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  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven

    new financial system

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 1


    Preface Page 3

    Our current financial system, Page 4

    Look at the history Page 9

    The "New" Financial System Page 12

    Bibliography Page 15

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 2


    Currently we are confronted with a massive financial crisis, whether in Europe, the UnitedStates or in China as soon as it is the yuan to free trade, free.

    This crisis resulted not from a real estate bubble or a poorly thought Euro, these

    were only drops to the cask have boiling over, the real reason lies in our

    current financial system, which makes it possible that some few private bankers, the money

    supply and the allocation of money to control.

    I'll explain in the following pages, the current financial system in simple word that you realize

    how the historical events that led to this construct.

    I will explain to you but also how it is possible to break out of this system and this wassuccessful also in history.

    The fundamental question that arises is whether we are all prepared to fight for our

    freedom and to accept the associated short-term inconvenience, or whether we are slaves of

    high finance rather go and wait until we are left with nothing more, as interest rates

    and interest-rates have eaten everything.

    I hope that this expos triggers in you the desire to get up and change

    something, you have the ability to move at the political level and to create for us all and our

    children a better and more balanced future.

    Sincerely Vienna on: 09/02/2012

    Christian Warmuth

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    Creditline of the bank by example with 10% Guaranteed minimum:

    ncome $100.000,00 $90.000,00 $81.000,00 $72.900,00 $65.610,00 $59.049,00 $53.144,10 $47.829,69 $43.046,72 $38.742,05

    Credit $90.000,00 $81.000,00 $72.900,00 $65.610,00 $59.049,00 $53.144,10 $47.829,69 $43.046,72 $38.742,05 $34.867,84

    Credits S $90.000,00 $171.000,00 $243.900,00 $309.510,00 $368.559,00 $421.703,10 $469.532,79 $512.579,51 $551.321,56 $586.189,40

    ncome $34.867,84 $31.381,06 $28.242,95 $25.418,66 $22.876,79 $20.589,11 $18.530,20 $16.677,18 $15.009,46 $13.508,52

    Credit $31.381,06 $28.242,95 $25.418,66 $22.876,79 $20.589,11 $18.530,20 $16.677,18 $15.009,46 $13.508,52 $12.157,67

    Credits S $617.570,46 $645.813,42 $671.232,08 $694.108,87 $714.697,98 $733.228,18 $749.905,36 $764.914,83 $778.423,35 $790.581,01

    ncome $12.157,67 $10.941,90 $9.847,71 $8.862,94 $7.976,64 $7.178,98 $6.461,08 $5.814,97 $5.233,48 $4.710,13

    Credit $10.941,90 $9.847,71 $8.862,94 $7.976,64 $7.178,98 $6.461,08 $5.814,97 $5.233,48 $4.710,13 $4.239,12

    Credits S $801.522,91 $811.370,62 $820.233,56 $828.210,20 $835.389,18 $841.850,26 $847.665,24 $852.898,71 $857.608,84 $861.847,96

    ncome $4.239,12 $3.815,20 $3.433,68 $3.090,32 $2.781,28 $2.503,16 $2.252,84 $2.027,56 $1.824,80 $1.642,32

    Credit $3.815,20 $3.433,68 $3.090,32 $2.781,28 $2.503,16 $2.252,84 $2.027,56 $1.824,80 $1.642,32 $1.478,09Credits S $865.663,16 $869.096,85 $872.187,16 $874.968,44 $877.471,60 $879.724,44 $881.752,00 $883.576,80 $885.219,12 $886.697,21

    ncome $1.478,09 $1.330,28 $1.197,25 $1.077,53 $969,77 $872,80 $785,52 $706,97 $636,27 $572,64

    Credit $1.330,28 $1.197,25 $1.077,53 $969,77 $872,80 $785,52 $706,97 $636,27 $572,64 $515,38Credits S $888.027,48 $889.224,74 $890.302,26 $891.272,04 $892.144,83 $892.930,35 $893.637,31 $894.273,58 $894.846,22 $895.361,60

    ncome $515,38 $463,84 $417,46 $375,71 $338,14 $304,33 $273,89 $246,50 $221,85 $199,67

    Credit $463,84 $417,46 $375,71 $338,14 $304,33 $273,89 $246,50 $221,85 $199,67 $179,70Credits S $895.825,44 $896.242,90 $896.618,61 $896.956,75 $897.261,07 $897.534,97 $897.781,47 $898.003,32 $898.202,99 $898.382,69

    ncome $179,70 $161,73 $145,56 $131,00 $117,90 $106,11 $95,50 $85,95 $77,36 $69,62

    Credit $161,73 $145,56 $131,00 $117,90 $106,11 $95,50 $85,95 $77,36 $69,62 $62,66Credits S $898.544,42 $898.689,98 $898.820,98 $898.938,88 $899.045,00 $899.140,50 $899.226,45 $899.303,80 $899.373,42 $899.436,08

    ncome $62,66 $56,39 $50,75 $45,68 $41,11 $37,00 $33,30 $29,97 $26,97 $24,27

    Credit $56,39 $50,75 $45,68 $41,11 $37,00 $33,30 $29,97 $26,97 $24,27 $21,85

    Credits S $899.492,47 $899.543,22 $899.588,90 $899.630,01 $899.667,01 $899.700,31 $899.730,28 $899.757,25 $899.781,53 $899.803,37

    ncome $21,85 $19,66 $17,70 $15,93 $14,33 $12,90 $11,61 $10,45 $9,40 $8,46

    Credit $19,66 $17,70 $15,93 $14,33 $12,90 $11,61 $10,45 $9,40 $8,46 $7,62

    Credits S $899.823,04 $899.840,73 $899.856,66 $899.870,99 $899.883,89 $899.895,50 $899.905,95 $899.915,36 $899.923,82 $899.931,44

    ncome $7,62 $6,86 $6,17 $5,55 $5,00 $4,50 $4,05 $3,64 $3,28 $2,95

    Credit $6,86 $6,17 $5,55 $5,00 $4,50 $4,05 $3,64 $3,28 $2,95 $2,66

    Credits S $899.938,30 $899.944,47 $899.950,02 $899.955,02 $899.959,52 $899.963,56 $899.967,21 $899.970,49 $899.973,44 $899.976,09

    ncome $2,66 $2,39 $2,15 $1,94 $1,74 $1,57 $1,41 $1,27 $1,14 $1,03

    Credit $2,39 $2,15 $1,94 $1,74 $1,57 $1,41 $1,27 $1,14 $1,03 $0,93

    Credits S $899.978,49 $899.980,64 $899.982,57 $899.984,32 $899.985,88 $899.987,30 $899.988,57 $899.989,71 $899.990,74 $899.991,66

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 5

    But now the big hook comes to the matter, the Bank has launched its credit money out of thin

    air drawn, but has not drawn the additional interest due too, so something is instantly

    recognizable, it is always too little money is there for all debts, plus interest to pay. This

    applies not only to the private sector but also the government and states.

    The states also need to borrow the money they needed to cope with their payments and that

    of the central bank disguised as private banks. This works is that government bonds are

    issued, which are bought by banks and thus the state will receive the money, but in the

    context of these bonds, the government is committed to pay an interest rate on the loan. Thatmeans for every $ which the government spends has to pay interest, they would print the

    money itself and put into circulation, would eliminate such interest.

    The banks will receive this system, because each credit awarded by the banks in the States,

    they create new money (see example above). The debt of the States shall not be less, only

    the interest must be paid. A small example, the U.S. had at the end of the Clinton era, the

    largest budget surplus since the union of states and still a dollar of debt is not repaid.

    A state should no longer be able to pay the interest, see Greece, threatens the state

    bankruptcy. In such a case, then jumps like one of the IMF and without prejudice to the

    respective country under their arms. Who owns the IMF? The monsters keep the U.S. share,

    but actually it is a conglomerate of central banks that already know how we are just a cover

    for private banks. So the IMF is the same organs that have been lured into a debt trap

    states. The IMF now provides assistance under the assumption that massive austerity

    measures and tax increases are implemented. The money comes from the IMF flows, but not

    into the state coffers but serves the creditors, that the private banks, I suppose you realize

    the circulation of money. The State is on the verge of collapse, because there is no money,

    can not invest in education, infrastructure and health system, on the contrary, the population

    will be taken away even more. Instead of that new money is invested into the economy to

    create jobs and economic growth, it is withdrawn from the economy, leading to further

    deficits. This spiral will rotate until the state be in the form of ownership of land

    or industry offers for sale and they are then the bankers who acquire these values beingdumped by their monopoly position to expand. Break out of this cycle is very difficult and













    Credit S



  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 6

    dangerous as the Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy have experienced at first hand, but more

    on that later.

    I would still show you a small example of how interest rates and interest-rate effect for over

    30 years. We assume a loan amount from the amount of $ 100,000.00 and expect a very low

    interest rate of 5%, amounts to 30 years, the total debt of $ 432,194.24. For this purposethe following table and graph:

    Years Dept Interest Whole Dept

    1 $100.000,00 $5.000,00 $105.000,00

    2 $105.000,00 $5.250,00 $110.250,00

    3 $110.250,00 $5.512,50 $115.762,50

    4 $115.762,50 $5.788,13 $121.550,63

    5 $121.550,63 $6.077,53 $127.628,16

    6 $127.628,16 $6.381,41 $134.009,56

    7 $134.009,56 $6.700,48 $140.710,04

    8 $140.710,04 $7.035,50 $147.745,54

    9 $147.745,54 $7.387,28 $155.132,82

    10 $155.132,82 $7.756,64 $162.889,46

    11 $162.889,46 $8.144,47 $171.033,94

    12 $171.033,94 $8.551,70 $179.585,63

    13 $179.585,63 $8.979,28 $188.564,91

    14 $188.564,91 $9.428,25 $197.993,16

    15 $197.993,16 $9.899,66 $207.892,8216 $207.892,82 $10.394,64 $218.287,46

    17 $218.287,46 $10.914,37 $229.201,83

    18 $229.201,83 $11.460,09 $240.661,92

    19 $240.661,92 $12.033,10 $252.695,02

    20 $252.695,02 $12.634,75 $265.329,77

    21 $265.329,77 $13.266,49 $278.596,26

    22 $278.596,26 $13.929,81 $292.526,07

    23 $292.526,07 $14.626,30 $307.152,38

    24 $307.152,38 $15.357,62 $322.509,99

    25 $322.509,99 $16.125,50 $338.635,49

    26 $338.635,49 $16.931,77 $355.567,27

    27 $355.567,27 $17.778,36 $373.345,63

    28 $373.345,63 $18.667,28 $392.012,91

    29 $392.012,91 $19.600,65 $411.613,56

    30 $411.613,56 $20.580,68 $432.194,24

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 7

    This example is clearly seen in what form the high finance enriched.

    But all this should not extend to a company or a country to its knees, there is still the medium

    of exchange.

    On the stock markets of the world can be achieved by teaching sales, derivatives or foreign

    exchange transactions, all the objectives, desired by the individual investor. The markets with

    enough money can be controlled and manipulated. States may surrender all, because your

    currency is devalued so much that a real economy is no longer possible

    to see Argentina, Mexico or Russia in the late 20th Century.

    The bankers is nothing sacred, and they will stop at nothing to achieve world

    domination and to extend their monopoly position.

    But how did we get here, why no one has fought, why was given control of the money out of

    our hand? These and other questions will be treated in the next part "Look at the History."












    1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29


    Whole Dept

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 8

    Look at the History:

    Our financial system can actually be called English system, although the English crown has

    long resisted the goldsmiths and money lenders, until the 17th Century could not believe it

    coming from mainland Europe ruler of money in England on foot. But then it all went very

    quickly, it soon became the Bank of England founded, the first central bank in private hands,

    and fate took its course. The Bank of England was committed to the massive gold standard,

    which as stated previously, always makes sure that is not enough money in circulation. In

    England itself, this was not a problem at first, but for the colonies, because the did not have

    enough gold to pay for imports, the food were made. Thus they paid in commodities, which

    meant that the English colonies were systematically plundered. The crown came under

    pressure because the government had to borrow the money needed now by the Bank of

    England and this interest was charged. The money began scooping the private banks.

    Rothschild to write to the following statement, when he was governor of the Bank of England:

    "If I had the opportunity to determine the amount of money, I do not care who rules the land."

    But there were colonies, this state would not accept the exploitation continues, these were

    the modern United States of America. They began in Philadelphia to bring their own money

    in circulation and grew into a strong nation with full employment and prosperity. When,

    shortly before the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin in London for a visit and was lying

    there, the poor in the gutters saw, he told the deputies and the nobility, like the system

    worked in the American colonies by the states of their own independent of the English crown

    money circulation and that it was brought into the colonies, no beggars on the streets as in

    London. This should change soon, because King George forbade the American colonies to

    print their own money. Soon after, bleeding from the United States, the unemployment raterose steadily and the country slid into a deep depression. At that time the idea came to

    independence in 1776 and wrote the Declaration of Independence and King George

    delivered, followed closely by the war, the Americans emerged victorious.

    Not long after the war tried to European bankers, the financial world of the new United States

    again to incorporate what they succeeded.

    Jefferson fought for a long time against a central banking system, but unfortunately he was

    on lost items, and it was the first National Bank of the United States was founded. How the

    Fed was now the bank is also in the hands of private banks. One of the first and largest

    private banks, JP Morgan, which close relationships with the European Rothschilds was

    maintained. Then, after the founding of the Central Bank also reinstated the gold standard,which in the context of 80 years, again led to the same problems as before. Not only did the

    starving farmers and workers in the industry have been replaced increasingly by machines,

    even a civil war was imminent. But how could Abraham Lincoln to finance this war and

    ensure that jobs were created, he decided to offer the high finance, the forehead and the

    government printed its own money, the greenback. This money was backed by nothing

    except the promises by the government that this is the official currency. The private bankers

    saw this as a massive attack on their business and as we know from history, Lincoln has

    become the victim of an assassination. Was then the greenback massively inflationary, but

    not because the government printed too much money, but because private bankers

    recognized that the currency was vulnerable to counterfeit and destructible. It has been

    brought so much fake papers circulated that the greenback together finally broke. The private

    banks argued that they could not bring currency into circulation without the cover and the

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 9

    gold standard with its well-known problems returned. Henry Carey, an economist wrote

    several books on banking in Great Britain and the United States and referred to the

    greenback and tariff protection system than the American system and the gold standard and

    free trade system as the English system. He was throughout his life always a critic of the

    gold standard and always an advocate of the American system. Until his death in 1879, hetried everything to the banking cartel in the United States to dismantle. The farmers and

    workers joined together and organized a march on Washington to put forward their

    concerns. Unfortunately all these attempts the Bankers to the issue out of our hands not a

    success. The private banks had gained so much influence that they ensured their well-

    meaning people in Congress, Senate and the White House to have. Who were the families

    and individuals behind these banks?

    I want to show on the basis of two families as they came to power and influence.

    As a first example, the Rockefeller family: The Rockefellers have with Standard Oil began as

    a company and are all within a short time made oil reserves in the U.S. as its own, in a

    further consequence, they could in transport essential establish banking (Citigroup) and thepharmaceutical industry, through its a lot of layered foundations, they also have access to

    the education system. Much like the Rockefeller, the Morgans in all major industry sectors

    are represented, with Morgan put it on a monopoly, the first company to be known as U.S.

    Steel. In this company, the bank has been bought up all the steel companies and then

    merged into U.S. Steel, of course, with the appropriate closures and redundancies.

    Not only do these families, the Rothschilds may be mentioned in this context, in all industries

    and business sectors that meet the needs of people who have their fingers in the game, they

    were also influential in the founding of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations

    and the Trilateral Commission is involved. Since it is very likely that our earth is beingmanipulated by a shadow government.

    But how was it possible that these gentlemen were able to gain so much influence?

    1908, leading bankers and Senator Nelson Aldrich at Jekyll Iceland met and decided the

    Federal Reserve Act. In 1909, he was from Aldrich under the name of Payne-Aldrich Tariff

    Act introduced in the Senate but rejected. He also brought 16 Amendment to the

    Constitution, one that gave the government the opportunity to collect an income tax, because

    the private banks wanted to be covered by the taxpayer. On Dec 22, 1913, shortly before the

    Christmas break, the Federal Reserve Act was introduced again, but under that name, and

    approved, the day after it was signed by President Wilson and he was therefore legally

    binding. Wilson later regretted this very much and called this signature the biggest mistake of

    his life.

    From then on, the private banks had the entire monetary system under their sole control and

    the U.S., the former pre-eminence of England took over the area of finances. The Fed took

    the money now in circulation, the U.S. dollar have disappeared from the Federal Reserve

    Notes replaced. Prompt came, what needed have to come, the Federal Reserve System was

    under the pretext of established depression as it has in the late 19th century may always

    prevent, 1929 slid the U.S. and the whole world into the greatest economic crisis and

    depression that has ever existed .The solution of the problem came from Franklin D. Roosevelt with his "New Deal" again

    pumped money into the system and the machinery running again brought, but unfortunately

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 10

    not on the path of Abraham Lincoln of his own money, borrowed money from special-printed

    only banks, thus the U.S. government was in debt.

    Only one wanted to rebel against the major private banks and bring back a government-

    issued currency, John F. Kennedy as Abraham Lincoln and had been his reform plans also

    pay with his live.

    Due to the ever-growing debt, the trade deficit by the United States, there were more goods

    exported than imported, the gold reserves shrank rapidly. The countries settled its accounts

    receivable that is payable in gold. At the end of the 1960s took on alarming proportions this

    outflow of gold, President Nixon stoped the gold standard completely.

    Finally, the private banks could recoup as much money as they wanted, without taking into

    consideration any gold reserves. To avoid jeopardizing the dollar, the IMF and the World

    Bank was established in life and set the dollar as world currency, all major currencies had to

    be either a fixed exchange rate choose the dollar or let the currency float against the dollar,

    which repeatedly led to a massive devaluation.

    With these sneaky tricks of the big private banks, it was possible to force in 1990s Argentina,

    Mexico and Russia to its knees, almost a decade before, the East Asian countries were in

    line. Slowly but surely took over the bankers of Wall Street's finances over the world, the last

    step and its consequences was the introduction of EURO.

    The next and last chapter, I will present now, as there is still an escape from the clutches of

    the big private banks.

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 11

    The "New" Financial System:

    As mentioned above could be solved Abraham Lincoln with his Greenback from the clutches

    of the banks and help the country to renewed prosperity. This system works today as the19th Century. Governments need to print their own money, set a fixed exchange rate against

    the dollar, if it remains as it is now, and in advance make sure to create enough dollar

    reserves. In addition, laws must be created that ensure that no private bank can create

    money and the new currency may not be freely traded on world markets. If these

    requirements are met, the government can bring as the sole authority over the creation of

    money his notes as fiat money into circulation. This money can be paid the debts of the state

    and the state makes all investments such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc. are

    paid for with this new money. Furthermore, it is possible to provide the State with cheap

    loans low interest business available. The oft-cited argument that if the government prints its

    own money, there is a hyper-inflation is fundamentally wrong. If we look at the hyperinflation

    of the past 100 years, were triggered by the least money which has been printed by the State

    concerned itself. For example, the hyperinflation in Germany in the late 1920s, was of the

    Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht who was at that time in private hands, triggered by a massive

    increase in money supply. After coming to power of Adolf Hitler became the Reichsbank was

    nationalized and after the guide insisted on their own money to print difference shaft 1939 as

    President of the Reichsbank. The pressure of the new Reichsmark, the currency was

    stabilized and inflation fell.

    In order to prevent hyperinflation, it is important that the generated industrial and commercial

    goods always in a constant ratio to the amount of money available. This opinion is also

    considered the economist John Maynard Keynes, who argued that if the money supplyincreases, the need to increase the goods produced, then there is no massive inflation. Here

    he contradicts the Austrian school, which was always convinced that a currency should be

    based on a precious metal standard called, so their value is secured. This consideration

    arises immediately, however, the principle that there is never enough money, because the

    precious metals especially gold, are limited. If, however, get the goods produced in the same

    proportion as the money supply, so prices remain constant. The value of currencies may also

    be a fixed basket of commodities (for example wheat, corn, crude oil, gold, coffee, orange

    juice concentrate, cocoa, sugar, soybeans, etc.) can be defined as a unit. At this unit can

    then align all currencies depending on the economic potential of the individual states. It is

    therefore important if the government their own prints money in the Treasury to havesomeone of the goods produced is always in relationship to money, so not too much money

    comes into circulation, as would happen would be that inflation risk is very high. But I think

    you will find someone of the four basic arithmetic operations and the percentage calculation

    is powerful and can thus ensure that it does not lead to a cash surplus.

    To the issue of money supply in relation to the production of goods or to make something

    intelligible, I have made on the next page, a 25-year projection for you also to show visually

    that the defense of hyperinflation is actually quite simple.

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 12

    Years Production in $ Money

    1 $1.000.000,00 $1.100.000,00

    2 $1.050.000,00 $1.155.000,00

    3 $1.200.000,00 $1.320.000,00

    4 $1.150.000,00 $1.265.000,005 $1.850.000,00 $2.035.000,00

    6 $2.150.000,00 $2.365.000,00

    7 $1.900.000,00 $2.090.000,00

    8 $2.350.000,00 $2.585.000,00

    9 $2.350.000,00 $2.585.000,00

    10 $2.800.000,00 $3.080.000,00

    11 $2.100.000,00 $2.310.000,00

    12 $1.800.000,00 $1.980.000,00

    13 $2.050.000,00 $2.255.000,00

    14 $2.600.000,00 $2.860.000,00

    15 $3.050.000,00 $3.355.000,00

    16 $3.450.000,00 $3.795.000,00

    17 $3.900.000,00 $4.290.000,00

    18 $3.850.000,00 $4.235.000,00

    19 $4.150.000,00 $4.565.000,00

    20 $3.500.000,00 $3.850.000,00

    21 $3.250.000,00 $3.575.000,00

    22 $4.000.000,00 $4.400.000,00

    23 $4.850.000,00 $5.335.000,00

    24 $5.200.000,00 $5.720.000,00

    25 $6.000.000,00 $6.600.000,00









    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

    Production in $


  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 13

    Now it is up to you to make the right policy and to ensure that not a fewcontinue

    to determine some of the money supply and abuse of market

    instruments for their own wealth.

    I am also of the opinion that if the governments of this world do not now the scepter in hishand again, it will not be long until the whole financial system collapses in on itself. Let's

    just look at the United States would no longer be able to pay the interest on the

    debt, this would be an absolute bankruptcy immediately. Accordingly, the U.S. is

    still the largest economy in the world would have to break in this case, the entire

    financial system and economy together, the consequences would be

    incalculable, probably we would be back in the Stone Age and the barter system. It's five

    to twelve, and it's up to us all now and make a difference to the loan sharks and big banks to


    Vienna on 02/09/2012

    Christian Warmuth

  • 7/31/2019 Expose Money


    A (old) proven new financial system S e i t e | 14


    Dollar Crash Ellen Hodgson Brown

    Das Euro Abenteuer geht zu Ende W. Hankel, W. Nlling,K.A. Schachtschneider, D. Spethman,J. Starbatty

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