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sur les énergies renouvelables

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  • For which reason to have a green building ?The greenhouse effectWhich interest ?Comment construire ou quiper son habitat en solutions conomes ?Insulation :The materials :Passives housesExamples.Que puis-je faire pour conomiser l'nergie et protger mon environnement ?Glossary

  • For which reason to have a green building ?

    The essential reason is the climatic change which is the threat number one for the mankind.The protocol of Kyoto requires of us to descend consumption from the dwelling S to 50 kWh/m .year. Today, the real park of the French residences consumes 216 kWh/m .year.

    The price of energy is the effects of the fossil or nuclear energies on the environment.

    Disappearance programmed of the nonrenewable sources of energy.

    The concern of living in a healthy and alleviated environment.

  • The greenhouse effect

  • Which interest?To make economies and to become autonomous.

    To be able to look itself in one to mirroir the morning and to say themselves: I do something for my children and to improve the world.

  • Comment construire ou quiper son habitat en solutions conomes ?Solutions which can help you to create a housing `reasoned' exist. Let us quote for example the french label HQE (high environmental quality), the US label Energy Star or the German norme Passivhaus.

    Ecological house can pass by the choice of an energy clean for heat or electricity (wind mills, heat pumps, solar thermal or photovoltaic), by methods of controls on water (equipment with low flow, recovery of rainwater) or from materials, considered as healthy, as wood for the walls or hemp for the insulation.

  • Solar thermal

  • Isolation : The comparation between classical and the green house

  • Comment isolerEffective Insulation

    High-Performance Windows

    Tight Construction and Ducts

    Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

  • Les matriaux :HEMPCharacteristics of hemp It is a heat insulator good and phonic. It is permeable with the steam what allows the regulation of moisture.

    LIMECharacteristics Lime lets breathe the walls and thus allows the regulation of moisture. It is disinfecting, impermeable and insecticidal. It is a heat insulator good. It does not fissure like a coating traditional cement.

    LIEGECharacteristics It is insulating phonic and thermal. It resists moisture and prevents consequently the development of the moulds.Use

  • Wall of HempLimeHempPaper mud

  • Lastly, to supplement the table by the completions, there are paintings without chemical solvents. Once insulated very well, the most ecological house must think of its heating system. That which is most neutral from the point of view environmental is the heating with wood. It is solar energy which was transformed into vegetable matter thanks to photosynthesis.The boiler with wood of last generation allow excellent outputs, about 95% whole while remaining very cheap.It is a renewable, ecological and simple energy of use Of course solar thermics is not to neglect.Most of the requirements out of hot water for a family can be ensured by solar energy. According to the climatic zone, an individual solar-fired heater can provide: - 40 to 60% of the needs in north for France,60 to 80% of the needs in the south.Geothermics is an important source of renewable heat.

    Many applications. The principal one relates to the heating of the buildings, either in a way centralized by the means of networks of heat or in a more individual way by the means of heat pumps coupled to buried sensors.

  • vegetal roofs

  • A revolution from Germany

  • Passives housesA revolution was born in Germany, the passive house.A passive house consumes 90% of energy of less than one existing construction. And even 75% less than one lately built house. The consumption of energy of a passive house - corresponds to 1,5 L per m2 and per annum of oil equivalent, than a house low energy is still definitely weaker.

  • Passive houseA controlled mechanical ventilation with double flow.

    The renewal of air of the houses with very low consumption of energy permanent, and is optimized to ensure the comfort of the occupants.Triple glazing with low emissivity of rigour (value U of 0.75 W/m2 K and solar factor of 50%) is assembled on joineries with reinforced insulation (value U of 0.8 W/m K).The elimination of the cold bridges.

    Thanks to a good insulation correctly installation, the values of linear coefficient of thermal transmission are reduced in lower part of 0.01 W/m.K.

  • Examples of achievements.The Findhorn Community, which began in 1962 in a caravan park in northeast Scotland, is known internationally for its experiments with new models of sustainable living. Cooperation and co-creation with nature have always been prime aspects of the community's work. The Findhorn Foundation, established by the community in 1972, is a major centre of holistic education conducting programmes for over 4,500 residential visitors a year from over 50 countries. Today it is the heart of what has become one of largest holistic communities in the world and is the centre of this rapidly developing ecovillage.

  • In our areaThe garden city, in BethnyCompany HLM Le Foyer Rmois renews here the image of the garden city, model imported of England, very in vogue inter-war period and eclipsed social habitat after 1945, period for which one prefers the cities and houses to him. On the ground in waste land of Btheny, the architects carry out a contemporary garden city having for precondition the attention paid to ecology. The natural site is structured in small islands defined by a singular vegetable arrangement.Principles HQE were developed by the architects privileging economic installations and not pollutants, with a control of the impact of the frame on the environment and an attentive treatment of the interiors. The charter High Environmental Quality born from the common will controls of work/control of work, is subjected to the adoption of the inhabitants like regulates use and of life, together.

  • What I do to make to save energy and to protect my environment?In the purchase to choose its apparatuses well, There exists since 1995 a label energy which classifies of A (the best) with G (worse) the energy quality of the apparatuses electric household appliances. A more expensive apparatus with the purchase is seldom most expensive during its existence. The days before of television sets or video tape recorders for example or the screens of computers do not need to be lit all the time. It is possible to avoid them by using adaptors provided with switches and remember to always turn off your lights when leavin room. Repair any faucet leaks. Replace standart ligt bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. A ten minute shower use less water than a full bath ! In office save energy and space with a multi-function device (print, fax, copy, scan). Install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust your home's temperature setting when you're away or sleeping. Remember: Bigger doesn't always mean better. Oversized equipment can cause reduced comfort and excessive noise. Oversizing also can shorten the life of the equipment by causing it to cycle on and off more frequently than a properly sized unit.

  • Glossary

    Efficiency : efficacitinsulation : isolationhealthyhemp : chanvre.recovery of rainwater : rcupration d'eau de pluie.Consumption : consomation.Heating/cooling : chauffage / rafraichissement.Apparatus : Appareil.Switches : interrupteurs.the carcass work : gros oeuvre.Roofs : toitures.terra cotta : terre cuite.the flax : Le lincork : liegewool : lainepaper mud : boue de papier.faucet leaks : fuite de robinets.bulb : ampoule.Golbal warming : Changement climatique.Mortars : mortiers.Lime : chaux.Moisture : humidit.

    terra cotta : terre cuite.the flax : Le lincork : liegewool : lainepaper mud : boue de papier.faucet leaks : fuite de robinets.bulb : ampoule.Golbal warming : Changement climatique.Mortars : mortiers.Lime : chaux.Moisture : humidit.

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