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<ul><li> 1. By DEBORAH FAKEHINDE ETHNOGRAPHY PROJECT : PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION </li></ul> <p> 2. STUDENT A Number Of Times What they did on your phone? 1.00pm Made 6 phone calls 2.00pm Went on Twitter 3.00pm Went on Twitter 4.00pm Friend called me 5.00pm Went on Snapchat 6.00pm Looked at the time 7.00pm Facetimed somebody 8.00pm Went on Twitter 9.00pm Went on Twitter 3. MY PHONE ACTIVITIES Number Of Times What they did on the phone? 1.00pm Looked at the phone 2.00pm Checked a message 3.00pm Played candy crush 4.00pm Went on Instagram 5.00pm Looked at the time 6.00pm Checked an email 7.00pm Went on snapchat 8.00pm Checked Whatsapp 9.00pm Played Hangman 4. STUDENT C Time What they did on your phone? 1.00pm Check Twitter x3 2.00pm Called mum 3.00pm On Snapchat and Twitter x2 4.00pm n/a 5.00pm Instagram/ Twitter 6.00pm Snapchat/ called a friend 7.00pm Phone off 8.00pm Phone off 9.00-10.00pm Twitter 5 or 6 times 5. TWEETS 6. TWEETS 7. TWEETS 8. TWEETS </p>