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    LIST OF COMPANIES Jamaica ExportEr

    DirEctory 2018-2020


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    The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is pleased to present the most recent and comprehensive database on registered exporters operating in our country. This Exporter Directory provides details on Jamaican-made products and services offered by companies interested in connecting with international buyers and distributors.

    In order to keep track of the most reputable Jamaican exporters, JAMPRO has created this directory as a valuable repository of information on local exporters and decision makers. It includes their contact details, various product options and product categories.

    Today, much of the world’s economy is based on the ability of countries to import and export goods with each other. Our aim through this platform, is to provide the perfect starting point for international and local buyers, as well as traders and merchants looking to establish direct contacts with Jamaican businesses.

    We are aware that the global economy is vital to allowing this exchange and relies on a network of importers and exporters to ensure that goods can flow freely and be available to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers.

    We hope that you will find this information useful and encourage you to contact us directly if you require details of the products and services presented .

    We look forward to your business! Diane Edwards president, Jampro




    LIST OF COMPANIES a tastE of thE caribbEan LtD Sonia Dunstan The Domes, Unit 53, 85 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew T: (876)906-6727; 535-6500 E: dunstansonya@gmail.com Category: Processed Foods/Jams & Jellies Product: tammarind balls,guava, jams and jellies

    a.D. stEinhoL inDustriEs LimitED Andrew Frankson P.O. Box 427, St. Andrew T: (876) 923-7110/9557; (876) 923-4045 E: accounts@adsteinhol.com Category: Adhesives Product: adhesives

    aDa manufacturing Jamaica LtD. Mark Richards Lot 2, East Trade Way, PortmoreTown Centre, St. Catherine T: (876) 939-2337; (876) 612-8888 E: adamanufacturingjamaica@gmail.com Category: Manufactured Products Product: powdered soap

    ag chEm LimitED Graham Dunkley 2-4 East Ashenheim Road, Kingston T: (876) 757-0022-4 ; - E: admin.jam@caribchem.com Category: Manufactured Products Product: chemicals, fertilizers, seeds

    agricuLturaL markEting & consuLting LtD Camille Coley Stonehedge P.O., St. James T: (876) 428-1651 Category: Fresh Produce Product: yam, papaya, tumeric, pepers

    agrivEnturEs Jamaica LimitED Novell Quest 36 1/2 - 38 Red Hills Road, St. Andrew, Jamaica T: (876) 929-3035; - E: novell_quest@yahoo.com Category: Fresh Produce, Processed Food Product: fresh produce, processed food

    aLDrED’s WooDcraft Dennis Aldred Byndloss, Linstead P.O., St. Catherine T: (876) 334-8478; E: contact@aldredswoodcraft.com Category: Wood Products,Textile Product: wooden craft, clothes, straw

    aLison marsh Alison Marsh Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios Craft Market, St. Ann T: (876)313-0493; - E: alison_marsh@gmail.com Category: Wood Products,Textile Product: wooden frames, shoes, dress, slippers (crotchet)

    aLLor naturaL proDucts Patrick Nelson 687 4 East, Greater Portmore T: (876)784-9993; E: allorcoltd@gmail.com Category: Processed Product: natural teas

    amoy DEsign Merita Brown Shop 117, Old Fort Craft Market, St James T: (876)844-0286; - E: meritabrown67@gmail.com Category: Wood Products,Creative and Craft items Product: wooden frames and jewellery

    anDrEa Johnson Llandilo Phase 11, Westmoreland T: (876)377-9060; Category: AGRO-PROCESSING

    ann mariE tomLinson Flower Hill, Salt Spring P.O., St. James T: (876)569-3689; - Category: Wood Products,Creative and Craft items Product: wooden frames, paintings , craft

    arc manufacturing LtD. Novelette Deans 14 Bell Road, Kingston T: (876) 923-1426; (876) 937-0610 E: telliott@arcja.com; dbarnes@arcja.com Category: Manufactured Products Product: construction mesh

    b & D traWLing LimitED Roderick Francis 1 Port Royal Street, St. Andrew T: (876) 922-4150 ; (876) 922-5801/ (876) 931-4469 E: bdtrawling@yahoo.com Category: Seafood Product: fish, shrimp, lobster

    baLacLava traDErs Randolph Loney 5 Central Road, Kingston T: (876) 822 6010 ; 876 513 3669 E: balaclavatraders@gmail.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: dasheen, pepper, breadfruit yam, sweet potato,pumpkins, turmeric

    banyan crEations LimitED Charis Lee 5 Norwood Avenue, St. Andrew T: (876) 968-7645; (876) 926-2801 E: banyan.ja@gmail.com Category: Manufactured Products, Aromatherapy Product: candles, soaps and aromatherapy lotions

    barnhiLL organic suppLiEs LtD Kellye Jean Barnaby 27 Queens Ave Kng 10 Jamaica W.I T: 1 876 404-8177; E: barnhilljamaica@gmail.com Category: Manufactured Products, Aromatherapy Product: Jamaican castor oil, coconut oil, skin therapy oil,coconut water

    barrington cigars Jamaica LtD. Christina Adams, Barrington Adams 138 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Jamaica, W.I. T: 1-800-832-9599,; 876-923-3548 E: jamaicancigars@aol.com Category: Cigars Product: handmade premium Jamaican cigars

    bELLE tropicaLs Idelle Brown Unit 1, 19-21 Ballatar Avenue, St. Andrew T: (876) 960-8160 ; (876) 960-0153 E: belletropicals@cwjamaica.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, hot peppers, tumeric

    bELLfiELD Export import proDucE Uriah Simpson Williamsfield P.O., Manchester T: (876) 573-2493; (876) 541-1188 E: belleximproduce@hotmail.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: yam, dasheen, sweet potato




    LIST OF COMPANIES bLuE poWEr Mr. Dhiru Tanna 4 Victoria Avenue, St. Andrew T: (876) 928-1882/ 938-0304; (876) 930-3283 E: dtanna8568@aol.com/ bluepowergrouplimited@gmail.com Category: Manufactured Products Product: laundry soap and bath soap

    capsicum Exports LimitED Trevaun Rushan Welcome 188 Spanish town Road, Kingston 11 T: (876) 482-2248; E: capsicumexports@gmail.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: yams, pepper, pumpkins

    caribbEan christian pubLications LimitED Beryl Roper 27 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew T: (876) 906-2828/(876) 908-38449 (Fax) M: (876) 289-0798 (Digicel)/ (876) 312-9306 (Flow) E: info@ccpcbf.org/ww.ccpcbf.org Category: Books and Publications Product: books, publications

    cEntraL fooD packErs LimitED Mr. Paul Bravo/Natalie Grandison (Mailing) P.O. Box 75, Kingston 6, Physical - Mandela Highway, Central Village, St. Catherine T: (876) 984-3118 / 9752; (876) 749-4322 E: centralfoodpackers@gmail.com; sunrite@cwjamaica.com Category: Processed Foods Product: sauces, hot pepper sauce (scotch bonnet, hot red pepper) jerk condiments (jerk seasoning. jerk sauce, jerk marinade, jerk bbq sauce) canned - ackee, breadfruit, callaloo, baked - bammy jams, jellies - (guava, sorrel, chutney - sorrel, mango) pepper jelly - lime pepper, pineapple ginger, caramel browning, other condiments: brown stew seasoning, honey thyme glaze, oxtail seasoning , curry paste, pimento sauce

    chErry WyntEr grEEn Cherry Green Lot 101 Rose Heights, Montego bay, St. James T: 474-8873; 909-96614 (LIME) E: cherrywgreen19876@gmail.com Category: Creative and Craft Items, Wood Products,Textile Product: paint frames, wood carvings, straw items, baskets

    choicE packErs company LimitED Uriah Simpson Spring Ground, Christiana P.O. , Manchester T: (876) 964-9807; (876) 890-7754/ (876) 964-4072 E: packerschoice@yahoo.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: fresh produce

    chuDLEigh Exports Ronald Barret Main Street, Chudleigh, Christiana, Robins Hall, P.A., Manchester T: (876) 997-6764; (876) 503-1008, (876) 838-0890 E: chudleighexports@outlook.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: yam, cocoa, dasheen, pepper, mango, sour sop, sweet sop, sweet potato, sugar cane, ginger, avocado

    cLarEnDon DistiLLErs LtD. Mr. Damian Graveley 2nd Floor, 2-6 Grenada Crescent, Kingston 5 T: (876) 926-7548; (876) 926-7499 E: dgraveley@monymuskrums.com/ marketing@monymuskrums.com/ info@monymuskrums.com Category: Manufactured Products Product: bulk & branded rum (spirits/liquor)

    cLarEnDon EmoLLiants Maurice Rogers 35 Paisley Avenue, May Pen (Company)/ Vere Clarendon (Plant), Clarendon T: (876)381-3159; E: brokirby@hotmail.com Category: Processed Items Product: castor oil

    coffEE roastErs of Jamaica LimitED Mark Fletcher unit 3, 69 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston 10, Jamaica T: 876-941-3759/60; E: mark@countrytraders.com Category: Coffee and Cocoa Products Product: Jamaica blue mountain coffee

    coffEE soLutions LimitED Mr. Basil Jones Unit 1k, 5 Central Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew T: (876) 968-1729/(876) 937-1726; 455-9723 E: info@coffeesolute.com Category: Coffee and Cocoa Products Product: coffee

    corporatE cLub aDvErtising & infLatabLEs Stacia Salmon 30-32 Red Hill Road, Unit 30, Kingston 10 T: (876) 978-9165 E: corporateclubai@gmail.com Product: shelves

    countrysiDE import Export co LtD Shereen Smith P.O. Box 1410 Spur Tree, Manchester T: (876) 624- 0566; (876) 365- 4672 E: v.maccount@yahoo.com Category: Fresh Produce Product: yams

    craft QuEst Aretha Facey Content Gardens, Coconut Grove, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica T: (876) 795-3485/; (876) 362-5943/348-1526 E: craftquest@gmail