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Essentials is a great cookshop in Hazlemere, near High Wycombe

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  • Cooks Companion

    The very best products from your local independent cookshop

  • Charming reusable cake standsNot so much cake stands as portable stages for performances by companies of 30 to 40 lovely cupcakes displayed in all their finery. Easy to assemble (so lets do the show right here, right now), easy to disassemble, easy to store and easy to reuse. Lightweight, colourful, attractive and very affordable. The only difficult choice to make is going to be which colour to have... P115 Blue Spot Cake Stand 5.75

    P116 Pink Spot Cake Stand 5.75

    Spotty paper baking casesClassic conundrum: spots or stripes?Easy: spots. Our spotty baking cases are a match for any stripe. At 50mm in size each colour comes in a pack of 54. P105 Spotty Baking Cases Red 1.99

    P106 Spotty Baking Cases Choc 1.99

    P107 Spotty Baking Cases Navy 1.99

    P108 Spotty Baking Cases Pink 1.99

    P109 Spotty Baking Cases China Blue 1.99

    Harlequin Edible DrageesThey have always been the best bit, havent they? Not the moist cupcake, not the sweet icing, no, the shiny little balls set into the topping. Why? Nobody knows. The only question is: where can you get them? Here, in one handy 25g pack of 4mm charmers.

    P101 Harlequin Edible Dragees 3.99 Spot-on sugar pipingsThe finishing touch! And who is not to know that you havent piped these edible sugar decorations yourself when they see them on your cakes, biscuits, sponges, in fact anywhere your imagination takes them

    P114 Wild rose sugar pipings (4) 2.25

    P113 Butterfly sugar pipings (4) 2.25

    Dress to perfection ...

    2 Cooks Companion

  • Lovely cupcake treesA cupcake is always nice on its own, or with friends, but like all the best things in life it really comes into its own when presented beautifully. For the true cupcake afficionado these sturdy metal trees, which pack neatly away when the locusts have been at the cakes, come in 15 and 25 cupcake capacities. More than enough for the perfect teatime treat. P117 25 Cup Cupcake Tree 19.99 P118 15 Cup Cupcake Tree 14.99

    Stylish metallic baking casesA bit showy perhaps? Yup. Cupcakes need their moment in the disco lights too. These 50mm cases come in packs of 45. P110 Metallic Cupcake Cases Gold 1.99 P111 Metallic Cupcake Cases Silver 1.99 P112 Metallic Cupcake Cases Pink 1.99

    A cupcake bling thingFor that final dressing. Just for show. But what a show! Non-edible hologram glitter. Just because. P102 Gold Hologram Glitter 2.99 P103 Silver Hologram Glitter 2.99 P104 Pink Hologram Glitter 2.99

    ... display to charm

    3Cooks Companion

    Take the plunge!Precision cupcake coring, filling and topping. Even concealed filling! All of this can be done with the one ingenious cupcake plunger that takes a neat, clean core, and makes for neat, clean filling. P147 Cupcake Plunger 2.99

    Squeezy does itThe mixture is just right, the cases are pristine - how do you get the mixture cleanly into the case and in the right amount? Simple, simply squeeze out measured quantities precisely from the cupcake pen. P146 Cupcake Pen 8.99

  • Shaping up just right ...

    4 Cooks Companion

    Cuter Cookie Cutters!Generously-sized, brightly coloured cookie cutters come in a range of charming, daft and useful shapes for cookies, biscuits and pastries. This is just a small selection, we have many more to hand. P138 Pink Pig Cutter 8.25 cm 1.75 P139 Baby Blue Foot Cutter 9 cm 1.75

    P135 Red Red Heart Cutter) 8.25 cm 1.75 P141 Yellow Star Cutter 7 cm 1.75 P140 Blue Aeroplane Cutter 10 cm 1.75 P137 Green Dragonfly Cutter 9 cm 1.75 P136 Brown Gingerbread Cutter 9 cm 1.75

    ChocalotSilicone moulds make shaping your own

    chocs, sweets and even novelty ice cubes a real treat. One offers fifteen praline

    moulds, the other eight different bug shapes. Easy to use, easy to clean,

    they are oven, freezer and microwave safe.

    P132 Praline Chocolate Mould 7.99 P131 Bugs Chocolate Mould 6.99

    Finest blendEvery good cook knows that the lightest pastry needs as little contact with warm hands as possible. Instead of rubbing in the fat the blades chop and blend it into the flour. P120 Pastry Blender 5.99

    Piece of pie!Clever. Twist the top half of the unit to reveal an easy-to-read analogue dial, stopping when you reach the required number time (up to 1 hour). Let go of the bezel and the clock begins counting

    down. You can see how long is left clearly on the graphic

    dial. A classic alarm bell sounds to tell you that times up. Pie has a silky, soft touch finish. No batteries are required. P154 Green Timer 11.99

    P155 Pink Timer 11.99 P156 Grey Timer 11.99

  • ... to taste divine

    5Cooks Companion

    Doing it by the bookThis traditional cast iron cookbook stand is both stylish and practical. Ideal for any busy kitchen, this stand is popular for display purposes. The stand is angle-adjustable and suits a variety of book sizes. P213 Cook Book Stand Champagne 39.99

    P214 Cook Book Stand Green 39.99

    On a rollThis is the classic shaped beech wood rolling pin, simple and completely effective. A generous 19 in length, it is designed and manufactured to have just the right weight and circumference to roll out pastry to perfection. And what good cook doesnt want precisely that?

    P184 Patissieres rolling pin 7.99

    Lattice cutterPies and tart tops gain a professional lattice effect in seconds! Run the roller over the pastry, stretch the pastry over the pie, then glaze and bake as normal. Good for making lattice topped sausage rolls or en croute main courses. P119 Lattice cutter 5.99

    P126 Butchers Stripe Apron 15.99 P127 Butchers Stripe Gauntlet 12.99 P128 Butchers Stripe Oven Glove 14.99 P129 Butchers Stripe Apron, PVC, Kids 9.99

    Clean and classicIts an overused term, but classic is exactly the right word to describe the precise lines of the printed cotton Butchers Stripe apron and hand wear. The little ones can get in on the act with the small PVC equivalent.

    Pastry ScraperSteel blade, ergonomic handle, straight, wide blade to scrape up and collect excess pastry, without unnecessary handling. Simple tool designed to do a simple job perfectly. P188 Pastry Scraper 6.99

  • Cooking up a storm ...

    6 Cooks Companion

    Pure Paella PansFrom Valencia, the home of Paella come these authentic, traditional carbon steel pans. So versatile are they that these generous pans can also cook stews, and fryups. They can be used on top of the stove as well as for cooking in the great outdoors. P167 Paella Pan 38cm 12.99

    P168 Paella Pan 46cm 16.99 Bamboo SteamerOur 100% two tier bamboo steamer delivers minimum loss of goodness with maximum flavour and an oriental style. Simply place on a saucepan of boiling water to steam food to healthy perfection. 8 inch (20cm). P122 Bamboo Steamer 14.99

    ChopsticksReal bamboo chopsticks. Bring the East to your finger tips whilst showing off your chopstick skills to your friends. Pack of 10 pairs. P123 Chopsticks 0.99

    Square Grill PanA thoughtfully designed square grill pan with a

    cast base for even heat distribution, a

    ribbed surface, a pouring lip

    and a stay-cool wooden handle all make for a satisfying

    tool for all sorts of culinary tasks.

    Healthy Eating Round Grill PanA generously-sized, one-piece cast, ribbed grill pan,

    great for todays healthy, low fat cuisine.

    P215 Round Grill Pan 11.5 24.99

    Cast Duo Griddle and GrillSolid, cast piece with both ribbed and flat areas, suitable for all types of cooker (except microwave). The Duo is a good looking item that will grace any kitchen and is generously proportioned at 45.5 cm long x 25.5 cm wide. P216 Duo Griddle and Grill 32.00

    Handy cooking rings

    Some of the nicest dishes require the simplest tools - that have to be just exactly right. These muffin and crumpet rings are the right width and depth, no more no less. They do their jobs perfectly. P171 Muffin Ring 2.50 P170 Crumpet Ring 2.75

    P217 9.25 Square Grill Pan 16.99

  • ... with heat and steam

    7Cooks Companion

    Berry TagineWith its deep, cast base and gorgeous berry ceramic top, this is both a very practical tagine and one of the most attractive that we have seen. P218 Berry Tagine 57.99

    Super Steel Stock PotEverybody should have a Stock Pot - this one. With its vented glass lid, big 9.5 Litre capacity, thick base for even heating, suitability for all hob types and dishwasher safety its a great piece. P211 Stock Pot 24cm 29.99

    Big Jam PanCould not be better suited to its task. The maslin pan with its fold-down/lock-up handle, traditionally used in making preserves is probably perfect. It has stainless construction for durability, thermic base for even heat distribution, pouring lip, dishwasher safe

    P206 30 cm Maslin Pan 39.99

    SuperstoreThis is brilliant! Three pans and their handles nest closely together and even the lid handles fit into each other like a glove. Tidy. P205 Stellar Easy Store Saucepan Set 87.50

    Steaming!The clever multi-steamer inset turns any 16, 18 or 20 cm saucepan into a healthy, modern steamer with a vented glass lid. Dishwasher safe. P207 Multi-steamer inset 11.99

    Stone LoveA three piece set for baking pizza to perfection and serving it beautifully. Set includes a 35 cm stone, chromed trivet and a pizza cutter with wooden handle. P130 Pizza Stone 12.99

  • Its all in the ...

    8 Cooks Companion

    Mincer proThis sturdy, manual mincer is easy to assemble, has two interchangeable blades for fine or coarse mincing and comes with pusher devic