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Text of exportlayers-dwg-ISO13567.txt

# Revit Export Layers# Maps Categories and Subcategories to layer names and color numbers# Category Subcategory Layer name Color number # Cut layer name Cut color number# Do not remove the colon (:) after certain category names.# -----------------------------------------------------Area Polylines A-AREABDR 1 A-AREABDR 1Area Tags A-AREAIDM 2 A-AREAIDM 2Cable Tray Fitting Tags E-CABLIDM 2 E-CABLIDM 2Cable Tray Fittings E-CABL 4 E-CABL 4Cable Tray Tags E-CABLIDM 2 E-CABLIDM 2Cable Trays E-CABL 4 E-CABL 4Callouts A-----SYP 6 A-----SYP 6Casework A-FLORCAM 3 A-FLORCAM 3Casework Tags I-ELEVIDM 5 I-ELEVIDM 5Ceiling Tags A-CLNGIDM 6 A-CLNGIDM 6Ceilings A-CLNGSUM 5 A-CLNGSUM 5Ceilings Cut Pattern A-CLNGPAM 1 A-CLNGPAM 1Ceilings Surface Pattern A-CLNGGRM 1 A-CLNGGRM 1Color Fill A-AREAIDM 2 A-AREAIDM 2Color Fill Legends G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Columns A-COLSENM 4 A-COLSENM 4Conduit Fitting Tags E-CNDTIDM 2 E-CNDTIDM 2Conduit Fittings E-CNDT 4 E-CNDT 4Conduit Tags E-CNDTIDM 2 E-CNDTIDM 2Conduits E-CNDT 4 E-CNDT 4Constraints A-----NOP 2 A-----NOP 2Contour Labels V-TOPOMAM 2 V-TOPOMAM 2Curtain Panel Tags A-WALLIDM 6 A-WALLIDM 6Curtain Panels A-WALLCWM 6 A-WALLCWM 6Curtain Wall Mullions A-WALLCWM 3 A-WALLCWM 3Demolished -_----DEMO 3 -_----DEMO 3Detail Item Tags A-DETLIDM 3 A-DETLIDM 3Detail Items A-DETLGEM 3 A-DETLGEM 3Dimensions A-----DIP 1 A-----DIP 1Dimensions Automatic Sketch Dimensions A-----DIP 1 A-----DIP 1Door Tags A-DOORIDM 6 A-DOORIDM 6Doors A-DOORSYM 1 A-DOORSYM 1Doors Frame/Mullion A-DOORSYM 1 A-DOORSYM 1Doors Glass A-ELEVOTM 1 A-ELEVOTM 1Doors Opening A-DOORSYM 6 A-DOORSYM 6Doors Panel A-DOORSYM 1 A-DOORSYM 1Electrical Equipment E-AUXLEQM 4 E-AUXLEQM 4Electrical Equipment Tags E-----TEP 2 E-----TEP2Electrical Fixture Tags E-----TEP 2 E-----TEP 2Electrical Fixtures E-DETLLTM 2 E-DETLLTM 2Elevations A-----SYP 6 A-----SYP 6Entourage A-DETLGEM 3 A-DETLGEM 3Existing -_----EXST 3 -_----EXST 3Floors A-FLOROTM 6 A-FLOROTM 6Floors Cut Pattern A-FLORPAM 8 A-FLORPAM 8Floors Hidden Lines A-FLORHDN 5 A-FLORHDN 5Floors Slab Edges A-FLOROTM 6 A-FLOROTM 6Floors Surface Pattern A-FLORPAM 8 A-FLORPAM 8Furniture I-DETLFUM 2 I-DETLFUM 2Furniture System Tags I-SYSTIDM 3 I-SYSTIDM 3Furniture Systems I-SYSTFUM 2 I-SYSTFUM 2Furniture Tags I-FURNIDM 3 I-FURNIDM 3Generic Annotations A-----NOP 2 A-----NOP 2Generic Model Tags G-PLANOTM 2 G-PLANOTM 2Generic Models G-PLANOTM 6 G-PLANOTM 6Grid Heads S-GRIDIDM 1 S-GRIDIDM 1Grids S-GRIDIDM 1 S-GRIDIDM 1Guide Grid G-----NP 5 G-----NP 5Imports in Families A-----NPP 1 A-----NPP 1Keynote Tags A-----NOP 2 A-----NOP 2Level Heads A-FLORLEM 6 A-FLORLEM 6Levels A-FLORLEM 6 A-FLORLEM 6Lighting Fixture Tags E-LITEIDM 1 E-LITEIDM 1Lighting Fixtures E-LITEEQM 4 E-LITEEQM 4Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines A-AREALIM 4 A-AREALIM 4Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines A-------M 6 A-------M 6Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines A-FLOROVM 8 A-FLOROVM 8Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines A-AREALIM 4 A-AREALIM 4Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines M-AREALIM 2 M-AREALIM 2Lines Axis of Rotation A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines Insulation Batting Lines A-DETLINM 8 A-DETLINM8Lines Lines A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Lines Medium Lines A-----NPP 3 A-----NPP 3Lines Thin Lines A-----NPP 3 A-----NPP 3Lines Wide Lines A-----NPP 3 A-----NPP 3Mass G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Mass Tags G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Massing G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Matchline A-----SYP 6 A-----SYP 6Material Tags A-----NOP 2 A-----NOP 2Mechanical Equipment M-DETLEQM 2 M-DETLEQM 2Mechanical Equipment Tags M-ELEVIDM 2 M-ELEVIDM2Multi-Category Tags A-----NOP 2 A-----NOP 2New -_----NEW 2 -_----NEW 2Panel Schedule Graphics A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Parking C-PKNGCTM 1 C-PKNGCTM 1Parking Tags C-PKNGCTM 1 C-PKNGCTM 1Plan Region G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Planting L-PLNTBEM 3 L-PLNTBEM 3Planting Tags L-PLNTBEM 3 L-PLNTBEM 3Plumbing Fixture Tags P-----TEP 2 P-----TEP 2Plumbing Fixtures P-SANRFIM 6 P-SANRFIM 6Property Line Segment Tags P-SANRFIM 6 P-SANRFIM6Property Tags P-SANRFIM 0 P-SANRFIM 0Railing Tags A-FLORIDM 2 A-FLORIDM 2Railings A-FLORHRM 1 A-FLORHRM 1Railings Balusters A-FLORHRM 1 A-FLORHRM 1Railings Railings Beyond Cut Line A-FLORHRM 5 A-FLORHRM 5Railings Rails A-FLORHRM 1 A-FLORHRM 1Ramps A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps Down Arrow A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps DOWN text A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps Incomplete ramps A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps Ramps Beyond Cut Line A-FLORSTM 5 A-FLORSTM 5Ramps Stringers A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps Stringers Beyond Cut Line A-FLORSTM 5 A-FLORSTM5Ramps Up Arrow A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Ramps UP text A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Raster Images G-----PAP 8 G-----PAP 8Reference Planes G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Revision Cloud Tags G-----REV 5 G-----REV 5Revision Clouds G-----REV 5 G-----REV 5Roads C-ROADOTM 4 C-ROADOTM 4Roof Tags A-ROOFIDM 6 A-ROOFIDM 6Roofs A-ROOFOTM 4 A-ROOFOTM 4Roofs Curtain Roof Grids A-ROOFOTM 4 A-ROOFOTM 4Roofs Cut Pattern A-ROOFPAM 8 A-ROOFPAM 8Roofs Fascias A-ROOFOTM 4 A-ROOFOTM 4Roofs Gutters A-ROOFPAM 4 A-ROOFPAM 4Roofs Roof Soffits A-ROOFPAM 4 A-ROOFPAM 4Roofs Surface Pattern A-ROOFPAM 8 A-ROOFPAM 8Room Polylines A-AREABDR 1 A-AREABDR 1Room Tags A-AREAIDM 2 A-AREAIDM 2Rooms A-AREAIDM 2 A-AREAIDM 2Schedule Graphics A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Scope Boxes G-----NPP 5 G-----NPP 5Sections A-----SYP 6 A-----SYP 6Site L-DETLGEM 6 L-DETLGEM 6Site Pads L-DETLGEM 6 L-DETLGEM 6Site Property L-DETLGEM 6 L-DETLGEM 6Site Tags L-DETLIDM 6 L-DETLIDM 6Space Tags M-AREAIDM 2 M-AREAIDM 2Spaces M-AREABDR 2 M-AREABDR 2Spaces Color Fill M-AREAIDM 2 M-AREAIDM 2Span Direction Symbol S-FLORSYMB 2 S-FLORSYMB 2Specialty Equipment F-AFFFEQM 6 F-AFFFEQM 6Specialty Equipment Tags F-----TEP 2 F-----TEP2Spot Coordinates A-----DIP 1 A-----DIP 1Spot Elevations A-----DIP 1 A-----DIP 1Spot Slopes A-----DIP 1 A-----DIP 1Stair Tags A-FLORIDM 2 A-FLORIDM 2Stairs A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs Down Arrow A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs DOWN Text A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs Incomplete Stairs A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs Stairs Beyond Cut Line A-SECTMBM 5 A-SECTMBM 5Stairs Stringers A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs Stringers Beyond Cut Line A-SECTMBM 5 A-SECTMBM5Stairs Up Arrow A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Stairs UP Text A-FLORSTM 2 A-FLORSTM 2Structural Annotations S-IDEN 2 S-IDEN 2Structural Area Reinforcement S-RBARBDRY 2 S-RBARBDRY2Structural Area Reinforcement Symbols S-RBARSYM 2 S-RBARSYM 2Structural Area Reinforcement Tags S-RBARIDEN 2 S-RBARIDEN 2Structural Beam System Tags S-----TEP 2 S-----TEP2Structural Beam Systems S-ANNOSYM 2 S-ANNOSYM 2Structural Column Tags S-COLSIDM 2 S-COLSIDM 2Structural Columns S-COLSPRM 6 S-COLSPRM 6Structural Columns Hidden Lines S-COLSHDN 5 S-COLSHDN5Structural Connection Tags S-COLSANLY 2 S-COLSANLY2Structural Connections S-COLSANLY 2 S-COLSANLY 2Structural Foundation Tags S-BEAMPRM 2 S-BEAMPRM2Structural Foundations S-----TEP 4 S-----TEP 4Structural Foundations Hidden Lines S-FNDNHDN 4 S-FNDNHDN4Structural Framing S-----TEP 4 S-----TEP 4Structural Framing Hidden Lines S-BEAMHDN 4 S-BEAMHDN4Structural Framing Tags S-----TEP 2 S-----TEP 2Structural Load Cases S-LOADCASE 2 S-LOADCASE 2Structural Load Cases Accidental Loads S-LOADACCI 2 S-LOADACCI 2Structural Load Cases Dead Loads S-LOADDEAD 2 S-LOAD-DEAD2Structural Load Cases Live Loads S-LOADLIVE 2 S-LOADLIVE2Structural Load Cases Roof Live Loads S-LOADROOF 2 S-LOADROOF2Structural Load Cases Seismic Loads S-LOADSEIS 2 S-LOADSEIS2Structural Load Cases Snow Loads S-LOADSNOW 2 S-LOADSNOW2Structural Load Cases Temperature Loads S-LOADTEMP 2 S-LOADTEMP 2Structural Load Cases Wind Loads S-LOADWIND 2 S-LOADWIND2Structural Loads S-LOAD 2 S-LOAD 2Structural Loads Area Loads S-LOADAREA 2 S-LOADAREA2Structural Loads Line Loads S-LOADLINE 2 S-LOADLINE2Structural Loads Point Loads S-LOADPOIN 2 S-LOADPOIN2Structural Path Reinforcement S-RBARBDRY 2 S-RBARBDRY2Structural Path Reinforcement Symbols S-RBARSYM 2 S-RBAR-SYM 2Structural Path Reinforcement Tags S-RBARIDEN 2 S-RBARIDEN 2Structural Rebar S-RBAR 2 S-RBAR 2Structural Rebar Tags S-RBARIDEN 2 S-RBARIDEN 2Structural Stiffener Tags S-BEAMPRM 2 S-BEAMPRM2Structural Stiffeners S-----TEP 4 S-----TEP 4Structural Truss Tags S-----TEP 2 S-----TEP 2Temporary -_----TEMP 2 -_----TEMP 2Text Notes A-----TEP 2 A-----TEP 2Title Blocks G-----TTP 6 G-----TTP 6Title Blocks Medium Lines G-----TTP 4 G-----TTP 4Title Blocks Thin Lines G-----TTP 2 G-----TTP 2Title Blocks Wide Lines G-----TTP 6 G-----TTP 6Topography C-TOPO 2 C-TOPO 2Topography Boundary Point C-TOPOBKM 3 C-TOPOBKM 3Topography Interior Point C-TOPOBOM 2 C-TOPOBOM 2Topography Primary Contours C-TOPOMJM 2 C-TOPOMJM2Topography Secondary Contours C-TOPOMNM 3 C-TOPOMNM3Topography Triangulation Edges C-TOPO 3 C-TOPO 3Underlay -UNDERLAY 1 -UNDERLAY 1View Reference A-----SYP 6 A-----SYP 6View Titles G-----NPP 6 G-----NPP 6Viewports A-----NPP 5 A-----NPP 5Wall Tags A-WALLIDM 4 A-WALLIDM 4Walls A-WALLMBM 2 A-WALL 2Walls Curtain Wall Grids A-WALL 2 A-WALL 2Walls Cut Pattern A-WALLMBM 2 A-WALL 2Walls Hidden Lines A-WALLHDN 2 A-WALLHDN 2Walls Surface Pattern A-WALL 2 A-WALL 2Walls/Interior:1 A-WALL 2 A-WALL 2Walls/Exterior:2 A-WALL 2 A-WALL 2Walls/Foundation:3 S-WALLLOM 2 S-WALLLOM 2Walls/Retaining:4 C-TOPORTM 2 C-TOPORTM 2Window Tags A-GLAZIDM 6 A-GLAZIDM 6Windows A-GLAZIDM 6 A-GLAZIDM 6Windows Frame/Mullion A-GLAZIDM 6 A-GLAZIDM 6Windows Glass A-GLAZIDM 6 A-GLAZIDM 6Windows Opening A-GLAZSIM 6 A-GLAZSIM 6Windows Sill/Head A-GLAZSIM 1 A-GLAZSIM 1