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The Executive Forum is a business network for senior executives and directors, which supports the development of your own strategic network.

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    An exclusive forum for networking and world-class insight

    Executive Management


    Executive Board Programme


    The advantages of being a member of the Executive Forum are clear. Firstly, you are exposed

    to cutting edge knowledge from INSEAD and other world-class institutions. Secondly, the knowledge

    is applicable and hands-on. Finally, you extend the knowledge-sharing and networking from the

    Executive Management Programme or Executive Board Programme.


  • 3EXECUTIVE FORUM 2016Driving value creation

    Executive Forum 2016 focuses on value creation in a fast-changing business world. Our key topics include:

    Creating customer value and building long-term

    relationships in a digital world

    Transforming your leadership to increase corporate and personal value

    Understanding how companies can achieve a competitive advantage through talent management

    Succeeding in strategy execution in a world driven by irrational consumer behaviour

    The latest insights and research on Blue Ocean Strategy

    The programme also includes a series of open sessions on management and board issues. Members of the Executive Forum are welcome to bring a guest to these events.

    Executive Forum gives you the latest insight from the world of international business. Dont miss out on a unique opportunity to learn from the best and share ideas with people who are as passionate as you. We look forward to seeing you.

    Annual fee DKK 12,995

  • 4INSEAD MASTER CLASS Customer centricity in a digital world

    Creating customer value and building long-term relationships are even more challenging in a digital world where customers:

    Expect more Are well-informed Trust their peers Have more choices Have their own voice

    In this master class, we will discuss the key digital trends that are influencing the way companies do business. We will focus on changing consumer needs and the challenges involved in accommodating them in the organisations strategy.

    The session builds on a mix of mini cases and real-life examples to reflect different approaches to digital and social media integration.

    Joerg Niessing, Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, will facilitate this INSEAD master class. Joerg is very passionate about bridging the academic and the business world on topics related to marketing, branding and digitization. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Muenster.

  • 59th February 2016

    12.00 18.00

    18.00 - 20.00



  • 9th and 10th May 2016

    09.00 12.00

    Hotel Koldingfjord

    We are honoured to welcome Professor Petriglieri to the Executive Forum. Professor Petriglieri was shortlisted for the 2015 Leadership award by Thinkers50 which lists the most influential management thinkers

    in the world. He has chaired the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership.


  • 7t

    24-HOURS INSEAD CHALLENGE The promise and perils of humanising leadership

    Following the success of this event in previous years, we invite you to join our 24-hour INSEAD Challenge. A business booster, providing world-class insight and networking.

    The 24-hour INSEAD Challenge focuses on the impact of leadership on your staff as well as on your personal and professional life. Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, will present the latest research on personal leadership, high-engagement work cultures, and work-family dynamics. You will get the chance to refine your leadership skills and reflect on the role, work plays in your life. You will also learn to assess the short- and long-term impact of the choices you make.

    During the 24-hour INSEAD Challenge, you will take part in:

    an interactive session on how to create an organisational culture that promotes engagement

    a hands-on leadership session where you will practice and get feedback on your own leadership skills

    a reflective session on the intersection of leadership at and outside work, with particular focus on health and family.


  • Blue Ocean thinking has come a long way since Kim & Mauborgne published their seminal study on how to create and capture open market space. This session presents the latest advances within Blue Ocean Strategy.

    Andrew V. Shipilov, Associate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD will share his research on creativity exploring the way in which companies can achieve competitive advantage by stimulating talent mobility. Looking into a number of new case studies, we will discuss how organisational culture can help to sustain Blue Ocean.

    Andrew Shipilov teaches and directs executive education programmes on competitive strategy, alliances and partnerships as well as Blue Ocean Strategy.

    INSEAD MASTER CLASS Blue Ocean Strategy Execution


  • 16th September 2016

    12.00 - 18.00

    18.00 - 20.00


    Andrew Shipilov is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Akzo Nobel

    Fellow at INSEAD. Professor Shipilov

    is also Programme Director for our

    Executive Management Programme.

    He is an expert in the areas of strategy,

    innovation and networks. His current

    academic research examines how

    social networks, strategic alliances and

    partnerships affect firms competitive



  • 1010

    2nd November 2016

    12.00 - 18.00

    18.00 - 20.00

    Hindsgavl slot Middelfart

    Klaus Wertenbroch is Professorof Marketing at INSEAD. He is anexpert in behavioral economicsand consumer decision-making,strategic brand management andpricing. He directs INSEADsStrategic Marketing Programme.

  • To help you rise to the challenges of business life, this session presents new insights on consumer behavior and we will explore how this should effect the strategic elements of your marketing process.

    Sharing the latest research and compelling cases, Klaus Wertenbroch, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, will guide you to refine your understanding of consumer behavior.

    You will learn about an increasingly irrational consumer behavior and will get a chance to explore specific tools to make wise strategic marketing choices in an irrational world.

    Klaus Wertenbroch spoke at the Executive Forum 2015. This years session builds on the insights he shared on this occasion.

    INSEAD MASTER CLASS Consumer behaviour and strategic marketing


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