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Exodus is a fan fiction short novel written for an Online Community of Roleplay. It is made with the intention of spreadliterature and widen the author's writing techniques.

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[EXODUS]Yamamoto Hirune Chapter 01 33


We toss ourselves in the wind,hoping we'd land on the riverthat will take us where wecan truly belong.

[By Artie]

NOTICE:No part of this book is intended for commercial use.


ForewordHey! So welcome to the first fan/fan-fiction series of the new Yamamoto Hirune OC! While she has yet to officially role play, rest assured that she will in time resurrect full time in the RP globe! While waiting, please pardon the intrusion to your oh-so-busy schedule and oh-so-fun RPs. You may or may not bother reading at all! No one ever said you'd get a candy if you read anyways. So! Without further ado, here's the summary!

Yamamoto Hirune, after a year of having claimed "dead" comes back to the academy she never would have thought she'd come back to Gakuen Alice. Fights have been lost here, fates have been decided, fears have gained over freedom and faiths had been shattered. But there's still one thing that keeps the place close to her heart and obligates her to come back at least one last time. And time itself decides, now here she is, renewed, refreshed by the world that she had put aside so long ago, made her understand who she was, and made melds for what she's slowly turning to.

"Because we are children to change and adults to reminisce. And we keep moving on to figure out the present, learn from the past, and then keep guessing the future." Yamamoto Hirune; Exodus.


_ SeaSonS _The season of meetings and partings has come yet again. The scent of mixed emotions pour down the path as the sweet breeze of spring sweeps the Sakura petals. Along that pathway towards what used to be a secret garden for the agents of Lucid[footnoteRef:2], a familiar figure appears. She stops for a moment, feeling the wind blow away her copper hair, letting it sway along its direction, unruly as it could get. [2: Lucid is the unit operating per special order of the Academic Security Board. Their aim is to act as an external wing to guard the students/schools that are most prone to terrorism and sees through it that the threats are fend off before they disband.]

She looks up and the sun ablaze with that familiar spring warmth greets her bluish gray eyes. She says in a voice not so soft as a whisper, "I guess I DO love this place's spring too much..."The phone in her right hand rings all of a sudden, taking her back from the trance she was just being pulled into. She picks it up and the soft voice of a girl greets her with unease."Onee-chan? Have you arrived yet? Geez! You didn't tell me you were gonna use a normal cell. I was worried!""Chichi. Hahaa." Her melodic tone did not waver. It's as if there was calmness in her. Calmness that was never there before. And calmness that had started to shelter in her mind. "I'm sorry. I just got here. Yes, I'm sorry. Ah. Don't tell me you contacted the division for this number.""Ugk!" Hesitation comes first but she continues what she has to say anyway. "...O-of course I did! Who else should I ask for your whereabouts?!""Don't do that anymore. I'm half responsible though. Don't worry, okay?""... That's one good thing I wish I could believe as it comes from you. But *sigh*..."The brunette scratches the back of her head. "Ah~aa. This time I won't go to far, I told you already.""Right..." There was silence. The girl could hear her younger sister's heavy sigh at the other line."... Your birthday." She said as she closed her eyes in defeat."What?""You want the password for my service GPS right? Your birthday. The two of you. This way you won't have to worry about me, right?"Instantly, yet flustered, the other replies, "I'm not!""Hahaha! I'm starting to figure out how cute I was back then! Well, you're in that age so I can't really blame that." The girl breaks into a short chuckle. And then receives a response she swore she would always know."...Ah! Gee! Fine, fine! If you start going to places you didn't tell me you'd go to I'll send you an SAT[footnoteRef:3] team, you got that?!" [3: SAT Team Special Alice Track Team. *Hirunes team and many from the Ninth specializes in this.]

"Yes, mother." A loud clack that ends their conversation rings in. Her smile seem like it was etched on her face."Really." She heaves a short breath. Shortly after, a man walking some meters behind her stopped. His height surpasses her's by two heads and his hair was white but not of age. He seems very mature. Way more matured than himself a year ago.A short breeze brushes the treetops, shaking off the flower petals of Sakura. "You..."At the cue of his voice Hirune turned around and faced him. "Took you so long... Ixa.""Chibiro..."- + -

Along the pathway of the countless shops in Central Town, Ixa Yayoi stood waiting. Not very long later, Hirune Yamamoto came out of the cake shop with four boxes of goods."Haah! As usual you're too kind and generous, Ix.""It's just proof that you're too mean to be true." Ixa replied with a flat tone and started walking off, Hirune catching up in an instant."Don't sweat it since I came all the way here to visit you." She replies with a somehow proud expression."No, no. "Visitors" give notice of their visits. You're nothing such. Plus, I'm working hard on those paychecks unlike you.""Hey, now. I've got a job now, you see."Ixa stopped and sat by an empty bench, Hirune following his sample and opened one of the boxes of cakes on her hand."Chibiro... you're still doing that job?" Ixa asked with some regrets.Hirune paused. "No." She thought of withdrawing from the subject and just letting that answer suffice but some other thoughts let her speak her mind. "I haven't been sent to any more since that last mission. Before I left Academy."Ixa paused as well, remembering how it had turned. Just now he realized that it was that time. That incident was her mission too. That's why there was some guilt tracing his mind. A thought emerged in his head at that exact moment. At times like this, the expression he was made to be used of would show on Hirune's face not long from now. The sad smile she'd always wear....But long moments of waiting later, there was just Hirune, opening the box of Ichigo cake and an unusually calm expression. Noticing his stare, she smiled at him. But that smile wasn't that familiar stranger either. It didn't feel like she was wearing it at all.As she was smiling, she asked, "on that note, what job are you doing right now?""...Oh. Ah, I don't think I have an official job. I'm still using the money I've saved up during the times when I'm still working for Aniki.""Oh. He's still doing that shady job?""..." Ixa paused. He couldn't exactly tell whether or not she knows the things he didn't about his brother's work. "I don't think so... Is what I'd answer but truthfully, I have no idea what he does, really.""Really? . . . Oh, it's not like I was implying I know something about it! I just thought it was in his range of persona to be in such things. Not that I know for sure." Hirune replied, waving the fork in negation."But I know he's in some organization. At least that I'm sure isn't shady enough to... wait, don't tell me you're here to...""No, no. I'm not here for business. I've some personal agenda for being here. Plus, I've never heard of him just as I've never heard of all of you." Hirune said with a sigh at the end."You missed us, huh." Ixa raised a brow as if to tease her."I sure did." She said in a soft tone, slicing a piece of the cake with the fork and then chewing it casually.Ixa couldn't be so sure if she had seen this before. If it was from a long time ago, she'd been more dishonest about it. If anything, she'd have hit him straight in the face for teasing her out of her own emotions."A year did so much change in you, Hiru.""Really?" Hirune stared at her own clothing."No, not just the outfit." Ixa told her only to redirect her attention to her hair."The black has faded long ago. This is my natural hair color by the way.""Oh... I didn't know tha-- that's not it!..." Ixa exclaimed. It's true a few things still get to mirror her old deeds."What then?" Hirune grumbles as she puts the fork in her mouth."Your temperament has changed. How do I put this... erm... you're calmer now than before.""That's supposed to be a good thing, you know.""Yeah, but...""I think the me that left and the me that came back really do differ. I feel lighter than back then. I also feel comfortable with how I am now. That said, I like how I'm changing."Ixa looked at her, stared at her for a moment. This time, it still wasn't the familiar stranger he'd see in her smiles. But it wasn't so unfamiliar either. Hirune must have changed so much. There are a lot of things he might never see again and there's so much new things he would start to know. But the way she is now feels like the way she should've always been."What? You're looking at me like I'm some hero's love interest here." She told him with a stagnant tone.Ixa chuckled a little. Some things really do stay the same. He closed his eyes and returned to face the busy park street. "You really are siblings after all.""If you're talking about Chichi, well yeah... except for some parts. I'd rather not talk about it. If you're talking about Ichiro, I'm not gonna try to deny or accept anything so drop it." Hirune looked at him and he just faced her with another small chuckle.Hirune shifted herself and gazed in front of her. "You were talking about Haru.""Some wisdom, some freedom, some change.""..." Hirune had tried every single day not to remind herself of him until forgetting him had been casually forgotten."You still blame yourself for his death?""Of course. There's no denying that. All the rest but that has already sunk in mind for me.""I'm sorry.""Mm-mn. Don't be.""Come on. At least show yourself to the juniors." Again, the long pause resumed for a short wind to pass by the street that's now st