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  • EIR Executive Intelligence Review May 23, 2008 Vol. 35 No. 21 www.larouchepub.com $10.00

    Three Eurasian Nations Combine Against British Assault Full Steam Ahead To Double World Food Production! British Genocidal Roots of Mayor Bloomberg’s Madness

    West Virginia Primary: How To Move a Mountain

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    EI R From the Managing Editor

    It is certainly no coincidence that the explosion of the food price/food shortage crisis is occurring at the same time that some very promising rumblings of change are occurring worldwide. As Lyndon LaRouche pointed out in his webcast on May 7, “If you want to get the American people—and people of other nations—up on their hind legs, acting like free people, rather than battered slaves, tell them their food for tomor- row morning is not there. That activates popular resistance more than anything else.”

    Take the Democratic Primary in West Virginia. Sen. Hillary Clinton smashed the nay-sayers, with a 41-point election victory. The way she did it was to focus relentlessly on the issues of utmost concern to the solid core of voters in West Virginia: the economic crisis, and what kind of future there will be for their children.

    Then, the foreign ministers of Russia, China, India, and Brazil met in Yekaterinburg, Russia (see Strategic Overview), to map out plans to defeat the attacks on them by the British Empire. The food crisis was one of the top items on their agenda, as they called for effective solu- tions to be discussed at the UN FAO meeting in June.

    In Economics, we provide a rundown of the effects of both the spec- ulation in food which has sent prices soaring, and also the food short- ages caused by such insane policies as the diversion of corn to ethanol. Both of these—the speculation and the shortages—are the result of the British free-trade ideology of the past 35 years, epitomized in the World Trade Organization (WTO). We also document growing resistance to these policies, including an interview with Argentine Congressman Alberto Cantero, who seconds Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s call to double world food production. By contrast to the current free-trade lunacy, see our feature on David Lubin (1849-1919), founder of the predecessor to the FAO, who was imbued with the American System principles of promoting physical production and the general welfare.

    The Anglo-Dutch Liberal elites are responding, as usual, with brass knuckles. See International for reports on the British assault on Myan- mar, Southwest Asia, and Zimbabwe—all fraught with the danger of war. And in National, we expose the vast enviro-fascist apparatus behind New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan for replacing modern cities with fascist, feudal baronies, under top-down control of a Wellsian One World government.

  • Hillary Clinton celebrates on election night in Charleston, West Virginia, May 13.

      4   After West Virginia: How To Move a Mountain Lyndon LaRouche called Hillary Clinton’s 41-point smashing defeat of Barack Obama in West Virginia on May 13, “the biggest event in world history in the last month.”

      7  Will the Democrats Disintegrate, Again?

      8   Three Eurasian Nations Combine To Combat  the British Assault The Foreign Ministers of Russia, India, and China met in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and then with the Foreign Minister of Brazil. They realize that they must hang together to defeat the British imperial assault on the very survival of nation-states, or go down to defeat separately.


    10   British Global War Drive  Runs into Roadblocks

    11   U.S. Rejects British  Genocide vs. Myanmar

    13   New Southwest Asia War  Drive Stymied

    16   Zimbabwe Withstands  British Assault

    17  International Intelligence

    EI R Contents  www.larouchepub.com Volume 35, Number 21, May 23, 2008

    HillaryClinton.com/Barbara Kinney

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  • EI R Contents  www.larouchepub.com Volume 35, Number 21, May 23, 2008


    18   Mobilization To Double  Food Production Is in Full  Swing! By Helga Zepp-LaRouche. An increasing number of governments are taking urgent measures to increase agricultural production, so that, as soon as possible, they can regain the food security which the enforcers of free trade have been denying them for so many years.

    21   Leaders Forge Plans To  Meet Food Emergency,  Defy WTO

    27   ‘Put Doubling Food Output  on the FAO Agenda’ An interview with Argentine Congressman Alberto Cantero.

    30   Britain’s War vs. the de  Gaulle-Adenauer Common  Agricultural Policy

    34   How Does the EU’s  Common Agricultural  Policy Work?

    36   Bank of England Drops the  Mask of ‘Niceness’


    38    David Lubin and the FAO:  The American Who Fought  ‘Globalization’ 100 Years  Ago David Lubin organized the predecessor group to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Institute of Agriculture, in 1905. His mission was to break the death grip of free trade, and the cartels and speculators who enforced it with their stranglehold over food production worldwide.


    46   The British Genocidal  Roots of Mayor  Bloomberg’s Madness A month-long investigation by EIR has established that, while Michael Bloomberg has been put forward as one of the leading propagandists for a new “Lombard League” of feudal cities, to replace the system of sovereign nation-states, and impose radical population reduction, not a single one of these fascist ideas originated with Bloomberg himself. He is the willing prop for a scheme coming directly from the top levels of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy.

    50   The Genocidal Lombard  League of Cities  Apparatus Key to the chart: “The Lombard League of Cities Apparatus.”


    27  Alberto Cantero Congressman Cantero is chairman of the Agriculture and Cattle-Ranching Committee of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, and was interviewed in Argentina by the LaRouche Youth Movement.


    64  A Wake-up Call

  • �  Strategic Overview  EIR  May 23, 2008

    After West Virginia: How To Move a Mountain by Debra Hanania-Freeman

    LaRouche  Political  Action  Committee  (LPAC)  Chairman  Lyndon LaRouche called Hillary Clinton’s �1-point smashing  defeat of Barack Obama in West Virginia on May 13, “the big- gest event in world history in the last month.”

    With the continued inescapable acceleration of the finan- cial and economic collapse, both here in the U.S. and globally,  a faction of the Anglo-Dutch financial establishment has been  desperate to drive Clinton out of the race. Fearing the emer- gence of a U.S. Presidency capable of opposing their global  war drive, of addressing the world food crisis, and of imple- menting a new financial architecture that would amount to