Evolved living. - hydronic heating, solar roof panels, Tesla batteries and an energy rating exceeding

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  • Evolved living. Inspired by a rare, natural setting, surrounded by Merri Creek and the Northcote Golf Course, merri green+ is a unique inner urban retreat.

    Nothing has been compromised in the creation of this boutique collection of generous, spacious dwellings, with a green soul and an eco luxe finish.

    Encouraging a greener form of energy use, merri green+ is one of the first multi residential projects in Australia to introduce Tesla Powerwall battery units to store energy in their townhouses.

    Conceived for perpetuity; materials and finishes have been carefully selected for the long term. The result is a truly modern Australian aesthetic, one that reflects this striking natural environment.

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  • N O R T H C O T E G O L F C OU R S E 5th hole, as viewed from merri green+

  • 06 + D E S I G N R E S P O N S E

    With a deep respect for its natural setting, the design intent for merri green+ is to merge the buildings with the landscape. Operable timber-battened privacy screens wrap around the townhouses to form a subtle backdrop, while providing a filter for the afternoon sun.


    Randomly sized, these timber battens evoke the scattered eucalypts along the valley. The result is architecture that is not only green at heart, but responds to the highest expectations of those wanting the latest in contemporary living.

  • 08 + L O C A T I O N : G O L F-V I E W

    An extremely rare site, merri green+ has the unique advantage of being adjacent to a golf course and Merri Creek, with two equally striking but contrasting environments: one serene and cultivated and the other with a wild, natural beauty.


  • M E R R I C R E E K | N O R T H C O T E merri green+ sits on the bank sof Merri Creek

  • 12 + L O C A T I O N : C R E E K V I E W

    Having the sound of running water and bell-birds on your doorstep is as peaceful as looking out to the green fairways of Northcote Golf Course.

    While retaining this sense of serenity, merri green+ is a just short walk from the trams and cafes of High Street, St Georges Road and Nicholson Street. And for those who love bike riding, the cbd is just a short commute along the bike paths of Merri Creek, part of the Capital City Trail.


  • 14 + D E S I G N R E S P O N S E

    Designed by residential specialists Chamberlain Architects, these dwellings are ground breaking in their attention to detail, finish and sustainability.

    Comprising 29 apartments from 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and 20 luxury 3 bedroom townhouses, merri green+ offers a range of different dwelling types, accommodating a variety of lifestyles.


    A P A R T M E N T S

    For those who prefer a low maintenance, single level lifestyle, 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments are an option. Underpinned by the same eco luxe philosophy, the apartments are treated with the same level of respect and design intelligence as the townhouses.

    The apartments are built for living, with generous spaces and ceiling heights and an average 6 star energy rating exceeding the minimum 5 star requirement. Operable windows in all rooms and double glazing are paramount. And small details such as bespoke joinery enhance the luxe lifestyle.

    Uncommon in a project of this size, the apartment building is serviced by two cores, effectively halving the size of the building. This reduces the amount of noise generated from the common areas, and cuts down on waiting times for the lift. The two cores are designed to allow natural light to flood into the corridors, and their green walls, created by Fytogreen, provide a striking feature on the facade (see image above).

    T O W N H O U S E S

    Designed as a compelling alternative to the traditional family home, merri green+ townhouses represent a low maintenance, sustainable lifestyle without compromising on amenity or quality.

    Featuring generous spaces with 3 metre ceiling heights in the living area, these 3 bedroom townhouses are a pure expression of the eco luxe philosophy. With a thoughtful design response making the best use of cross ventilation, hydronic heating, solar roof panels, Tesla batteries and an energy rating exceeding 6 stars, they set a new standard for energy consumption.

    Driven by the desire to provide truly flexible dwellings, the third level on the townhouses has the option for a fully landscaped rooftop garden to complement the enclosed entertainment area. Merri green+ has collaborated with Aspect Studios and Fytogreen to provide this green space - a space that lives, breathes and compliments the dwelling (see images page 8 +12).

  • What is eco luxe ?

    + D E S I G N R E S P O N S E

    Compelled by the desire to explore a more sustainable way of living, while maintaining a high level of comfort and amenity, a new design philosophy has evolved specifically for merri green+. We call this eco luxe.

    Eco luxe is a response to a paradigm shift in the housing market. This shift is driven by those who would like to live in an increasingly mindful and considered way. Eco luxe encompasses all the modern day comforts of living, with an energy efficient, low maintenance, lifestyle.


    + Eco principles + Future focused + Built for (luxe) living + Local artisans & designers


  • + E C O F E A T U R E S

    Across the merri green+ development, there are many eco principles hard at work. An environmentally sensitive design approach ensures the dwellings exceed the average 6 star energy rating required by the building code.

    All dwellings have high levels of insulation, including double glazing throughout, ensuring a more even temperature all year round. Strategically placed ceiling fans help augment the efficiency of the air conditioning, reducing running costs.

    Operable external shading has been provided for all west and north facing dwellings allowing occupants to control the solar gain, depending on the time of day and the seasons. Opportunities for cross ventilation are maximised in the town houses with the inclusion of security screen doors and fly screens to all windows.

    Rainwater will be harvested for flushing toilets and irrigation across all dwellings, reducing run-off and waste of a precious resource. Materials have been chosen to minimise their environmental impact with a priority on using Australian made products where possible, without compromising on quality. Australian made, no VOC paints

    (volatile organic compound), porcelain bench tops with low resin content and Australian, responsibly sourced hardwoods are a feature of the interiors. This ‘use local’ philosophy has inherent environmental benefits, minimising the embodied energy of select products.

    The extensive use of recycled bricks and reclaimed timbers throughout not only renews the life of a discarded waste material, but enhances the character of the project.

    F U T U R E F O C U S E D

    Rather than relying exclusively on the power grid and running up high energy bills, merri green+ is one of the first multi residential project in Australia to partner with Bradford Solar* and Tesla Energy to introduce Powerwall battery units to store solar energy in their townhouses. The townhouses will have their own Tesla Powerwalls and Solar PV system.

    While solar panels represent a good energy source, especially in Australia, the problem is that excess power generated goes back to the grid and is

    purchased back from the energy retailers at a premium retail price, if you run out. At merri green+ Bradford* solar panels will be combined with Tesla Powerwall home batteries to store the solar energy harvested by these panels, allowing excess energy to be used as and when needed. Further innovation and advanced technology allows for the creation of a microgrid embedded network within the develop- ment which will distribute the stored energy as required, further lowering power bills and reliance on power companies.

    As a backup, if the battery units run out of energy, the batteries are able to draw energy from the grid, re-charging during (cheaper) off-peak hours.

    Those thinking about battery-operated electrical cars will also appreciate the foresight of such highly innovative features. As well as reducing energy costs, the Tesla system, combined with the solar panels, delivers a cleaner, greener and more sustainable form of energy.

    E C O P R I N C I P L E S

    18 *and or similar provider.

    + L U X E F E A T U R E S

    Every dwelling at merri green+ features a high standard of living above and beyond regulatory requirements. The aim is to create spaces that we would all like to live in.

    There is a spirit of generosity underpinning the design principles at merri green+, with large open plan kitchen and living areas, high ceilings including heights up to 3 metres. There is a focus on comfort and amenity throughout, with double glazing, operable windows and beautiful natural light and ventilation.

    There is a high level of insulation between dwellings that will produce the acoustic separation so often lacking in housing projects. In addition to this, internal walls within each dwelling are insulated for acoustics, something not usually seen in medium density projects. The result is minimal noise transfer fr