Euroexam B2 Transactional Dialogues Expressions

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Text of Euroexam B2 Transactional Dialogues Expressions

Euroexam B2 Transactional Dialogues ExpressionsEuroexam B2 Transactional Dialogues Expressions

Greeting:How do you do?I am pleased/glad to meet you. Its so nice to see you again. I havent seen you for ages. How was your journey/trip/flight?

Borrowing something:Have you got a pen? Can/Could I borrow your scissors?Can/Could you lend me your scissors?Could you give me your pen for a moment because I cant find mine?Can I use your pen for a second?May I use/borrow your pen, please?Would you be so kind to lend me your pen?Do you mind if I use/borrow your pen?

Asking for direction:Could you help me please?May I ask you for some help?Would you be so kind to tell me where I can find Room 302?Would you be so kind to tell me the way to Room 203?Could you tell me how to get to Hotel Four Seasons?Could you tell me the way to Hotel Four Seasons?Could you tell me how I can get to ?Im afraid Im lost. Where is the nearest post office?Its the first time I am here so I dont know where room 302 is.

Thank:Its very kind of you that youIm really grateful that youI am more than grateful that you

Inviting sb:Do you fancy going to the cinema with me?Why dont we go to the cinema together?What about going to the cinema tonight?How about visiting the museum at the weekend?I feel like going to I would like you to come with me to the market. I dont feel like VingDo you feel like Ving?I am wondering if you Are you free tomorrow at 3?

Suggest:Are you free tomorrow at 3?Could we meet tomorrow at 4 to discuss this important issue?Why dont we buy a bottle of wine for him?How about/What about Ving?Do you think we could meet tomorrow at 2?I think you should consider Greece.

Accepting suggestion:Of course, no problem, where would you like to meet?Where and what time shall we meet?I can be there at 3. I am afraid my previous meeting finishes at 3, how about 3.15?Oh, what a good idea it is. That would be perfect.

Rejecting/Refusing suggestion:I cant make it today. I cant make tomorrow at 3. I am afraid I cant be there by then. Tomorrow I have a day off. Could we postpone/put off the meeting until Friday?Sorry, but I have to arrange an important issue. Sorry, but I have a project with a very short deadline. If I know well, she doesnt really like wine. As far as I know, she prefers chocolate/prefers travelling by car. I am afraid she got sg similar last time. Actually I dont think she would be happy with (a bottle of wine). I dont think its a good idea.

Cant find something/Looking for something:Havent you seen my presentation notes?Dont you know where my presentation notes are?Could you help me to find my presentation notes, please? Im in a hurry. I would need my presentation notes. Dont you know where they are?

Apologising for sg to somebody:Sorry for being late. I am terrible sorry for losing your favourite pen. I am really sorry for forgetting your birthday. I would like to apologise to you for being late. Accept my apology, please, for being late. I didnt mean to hurt you.

Enquiring/Inquiring about something:Id like to enquire about open positions at your company. Id like to ask if there are any open positions

Inform somebody about something:I have good/bad news for you. I am afraidId like to inform you that A TMId like to inform you about + fnI hope you dont mind if I tell you that

Warning sb of (a danger):Dont.Be careful with the/that. Dont forget to send the report by tomorrow.

Inform somebody about something/bad news:I am afraid I cant attend the afternoon meeting. I have no other choice but to put off the meeting. I know you wont be happy but I have to cancel the meeting. I am afraid you have forgotten that cooking coffee is not my responsibility. I am not here to cook coffee. We wont be ready with it by tomorrow. There is still a lot to do. Could you stay in and finish your work?

Offering help:May I help you?Shall I help you?4