Expanding the diversity of reflective practice to nurture professional creativity and growth

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  • cdisciplines including health, education, business and creative


    C.T.C.P. Call for papersFocus Issue 2011: Topic: NARRATIVESubmission Deadline: September 30th 2010

    Narratives are unfolding dramas that reveal the complex andindeterminate nature of much of clinical practice, that whenshared in oral or written form, open a dialogical space for thelistener or reader to reect on and learn their own practice.

    patory of what is unfolding. Reections are fragments of expe-rience that can be shaped into a coherent reexive narrativeform as a dynamic process of self-inquiry and transformation

    towards gaining insight and realizing ones vision as a livedreality. Within this process theory is critically woven within theinsights.

    Guest Editor of this issue will be Dr. Chris Johns, who is an

    Deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2010.Queries and papers should be emailed to : drankinbox@



    Contents lists available at ScienceDirect

    .e lsevier .com/locate/ctnm

    Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 16 (2010) 116Through reection on particular clinical situations or experi-ences, the therapist becomes more mindful of the narrativeunfolding, more intentional of the plot, more aware of herself inrelationship within the therapeutic encounter, and more antici-

    accredited expert in this eld and we invite readers to submitnarratives for a special edition of the journal. All papers will besubject to double blind peer review. For author guidelines, pleasevisit www.elsevier.com and go to the CTCP page.Reective learning through experience leads to critical andintuitive thinking and decision making, creativity, leadership,conict management and increased performance.

    Convened by Professor Christopher Johns, University of Bed-fordshire, this conference aims to engage individuals frommultiple1744-3881/$ see front mattersectors.For more information 0800 328 5334 http://www.beds.ac.uk/

    reectivepracticeExpanding the diversity of reective praand growthtice to nurture professional creativityjournal homepage: wwwComplementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

    Expanding the diversity of reflective practice to nurture professional creativity and growthC.T.C.P. Call for papers