Explaining Rudimentary Details For transmedia storytelling

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Episodic narration of Suning Device Air Four wedding event, foreign land refresher occasion, wedding


  • Explaining Rudimentary Details For transmedia storytelling

    Episodic narration of Suning Device Air Four wedding event, foreign land refresher occasion,wedding celebration evening, pass the assessment time."? These four lines that are four weddingcelebration when in a lifetime. Said, it is hooked up to every little thing in the shopping center like abattleground old, company encounter such a pleasant occasion unavoidably comparable feelings.Inform me what you do not look down upon you for this wedding celebration business, it seemsnothing to do with we the individuals, but obtain to the bottom up and also is very closely related.

    To get in the year 2005, frozen, steel,copper as well as light weightaluminum rates has not alleviated theindications of the global oil cost isshooting up. Cooling producers and thecurrent purchase costs of raw materialsin October 2004 compared with steelrose by 70 %, plastic materials rose73.9 %, up 39 % galvanized sheet,copper increased 1,600 yuan eachbunch. Steel, copper, plastic and alsovarious other significant basic materialsmade up one third of the expense of a/cequipment, air-conditioning device inthe manufacturing expense is expectedto increase 20 %.

    Since 2001, heating and cooling prices had dropped for 3 successive years, a typical yearlyreduction of 6 % to 7 %. March 2004, Suning Device Air Conditioning market top held in Guangzhou,when faced with a little unplanned examination in 2004, the cost is up or down air-conditioning,participated in by more than 30 visitors, two thirds of the favorable, bearish one-third. If the sameissue in March 2005, no suspense, the solution is 100 % favorable.

    The beginning of the year, Su Ning said: Suning to occupy the nation in 2005 1/ 6 share, an overallof 400 million collections of a/c sales. Specialists think that heating and cooling is a fully growntechnology items, the primary element affecting pricing is the cost as well as size. Suning very firstsite time, air-conditioning procurement procurement classification model, air-conditioning makers ofresidential as well as foreign support of the mainstream brand names, Suning very first batch ofcustom orders, the power efficiency of air-conditioning also in the greater than 3.0 represented 72%, the category of the new rate much more than 30 %. In the initial set of 100 million orders forcustom air-conditioning, domestic heating and cooling are all energetic in one titan, attractive,.

    Haier Concerning 200,000 systems each hold a big one, Chunlan, Panasonic, Kelon, are all greaterthan 100,000 devices.

    If points 2, tables 1, Suning has one-sixth of the globe, ordinary people, in ensuring top qualitycoincides cost and get actual benefits. In 2004 residential sales of 22 million sets of air-conditioningbusiness in 2005 is expected to rise to 25 million systems. Baseding on vice head of state of Suning

  • Appliance, Mr. Jin Ming, supervisor of advertising and marketing center claimed Su Ning MarketingCenter 2005, the core activity of air-conditioning sales complete participation in sector combination,to be taken off to be taken forward, as well as the annual variety of nationwide brand name buildingpersonalized program make customized machine purchases tohttp://www.fastcompany.com/1745746/seven-myths-about-transmedia-storytelling-debunked 160million devices, representing 40 % of sales plan. It is exactly this procurement, only to reduce ratesin Trouble Suning heating and cooling.

    It is discovered that today, Suning sold an unmatched cool as well as warm air suspend to 600 listedbelow, an inverter ac unit to below 2,000 yuan, an energy effectiveness ratio of 1.5 lowered air-conditioning much less compared to 2,500 yuan. Thousand streams and also lakes within the specialdevice reproduction. In Suning, a home heating put up a/c, expense just 518 yuan; the United Statesof an a/c home heating put up, put up Kelon a heating cooling, price simply 818 yuan; Changhong1.5 split put up for merely 999 yuan. On rate, Suning has been the strong assistance of the maker.

    Afar instance of old buddy Home applianceestablishments seem to occur only in huge citieswill gathering, to additional as well as tertiarymarkets, customers hard to find their trace. Tofulfill the business advertising system in 2005,Suning chain development company led by theprovincial-level efforts to create 2, 3 marketnetworks, eastern, southern, southwest, as well asother high-yield area air conditioning sales willcertainly go ahead.

    2004 years earlier, Suning chain system in a sales quantity bookkeeping for 90 % of the expectedend of 2005, 2, 3 market share rise to 35 %. Suning and a variety of national chains as the networksynchronization titan downward move, the brand name across the country distribution of theconsiderable modifications needed to chain the incurable as the leading brand name heating andcooling market consolidation, will certainly come to be the heating and cooling industry in 2005 oneof the characteristics.