Extra curricular activities - 2014

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<ul><li><p>EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES :</p><p>Awards &amp; Certificates 1984 - 2012</p><p>1. Awarded Certificate for Active participation in the planning Forum by Deptt. of Commerce ,D.A.V. College, Amritsar in the year 1984-85 .</p><p>2. Awarded Certificate for Active member of the Commerce Society Deptt. of Commerce D.A.V.College, Amritsar in the year 1986-87.</p><p>3. Declared Winner &amp; awarded Title of MR. CAMPER by the Department of LAW, G.N.D.U.Amritsar under N.S.S. ( Sponsored by Ministry of H.R.D. Govt. of India ) in the year 1991 .</p><p>4. Awarded Certificate of participation by the N.S.S., faculty of LAW, Guru Nanak Dev University,Amritsar Punjab , in the year 1992 .</p><p>5. Awarded Certificate of Merit for participation in prize LAW MOOT COURT by the faculty of LAW,Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, in the year 1993 .</p><p>6. Awarded Certificate of appreciation for the participation in Poetical Recitation Contest by theRotaract Club of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in the year 1992.</p><p>7. Awarded Merit Certificate for outstanding achievement in the field of Rotaract movement in GuruNanak Dev University, Amritsar in the year 1990-91 .</p><p>8. Winning First Position in Amritsar District for state level participation in SADBHAVANA ESSAYCOMPETITION for youth in URDU ( Organised by the Department of Youth Affairs and SportsNew Delhi ) in the Year 1994 .</p><p>9. Declared Winner at State Level SADBHAVANA ESSAY COMPETITION in URDU (Organised by the Directorate of Youth Service Punjab, Chandigarh ) in the Year 1994.</p><p>10. Participated in National level SADBHAVANA ESSAY COMPETITION and QUIZCOMPETITION in URDU at New Delhi ( Organised by the Ministry of Human ResourcesDevelopment, Govt. of India, NEW DELHI ) in the Year 1994.</p><p>11. Awarded Certificate of EDP ( Entrepreneurship Development Programme ) for the participationin 267th EDP ( Entrepreneurship Development Programme ) for Science and TechnologyCandidates by the Deptt. of Science and Technology, GOI , New Delhi, conducted atAmritsar in joint venture of NITCON in the year March - April 2003</p><p>12. Awarded Certificate for the successful Completion of 6th KYU Rank in Karate by theWORLD SAMURAI KARATE DO ORGANIZATION , HONBU , U.S.A., awarded at Gurdaspur-Punjab India on 1st October , 2004.</p><p>13. Participated in 10 days - 4th National Theater Festivals at Punjab Natshala opp. KhalsaCollege Amritsar ( Organised by Mr. Kewal Dhaliwal of Manch Rangmanch Amritsar ) in theYear Dec 2006.</p><p>14. Awarded Certificate for the participation as Delegate in UGC sponsored National Seminaron Human Rights and Duties Education organizes by PG Deptt. of Political Science ,Khalsa College Amritsar on 23rd March , 2007.</p><p>15. Worked and acted as Joint Secretary of Tech Era Computer Association of PG Deptt.of Computer Science , Khalsa College Amritsar</p><p>16. Written chapters relating to Computerized accounting in Elements of Book-Keeping</p><p>published by Kalyani Publishers - New Delhi .</p></li></ul>