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<p>Alex Boyd English 1101</p> <p>Why do I want to educate people on this? Ethnography rough draft.</p> <p>1 Intro: Better definition of Crossfit. More concrete, what differenciates. Crossfit, the ultimate tool designed to forge your body into an elite fitness machine. A way of life dedicated to knowing and testing the extreme limits of your body. This essays purpose is to educate people on the advantages of Crossfit as an alternate form of exercise and how the culture has shaped and influence a different generation of warriors. I want to shed light on the intricate communication system between Crossfit gyms and individual home gyms as well as how this new warrior type lifestyle is bringing people more in touch with their physical bodies.</p> <p>2 History: Currently, there are 3400 Crossfit-affiliated gyms worldwide, most of them in the United States (Schwechlerl 1). This number does not include the home gyms or people that practice Crossfit in standard Olympic style gyms. Crossfit was formed in early 2000 by Gregg Glassman, less of an organized sport and more of ideology/ way of life, Glassman launched as the basis of his movement. Through his website Glassman was able to effectively spread the culture to the entire world. Gregg Glassmans approach to fitness attracted many followers; it brought people outside their physical comfort zone and taught them the importance of knowing ones extreme physical</p> <p>boundaries. Most people have no idea what their body can handle and can be astounded by their findings. Crossfit is the perfect tool to expose holes in our movement, he says. A Crossfit gym is a lab: its a safe place to press boundaries, experiment, test and re-test, see what works and what doesnt work, and become better athletes. (Murphy 1)</p> <p>The Crossfit lifestyle is not limited to only to exercise, diet is almost as big of a part of this culture as the daily workouts. The Paleo diet, as its called, is large amongst Crossfit gyms across the country. This is a diet based on the diets of early man, eating only organic vegetables and lean natural meat. Many gyms become vessels for local farmers to sell their organic produce to a larger crowd.</p> <p>3 Criticism: This extreme lifestyle is not accepted by all; many critics believe that the sports high physical demands mixed with the accessibility of the workouts make it dangerous to beginners. Those who partake in the workouts or WODs are highly motivated individuals. This motivation can be deadly; a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, where muscle tissue breaks down into the blood stream, poisoning the kidneys, can lead to hospitalization or even death. In 2005 Makimba Mimms, suffered from this condition while performing a Crossfit workout in Manassas, VA while under the supervision of an uncertified trainer. Mimms went on to sue the gym for $300,000, citing that the lack of experience in the gyms is too dangerous. (Wikipedia) Get the real source.</p> <p>4 Site Survey: The gym I studied was Crossfit Eternal. Based out of Charlotte North Carolina, Crossfit Eternal serves North Charlotte, Concord, and the University area. When you walk into Crossfit Eternal you are greeted by the familiar scent of sweat and gym equipment. To the left of the door is a small table with information on membership pricing, and the all-important medical waiver. To most this is considered an extreme sport, the risk of conditions such as rhabdomyolysis are real. Gyms bring in revenue not only through unusually high membership costs but as well through merchandise sales. This gym is not different; Crossfit Eternal shirts line the walls above the door of the main office in the entranceway. Above the office is a small loft for the children of the athletes to play during long training sessions. As you walk into the main workout area the right side wall is lined with chalk-covered pull up bars. The grip tape is well worn from countless repeated kipping pull-ups and feet to bar. To the left, as you move towards the center of the room, you see the main workout area. Here you see the men and women of CF Eternal drenched in sweat, some lying on the floor near motionless after completing the grueling WOD or workout of the day. The workout on that day, Cindy, had drained the athletes. I knew that I was next; I talked to many of the members about the upcoming workout to get some last minute advice before the 5</p> <p>oclock group started our workout. It seemed that the most difficult aspect of the workout consisting of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air-squats as many times as possible in 20 minutes, would not be one exercise, but pure stamina. As the workout started I was happy to have the two large bay doors open, offering a much-needed cooling breeze. After 20 long min I was done, and although I felt like dying, I was proud I finished. The feeling of accomplishment you feel with the other athletes in tremendous. As you finish your workout you are invited to go into the clubroom and relax by a fan, drink water, and relax while you reflect on the prior event. Add in more meaning behind why people do what they do</p> <p>6 Workouts: Integrate this para with my personal account and oberservations. Crossfit mainstay is there innovative workouts. A standard list of workouts allows athletes around the world to compete against each other everyday as the perform the same exercises.</p> <p>Walk into any gym in the country and ask what a Fran is and you will get the same answer, 21x15x9 reps of pull ups and 95# thrusters. Most workouts are done for time, crossfitters will post there times for each WOD on for bragging rights. Most workouts are named after girls, similar to hurricanes, cars, ect Crossfit as well has a large military influence and the most intense of the workouts are named after fallen warriors. Murph, the most famous of all the workouts, is named after Lt. Michael Murphy (USN) who was a Navy SEAL that died in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. For me there is no better way to honor our fallen heroes better than through the blood, sweat, and pain that comes with completing what is known as a Hero WOD.</p> <p>How does the setup of the gym affect how people engage. How do people communicate within the gym. Look at the gym with Crossfit, not Crossfit with the gym. Do more to connect research and observation. Talk about the training and teaching aspects, snatch, kettlebell, pullups, proper form. Positive motivation from members.</p> <p>7 Works Cited: Cooperman, Stephanie. "Getting Fit, Even if It Kills You." New York Times [New York] 22 Dec 2005, n. pag. Web. 11 Apr. 2012.</p> <p>Ferestein, Gregory. "Crossfit: Where Navy SEALs and Pregnant Soccer Moms Help Each Other Get Ripped." Fast Company. Fast Company, 08 Feb 2011. Web. 11 Apr 2012.</p> <p>Murphy, TJ. "Burning Runner: Inside the Crossfit Culture." Competitor. Competitor, 08 Aug 2008. Web. 11 Apr 2012. ~</p> <p>Shugart, Chris. "The Truth About Crossfit." T-Nation. T-Nation, 4 Nov 2008. Web. 11 Apr 2012. .</p>