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<ul><li><p>EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESNursery and Primary</p><p>Chess clubLearn the fundamentals of this game and discover strategic moves.</p><p>Max: 18 students Price: CHF 320</p><p>ChorusSinging in a choir is a great way to develop self-confidence while remaining in the group. Your child will learn to improve his voice and find his place in a group.</p><p>Max: 12 students Price: CHF 350</p><p>ClimbingTo discover and to apprehend the gestures of climbing on a wall specially designed for this sport.</p><p>Max: 15 students Price: CHF 850</p><p>CookingThe workshop for those who love eating. The passion for cooking is transmitted from a young age. This course is adapted to their age, which will allow them to stimulate their creativity, develop their sense of taste, and gain self-confidence by collaborating with others.</p><p>Max: 12 students Price: CHF 850</p><p>DanceThis course improves the sense of balance, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, and sense of rhythm.</p><p>Max: 15 students Price: CHF 500</p><p>FencingPhysically, fencing requires, and contributes to, great flexibility, the acquisition of reflexes and speed in all strategic movements. Coordination, a strong static and explosive force in the lower limbs associated with endurance, makes competitive fencing one of the most challenging sporting activities. Intellec-tually, self-control is also the basis of this sport. During an assault, qualities of anticipation, elaboration of a tactical project of precision are solicited permanently. Fencing helps to develop and reinforce these values, in harmony of body and spirit. </p><p>Max: 20 students Prix: CHF 550</p><p>Register directly with the fencing club Florimont Lancy (Me Lger)</p><p>Flo DiscoveryOutings to discover our region.</p><p>Max: 12 students Price: CHF 1500</p><p>GymnasticsGirls work four activities (floor gym, beam, horse jump and asymmetric bars) while boys have six (floor gym, pommel horse, horse jump, fixed bars, parallel bars and rings).</p><p>Max: 15 students Price: CHF 500</p></li><li><p>JudoInitiation to this martial art that children adore.</p><p>Max : 20 lves Prix : CHF 550 </p><p>Inscription directement au club Escrime Florimont Lancy (Me Lger)</p><p>Math Club</p><p>Discover some aspects of math in playful form, prepare a competition by working in groups, and learn to think about complex situations.</p><p>Max: 20 students Price: Free</p><p>Music lessonIndividual instrumental classes for piano, violin, cello and guitar.</p><p>Nursey Physical DevelopmentThe workshop aims to be a playful exploration space in which the child can improvise, feel, manipulate, create and express himself/herself, while being supported in his need for emotion and movement.</p><p>Max: 13 students Price: CHF 450</p><p>Painting workshopDiscovery of different techniques, creation of personal works.</p><p>Max: 20 students Price: CHF 600 + participation for supplies (between CHF 80.-- et 200.according to technical requirements)</p><p>Robotics FutureKidsRobot construction and programming. Students learn about Lego Mindstorms, the Lego building sof-tware. Various skills in mechanics (speed multiplier, steering, etc.), 3D design and programming will be addressed.</p><p>Max: 16 students Price: CHF 800</p><p>Theatre workshopLearning to express oneself, to better understand the gestures, to learn the diction, to play a part in order to present a show of end of year. Students are also invited to participate on two Wednesdays and two Saturday mornings for the preparation of the show.</p><p>Max: 12 students Price: CHF 850.--</p><p>Yoga Introduce students to yoga and relaxation. These sessions help to relax tensions, develop self-confi-dence, replenish energy by learning to breathe.</p><p>Max: 10 students Price: CHF 500</p><p>ACTIVITS EXTRA-SCOLAIRESMaternelle et Primaire</p></li></ul>