EXTRA is an investment that has a proven return. We¢â‚¬â„¢ve ...rs1. leverage bluetooth and mobile technoloty

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Text of EXTRA is an investment that has a proven return. We¢â‚¬â„¢ve...

  • Here are two case studies that demonstrate EXTRA’s ROI:

    A mid-sized distributor experienced a surge in route profitability and immediate return on their investment with EXTRA.

    Elite EXTRA contributed to the spike in route profitability with:

    An East Coast client took its worst performing route and increased profits by nearly 10 times.

    Elite EXTRA identified under-performing routes and:

    1.888.484.8729 www.Eli teEXTRA.com


    Route Profitability $41,517.79 $57,609.08 $16,091.29 39%

    July 2013 July 2014 Profit Spike PROFIT

    $ Per Stop/Invoice $224.13 $2,347.82 $2,123.69 +900%

    July 2013 July 2014 Revenue Spike REVENUE

    • Combined and optimized routes • More stops into routes • Increased dollars delivered

    • Lowered fuel costs • Decreased hours worked

    • Triggered a sales focus on the area • Optimized their routes

    • Corrected driver inefficiency • Prompted a look at customer service and account


    EXTRA is an investment that has a proven return. We’ve crunched the numbers using data from our clients and on average most of our existing clients realized return on investment (ROI) within the first MONTH of using it.

  • 1.888.484.8729 www.Eli teEXTRA.com

    Competitive AdvAntAge EXTRA is proven to drive ROI and generate cost savings by lowering fuel costs and time spent on each route, while increasing efficiency and dollars delivered per run. This allows you to better allocate your resources.

    Route sequenCe optimizAtion Whether your runs are strictly scheduled or a fluid mix of on-demand, hot shot, and pickups, EXTRA gives you complete operational control of getting your drivers out the door with an optimized route sequence and gets them back in at the end of the day in the most efficient way possible.

    Real-time etas and GPs tRackinG Our maps and GPS are updated every five seconds, and your new orders are populated into EXTRA every 10 or 15 seconds - all automated. You will know exactly where your drivers are, and where they have been. You can provide your customers accurate ETAs and digital proof of delivery immediately.

    Business intelligenCe Quickly pull reports on the fly, or have them emailed to you weekly, monthly, or quarterly. EXTRA gives you a snapshot of a single driver, or of your entire delivery operation. Drill down to get the details you need to make business decisions.

    integRAted telemAtiCs You shouldn’t be limited to real-time GPS tracking of your drivers on-route; you need real-time visibility of vehicle maintenance records, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and driver compliance. Technology has evolved to make integrated telematics easy and inexpensive, and a crucial part of your courier operations.

    softwaRe as a seRvice (saas) EXTRA is web-based, lightweight, non-invasive, and requires no additional hardware or installation, aside from smart phones or tablets. Because it is SaaS, it is very easy to build and share custom features. It is also very easy to transfer your rate sheets, customer lists, routes, everything.

    pARtneRship EXTRA was designed by distribution and delivery professionals for distribution and delivery professionals. We understand your business, and our solutions are designed to enhance your operations and make your life easier. That’s why 98% of our clients stay with us on month-to-month agreements.

    the little things From a smile over the phone, to late night emergency customer service, to custom built bells and whistles, the EXTRA team will go the EXTRA mile to deliver results.

    AdvAntAgeS EXTRA is more than just routing and tracking. In addition to real-time GPS and route sequence optimization, you can expect proof of delivery, e-signatures, quick and inexpensive EDI turnaround, barcode scanning, business intelligence tools, and real-time ETAs.

  • EXTRA is Now a Certified Smartphone Provider September 10, 2014 - Elite EXTRA has joined forces with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to be part of their Certified Solu-tions and AT&T Premier Partner Program. This allows EXTRA to actually work as a provider of mobile devices and plans under AT&T. This gives the EXTRA

    user several advantages including the

    peace of mind of having EXTRA manage and supply the mobile device solutions for its routing and tracking application. - See more at: http://www.eliteextra.com/com-pany-media#newsletters

    Business Intelligence gets Intelligently Redesigned

    February 15, 2015 - Late 2014 i s the re-

    al-time ETA for Elite EXTRA’s new data

    visualization package. Because so much

    information is collected by just using

    EXTRA in delivery operations, there had

    to be a way to more effectively present it

    to help inform business decision s.

    Taking EXTRA’s already robus t report-

    ing features, and essentially star ting

    from scratch, the new data visua lization

    package will be bigger, more co mprehen-

    sive, more interactive, more cus tomizable,

    faster, and of course, even easie r to use.

    Order Entry Portal Can Handle Any Rate SheetJanuary 23, 2015 - An overhaul of the order entry screen allows for the flexibility to create quotes, convert them to orders, and handle any variable. EXTRA partnered with multiple couriers to de- sign and test the functionality, and to make sure all bases were covered. After months of rigorous beta and field testing, the official release is here.

    EXTRA Named to CIO

    Review’s Top Promisin g

    Technology Solution L ist

    November 1, 2014 – Ap plied Data Consultants,

    parent company of Elite EXTRA, is proud to be

    named one of CIO Revi ews’s 20 most promisin


    logistic consulting partn ers.

    CIO Review is a magaz ine that focuses on indu


    try-shaping enterprise le vel technology solutions


    both upcoming and esta blished. Their magazine

    is published weekly and serves as a platform for

    technology companies t o showcase their solutio


    and for decision makers to learn about the curre


    EXTRA Support: It’s Report Card Time

    October 6, 2014– In staying wit h Elite

    EXTRA’s commitment to provi ding best-

    in-class customer service, we ar e intro-

    ducing a new service to our cus tomers:

    the report card. Twice a year, ou r technical

    customer service analysts will r igorously

    look through our customers’ dat a to isolate

    any inefficiencies, or underutiliz ation of

    EXTRA. From there, the analys ts will rec-

    ommend no-cost ways in which EXTRA

    1.888.484.8729 www.Eli teEXTRA.com

    newS Word about EXTRA is spreading throughout the nation and is drawing attention from global businesses. We continue to build upon and improve our product, our customer service, and our partnership opportunities for like-minded businesses.

    Push for Investment in Cost Savings March 9, 2015 – As Elite EXTRA heads into year four, customers and users are reporting great gains in ROI and seeing increased efficiencies drive cost-savings. The Software as a Service (SaaS) nature of EXTRA requires no additional hardware for implementation, keeping costs down. Additionally, the low monthly fees keep the break-even point right where it needs to be for users to begin realizing ROI and savings within the first couple months.

    EXTRA + Telematics to Debut This Summer April 13, 2015 – Elite EXTRA to launch their integrated telematics solution around the midway point of the year. EXTRA + Telematics will leverage bluetooth and mobile technoloty to push traditional diagnostic and driver behavior information right into EXTRA, giving you total visibility in one place.

  • 1.888.484.8729 www.Eli teEXTRA.com

    eXCeption RepoRting Exception reporting with alerts increases driver safety, saves money and improves customer satisfaction.

    • Missed ETAs • Driver Off-Route • Excessive Time at Stop

    monitoR RepoRting Monitor reporting gives you the eagle-eye view with a complete snapshot at any given time.

    • Customer Timing • Driver Trax • Orders Voided and Delivered

    pRoFitABilitY RepoRting In an ever-changing marketplace, you need to know just how profitable each of your routes are.

    • Route Profitability • Revenue Per Invoice • Driver Performance

    eXtRA +telemAtiCs EXTRA+ is the first integrated telematics solution that is paired with ad- vanced dispatch management, giving you the only way to get 360 degree fleet, delivery, and distribution visibility.

    • Real-time telematics reporting • Engine diagnostics and driver behavior • Integrate with your telematics provider

    And moRe! You choose which reports best suit your business model.

    RePoRtS Every organization talks about Business Intelligence (BI). What are you doing to incorporate it into your strategy and decision making? EXTRA takes mountains of data and presents it in easily digestible, and highly customizable reports.

    Driver Trax: View a driver’s route in a map-based context, built with real-time GPS tracking. Compare where your driver was supposed to versus where he or she actually went with simple color coded routes.