Extensible Markup Language II

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Extensible Markup Language II. Namespace, XPath and XSL. XML Namespace. NamespaceS. XML Namespaces. Namespaces provide method to avoid element name conflicts Collections of names identified by URIs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Extensible Stylesheet Language

Extensible Markup Language IINamespace, XPath and XSLNamespaceSXML NamespaceXML NamespacesNamespaces provide method to avoid element name conflictsCollections of names identified by URIsNamespaces allow names within a document to retain their original meanings even when combined with other documentHowever, if you dont need namespaces, dont use themConflict examples

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Namespaces Solution

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NamespacesNamespace declaration:Defined by xmlns attribute

xmlns:prefix = URI

Namespace URI is not used by parser to look for information

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Namespace for non-HTML tags (with xsl prefix, marked with red arrows)XPathNavigating XML DocumentXPathXpath language to navigate and find information in XML documentUses path expressions to navigate XML documentsContains a library of standard functions

Xpath Path Expressions/FunctionsXpath uses path expressionsUse path expressions to select nodes/node-sets in XML documentsPath expressions similar to computer file systemXpath includes more than 100 functionsFunctions for string and numeric values, date/time comparison, node/QName manipulation, Boolean values etc.XPath Nodes - terminologySeven kinds of nodes:ElementAttributeTextNamespaceProcessing-instruction (PI)CommentDocument nodesAtomic values nodes without children or parentItems atomic values or nodesXPath Nodes - relationshipTypes of relationship:ParentChildrenSiblingsAncestorsDescendants

XPath SyntaxSelecting nodes

ExpressionDescriptionnodenameSelects all child nodes of the named node/Selects from the root node//Selects nodes in the document from the current node that match the selection no matter where they are .Selects the current node..Selects the parent of the current node@Selects attributesXPath SyntaxPredicates used to find a specific node/node with a specific value

Path ExpressionResults/katalog/kereta [1]Select the first kereta element that is the child of katalog element (in IE, use kereta[0])/katalog/kereta [last()]Select the last kereta element/katalog/kereta [position()50000]Select all the kereta elements of the katalog element with price greater than 50000XPath Wildcards/| operatorWildcards to select unknown XML elements

Use | to select several pathsWildcardDescription*Matches any element node@*Matches any attribute nodenode()Matches any node of any kindPath ExpressionResults//kereta/model | //kereta/hargaSelect all model AND harga elements of all kereta elements//tahun | //ccSelect all the tahun AND cc elementsMore XPath ReferencesXPath Axes - http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/xpath_axes.asp XPath Operators - http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/xpath_operators.aspXPath functions (with XQuery, XSLT) - http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/xpath_functions.aspXPath ExampleUsing Javascript using kereta.xmlEdit the ex1.html , ex2.html and ex3.html filesUnderstand the usage of XPath and JavascriptXSLTExtensible Stylesheet Language TransformationDisplaying XMLXML documents dont carry information about how to display data3 ways to display data:XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Transformation Language)CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)JavaScriptXSLXSL Extensible Stylesheet LanguageStyle sheets for XMLDescribes how the XML document should be displayedConsisted of:XSLT transforming XML documentsXPath navigating XML documentsXSL-FO formatting XML documentsXSL TransformationXSLT XSL TransformationTransform XML documents to other formats (e.g. XHTML) transform each XML element to XHTML elementSupported by all major browsersMost important part of XSLAllows adding/removing elements and attributes to/from output file, rearranging/sorting elements, perform test etc.

XSLT - TransformationExample of a transformation steps:Start with a raw XML documentDeclare stylesheetCreate XSL style sheetLink style sheet to the XML document

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XSLT exampleXSLT ExampleUsing kereta.xmlCreate/Edit the XSLT files to show various combination of sorting, filtering, formatting etc.Understand the usage of XSLTThe End Thank You