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    Extracurricular activities today play an important role in the all-round development of

    students. They improve school performance, promote relationships, boost motivation

    and self-esteem help to instil positive physical, intellectual and social habits that revert in a

    better management and organization of leisure time.

    SEK-Catalunya has designed, in line with the principles and values of the SEK Educational

    Model a wide and varied range of first-rate extracurricular activities which give students the

    opportunity to enrich their academic, cultural, artistic and sporting education.

    These activities represent an ideal complement to students' education and help stimulate

    them, affording them an optimal way to enhance their personal qualities.

    SEK-Catalunya designs its extracurricular activities based on three key priorities and

    taking into account the preferences and needs of each student: Individualised education

    (the learning process adapts to the interests and abilities of each student); bilingual and

    international education (learning languages and developing a mindset open to other

    cultures) and training in skills and competences (creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship,

    critical thinking, communication, teamwork).

    Choosing which activities are most appropriate for each student based on their abilities,

    interests and motivations is not always easy. Therefore, tutors will always be available to

    families to advise and help them make the right decision.

    Throughout the school year, a follow-up of the work involved in these activities is carried

    out which is further analysed and assessed in the quarterly meetings with the tutor.

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    General Information 4 4 Enrolment Calendar Extracurricular activities timetable Competitions and exhibitions Facilities

    5 Material, sports equipment, federation cards and certifications Organisational structure Information and assessment

    Sports academies 6 6 Football / Indoor Football 7 Basketball Roller hockey

    8 Figure Skating

    9 Volleyball Swimming

    11 Synchronised Swimming Padel tennis

    12 Golf Triathlon

    13 SEK Drive Academy Chess

    14 MultiSport Outdoor Education

    15 Martial Arts

    Arts Schools 16 16 Instrument workshop 17 Instruments 18 Musical ensembles

    19 Ballet

    21 Modern dance

    22 Drama Magic

    23 Arts & Crafts Drawing, painting and ceramics

    24 Photography, video and image Audiovisual narrative and multimedia

    Well-being Academy 25 25 Yoga

    26 Free-play Little playtime 27 Educachef Catechesis Before and After School Care

    Academic School 28 28 Robotics Drones

    29 Story time Reading-writing workshop Cambridge Exams Language support 30 Extra swimming Speech Therapy KUMON

  • Enrolment Enrolment in the different academies and clubs will be formalized preferably before beginning the year or immediately after the first week. To enrol students, please hand in a filled in enrolment form or enrol students via the link provided.

    Extracurricular activities in Early Childhood ans PS1 are included in the tuition fee. Early Childhood activities that require payment of a fee are specifically indicated.

    Students' participation in extracurricular activities is optional. Extra academic activities require an assessment from tutors and will depend on students' progress at school. Activities need a minimum number of students go ahead.

    Students wishing to drop an activity should provide a month's written notice to the extracurricular activities coordinator or the Secretary. Students will be removed from the activity at the end of the term. It is also possible to drop out of the activity during the first month.

    Calendar 6 September:: Swimming Club extracurricular and Kumon activities start (to be confirmed). 17 September:: All extracurricular activities start. 20 June: Last day of extracurricular activities.

    Extracurricular activities take place on school days. Federated hockey, football, swimming and skating clubs take part in competitions that may take place on weekends.

    Extracurricular activities that can not be carried out due to the absence of the teacher or other related causes will be recovered on the soonest possible date. Extracurricular activities that fall on non-school days, off- school grounds school outings, or other school activities missed by students will not be recovered.

    Extracurricular activities timetable

    Inside school hours  Early Childhood: - 16:00 to 17:00. At the end of the

    activity Early Childhood students will return to their building and from there they will organise their departure as per usual.

    - From 15.45 to 17.00 (for sports activities)  Primary 1 and 2: - From 16:00 to 17:00 (rest of

    extracurricular activities) - From 13:15 to 14:15 (only for

    musical instruments) - From 15.45 to 17.00 (for sports

    activities)  Secondary School: - From 14:10 to 15:00 or from 14:40

    to 15:30. - From 12:00 to 12:30 (only for

    musical instruments)

    Outside school hours - Federated hockey, football

    swimming and skating clubs - Ballet III. - Percussion band.

    Competitions, exhibitions and performances Furthermore, students from different extracurricular activities hold festivals and exhibitions over the school year and at the end of the year. They may also take part in other events and competitions:  Art school: Choirs, cantatas, school

    events and concerts.  Sports academies: Internal

    tournaments and different school, municipal and federation competitions.  Academic extracurricular

    activities: First Lego League and cooking competitions.


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  • 5 Facilities Facilities and materials Activities are held on school grounds and, when necessary, in different sports centres. These sports facilities meet the quality standards demanded by our school.

    Material, sports equipment, federation cards and certifications Students will be informed of the necessary material for each extracurricular activity. The rest will be provided by the school. Students' material should be clearly marked with their names and surname.

    The activity will always be carried out with the appropriate material and equipment. From Primary School Year 3 activities that involve intense physical activity will include mandatory showers. In Early Childhood Year 1 and Year 2 of Primary School, sports activities will be done with everyday clothes and sports shoes.

    Sports equipment will be provided by the school and is included in the monthly fee for federated competition teams (swimming, hockey, football and skating) . Families wanting more than one kit per year may pay for it separately.

    For federated competition teams (swimming, hockey, soccer and skating), the cost of the registration with the federation, about € 50 a year, will be included in the first fees payment.

    The cost of official examinations for the Royal Academy of Dance, optional for ballet students, is of €120.

    Some activities such as ballet, dance, skating or others, require the use of special clothing during performances.

    The cost of such clothing, which shall not exceed €50, will be billed in the month in which the performance is held. If students are not able to participate they must notify the responsible teacher.

    Organisational structure Below is a list of heads of extracurricular activities:  Art school: - Music. Mrs Júlia López

    (julia.lopez@sek.es) - Visual and Performing Arts:

    Mrs Júlia Oliveras (julia.oliveras@sek.es)  Sports academies: Mr Roger Mauri

    (roger.mauri@sek.es) - Football: Mrs Ivana Mestres

    (ivana.mestres@sek.es) - Hockey: Mr. Jordi Vilaregut

    (jordi.vilaregut@sek.es) - Swimming: Mrs Hita Correa

    (margarita.correa@sek.es)  Wellness school: Each stage

    coordinator.  Academic education: Each stage

    coordinator. - Robotics: Mr Alfonso Fernández

    (alfonso.fernandez@sek.es) - Extra study and foreign languages:

    Mrs Marina Gherardi (marina.gherardi@sek.es)

    - Extra study and foreign languages: Mrs Sara Pessarrodona (sara.pessarrodona@sek.es)

    - Speech Therapy: Mrs Mariona Costa (mariona.costa@sek.es)

    Those in charge of running each activity, who are qualified professionals with extensive teaching experience, are there to advise you and answer your queries you may have. The area coordinators are available for parents and students to answer any questions they may have on academic organisation and the curriculum of each activity.

    Information and assessment This information is also available on the SEK Group website. Places are limited and will be assigned on a strict first-come-first-serve basis.

    The classes aim to be practical and fun, and in small groups of children to ensure one-to-one learning of each participant.