Experienced Software Testing 6

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  • 8/9/2019 Experienced Software Testing 6



    Contact Number : +910000000

    E-mail: asdqdy@asudgyg.com


    To achieve a challenging position in Software Testing in a result-oriented company, greater

    challenges and opportunities for Learning and development.


    Having 3 years of experience in Manual and Automated Testing.

    Involved in the development of test plan, test cases and executing the test cases.

    Proficient with automated testing tools such as Win Runner for testing client/server

    applications. Developed test scripts using automated test tools.

    Extensive experience in Black box Testing .

    Well versed with all the testing concepts and methodologies.

    Involved in Unit, Regression, Integration and Performance testing.

    Strong command over Structured Query Language (SQL) .

    Good interpersonal skills, commitment, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to

    learn new technologies and undertake challenging tasks.

    Professional Summary

    Working as a Software Engineer for XYZ Pvt. Ltd, from Month And Year to till date.

    Worked as XYZ Pvt. Ltd from The Year & Month To Year And Month

    Educational Qualifications

    B.E (ECE ) from University Of XYZ during The Year.

    Technical Skills

  • 8/9/2019 Experienced Software Testing 6


    Testing Tools : Win Runner 7.0, Test Director 5.0.

    RDBMS : Oracle 8i.

    Programming : C, C++.

    GUI : V.B 6.0.

    Operating Systems : Windows 98/NT/XP.

    Professional Experience

    Project #1

    Title : MyProjectXYZ TitleAccountsClient : XYZTesting Tools : Win Runner 7.0, Test Director 5.0Team Size : 6Duration : Start Month And Year End Month And Year

    Project Description :This will be a centralized location for customers to access. It will provide easy access

    for all account using Single Sign-On and Self-servicing capabilities. My Accounts interactive application willMembership Bank, and Brokerage accounts will be accessed directly through enterprise component servicesthrough MQ Hub. All these capabilities will make it possible for the customer to access his/her net worth,access and manage different accounts in various banks. The data interchanged across various components

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Understanding the business requirements and developed test cases to test the complete functionality of the


    Created test scripts for data driven tests using Win Runner testing tool. Test scripts were executed to check the functionality of the application.

    Navigational testing of the hyperlinks provided in the web pages in different browser and operating system


    Validation testing i.e. ability to connect to the database to retrieve dynamic data.

    Tested for look and feel of web pages.

    Reported the bugs using Test Director.

    Project #2

    Title : MyProjectXYZClient : XYZEnvironment : Java, Java Swing, Servlets, jDeveloper, JDK 1.4, JDBC, ORACLE 8.1.6,

  • 8/9/2019 Experienced Software Testing 6


    Testing Tools : Win Runner 7.0, Test Director 5.0Team Size : 5Duration : Start Date &Month End Date & Month

    Project Description :

    This application provides various services for patients and doctors of dental departmentincluding registration, appointments scheduling, and patient and doctor profiles. It is also controlled navigationfrom one object to the other, stores references and dynamically links them during execution time.


    Understand the requirements of the Customer.

    Involved in functional study of application

    Created test scripts for data driven tests using Win Runner testing tool.

    Conducted regression testing using Win Runner.

    Involved in writing test cases and reviewing Involved in Tracking the Bugs and Prepare Bug Report Document.

    Project #3

    Title : Myproject title xyzClient : XYZEnvironment : VB and Oracle 8iTeam Size : 3Duration : Start Date &Month End Date & Month

    Project Description :

    This project was considered the case of the company that is engaged in the indirectsales of computer peripherals to diverse industries and customers. This salesman receives the order enquirer through different ways. In reply to their enquiry quotation was prepared and sent.


    Understanding the Education requirements and developed Design and Coding of some modules. Done the manual test on that module.

    Involved in Manual Testing

    ( xyz )