the passing g irls now. As if th a t was­ n ’t enough they asked , Duncan (Professor Q u iz) Hallock to fix them up w ith dates.: W ha t k ind of a lecture did you give them last Saturday M a? .
Wo hear from a very roll able source th a t George H o lt Ih looking twice n t.a certain Doris {Belleville) A llaire. .Y o u should take your walks more often, Pat, O r do you prefer thc. soldiers th a t you and Ann I licks had the other n ig h t? Yes, we told you A im would bo back. W ell, she d idn 't lose, any time either.
Fellows, have you taken notice of all the blondes from the N. E. cafeteria th is ,year? We've heard it rumored tha t some of them seem to like the N. E.* guards. . Now I wonder what lifeguard l i k e s blondes? Marilyn Cannon ..and Ginny Hancock make a cute couple on the beach. W hen are you g irls go ing to get some fellows?
Harold Harrison can be seen lately w ith a blonde named; Jean. Where did you get her H aro ld? Too bad you had to have th a t set­ back with, your leg Herbie. Y ou . know the g irls a t S. E . won’t feel \ secure till you’re' on the bench again. V iv Ball has deserted N. E. beach fo r S. E . th is year. June U lm er has been missed a t N . E . too. • -.
W e found out i t isn’t the food tha t attracts Tommy Shotwcll to the Macaroon Shop. Her name is Joan Bannister. Did you enjoy yourself a t the Auditorium w ith Dolores Sunday n ig h t . Tommy? Alan Konzelman and Bob Brown are seen w ith two., g irls alm ost every place they go. Funny, isn’t it t lia t both g irls;are named Carol.
We have another, t ip — this time for you S. E . fellows. Haven’t you noticed tha t cute sister of Herbie Doele?. Her name is . Betty ‘ Ann. “ B, J .” had her sister on the beach this week. W e alm ost thought we
I were seeing double b u t tha t’s al- j r ig h t too. The N. E. bell-boys seem to stick to their, girls, from Palmer-
! ton. W e th ink they’re nice too fel- lows. Has Norm K lauder really ( settled down to th a t one girl ? We | wonder how you stand it.Norm!-/
Why- doesn’t : someone, notice Jeanne DeBlock find we do mean tha t certain S. E . Umbrella lioy rhe makes .-A Hie B ills is home on leave. Be sure-he has-a nice- tim e, g ir ls .. Thelma Aschenbnch has a new adm irer in the person of Bob Bunnell. W h a t’s the m atter, Charlie, are you- s lipp ing? By the way, where’s sister . Jean ? We haven’t-seen her lately, : ’
Hope to see you all a t the. Young People’s concert Saturday, .night. I f the A ugust ta len t presents as goof] a program , as the. Ju ly group it shoiild^be tops. Don’t forget, i f
you’d like to see your, name in p rin t, drop us a lino a t tho Tinier ollice. •
Meanwhile have fun so the Beachcomber can d i g d ir t !
B a n d m a s t e r (Continued from I’nge 1!
tendin'); the best Universities We may cultivate our m inds, b u t to - niffbt-I want to rem ind,you of tho Master himself, tlia t warning, o f His, 'W h a t shall it profit a man if he (jain the whole world aiid lose his soul.’ We are liv ing in terrible .cl/iys when- realities of life are thrust upon us and when certain­ ties, of death are very hear us. Tlie realities of .life warn us ?*ot to forget Jesufe, and the certain­ ties of 'loath are an added warn- jnjr:r not to leave H im out t>f our lives.”
The speaker reminded us of St: Paul who said near, the end: of his life, " I have fought tlie good fight; I have finished my course; ! have liept the good fa ith '' Paul, remem­ bered the Lord Jesus Christ. In .closing' Com. Orames Urged, “ I f ever-you th ink you may forget H im , remember He is tlie only hope for: our poor blighted w orld . to day ." '
The evening service was closed impressively w ith the sing ing of the "H a lle lu jah iChorus"- by the Auditorium choir arid the -Sinff Band and male chorus led by W a l­ ter D. Eddowes. The (lag was lighted and the entire audience stood during the sing ing and joined in the final H alle lu jah.
Col. Norman S.- Marshall gave tho opening prayer and Brigadier A. E. A rkott pronounced the bene­ diction, Several' selections were rendered by the Staff Band and Male C lio ius during , the service, led by M ajor W . E; Bearchell, as­ sistant Bandmaster. During the 15 m inute song;i>erio<l led by Mr. E d ­ dowes, Frank Fowler, bass soloist, of the Salvation A rm y, sang.
The flowers in the fo n t 'wove'. In loving memory of-Dr. and Mrs. A l­
fred W ngg from tho, fam ily ; Com­ missioner and ' Mrs. B. ilo lz, from Brigadier and. Mrs. (i. tllatr Adams; L illia n K. C. liiier- ley, from her children)- Mr. and .Mrs. W. II. Selfridge, lovers of Ocean (!t;ove. and Salvationists from their children; Staff Captain Harrctt .1. -i\Iugford, given by his wife'; A rthur , F . ' Mugford, from wife and son; M ajor and Mrs. James A llan ,- from the ir children; D a v id : W . Banks, from Helen Ii. Weeks: Lt. Col. and,'-Mis. A lbert 10, Kates from their grandchildren', A lbe rt and iieverly Baggs;' A d ju ­ tan t W. (1 Crouch and mother M is. Rose Ballantine froin Mrs. W , (;. Crouch;1 M ajor IOJIoii Wilson, from mother, Mrs. Ad ju tant C. W il­ son; Mr. and Mrs.-Joseph Cham ­ berlin, Trom fam ily ; Ll, Commis­ sioner Richard Griffith from sis­ ters aiid brother; Brigadj6r Oscar Hagg, from -.vlfe and; children; Miss Sarah Louise Akers and Mr. and Mrs. F itch, from Fi'aneis F. Woolley.
The total attendance for the d a y was
JA R S ,
C A PS ,
L ID S a n d
R U B B E R S And follow instructions ia.
tho Dali Blue Book. To get your copy Bend JOc with your namo and address to—
M il f.SOlHSSS eOMMNY, Muncit, Ind.
flsk For~>
Cook & Dunn
• - •«'***•»
- v
I C E P r e s e r v e s V i t a m . '
Ico keeps foodstuffs-molsturc-l r;\i\ —br^BgfVgs thelr henlth-glvlnB vit­ amin comerft...
For H o m e Delivery Service
P hono ^
the Shore-
P S a l t W a t e r :
T a f f y / I A-I/L (Mill CA.VDIICS ;
ROME MADE . A I. I. :i< ! N* D S ' . t M A IL E D E V E R Y W H E R E . .2
GREGORY'S \ CHOCOLATE SHOPPE ’ 516 Cook man Aye., A ..P . . E
'CORTJE.Z Hahr.clre-ser
< t'tirmv rty. 1 .'*1U A y I*.,1 X . Y.f!.> ;
101 E m o r y S t ., A . P .
ST YL IN G , P ERM A N EN T S , D Y E IN G — Personally Su- ;
pervised by CORTEZ "Phone.A. P. 731S
| Fun a t the Hoach |
I Pedal Boats 1 i ° n<t i
! Motor Boats 1 f . . on - |
I Wesley Lake f 1 B e tw e e n A s b u r y P a r k \
| a n d O c e a n G r o v e
I F L Y I N G S C O O T E R |
I , Lake and Asbury Avenue.
| - O C T O P U S .1
| - 3 r d A v e & . B o a r d w a lk |
| A s b u r y P a r k |
S T R I C T L Y b u s i n e s s
I r l i l f f i i l ’
Fvewrife this Setter 1S times, seT'd cut the one with the least mistakes!”
THESE WOMEN ! B y .d ’Alessio
§ O B S T A C L E G O L F ||
| (T h e G o l f C o u r s e w i t h |
| th e w i n d m i l l ) I ;
4 t h A v e . & B o a r d w a lk |
Skee-Ball Alleys at the
m . . , ... ...
" A \
‘I f there 's n o answeir, o p e ra to r , g iv e m e tha t w rong
n u n ib e r a g a in !”
1 9 3 5 1 9 4 0 1 9 4 5 1 9 5 0 ?
N um ber of Farm
t e le p h o n e s in
N ew Jersey Bell
te le p h o n e s in
N e w Jersey Bell
a rea , 9 ,000. N um ber of Farm
te le p h o n e ; , in
N ew Jersey Bell
area, 12,000.
O v e r h a l f o f th e f a r m s in t h i s a r e a n o w h a v e t e le p h o n e s
Ever no tice h o w many, o f your N e w
Jersey farp i fr iends have te lephones?
T he figure in the territory served by
N e w Jersey B e ll is 51 pe r cen t— w ith a
steady u p w a rd trend in . ev idence, fo r
m any years. T h is trend w i l l be g iven
new im petus w hen w ar co nd it io n s per- •
m it further extension o f lines and
en largem en t o f present exchanges. I n
th is connec tion ; it is in teresting to note
that n in e o u t o f ten farm s w ith o u t tele-
-phones are near-enough to ex isting
lines to ob ta in service w ith o u t paying
ofF-property cons truc tion charges.
N um ber of Farm
telephones in New
tim ated), i 7 ,000.
N E W J E R S E Y B E L L T E L E P H O N E C O M P A N Y • &
Soluiion In Next ..Issue,
I 2,;. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
n 13 : . 1 14
J10IUZ0NTx\L ‘1 Urn ’. i Sh i p*'s"-c om-'
• .:plemcnt. ' i) To' batter
? 5 .Aromatic plant .
lightly 21 Bacteriolo- '
gist’s wire 22 Farm , ‘ building - 24 Paid notice '25 Vase 28 Native metal 27 To satisfy 29 Whether :il Cover 12 Note of scale
French for ’Hhe”
force 36 Gathered 38 To spread
for drying 39 Man’s* nick­
name .
40 Teutonic. •deity- , .V-
"4rSoulhwest«"” . ;i ern Indian -
42 Seed;. coating 44 Clothing - 4G Calmest 48 Abounds V 51 Caoutchouc . tree . . -
52 To crease . 54 Chief divinity , of ancient.
Memphis 50 Woody plant *: 57. Slave
VERTICAL 1 .By way of . 2 G irl’s name 3 Mixed . 4 Reddish- col­
oring matter : 5 Symbol for 'calc ium 6 To fall back 7 Is mistaken 8 To court 0 To mature
10 The birds 11 Manufac­
tured. 16 Printer’s
weapon • 23 Dry 25 Employed 27 English baby
carriage, • 28 Nimble 29 Arrow..poison 30 To lose color 34 Thorough­
fares. 30 To fashion .37 To adjust
39 Ornamented . —with squares'
. of baked clay 4 \ Fa brie. ' 42 River in Asia 43 To irritate 44 Musical -instrument
45 That thing •. 47 Newt 49 To provide •
THE STREAMLINER - By .CollierTHE OCEAN GROVE TIMES , And Hhni'c Thmcn ;• I'u h>It licil, Krlilnj r HOll l-Mr |>. n UKSin:, K.ntor. Itml VutillBimr .
,Hiir> .him* .1 niM’H, I,ni*iii i ;il (for HiXTv i h r u m a i\ a v i i m ' i:, on:.\> n k w jk u h k y
tvlin ilimu' •?
BPHSCIlI I ‘T IONS: ' ill 00 y vH iiy ; fl.25 sciul-HiuiiuiUy; 70c. <juartorly or JMiil iM/r/iai'c* |H*i<Cojiv, |ii>.h|;i«i' |»;IUJ In tIn*-1'nlH‘il. Slati!H;-'C<inililii ♦JK.'iO atl« Foreign,( I.fiU a y**,ir. ,V ;:-v; •' : :
Al>!>llKSS.|iJs - v'l*i,f**ri*«l 1 iiit r»»tjii*i>s.i ;'.iii\vu.vs. iciv#*•; former . mhlresH.: Al iVl'JItTlSK.'il KNTS ti.ifi.M ,\vjlf hr furnished l.y iis on. . .
W A T t'H rili'J; i.A liK J , |'»N 'Vi.U.’ ii- I ’APK It l-’OU til!- : K XV ntA T lU N -OK •' -- v'-v • ‘ ; - . si:nsoK<N*Tto>>.,
CAN’T LKAVK ItAIIY Two nursemaids were wheeling
tlieir.. in faint charges in tlie puck, ulien one asked the other, “Are you going Jo I lie dance toiniirrow.
.night V " , . : afraid not,'.' she replied.
" V lm l !’’. exclaimed the other, “ 1 ’thought you were so fund of danc­ in g -’ ” • ’:>'‘•f.’.''. r
i'd love to fro,” explained the- conscientious m aul, ‘ 1ml to tell yott tlie truth/ I'm afraid, to leave the 'IViVM-v-with:'i; its hiothqiV!.,’vi \Vilso'n, Kan., W orld. '
U S T I2+ ;
Po s t w a r JOBS r~N A T IO N A L € D I T O R I A L _
’. I'li i i V * r <>d:«j* :i». n! J; ? .-,
•' ;)t\; t l l;'i «Vt• i J * -v L ,1
Vl *0 10 i 1 u
... . I l ' i L is overpricet!, noites.^uiitial .-uiflslightly idi ti tic', t he artful-, mer- ('haiu'iisei' can alway.s point but. that'
•it.coi^tnliiitesito:.’;^ — Detroit News,
E x c e r p ts F r o m P r e s id e n t T r u m a n 's ,A d d r e s s to T h e . N a t io n
O u r v ic to r y , in R u i ' o p r w a s m ore ' t h a n a \ n i o r y o i
. 'it was Vi vietory of. one .way of iitV o v e r 'another. . It w.t.-.u .v ic to r ) o l an- id e a i . f o u n d e . i l oil, th e - r ig h ts , o t- the cpm -
m o n .m a ir . o n th e d ig n i t y o i n Ive h i tm a n b e in g ,a n d , .on-.'the
.coi'ViA jitioii; ol' thy state as-thv .ervanl--no( the master—-of
. . A' I'ive |ieoiile :;ii(iw.tHl that it was able to' defeat pro­ fessional- so id io t> .only •moral arms were, obedience
and worsliiiroMom1 , > - .
I i* any ohidulTcr wants to leririt how/ tru ly •antique lie i.s.- le t him- consider the fact t h a t ^ q Dionne quintuplets, being’ 11. now wear their first “ formals.”—rWashing- ton, D i; C .,'Evening: Star; •. ;''vv •
t . w ill take , years' - befove ..tlie ; ivrrtiy h as; tl) o') ast o £ \ ts oiricdv's/pufc of- : Germ any, but one suspects i.t: w ill, li ave tha t theater'of operations evacuated . before"’ it ;does ;Mont- ijomery W ard, and the .UoeUtail lounge; of the Mayflower Hotel.— Hutchinson^ Kan., News,
" U t> won the race.ol' flisoovory ( Atomic Homb). against
,the Germans HaviiVK- found the bomb, \ve have tlsetl il. We have
ustcl it against who attacked -us wjthoiit .warning- at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of- war, against those who-have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of. warfare. We have used it in order, to shorten the Agony of will'; in order'to save the lives of thousands and thousands of.young A-merjcanss. . ’
Tlio National. Labor Relations ‘Board ; is broke aiid has prone to Congress for help. W h y not hire Cen. E Ilio tt Roosevelt to negotiate a loan ?^r.levelan<| P la in Dealer.
V; W hitney Thompson, Mrs. G. L. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. W alters, D. Tliompson, F. L. Thomson, Wii- Frances R. Washbourne, Washing- liam Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ton Fire Co., Reba P. W ielert, Mrs. C. T itmas, Mr. and Mrs. A . P . Todd, W ildey, Frank W ilpus, Frank O. T. Mrs. C harles . Todd, Mrs. R ., B. W ilson, W atkin W illiam s, Mrs. Trimmer, Mr. Tydman, Twin C ity Jean W illiamson, W isteria Rcstau- Garage. . * . riint, W omen's Club o f . Ocean
Usher’s Union of St. Paul's. Grove, M orris J . W oodring, H arry IlaroJd . Van Benschoten, W hite L. Woolman, E. N . Woolston, Wo-
House, Roy C. Vanderhoof, Dr. and m en’s Society of Christian Service. Mrs; VanOesen, Eva Vering. Samuel P. Yeo.
| 500 hats, on sale a t 59c and $1.00 in whites and other colors. g
| A lso handbags at 59c and $1.00 ^ |
| • , V alue , up to . I ' ; . • I . v-..." - • ;
| Ju s t Arrived— Fu ll assortm ent‘o f latest fa ll hats and latest 5
§ fa ll handbags a t the lowest prices. i
. There’s a reason for-everything. I f there were not fa t people, who woiihi occupy all the aisle seats at the movies?— Illino is State Journal.
' . W e' tel I 011 rsu I v iis that we have emerged from .this war the most powerful nation in the-world—the most powerful
nation, perhaps, in all history. That is true., ,
- The new thing—the thing .we had .not known—the thing we have learned now and should never forget, is this.: That a society of self-governing men is more powerful,
inoi'i ehdlii'inu', nitjre (, reatiye -than any other kind .of so: ci'ety,.-howeAoi'tlisciplinedi howev-ei'oentralized. ' , .
We' know now that the basic proposition of the worth and dignity, of man-is not a sentimental aspiration or a vain hoiie 'or a piece of rhetoric. It is the strongest, the. most
creative force now present in this, world. Now let us. use that force and all our resources and all
out* skills in',the great-cause of a’j.ust peace!. '
ridfte, Centennial Soda Shoppe; J . Mold, Monmouth Cold Storafte and Products Co., ; Mary Jane Morris Mrs. Motince. .
Wesley B. Nae:le, John E. Ne\v- 1,011, Neptune Tivp. Committee^
Ocean Grove C liapter 0 . E. S., Ocean Grove Pharmacy,’ Ocean Grove P.T.A., Olin Market, Mrs. .Marjorie Oliver, Harry •Opcrishaw,
.Mrs. Gertrude Osliornej W ilh u r F. Osborn. : ’ - . t
H ow ard, Partei', Mrs. Joseph Patterson, Joseph Patterson, Mrs. A. '.Pfeiffer, 1!. W. Post, Mrs. 1C. Poznanski, Mrs. L. Priest, Mrs. It. Priest, L illia n ' C, Purdy, Charles \V. B. P utt, Iy y 'llouse,
Helen A. Queri.nfr. • • ' Mrs. N ita Raiiioar, Harry Reeves,
Mrs. Ellen Reilly, Seaside Hotel; Clarence Ii. Rohland, Ocean P laza Hotel, Mrs. Janies H. Rudhart.
M is. J . , Sanilford, Mrs. Fred Sehultz, G. F . 'Sccj'cr, A rthu r H. Secer. Mrs. C. L. Severs, Broadway House; Mrs. B. f!. Shubert,.’St. El-
House-by-tlie-Side-of-tlic.Uoad— Mrs.- M . ' Johnston, Teaneck; Mrs. A. A. Cross, Union p ity ;: Mr. and Mi's. , W." J. Sm ith, Cleveland,. 0.; M r. and’ Mrs.1 L„ 51. Sm ith,.O lmsted Falls, 0 .; Mrs. Luther R. Janies, Glpticostor, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. C. 0 . /Reesciv Vpstai, N.-, Y.; Mr. and Mi's. W illiam Van Ohleu, L ittle Ferry"; Sgt. W alte r Oarlock, Gar­ field; Goorjje Bell, New York City; Mr. and Mrs. .Wilfred Snyder, Ph ila ­ delphia, Pa.
, Mid-su'nvmev days are lengthening, 'MiU*summer vistas, strengthening, The cool winds vie with the wing-
ing birds, high . ! In their hummocks* they swing\ ’Neath the cjear, a/.ure sky.. .^fqther bud sings to sleep ’. “ ’ ' W ith lo w shiniberous: cheep, , Oh - the .wind’s-lullaby - :v Sweet ])ird soil nets fly;. , Tii rough, the sun’s , golden haze .In' these miracle' days.,;. . ' ; Thb gay sunflowers nod 5 ‘ '• O ’er- earth ’s isleepy - old sod; The' berried vine creeps . •
“As- the warm . sun light, steeps' O ’er the crum bling old wall Busy spiders enthrall . \ / . W ith rare network of lace Silver dcwdrops. in space, Apple, boughs lower bend . Gold and crimson now blend The mid-summer suns, and the
sweet dews intake, Lend coloring gorgeous To rare ,purp ling grape; * ;'• . Kyeping shadow's o’er all • Ch irp ing crickets now call ' N igh t bats sw ing apace In skies canopied space. • W hile nature now voices her sweet
: low .refrain '...'.. v j 1 . The mid-suimner d ay s are w ith us
.again. \ / . ; .tv-i . V Sarah Hopkins
Ocean Grove * : Aug. 8, 1945
i -i3G Cookman Avenue . (Phone 4831-J) Asbury Park =
^ Open Wed. Eve. until 9:00, Saturdays ’till 9:30 P . M . I 'iiiiii 1111111111111111 iiiniiiiiitiiiii in imiif iiiimi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiin in iiitiiiiiiiiiii i.-jiianiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiti,,,:
.12 rooms, stove heat, $3,ii00
11 rooms-, li. «•. heat 5,000
9 rooms, hot air heat 5,f,0t)
12 rooms, hot air heat 6,000
17 rooms, h. \v. lieal 12,000
IS rooms, steam heat 12,000
32 rooms, no heat 25,000 U n d e r th e N e w C h a r t e r . , '".Q",-
The pnVmpt ratilication of the charter of the,United Nations by ihe/United; States Senate,- makes it practically certain that the,new organization.formed to prevent war will get o*n to a good start, and begin its work of. maintain­
ing:'p.oafe under't.lie most, hopef.ul ausiiices. _.....^ T Tinted with the application of the new atomic bomb to the (lestriictipn of the .Japanese, city of Hiroshima, the- ratification becomes doubly auspicious, The. peace-loving nations, no w have within their po'wer. a sensational weapon that-<-o|ild prevail mightily in maintaining, world; order where other.persuasion might fail.
For centuries-people have booh declaring against war and jiointing out how these conflicts create.terrible bur­ dens and- sorro.w and greatly hamper world progress. Up to now it has seemed impossible to induce, the nations to
take the steps necessary to keep such wars ffom starting. If the new organization really keeps any great, war
from starting; the-world will enter a grand new era of pro-; A'grcat many f.orm.s of .deyelopment can be accom- plishctrthat-are not possible while the threat of war Over­ hangs the world.. There can be great progress in educa­ tion, in social welfares iii development'of- living conditions, and- the energies of the world will-be turned into peaceful
ac tiutM s . Vy’; The threat of war .-corns so real now, that for many
yi-ais the peace loving nations may have to-maiiitain strong military armaments to: keep the 'warlike countries from
starting any new-trouble. As time'goes on, and th.e war- lik. rountries -ee that they will.not be permitted to ac- rum.iilatf .any griiat'- military.power, the" threat .of war should grow less. ' The burden of- militaiy preparation In pence loving countries like ours should not he so heavy.-
Tin- one tiling .necessary will be to demonstrate to. countries like Ge.rmany and Japan-that preparations for
war on their part will never be tolerated again. They have, shown that‘Tht\v cann'dt he'trusLed to have the Aveapons of conflict: ..If hny move toward war preparation by them, is promptly stepped upoh, the danger of any general conflict will grow less; and the worlil can look forward confidently
tb permanent peace.
& T A Y L O R
Agency I ' "R E A L EST ATE
Insurancfc M crtgage Loans Telephone A . P. 2124 78 Alain A rc , Ocean Grove HECK AVENUE, NEAR BEACH— 6 Room Home—
Year Round, . Condition Excellent; Possession Im­ mediate. Cash Price ...... 1........$4,000 (Terms)
F l ’N R R A L H O M E
Exclusive but Inexpensive
701 Seventh Avenue ). - "Asbury I’ark, N . J.
Asbury P ark 21 J . A . H O R R Y A G E N C Y
I Telephone 4132 Residence 387-R Ocean Grove hotel, overlook­ ing oceanfront. 15 rms., 2 baths, 8 lavatories, runn ing water in all rms. Fully furn . including innerspring raal- tresSes, silverware, etc. $27,- 500. Terms.
T H E P IO N E E R O F F IC E Are'you Jookliij^. for u hoh»l?
Wo iiiciitli»ii a few we have for. your iiisj»«-i'tloir;1 * Fouclevtt • ro.oms. 2 lotni '
n*fi»r*Kar:ik«*, furnished, osklnlr price'. . . . - • • • • • 125,000
T w tny .fm ir rooms, fm> nlsht'ij upurtinciitH 0.000
.^Ixty rivouis, furnished . 2.7,000 'i'’i*i ly-llve ..niaius, 3 ba ths ,.. '. 1
runiiltu; walor ......... . 45,000 Kf>iirti*eu.• moiiis; ' b ’u't li--,• . |»:tt*ily '.furnished ;-' ••• 0,000 Thlrty-«iiv- .-r(iinns, . ruii-.*
idiiu \v:u<;r. lurnlsln'd . 20,000 Thirty-two ", r o o.m s .. 2
luiili.*-', furnished, • run-- itliiLT wah iv 3. lots 20,000;
.V.i i i I -OllierM for V«»ur CiuisliliTiithui
iN s r u w c i : is m . l i t s i»ua.S*ciii:s
F H A T itle 1 Loans For
R e p a i r s o r M o d e r n i z a t i o n
Plan NOW for Spring Repairing and Modern­ izing. Materials for all essential jobs are available. Credit facilities are at hand for your convenience To postpone necessary repairs adds to their cost. Let’s work out tilings now.
For Information Inquire At
The First National Bank of Bradley Beach ;; Bradley Beach, N. j. ;
I f the Supplemental Contract is attacKed to your fire iii? surance pplicy, you have no need for-worry .;
P l a y G r o u n d
' . - .I C d ii t in i ie d - f n u n I ’ni,'!! 1)’ *
ClifTord Hackman, A . and P. Tea Store; Mrs. W alter ITagerman, Miss A nna Hardy, Mrs. I I . Harley, Miss Amelia Havens, Helen’s G ift Shop, JOthel S. Hemphill, Park View f Icitel; !\1 rs. Jane t Hendrickson. Mr. apd Mrs. W illiam Herbert. Mrs. H il l , ' Mrs. . L ily Holbrook, Homestead Tea Hoorn, Mrs. -How­ land, Theodore A. Ilughson , The Strand Theatre; M r.' am) Mrs. Howard H untington, Mrs. V irg in ia .J. Hurry , Mrs. S. K. Hetherington.
Mrs. Irene Jackson, Mrs. John ­ son. ; ; . • ' . . •
Mrs. Jesse Kester, Kohr Bros., Bill ' Krayer, for thc Red Men’s Lodge;. Mrs; • Homer 'K r e s g e , Htimer ,_Krcsge, ;Augustus B . Knight. . .•
Mrs. R. LeBarre, Ladies, Aux. of Eagles, Charles. Lewis, Jr ., Mr. and Mrs. Peter Linster, M r. and Mrs. D. C. L ippincott, W illiam A . Lip- nincott, 3rd, John H. Lohman, Fern Cottage.
Mrs.' G ilbert. McCabe,' Jane B. McKee, The Cheltenham, Mr. and Mrs. W . B. McK im , Ann McMur- ray, Mrs. Marjorie McW hinney, W m . J . Majors Mrs. Malcolm M ar­ shall, W illiam Marshall, M r. and Mrs. F rank M artin , Men’s Com­ m unity Fellowship o f St. Pau l’s, Mrs. Louise M iller, Florence Mock-
8 EE M R U R F O llt i YOU BUY
. B U R N O il IIO R IIO W
L ou is E . B ro n so n
53 M ain Avenue Ocean Grove, N . J . ,
Phone A. P. 1058
F . I i W O O L S T O N 48 M A IN A V E N U E
Tel. 398 Oceon Grore, N . J .
We invite tlie people of this community nnd snrroundlng
vicinity to avail themselves of our complete banking facilities
which include t ie fo llow ing:
SLUiiu' THE MUL.mjCE. H£ ,
WENT UP INTO ^ MOUOTAIN. iFactors in Progress ' - What' are the conditions which enable Some com­
munities to go ahead and make progress? The following
might be mentioned as conditions that haVe helped'.many
cities to go ahead: i- ^v .1..: The possession of a group of public spirited people, who are willing to give considerable time to promoting
good causes and business growth.' , 2; A general willingness to cooperate on the part of
the,public, :iin(l help on good;and progressive projects. ' 3.-.The 'absence of the. carping, and knocking spirit
that makes'.fun of progressive movements, and chills the
enthusiasm of the 'people foi- good plans; y- It takes considerable power and energy and leader­
ship to produce deve>opment and get things done. I f everybody sits: around and says that sohieoiie .else'fehould do the work for the public good, it is not likely to get done.
A R R A N G E D & SP O N SO R E D for tho P U B L IC By
511.—2nd Ave. A . P. 567 Asbury Park, N . J.
Eitnbltslml 1900 l«07 .Bangs Ave., Asbury Park
A dignified sorvice tb meet any financial ne.ed. • No ad­ d itional charge for use of Funeral Home. WII..VA. I,. ItODLNE l‘ro|u-.
LoROY A . M U L L E R , Manaeor
Telepbene 4525
Coriies Avenu. MAIN AVENUE Main SWtot Nopiune OCEAN.GROVE A.burj 1-ttrk
Mutb.r r.d.ral Be,oilt IiiniuiH Cu,«r>Ui» MUlfBBB FjasRRAI, BESHBTB SYSTEM
Complete Volume of these.Famous Scones, Mailed Froa on Request
M yrtlo Holmcn Naylor; dramatic noprnno and teachor of voice, of Ocenn Grove, wan tho guest Boloist yostordny afternoon nt tlio organ recital gWcn by Mrs. Josephine Ediiowes in the Auditorium ,
. ------- i , .
M r. and Mra. E . Robertson, of B a n c r o f t B a z a a r A t Summerville, N. J ., were guests |
.................. " f Mrs Carl L o u - E l l e n Au9. 1 6 - 1 7
PUIItlllVi » ...v, . . . -r • - las t wock of Mr. and Mrs. Aschanback, G2 Broadway.
. M rs. M argaret Harley, and Mrs. E lla Good, both of Philadelphia; were . recent vacationers in Ocean
Grove. • ;" i , •'...' M rs. Jam es Hendrickson, 38 At>-
bott avenue, is recuperating a t her
home after being ill fo r a week; Seaman 2nd class Lester Bush,
who is stationed a t the Naval tra in ­ ing station in Sampson, N; *•* visited his parents M r. and Mrs.
: H erbert Bush, 38 Abbott, on his
recent 7-day leave
Miss Ella Fieger, Chair­ man of Annual Fair Next Thursday and Friday.
Raising Funds For Fitkin Memorial Hospital
• " * . . .
les iucut uo ........ along w ith her daughter Mona, v isited relatives in Philadelphia,
th is week; Mr. and Mrs. Jam es Horace and
daughters. Patric ia and L inda, o f Astorja, Long Island, are spending the month .of A ugust a t 97 Cook­
man avenue. Miss Madeline Frasca and Miss
M arian F itzgerald , o f Ozone Park, Long Island, N . Y», were recent guests a t the home o f M r. and Mrs. Jo h n Syms, 116 C lark, avenue.
, M r. and Mrs. George Westeryelt, .1 1 0 Cookman avenue, recently en­
tertained Mr. and M rs. E lsworth Snyder of northern New Jersey.
Corp. Raymond Holmes and Mrs. Holmes, 123 Abbott, are the par­ ents o f a g irl born A ugust 1 in
F itk in Hospital. M r. and Mrs. Paul E . Sargent,
113 Heck Avenue, are entertain­ ing the ir daughter Mrs. Jack J . I r----» —- « Cowan . and children Jackie Lou J^ranch and other interested friends and Jam es Paul, o f Des Moines, i *r° m New . York j in d Brooklyn.
Ia*. and their, son S taff Sgt. C lif ­ ford L . Sargent, of Easton , Md.
Mario E. Garcia, 67 Main avenue, hap just completed his recruit tra in ing a t the naval tra in ing sta ­
tion, Sampson,' N . Y . Mrs. W i B. P h illips ,.o f W illiam s­
port, Pa., who. has been spending . the sum m er a t the N orth End ho­
tel, returned la s t week to her home.- . , .• ’ '•
Mrs.. Howard Isaacs and son George, and Miss Peggy Green­ woods of Trucksville, Pa., arc spending the week a t the Quaker
In n , M ain , avenue. •Rev. Norm an H . Paullin , pastor
o f the. Asbury P ark B ap tis t church, w ill be the speaker a t the Beach m eeting Sunday a t 6 . o’clock.
Mr. and Mrs. W illiam L. Moesh- lin , o f Philadelphia, w ill aiTive to ­ morrow to spend two weeks a t the Manchester, Ocean Pathw ay. .
_ A d ju tan t George- H enningcr, of *' T T +Vir> rriipe
‘ Miss E lla Fieger is chair man. and M rs :W a lte r :M ., Dawley, assistant chairman, of the Bancrof t-Taylor Rest Home annual bazaar to be held Thursday and: F riday/ August 16 and 17, at the Lou-Ellen hotel,
cent 7-day leave. ,58 Main avenue. Mrs. M ary Maser, a sum m er! The chairmen of the booths are
resident a t IS) Delaware avenue, I Mrs. Susie A . W inold, aprons; ......... vr,.-., I Miss Rosa Santee, bags and cush­
ion covers; Miss M yrtle Chapin, bargain square; Misses Ada Cook and . Nellie Scofield-, books; Miss Florence Noblej candy; Miss M ary Hebrew, children's; Miss Cornelia Farring ton , fancy . .w ork ;: - Mrs. Bleecker S tir ling ,'food ; Miss Edith ta n n in g , grab bag; Miss Margue­ rite Harrison, greeting cards and postals; Miss' Catherine Watter- son, handkerchiefs; Miss Sue B ar­ row, novelties; Miss Edna Harvey, quilts; - Miss Leonora. B. Sm ith, shell novelties; M iss Cartes' K. Swartz, th is and th a t (jew elry ); and Miss Gurney Ayres, transpor­
tation. Each chairm an w ill be assisted
by members o f the Rest Home as well as by women o f the W .S.C.S. from the Methodist Churches in Asbury Park, Avon, Belmar, Brad­ ley Beach, Ocean Grove, Neptune, Neptune C ity, Red Bank, Long
j J I t h o u g h t f o r t h e W e e k G t t d I 1 fly Verne Lewlie Sm ith ' t | . . .Pastor of St. Paul'M Church | .
: . ; * ^ ifi- iyS ; - Jesus loved the hills. Jle often cljmlied a hill to be alone w ith God
jn prayer, His greatest sermon..was a sermon on a hill, His transfigur­ ation occurred oil a hill, it wasOn a hill th a t 'l ie had h is.last rendezvous w ith His disciples, ’ and from- a hill .He ascended. But h ills may be sources o f diftWulty as well as inspiration points. Jesus was tempted on a mountain, and was crucified on a hill. Do thc hills of life inspire or frighten' you? . .
. . . v • *" Sunday in St. Pa til's Church • Cliurch School a t !>:'}() a. m. with classes for all: .' •'•..*• \ : ‘
M orning W orship a t 10:45.' Sermon.: ' -.V“T i ! 10 H I L L D I F FT C 'U /L T Y”j ;
Prayer .Meeting, Wednesday a t ,7:'10. ; ;
Contract To McDowell
Adjacent t«» Karle Depot
E . T . M . C a r r P r e s e n t e d
W i t h L i f e t i m e P a s s
' General Agent at Long Branch and Well Known. Along Shore.
J1£ A D F IT K IN DK1VE— A drive to raw« $50y000 fo r F itk in hospital ii. under way and it W ill touch
every major town in Monmouth county, ohown In picture are the local committee chairmen: left to
right, front row, Mrs. Louis II. Fetter, jn rew sbury , Miss T. IV. SIcGinness. Eatontoun, Mrs. Frederick
C. Tag, be lm ar, Mrs. J . E lmer Pearce, liiie lfe , Mrs. W illiam \V. Crotchfclt, jr., Manasquan, Mrs. Wil-
liam D . C lark, Neptune City. Second row, left to right, Police Sgt. Joseph O ’ltourke, Neptune to;vn-
St.ip, Commissioner Eugene B. Lowenstciii, ilradley Iieacti. George \V. i ’" - "OT-. Avon,, and. Hoss Foo,.*-
.- tain, gcaeral:chairm an. (Press photo)
Form al contract .for Asbury Aye-; nue paving adjacent to tho. Xaviil Am m unition Depot, a t -Earle West
of Asbury Park, was approved.this week by S tate Highwav' Commis­ sioner Spencer Miller, Jr .. for award to the low bidder; Fred, Mc­
Dowell of-Neptune, at $14,100. . t l iu iniprovemcot will i t t madei,
.at the request of.- t|ie >iavy and will link , the concrete, pav ing on'. Asbury A vcMiue near- the: resei'var' lio.n.’ thft-,beginning of the work, to lie subject to 'the W ar. Production -Board’s approval.
u i;A D T H E O C E A N GRUVE--
T IM E S FO R L O C A L n e w s '
Hotel Guest Surprised
H all N . J . Educatioo Association • bands P lans '
A surprise party was tendered Mrs. R. J . Brownell, of Plainfield, Wednesday, when she. celebrated her 85th b irthday anniversary .at Grove H all, P ilg r im Pathway, where she. and her son George Brownell are spending a two weeks
vacation. • •' - ' M any friends attended to give
the ir congratulations to Mrs. Brownell who has been coming to Ocean Grove for the past 35 years'. Her son was a t one' time a violinist in the orchestra which was organ­ ized by the late Tali Eseh Morgan.
-She >s th,e w idow of Richard Brownell.. -
In Hospital in France The Central Railroad o f New
Jersey presented gold l i f e t im e ' . . „ „ . .asses Tuesday to the 83 active I Uor,s Recovering
• t--- 1 M inor Operation
from Plin.-Stia i . . . » __. ..
and pensioned employes who havo :s|ient. 50 years or more in the ra il­ road’s service. P rincipally because of the w ar emergency, 20 of t h e . ...... 83 are voluntarily still in active^seven weeks, ......... ....... .. _ service. received word this week th a t she
H eading the lis t and receiving was recovering.from a m inor oper- Pass No. 1 is E . T-., M .:.Carr, s till ation in an arm y hospital in active as general agent of the Jpr- ' France. She is a member of the s o y C e n t r a l ’s . southern division 129th. Trafiic Regulation group in
A d ju tan t George* lienn iiiKvt, - .>vitli. headquarters a t Long 'B ranch. Paris. Hempstead, L. I., was the guest of j j e jlas been' w ith the road for 031 Miss. Perkins’ brother, L t. Wil-
. H arry : - Freese, 85 M a in avenue, years and six months. : j l ia m Perkins, is now in the air fo r the past week. • Second .oldest in length o f service group re tu rn ing the wounded to
Mrs. F lpyd Rush, 120 Cookman I is W ilson S. Campbell of Bethle-1 M iam i, Fla., via Trin idad in the avenue, had as her guest for a .h e m , Pa„ who had a rccord of (51.;Caribbean. H e is (ly ing a C-5-1 in
-- « m ™ ..f Tjiolimnnd years and three months when he the same area where he was loeated
| retired Jan . .1,. 1942. Third on the ffo u r years ago.
Convention Canceled
Cancellation of plans for the an­ nual convention of. the New Jersey Education- Association was an­ nounced' recently by Charles- J . Strahan, association president.
M r. S trahan said the association “feels tha t nothing should inter­ fere w ith the conduct of the war and the transportation-: (if troops to .the ir homes and across the con­ tinen t”. - . ..
The convention usually is held in November, and attracts- thous­ ands o f public school teachers of the stale.
A fte r fa ilu re to hear from their
d augh te r ,, T-5 Doris Perkins, foi 11 lieutenant’ colonel in tiie 'U . S. M r. and Mrs. Perkins.| A .intf- roIonot M ira...U,n. w ho
Promoted to Lt. Col.- . Joseph C. M irandon, Sea G irt
and Ridgewood, was recently noti­ fied of his promotion from major
avenue. Unit as i.e. — - week Mrs, Ed. M iller, o f R ichm ond H ill, L . T.,-: N.- y . Both husbands are serving qh "tho same~sh!p in
the Pacific. L t. Harold G. Dunkerley, 109
M t. Tabor W ay , arrived Tuesday in N ew York on the SS Sea Pike, a long w ith other members of the 28th division arr iv ing in the U . S.
from ports in Europe. Rev. and Mrs. Sam uel Ford and
daughter, Florence, • returned to P ittsburgh , Pa., on Tuesday after' spending three weeks a t the Shore View. Rev. Ford is pastor o f the Brookline Methodist Church in
P ittsburgh . / • Tho W om an’s C hris tian Temper­
ance U nion w ill meet in Thornlcy chapel, Tuesday,. A ugus t 14 a t 2:30 p. m. Colonel Stanyon and Rov.- Bland Detw iler w ill address thc meeting. Rev. and Mrs. Detw iler w ill furn ish the music. Members and friends are invited to attend.
’ ’’ *"
lis t” isT Eugene ’Mahoney 'of Glen R idge N. J ., 'w h o had worked fo r the railroad, fo r ' GO years and five months when he retired in Septem­
ber, 1939. The gold passes were personally
presented to a il veterans able to attend the ceremony a t the ra il­ road’s Jersey C ity Term inal Tues- j day, and are being mailed to the
Couple Wed SO Years
i M acW illiam s To Celebrate A nn i: versary Monday ’ •
RidgewaySergeant M ilton In Ita ly
M r. and M rs. Edward Ma'cWil- Jiams, 98% M t. Hermon W ay,, w ill celebrate the ir 50th wedding ann i­ versary Monday, A ugust 13.
Mr. and Mrs. M acW illiam s are 5 form er residents . o f Jersey; G ity = and have two daughters: MrS.-C. E. Seaman, of Union, and Mrs. A. H . G rim m inger, of L itt le Silver; also a grandson, H a rry E . Seaman, of Union. The couple w ill be at home to their friends from 3:00 to
10:00 p. m. Monday.
A rm yl Colonel. Mirandon, who held a commission as captain in World W ar I, is serving’ under Col. E dgar N. Boomer, state d i­ rector of selective ‘service.'and his work, is chiefly w ith occupational deferments. Keyport Passes .Ordinance
All food handlers in the Keyport borough .will have heallh certifi­ cates according to • an ordinance jiassed on final reading al the meet­ ing of the Keypprt Departm ent of Health last Thursday, night. The ordinance becomes effective, Sept. 2. . A lthough several changes in the ordinance were suggested by Edward Farry, attorney for several establishments; the ordinance as previously proposed was adopted. Howard W . Roberts, attorney for the board, was present a t the meet­
ing and discussed the proposed
changes. John W . Fos ter;' Sr.,
stated tha t the- new law does notf
propose. arb itrary action a n d ; that
if it is found to work a hardship the
necessary changes w ill be made.
11.18 Incheii of. Rain , in Ju ly '
J u ly broke all records fo r ra in ­
fa ll, Frank J . .Moreau, official wea­
ther observer in the Freehold area,
reported last week .with, 11.40 inch­ es.of rairi for the month. The rec­ ord iii New Jersey as a whole was established in 1897 .when the Ju ly fa ll ’ reached .11.42 inches ,. Just- by
wav of contrast .the 1944 Ju ly rain­ fall was .44 inches. Seventeen days in Ju ly were cloudy or . over­ cast and rain fe ll on 16 of them, T