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  • EXTEMAGAZINEN E W S F R O M T H E W O R L D S L A R G E S T M A N U F A C T U R E R O F C A R G O B U N K S . N O 4 / 2 0 1 2

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    The year will soon be at end; 2012 brought with it surprises and put us to the test. Among other things we succeeded in delivering bunks for a very large rail transport project during the autumn, proving that ExTe is able to deliver products and services of the highest quality right on time.

    continues as normal on Swedish roads. We have talked to many hauliers and the unanimous picture is one where trucks are still working at full capacity. Faith in the future remains strong, which things such as investments in new trucks, trailers and timber bunks bear witness to. Our guiding principle in R&D is that every new product must make timber transportation easier and contribute to haulier profitability. Next year will see more new, exciting ExTe products presented at exhibitions over the summer.

    Make a note in your calendar right away: Elmia Wood June 0508 and Mittias Forestry Transport Exhibition August 1617.

    All of my colleagues and I would like to thank our customers, suppliers and other partners for their invaluable cooperation during the past year. Have a really good, relaxing Christmas and New Year. See you in 2013!

    Mats Karlsson, MD

    New products were launched and well received by customers, especially the D Series, which will be available for order in January. D Series bunks are the strongest, lightest combination bunks ever. D bunks are 15 per cent lighter than their E Series predecessors that up until now were the markets lightest combination bunks. In addition to the weight reductions in the steel frames and light aluminium stakes we have developed an entirely new combination attachment with unique components which means drilling is no longer necessary when installing the frames on a chassis. Yet another way weve made life easier for hauliers and bodybuilders. As you can read in this edition of the magazine weve boosted our efforts in Norway in collaboration with MoRek A/S. While ExTe is a global operator, Norway is our closest export market. This will be extremely important for us in the years ahead as we can foresee a weakening in the European market. So its a thing good were not only well established in Asia and Australia, but also in North and South America. In some markets a haulage recession is reality, but timber transportation

    Contacts: Contact us via tel. no. +46 (0)6511 7500 or fax no. +46 (0)6511 7503 and tell us what you need.Sales department direct: If you wish to speak to a sales person, call +46 (0)6511 7501.Internet: Youll find everything you need to know about the worlds leading manufacturer of timber bunks at

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    A solution for British Columbia.

    It feels really good, says Per Jonasson, salesman at ExTe. The situation in Canada is not the best. Many sawmills and pulp mills too have simply shut up shop. But in the west of British Columbia things are going well. The S12 bunks are attracting attention and were doing quite a bit of business there.

    Daniel Karlberg, who is a designer at ExTe, was there together with Per. Its really good that those of us who work with design get to tag along and see and hear for ourselves what hauliers in different parts of the world need, thinks Daniel. In British Columbia the S12 bunk is what counts above all. Its a robust design with both frames and stakes of steel with a special feature to meet haulier requirements. The upper section of the bunks installed on the trailer can be folded down, the reason being that they pull the trailer up onto the truck on empty trips by way of saving both fuel and tyres. It also means better accessibility as its easier to turn around, explains Daniel. Based on their needs weve come up with a solution that is both practical and saves weight. Whats more they get a bunk that lasts longer for the same price.

    ExTes Daniel Karlberg works with the design of the folding stake for S12 bunks. A simple, practical solution.

    A brand new rig with ExTes S12 bunk adapted for timber trucks in British Columbia.

    Discussion concerning rigs with the S12. From left to right: ExTe representative Kevin Hodgins, Transport Manager Dwayne from Lobar haulage company (4 ExTe rigs), Mel Wubs, Senior Engineer at Magnum trailer manufacturers, and haulier Lloyd Inwood from Quesnel.

    Haulier Lloyd Inwood tests the S12s folding stake. Later he placed an order for bunks for one rig for delivery in January.



    4 E X T E M A G A Z I N E

    Anders Andersson, who runs Ulf Anderssons Haulage in Segersta in Hlsingland.Theres no denying we have an exciting year ahead of us, says Anders, who runs Ulf Anderssons Haulage in Segersta in Hlsingland. The winters have always been a busy time, no matter how the economy looks. Weve been a bit short of resources for a while, so even if there were to be a decline it would mean back to normal for us. Things are going well for us right now, declares Anders. Anders has 16 rigs in his firm, and 3040 per cent of the business consists of pole haulage. Poles have a life all of their very own separate from market ups and downs. Most of them go abroad for power line installations, above all to Africa. Actually, things look more favourable now than the past year, Anders tells us. Im not particularly worried about the future; theres nothing unusual about recessions. Theres hardly a soul that remembers the last downturn, but were still aware that our customers are having a hard time right now. Even though were counting every penny, weve invested in seven new trucks and three trailers over the past year. And thats as good a sign as any that we have a lot of faith in the future and in this industry, says Anders.

    The immediate future.

    We can only wonder how hauliers feel the immediate future will be. The media feed us a daily diet of financial problems and production limits in industry like everything was coming to the end of the road. But if you take a down-to-earth view with both feet firmly on the ground you get a different picture one of commons sense and moderation. You see a world where exaggeration has no merit; a world that reflects a confident, firm belief in a continued future for our line of business and the industry. Here are some opinions.

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    Juntti Bros Trucking is located in vertorne.We currently run 17 of our own timber trucks and 8 we lease, Patrick Mkitaavola tells us. Patrik is responsible for round timber haulage, which forms part of the companys operations. We also do contract work with diggers and gravel trucks. Juntii Bros hauls timber for Sveaskog. And we have plenty of work, declares Patrick. So far we havent been affected by any downturn in the economy. Looking ahead its actually now during a recession we should be investing as we can probably get the best deals. But right now the downturn seems a bit distant as we have more than enough work.

    Kenneth Johansson from Mnkarbo Freight in Uppland.Im biding my time, just watching and waiting, and Im not alone in doing that, says Kenneth Johansson from Mnkarbo Frakt in Uppland. So far things are pretty good, but of course its a bit of a worry when you dont know which way things will go. Kenneth has four timber trucks and six gravel trucks in his firm. Even though were not driving flat out all the time we have enough work for all the trucks. Timber transportation depends of course on how well exports are going, and that can change pretty fast. We didnt really notice the downturn in 08 there was a bit of a drop but we still had plenty to do. I feel we have smaller margins today, and maybe that makes us a little bit more cautious than we ought to be, but if we look ahead a little it doesnt affect our confidence in the industry, says Kenneth. There will always be timber to haul.

    Staffan Aldegren at Aldegrens Trucking in Munkedal.Mustnt grumble. Even if the loads are a bit erratic were running all seven trucks and all of them are busy, says Staffan Aldegren at Aldegrens Trucking in Munkedal.The economy has had its ups and downs many times before and even though it can be tough its usually always for the best. Sure, things were a bit quieter in November, but thats mostly due to the bad weather. All this rain means many tracks have poor carrying capacity. But of course we have to plan for different economic trends when it comes to e.g. investments. But as we said, weve been down this road before so naturally we must understand that timber will still need hauling in the future, says Staffan.

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    Safety is part of the companys DNA.An important principle in ExTes operations is never to compromise with safety. The demands for product safety grew all the more as the companys qualified R&D activities expanded.

    time and means that we can focus the practical development work to a limited number of possible solutions, says Daniel. What differentiates us from many others is that we perform dynamic tests. For example, when we develop a bunk we fix the frame in a test bench and let a piston push and pull the stake back and forth thousands of times. Sooner or later somethings got to give. Depending on how many cycles a product withstands we draw different conclusions. The number of cycles is either too low and we find the weak points that must be remedied, or we can verify that the number of cycles is high enough for us to have achieved the right product lifetime. For normal use thats around 810 years, Daniel tells us. We also carry out static tests