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NOTICE: No part of this book is intended for commercial use. 。。。 EXODUS 。。。 “We toss ourselves in the wind, hoping we'd land on the river that will take us where we can truly belong.” [By Artie] 1

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Exodus is a fan fiction short novel written for an Online Community of Roleplay. It is made with the intention of spreadliterature and widen the author's writing techniques.

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NOTICE: No part of this book is intended for commercial use.



“We toss ourselves in the wind,hoping we'd land on the riverthat will take us where wecan truly belong.”

[By Artie]


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 2


Hey! So welcome to the first fan/fan-fiction series of the new Yamamoto Hirune OC! While she has yet to officially role play, rest assured that she will ー in time ー resurrect full time in the RP globe! While waiting, please pardon the intrusion to your oh-so-busy schedule and oh-so-fun RPs. You may or may not bother reading at all! No one ever said you'd get a candy if you read anyways. So! Without further ado, here's the summary!

「 Yamamoto Hirune, after a year of having claimed "dead" comes back to the academy she never would have thought she'd come back to ー Gakuen Alice. Fights have been lost here, fates have been decided, fears have gained over freedom and faiths had been shattered. But there's still one thing that keeps the place close to her heart and obligates her to come back at least one last time. And time itself decides, now here she is, renewed, refreshed by the world that she had put aside so long ago, made her understand who she was, and made melds for what she's slowly turning to.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 3

"Because we are children to change and adults to reminisce. And we keep moving on to figure out the present, learn from the past, and then keep guessing the future."

ー Yamamoto Hirune; Exodus.

“ ”ここの春わすきなんだから。


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 4

「 Reconnecting... 」

<_ *SeaSonS * _>

The season of meetings and partings has come yet again. The scent of mixed emotions pour down the path as the sweet breeze of spring sweeps the Sakura petals. Along that pathway towards what used to be a secret garden for the agents of Lucid1, a familiar figure appears. She stops for a moment, feeling the wind blow away her copper hair, letting it sway along its direction, unruly as it could get.

She looks up and the sun ablaze with that familiar spring warmth greets her bluish gray eyes. She says in a voice not so soft as a whisper, "I guess I DO love this place's spring too much..."

The phone in her right hand rings all of a sudden, taking her back from the trance she was just being pulled into. She picks it up and the soft voice of a girl greets her with unease.

"Onee-chan? Have you arrived yet? Geez! You didn't tell me you were gonna use a normal cell. I was worried!"

"Chichi. Hahaa." Her melodic tone did not waver. It's as if there was calmness in her. Calmness that was never there before. And calmness that had started to shelter in her mind. "I'm sorry. I just got here. Yes, I'm sorry. Ah. Don't tell me you contacted the division for this number."

"Ugk!" Hesitation comes first but she continues what she has to say anyway. "...O-of course I did! Who else should I ask for your whereabouts?!"

"Don't do that anymore. I'm half responsible though. Don't worry, okay?""... That's one good thing I wish I could believe as it comes from you. But *sigh*..."The brunette scratches the back of her head. "Ah~aa. This time I won't go to far, I

told you already.""Right..." There was silence. The girl could hear her younger sister's heavy sigh at

the other line."... Your birthday." She said as she closed her eyes in defeat.

1 Lucid is the unit operating per special order of the Academic Security Board. Their aim is to act as an external wing to guard the students/schools that are most prone to terrorism and sees through it that the threats are fend off before they disband.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 5

"What?""You want the password for my service GPS right? Your birthday. The two of you.

This way you won't have to worry about me, right?"Instantly, yet flustered, the other replies, "I'm not!""Hahaha! I'm starting to figure out how cute I was back then! Well, you're in that

age so I can't really blame that." The girl breaks into a short chuckle. And then receives a response she swore she would always know.

"...Ah! Gee! Fine, fine! If you start going to places you didn't tell me you'd go to I'll send you an SAT2 team, you got that?!"

"Yes, mother." A loud clack that ends their conversation rings in. Her smile seem like it was etched on her face.

"Really." She heaves a short breath. Shortly after, a man walking some meters behind her stopped. His height surpasses her's by two heads and his hair was white but not of age. He seems very mature. Way more matured than himself a year ago.

A short breeze brushes the treetops, shaking off the flower petals of Sakura. "You..."

At the cue of his voice Hirune turned around and faced him. "Took you so long... Ixa."

"Chibiro..."- + -

Along the pathway of the countless shops in Central Town, Ixa Yayoi stood waiting. Not very long later, Hirune Yamamoto came out of the cake shop with four boxes of goods.

"Haah! As usual you're too kind and generous, Ix.""It's just proof that you're too mean to be true." Ixa replied with a flat tone and

started walking off, Hirune catching up in an instant."Don't sweat it since I came all the way here to visit you." She replies with a

somehow proud expression."No, no. "Visitors" give notice of their visits. You're nothing such. Plus, I'm working

hard on those paychecks unlike you."

2 SAT Team – Special Alice Track Team. *Hirune’s team and many from the Ninth specializes in this.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 6

"Hey, now. I've got a job now, you see."Ixa stopped and sat by an empty bench, Hirune following his sample and opened

one of the boxes of cakes on her hand."Chibiro... you're still doing that job?" Ixa asked with some regrets.Hirune paused. "No." She thought of withdrawing from the subject and just letting

that answer suffice but some other thoughts let her speak her mind. "I haven't been sent to any more since that last mission. Before I left Academy."

Ixa paused as well, remembering how it had turned. Just now he realized that it was that time. That incident was her mission too. That's why there was some guilt tracing his mind. A thought emerged in his head at that exact moment. At times like this, the expression he was made to be used of would show on Hirune's face not long from now. The sad smile she'd always wear.

...But long moments of waiting later, there was just Hirune, opening the box of Ichigo cake and an unusually calm expression. Noticing his stare, she smiled at him. But that smile wasn't that familiar stranger either. It didn't feel like she was wearing it at all.

As she was smiling, she asked, "on that note, what job are you doing right now?""...Oh. Ah, I don't think I have an official job. I'm still using the money I've saved

up during the times when I'm still working for Aniki.""Oh. He's still doing that shady job?""..." Ixa paused. He couldn't exactly tell whether or not she knows the things he

didn't about his brother's work. "I don't think so... Is what I'd answer but truthfully, I have no idea what he does, really."

"Really? . . . Oh, it's not like I was implying I know something about it! I just thought it was in his range of persona to be in such things. Not that I know for sure." Hirune replied, waving the fork in negation.

"But I know he's in some organization. At least that I'm sure isn't shady enough to... wait, don't tell me you're here to..."

"No, no. I'm not here for business. I've some personal agenda for being here. Plus, I've never heard of him just as I've never heard of all of you." Hirune said with a sigh at the end.

"You missed us, huh." Ixa raised a brow as if to tease her."I sure did." She said in a soft tone, slicing a piece of the cake with the fork and

then chewing it casually.6

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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 7

Ixa couldn't be so sure if she had seen this before. If it was from a long time ago, she'd been more dishonest about it. If anything, she'd have hit him straight in the face for teasing her out of her own emotions.

"A year did so much change in you, Hiru.""Really?" Hirune stared at her own clothing."No, not just the outfit." Ixa told her only to redirect her attention to her hair."The black has faded long ago. This is my natural hair color by the way.""Oh... I didn't know tha-- that's not it!..." Ixa exclaimed. It's true a few things still

get to mirror her old deeds."What then?" Hirune grumbles as she puts the fork in her mouth."Your temperament has changed. How do I put this... erm... you're calmer now

than before.""That's supposed to be a good thing, you know.""Yeah, but...""I think the me that left and the me that came back really do differ. I feel lighter

than back then. I also feel comfortable with how I am now. That said, I like how I'm changing."

Ixa looked at her, stared at her for a moment. This time, it still wasn't the familiar stranger he'd see in her smiles. But it wasn't so unfamiliar either. Hirune must have changed so much. There are a lot of things he might never see again and there's so much new things he would start to know. But the way she is now feels like the way she should've always been.

"What? You're looking at me like I'm some hero's love interest here." She told him with a stagnant tone.

Ixa chuckled a little. Some things really do stay the same. He closed his eyes and returned to face the busy park street. "You really are siblings after all."

"If you're talking about Chichi, well yeah... except for some parts. I'd rather not talk about it. If you're talking about Ichiro, I'm not gonna try to deny or accept anything so drop it." Hirune looked at him and he just faced her with another small chuckle.

Hirune shifted herself and gazed in front of her. "You were talking about Haru.""Some wisdom, some freedom, some change.""..." Hirune had tried every single day not to remind herself of him until forgetting

him had been casually forgotten.7

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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 8

"You still blame yourself for his death?""Of course. There's no denying that. All the rest but that has already sunk in mind

for me.""I'm sorry.""Mm-mn. Don't be.""Come on. At least show yourself to the juniors." Again, the long pause resumed

for a short wind to pass by the street that's now starting to get busier."Oh yeah, the Public Fest starts tonight. Are you gonna be out?" Ixa broke the

silence."I guess I will but not with someone.""You're anti-social side has escalated that much, huh?""Rude! I'm not here for the fest anyway." Again, Ixa thought of a time when he'd

be punched straight in the face without warning."And you're still not telling why you're here?""No. Plus, I'm not so sure if I'll show myself to someone else here. There's little

possibility that I'll stay that long anyways." Hirune said as she continued chewing on cake.

"..." Hirune paused long. "Yeah. I guess I'll do that. But not tonight." Silence resumed. Just the distant chatters of people passing by echoed. The slightly cold breeze of spring passed by every once in a while. The both of them just seemed to enjoy the passing moment of silence. Even silence like this seemed to be a part of their catching up.

Then Ixa spoke. "I'm leaving soon." He confessed. Hirune's surprise was showed in her eyes, asking him why. "You haven't heard... But Misa and the kids..."

"Stop.""...""Just... stop for a second." Hirune lowered her head. All these had been making

her wonder for a while now. Why is Misa not with him? At the back of her head she had a hunch but she kept them there. But as Ixa talked it out, she just needed the moment to accept it. After all, there's nothing else she can do.

"...How?" She murmured after a quickened sigh."They got involved in a traffic accident. We had a fight. And she took them with

her. The next day, news came to me."8

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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 9

A long moment of silence resumed. There was little chance to see them again. But this little chance was grabbed far too late. Hirune could only try to think of a something else to blame herself again, crawl back to her own funny ways of dealing partings she never ever wanted to bear with. But her own disposition won out.

"I'm sorry..." She murmured in an unsure volume."Yeah. I've cried enough but I can't seem to stand right again. That's why I'm

leaving. I'll try to force out the memories away by seeing other places.""I was expecting to see them again." Hirune said in a low voice and then looked at

Ixa. "I missed the chance to see you cry out. So let it be my turn." Her vision was hazy. And before she knew it, Ixa pulled her in an embrace.

"I should be the one crying... you're an idiot.""I'm really sorry."

- + -

Night has descended on Gakuen Alice. As the sleepless park lights up with street parlors and mini carnivals, Hirune stared down the lake. The sparkle of the night that was being reflected by the water seemed to have caught her into a trance. Earlier that day, she and Ixa had parted and she headed back to the visitors' dorm she was checked in. Uneasy being inside the room alone, she took a quick shower, left the cakes in the fridge, and then went back to the park for a stroll, hoping the festive atmosphere here would ease her mind. An hour has passed since she had decided to stay by the lake view with a can of black coffee on her hand.

Indistinct chatters drown the sound of the small waves in the lake as fishes swam by. Around this time of the night is the busiest, she recalls. It's the first night of the Public Fest after all. Plus, it's Saturday. It'd be packed with students tonight. While at the thought of it, she remembers a time when she went out with her juniors. The smell of the popcorn being cooked behind her gave her the image of a certain twin-tails duo fighting over who gets to feed her first. To her right was a street drama show which reminds her of that event from when she was in her first year. It was around that time when she first met that ghost who had 'haunted' one of the puppets of the play. And around her left was a cafe. There used to be people from her class who invited her there for work as a maid. But it was so much fun with the teachers trying to get in as workers.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 10

Of course, the best maid there ever was was the pink-haired goddess of talks and foods during class work shops.

While amidst recalling, she had a funny thought and smiled. "Since when did I have so much fun memories here?" She whispered and closed her eyes.

"Since when did I stop searching for what hurt the most?"<_ *NoSTaLGia * _>

- + -

<_ *PEopLE * _>

"This has gotten troublesome."Suzume stared at the monitor over Dawn's shoulder.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 11

"There's limited agents around who can operate in the vicinity." The blonde replied. "I think we should call her this time."

"No. Leave her be. I'll go finish everything myself." The dark haired vice-admiral wearing white naval coat straightened her body up.

Dawn bent herself back on the chair to look at Suzume. "It'd be easier if we had her help."

"It would be for us. Not for her. I'll call on someone else to lend us a hand." Suzume said in her most decisive tone.

"...Kiba. What about accepting the fact that she's changed not for the sake of forgetting what she was?"

"That's exactly why we can't have her do this again. Exactly ...why?" Suzume turned around and marched towards the door. Dawn sighed. She noticed her terminal flicker, notifying her for her search's end.

"The extent of your over-protectiveness scares me... at times." She whispers. She shook her head as if to refresh her own thoughts. "Free agent notified!" She yelled and smacked the enter button on her screen.

- + -

At around 8PM, Hirune received a phone call. It was Chiriko trying to tuck her back to bed. The night was young and people have just started coming by. There was NO way Hirune would go back just yet. Hirune had to muster up all the excuses she could gather just to stay as late as she could. After all, starting tomorrow, things would get even busier. This was the only night she could spare to look around the town she's fallen in love with since a long time ago. For someone like her who loves the noise of strangers talking and unfamiliar voices being drank in by the night, this is the only leisure she could take in before everything starts.

It is nine o'clock. Hirune worriedly sighed as she looked at her watch. "I guess the next call comes any minute now." She said with a wary smile on her face.

And indeed, her phone rang the next few seconds later. She picked it up in the third ring only to find out that it wasn't the call she was expecting to come.

"I'm going back to the dorms now so ー""Ah, kiddo, you're free?" The familiar voice of Dawn rang in. It was nostalgic for

her, truthfully. For a whole year long, this was the first time she had been called by Dawn 11

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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 12

herself. To be honest, she missed it that it sent chills to her backbone. But at the same time, it worried her to some extent.

"Dawn? Y-yeah. What's the matter?""I've got a favor.""Oh, alright.""You see... I'm sending you out.""... huh?"

- + -

"This is sudden. Let me guess, Sushi doesn't know?""Bingo~!" Dawn exclaimed with unneeded excitement. "You know how Kiba is.

But setting that aside for now, knowing that you get what I mean...""You want to keep this a secret?""Mmh! The case is Class A. Robbery, illegal possession of firearms and attempted

murder.""That's pretty low for Class A, huh? What does this have to do with Ninth?""Well, the thing is he seems to have taken refuge in the academy with an artifact

from The Global Alice Museum.""Global Alice Museum? That's some robber we've got!""Yeah. The analysts from their end gave us the probability that it may be used in

crime. We assume that he's not involved in any organization but he works with a 'unit' outside so he's camouflaged within the public festival for the meantime. There have been a few matches of the same incidents where other people were involved so we're guessing they'd meet up in there. The most troublesome is this..."

"..." Hirune paused, waiting for Dawn to finish her sentence."The culprit can change his appearance at will. The only solid lead we this time is

his Alice signature.""Alright. So this guy can be anyone in the whole academy. That IS troublesome.""Yes. Well actually we're short of hands so Kiba went out herself..." Dawn's

hesitation was etched in every word."...What is it?"


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 13

"She called in someone you're familiar with. We're hoping this doesn't go out of hand. But with just the two of them there I think it'll be a pain in the back since he's probably not alone. But when I get you involved and knew who it was..."

"It's fine. Who's the liaison?""...Kaizer." Dawn swore she'd be dead the moment Suzume knew of her doings.

Right now, the only thing she fears is that Hirune would give her an earful of questions about Axis Kaizer's entry in the bureau.

"...Got it." But Hirune just replied those two words.Dawn was far more than surprised. "Eh?"Hirune sighed heavily. "We'll talk about it later.""O-okay. We've been monitoring his movements through security cameras and

filter aides and the dead end was earlier today, as he entered academy. That's as far as I could go after all. We asked Kaizer for internal help as soon as we've reached the end and found him through their filters. Right now, the worst case is that he'd be alarmed about them tailing him and change his persona again. Or that he'll alarm his fellows and force themselves out of our clutches. If that happens..."

"The PubFest will be thrown.""What's worse is that we can't let him/them go with an unknown Alice Source...

After all, I hate working too long on artifacts and historical gadgets." Dawn said, whispering the last part. "I sent you a message. It's too bad that you don't have your terminal with you to decode it faster."

"It's alright. I can analyze at least the important parts without the gadget.""Then please aide me in keeping him tracked. That's all you gotta do. Leave the

rest to the two... And please talk to her. It's been a while... And she doesn't know how to deal with you anymore."

Hirune took a while before answering. "I got it. Is a tracking device fine with this sort of troublesome alice?" She asked and then pulled herself from the rails of the lake view.

"Yeah... But where will you get a tracking device?" Dawn asked, fumbling for what Hirune plans on doing.

"Come on. He's a robber. He'd get himself a tracking device."- + -


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 14

Later...Hirune stood in line by a coffee stall. But she wasn't just here to buy herself a

good coffee blend. Seated on the nearest bench was a man wearing a plaided shirt and black pants. He wore a silver ring on his left thumb and a golden necklace.

"So it's this guy?" She thought while keeping her head straight at the stall but intently spying on him through the corner of her eye. After having the cup of her favorite coffee from the counter, Hirune flipped her cell open to perform a few clicks that followed a message box saying [Linked To PC-r2SS4] and after deleting the messages she got from Dawn earlier, she closed it. She casually walked towards the bench where the man sat silently, watching the free show on the opposite side of the road. She sat there and waited, staring at her phone while all aware that the man beside her was a little wary of her.

As casually as she could, she took a sip from her cup then noticed that her boot's lace was untied. She put down her coffee on her side and placed the phone down between her and the man to be able to fix her boot's tie.

Then shortly after, her watch bleeped noticing her of the time. "Ack! The show's gonna start." She murmured and hastily stood up, taking the coffee with her and running off. The man looked at her as she hurried and get lost into the volume of the crowd, all the while aware that from where Hirune sat, a red device was laid. It was of an old model, nothing really advanced as it looks and had a blue ornamental key chain that reflected the colorful lights of the busy street. Unknowing of the real reason why it was there, he took it, flipped the lid open, and quickly turned it off...

- + -

"I've arrived. It took you so long." The faint voice came out from the phone that he held against his ear. The voice was calm and composed, unlike the one that had replied afterwards.

"I'm sorry. I had to grab an opportunity to change before securing this line." He explained.

"That's fine. Are you sure no one's tailing you?""I'm not." Was his hesitant reply to the oppressive tone of the other."That's fine. As long as you stay somewhere crowded they won't lay a finger on

you. Do you have the package sealed?"14

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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 15

"I do. There should be nothing for them to worry about. Just get me out of here quickly."

"Yes. I'll be at 'that' place shortly... young sir."- + -

A click.Dawn blinked in front of her terminal and stared at it for a moment. "Huh? Kiddo's

GPS alert? What are you doing heading towards the most crowded site? Chiriko's gonna give you an earful if she sees this." She asked herself as she trailed the red button on her screen. A little while ago, she received Hirune's GPS-Lock system and showed no movement until this very moment.

"Wait, is this...-" Then she let out a smirk that has surely been unused for a very long time now. "Really do some nasty things never change. You're a cheater." She murmured and began typing on another terminal to her side. She put on her ear piece that immediately lightened up with a long squeak, like a revving up of something tiny within.

"Morning Arch to Mother Ship. Respond."And then somewhere away from the busy streets of the Public Fest, on the rooftop

of the Old headquarters, Suzume stood with a contorted facial expression as she pressed the small button on her ear set.

"Why are you using code names?" She asked nonchalantly while gazing through her binoculars.

"Come on, Kibaaa." Dawn groaned. "I've pinpointed the target." She added as if it would make an excuse that makes sense.

"What? Really? How'd you do that?" Disbelief was drawn on her face."The target has started heading towards the Battle of Classes arena.""-you dodging my question? - at any case, I'm heading there. Alert Kaizer of this."

Suzume distanced herself from the rooftop fence and rushed down the old building."Already did. She's on her way too. This will be too much to handle if he went and

caused ruckus there.""No, I think it's better to let him be.""Eh? Why?"


Page 16: Exodus Ch01

[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 16

"That's the best place to meet with the 'others'." Kiba said in her usual tone despite running.

"Won't it be dangerous?" Was Dawn's worried reply."No, not really. The BOC tonight would be packed with troublesome alices. They'd

rather sit and stay silent while in business as they use these kids to cover themselves up."

"Waaa... Makes lesser sense. But then we won't get to move either." "That's fine. The priority as of now is to suppress their tendency to threaten the

Festival. We don't want that working against us if we rashly take them out. I'll capture them quietly once I confirm their number and the artifact."

"...Alright. Don't be reckless, Kiba.""I won't." She replied instantly and ended their conversation to change the

connecting line. "Twintails-chan, can you hear?""Yes, ma'am. Loud and clear." The reply had a low tone but surely of a girl's. "I'm

coming in the arena's back. I was notified yet again about standing by so I'm waiting for the next step to make." Her quick steps slowed down as she reached the door to the back of the arena and swiped an ID on the small monitor beside it.

"Don't alert them. Just keep them in check.""R-roger." The girl possessing twin-tailed silver hair responded as if hesitating as

her vision landed on two men standing near her. It was not a coincidence that she passed by that dark back of the arena. But it was an accident to believe that they were nowhere near.

One was wearing a plaided shirt, the other wearing the high school uniform yet she doesn't recognize him from the classes she knew. At their meeting glances, Axis froze.

"Vice admiral. I've visuals on the target but... I might be in a pinch...""Kaizer? What do you mean by-" Before finishing her question, the line went dead

with a long buzz followed by continuous beeping.Then and there, Suzume sped up thinking of a certain "if only..."

<_ *rEgrEts * _>- + -

<_ *FeeLingS.01 * _>


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 17

As Axis stood frozen by the opened door, she felt a rising tension run through her spine. The men that had met her gaze were clearly able to hear her final words before her connection was cut off. And as she kept her eyes on them, she realized that one of them was smiling at her. The man wearing the high school uniform approached her and sent Axis stepping back. And as her foot felt unusually heavy, she stumbled.

"Lady, you're from the bureau." His smirk was devil-sent. "Tell me your name. Don't worry. I jammed your device."

Her heart throbbed painfully. Her head spun round and round about what would happen next. If she fought here and now, the place would be in ruins depending on these two's actions. If she called out for help now, who knows what they can do with unknown powers at their grasps. And before she knew it, the man had put out a palm-sized gun from his blazer: a gun it seemed to be but the markings on it was clearly something unusual.

"Is this the artifact?" She screamed in her mind, not really wanting to figure out the answer.

"Never mind the name then... Nice to meet you." In a flash, as Axis was just starting to believe it's her end, a struggling voice came from behind the man.

"K-kuh-...R-ryuu...ghk!"The man turned around sharply. His face showed panic. "Hide-sama!" He caught

the weakened body the same instant. "What?!""We're very sorry." From behind the man holding the gun, a deep voice called. His

attention was suddenly brought back and he twisted his body, pointing the gun to where Axis was supposed to be.

"-gone..?" His expression was showing disbelief and indescribable defeat. "Your alice is supposed to be sealed!" He grit his teeth and looked from side to side while completely keeping the other guy held up.

Then a small crack like a bone being broken was heard. The next instant, the artifact fell from his hand, following was his silenced scream before he slowly passed out as his energy was sucked by an invisible layer of what seemed like a barrier.

"Mission complete. Looks like we didn't have to wait until they got out of here." That low voice continued as she watched the two bodies fall down on the ground.

Suzume held Axis up. "Can you stand?"


Page 18: Exodus Ch01

[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 18

"Y-yes, vice admiral." Axis replied. Her eyes were apologizing. It was strong enough that Suzume needed to smile to fend off her regrets.

"There's nothing to feel down for." Suzume approached the artifact that has fallen on the ground and wrapped it in her alice. "If anything we're able to capture them easily because they went out through the back."

"But it was still a mistake." Suzume heard Axis's reply from behind her."So long as you learn from it-..." The vice admiral stopped just as she was

checking the two unconscious culprits. What made her was a phone that rang from the culprit's plaided shirt's pocket.

"Don't tell me there's more of them?" With that in mind she picked the phone from his pocket and flipped it open. It was the same instant that the revealed ornament surprised her greatly. The surprise was confirmed as it was followed by the name of the caller displayed on the screen. Denying it to herself at first, she picked up.

"Onee-chan! What have you been doing? I was worried because you didn't answer so I had to link your GPS to be able to call! Do you know how much trouble that-"

Suzume removed the phone from her ear and stared at the phone long. "Chiriko?" Her breath quickened as her fears started to gather in her head.

Then, shortly after, a hand went for the phone... that familiar hand... that familiar presence... that familiar attitude that was always new to her.

"Oh, Chichi. Sorry. My phone got snatched earlier."Behind her, the fading sound of daughter's voice slowly ran cold and distanced...She just sat frozen, not knowing what to do after even if she let herself be capable

of turning around.- + -

"I see. So they were from the Kingdom of Roh. I've only heard rumors but I didn't think that occult unit really existed." As usual, Hirune was tipping the can of coffee on her hand. This time it was cold, fresh from her room's refrigerator.

From the refection of her window's glass, the twin-tailed girl from earlier shifted herself. She'd been unable to calm down since seeing this other girl in front of her. It had been a year after all. And a year did do her a lot.

Axis's opened terminal had Dawn speaking. "Yeah. They didn't have too much to brag since they've always been caught."


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 19

"So there ARE such who could only try to be villains.""That's... I don't know if I should call you mean or sadistically good.""Hahaa." Hirune turned around and faced Axis who had been dazed. She was

completely out of it, staring at the can of strawberry milk on her hand. Somehow, she couldn’t get herself to start drinking it.

"There are people who could only try to be heroes otherwise."At her words, Axis couldn't help but flinch. Her shoulders stiffened. It felt like a

lump had formed in her throat. For some reason, Hirune's voice and words don't feel right.

Dawn was surprised to be hearing this from her too, knowing that Axis was there. It made her wonder just how much vector of "stronger person" Hirune plunged into. She was composed, mean, scary.

"I-I think they were aiming to gather artifacts and bring themselves to the higher priority position in our Most Wanted List. A Terrorist group in the making, I could say." Dawn said, hoping that it'll keep Hirune on topic and out of badmouthing.

"Dawn." She called, approaching the screen. "Let's leave it at that. I've people to talk to."

Dawn flinched. Oh how she knew Suzume would be on her way to kill her now if only the reports weren't keeping her busy. Without another word but a sigh, Dawn switched her connection off line.

"I just wish changes could continue being good." She thought with furrowed eyebrows.

Hirune opened a new can of coffee before sitting on the bed beside Axis. "You know what I want to hear." She said almost nonchalantly.

Axis held the can tighter, not knowing where to actually start. "Because everyone started leaving... because I was worried you'd never come back too..."

"And left that one promise you always wished to keep?" This time for sure, Hirune held no emotions to her tone which actually just made it even worse - it sounded sadder, etched with more hate and disapproval. "When did you start?"

"A month... after we heard news of you. They tried to warn me, vice admiral and the rest. But I just can’t..."

Hirune looked up, the fluorescent light making her squint a little. "You've... lost your cool too far."


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 20

Axis only felt like crying but tears didn't swell out. She also wanted to feel angry. She has all the right to. But... "I was so happy to have found out that you were fine back then. I was alright with just knowing that. I was ready to quit... go back to my usual living. But then I heard of Misa-nee's..." She paused, trying to figure out for herself if she could move on without breaking out. "When that happened, the only choice I've been given was accept that it was an accident. That's why I-"

Hirune took a sip from the umpteenth can of coffee she had that single night. And then as she said the following words, her tone seemed gentler but at the same time, more painful to accept. "Did you find the truth liberating?"

No. Was the answer she couldn't say at all. Although the truth, it was so hard to think. It was too painful to realize. "… Hiru..." She could only suppress her tears as far as she could mumble her name. She turned her head down to at least try to fight it but found her hand wiping the silently overflowing tears desperately.

"It's a reward and a curse. The only way to fighting it is giving up. The pool of all the oppositions in life, both the good and the bad... you've entered the chamber all of them are held in without you even having a tiny hint of it." Hirune's soft voice was like a whisper. It's not too kind as it only hurt more. It's not too gentle as it only made the throbbing in the mind louder.

Axis's sobs grew louder, her whimpers became twisted cries. And all she could do... All Hirune could do was wipe the tears from her swollen cheeks and hold her in a tender embrace.

That was all she can do.- + -

That night, Axis went back to the Academy and sat on her bed that's alway been clean until a year ago, until she started being the fighter she wished to be but didn't expect it to become how it actually is. Her bed was scattered. Papers were all over and there was practically nowhere to sleep soundly on. After all, there hasn't been a day when she had the chance to sleep soundly.

"I froze." Her mind repeated the scene from earlier. When her foot was stuck on the ground and she was overcome with fear by an enemy she didn't realize she could actually take on.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 21

"I wonder..." Her feelings later that time suddenly came back to her. But her body felt numb for it. She didn't cry, she didn't tremble but the pain was all so-known in her mind she wanted to break. "...Hiru had been in all these... over and over... and over again." Her breath was held and she gritted her teeth a little harder.

<_ *bROKEn * _>- + -

<_ *FeeLingS.02 * _>

That same night, Hirune left her room, unable to sleep. She found herself on the rooftop of the visitor's hotel she was checked in and the sight had already been a hunch in her mind but nevertheless surprised her.

"Sushi. Were you waiting for me?"The silhouetted figure was leaning on the railings, intently gazing down the lights

of the streets. The long black hair fluttered in the late night wind as Suzume turned her head towards her and noticed what Hirune had brought with her. A bottle of an alcoholic drink. Clearly, Hirune wouldn't take that for herself. "And I see you were expecting me to be here that badly." She said without a hint of positivity in her voice.


Page 22: Exodus Ch01

[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 22

"Dawn says you might talk your heart out if I made you drunk." As she handed the bottle over to her, Hirune replied with a smile that almost drove Suzume's interest away.

Exactly because all these aren't the Hirune she knows at all.She looked away from her and gazed at the flickering lights of the Festival that's

too far to feel its excitement. She opened the bottle with a forceful twist and felt the fizz drown down before she finally took the cap off. "Was she the one who assigned you?"

"Well yes, naturally." Hirune replied, holding on the rail and sitting on it, careless of the danger of falling from twenty floors up. "Don't scold her too much. I did make the job easier so her calling me wasn't unnecessary. We all must've regretted it otherwise."

"You're being too full of yourself." Suzume drank from the bottle.Hirune, staring down the same street as Suzume replied in a tone very similar to

Suzume. "And you're being too incorrigible.""You're a hundred missions behind to be speaking so highly.""I'm not trying to be so. I'm trying to show you what's become of me. And let me

say, you're a year behind from knowing that."Suzume drank without the intention of speaking again just yet."I... accepted the board position for the Development and Research Facility back

home." Hirune paused and stared at the night sky. "I also revived the Alice Institute for Orphans in Yorkshire."

"You're telling me these for what?""I'm trying to make you see that I've been doing fine.""That doesn't really answer the question. Just what do you want, coming back

here?"Hirune took in a deep breath and sighed it out. "I missed this place. It can't be

helped." She chuckled, Suzume knowing that it wasn't really so true. Seconds of silence later, Hirune confessed. "The Academy's Council of Five requested for me. Tomorrow we'll be making decisions of what becomes of their security now that Lucid's gone."

Suzume stared at the bottle on her hand. "I don't really need to hear this." She said as if troubled by the words.

"Sushi." Hirune called. Suzume did not look at her that instant until Hirune called again. "You're my mother. Of course you do."

They were such words she never thought she'd hear. This person was such that didn't really care. Right now, Hirune didn't feel like the Hirune she knew at all.


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 23

But then she wonders...Why does it feel warmer nevertheless? Hirune's words... Hirune's voice......It didn't have to be always a dream, she realized. All these years, the only

Hirune that faced her was someone who needed to be scolded every passing moment; Hirune who always needed the guidance she could provided no matter how secret it could be; Hirune who couldn't read between the lines and always went ahead of herself; Hirune who always contradicted her and spoiled her leisure; up until now, Hirune had always been careless of her own sake, always too careful of her own words and actions and feelings...

"It can't be helped. I can't change the fact... that no matter what, I still need to report to you directly." Hirune wore the smile that was different from before but for some reason, it was nostalgic. It was almost as if she'd seen her like this even though the sight was actually new.

“But really... you should stop worrying.”The tears that slowly formed on the edge of Suzume's eyes were warm. But the

fingertips that reached to wipe them was warmer.There wasn't a slight change in that sensation. What was it that she trying to

deny? Up until a year ago, they've been sharing the same danger. Why does she feel so much more worried today?

The answer had always been that simple.Like naturally, every mother needs to watch their daughters grow, rebel, and then

eventually mature. For a moment Suzume's feelings gathered: that she didn't want this moment happen all too soon. She wanted to see her more, watch over her more. She wanted her trouble her longer, and give her a pain in the neck longer.

“See? I even came back here on my own this time.” Hirune chuckled. But her voice sounded cracked. Maybe it was just that Suzume's held back tears had clogged her airways that she had a hard time hearing her voice clearly. She sniffed, hearing a chuckle afterwards.

“You're really so uncool.”There was no mistaking that that tearful tone was for real. Then for the first time

in minutes, while Hirune was still trying to dry her eyes, Suzume reached her daughter's cheeks that were still as soft as she could remember. And in a husky voice, she mumbled...


Page 24: Exodus Ch01

[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 24

"Welcome back."

<_ *RestoreD * _>


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[EXODUS] Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 25

Afterword Haisa~i! … Sorry. I felt like greeting with that. Screw people who don't watch anime! Hah! Anyways, there's still a lot to go on about this mini-book. I'm all hyped up because the new term has started in my end! Ah~ school~ I wish I was a masochist. But – no! I must not fold against all the pressure! So what do you all think of Hirune's transformation? Feel free to comment on my notes~Personally, I think I could go on with her being like this. She's always been so troublesome but she was easy to handle. This time [spoilers alert], she'd probably be the opposite: mature and composed but can hardly get the most out of everything she does. That said, it'll be justified! Enough with cliff hangers for now. I certainly want to do stories with as much RP people as possible but I've limited knowledge of who Hirune knew amongst the students and teachers. It was Alex who did most of the job dealing with social life after all. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am one and alone doing this. But don't worry! I think I can get through with the whole volume in schedule!Nuff said!Thank you for choosing the opportunity and giving opportunity for your ability to read! [I went and said it!] That sounded mean but you'll know better of it next chapter!

See you next issue![Hoh! That sounded cool!! Like I'm really publishing this!]

– Artie-yey!


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“Because we rely on our abilities and opportunities to make decide what we must. And we find in the end that on choices alone we conclude what we did."

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