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Macau Business | Lifestyle Supplement | Fashion | November 2009

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  • Latest trendsWhats hot and whats not

    Night & DayAttire for every occasion

    Sins at workAvoiding fashion faux pas

    Selling beauty In the eye of the beholder

    Latest trendsWhats hot and whats not

    Night & DayAttire for every occasion

    Sins at workAvoiding fashion faux pas

    Selling beauty In the eye of the beholder

  • by the NumberSYes, all stats were

    dug up from a range of obscure

    websites, including those of the Macau

    Government and Macau Business


    uS$2 million: Price of a pair of Stuart Weizman shoes, called Cinderella Slippers with a four and a half inch stiletto heel with 595 carats of platinum set diamonds

    uS$1.8 million: Price of a pair of Stuart Weizmans Ruby Slippers based on the slippers worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. They are studded with 690 rubies and were made for an actress to wear at the Oscars, but she never wore them

    uS$45,352: Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag an LV shopper with gold chain handle, made up of samples of 15 different LV handbags from the couture house Spring/summer collections and cruise lines

    507.55: Weight in carats of a rough diamond found at the Petra Diamonds Cullinan Mine in South Africa

    uS$500,000: Price of David Tutera wedding gown, which includes a platinum-coloured tulle veil and a bouquet to match. It is drenched in jewellery with a 10 foot platinum chain, 33 carats of diamonds, 145 carats of aquamarine, and a stunning white south sea pearl pendant suspended from the platinum.

    1914: Year when the bra was patented. It was created by Mary Phelps, a young New York socialite, tired of having her camisole shown when she wore a lace blouse.

    1850: Prior to this year, 70 percent of the clothes worn were hand-stitched by the people who wore them. Clothes were a commodity at the time

    big Four: Four most important fashion shows that always take place in this order: New York, London, Milan and Paris

    40: Number of important fashion shows held worldwide per year

    1943: Year of the opening of the New York Fashion Show by fashion publicist Eleonor Lamber, who wanted to give American designers a chance to showcase their work.

    15 to 20 minutes: The length of a fashion show!


    This edition of ES brings you a dubious pleasure: the 2010 spring/summer collections are finally out, for all to delight and covet. The down side is: youll have go through the whole winter before you can don any of these new glorious creations. But whats life without these conundrums!Directly from the fashion capitals of the world we bring you the latest trends, whats hot and whats not. Think velvet, leather and lace, tribal and flower print, just to name a few keywords youll have to remember for next season. We start off dramatically with John Gallianos cinematic view of women and move along through the Haute Couture family, from De La Renta to Vuitton, Herms and many, many more. Guys will be happy to know that weve saved you some eye-candy too, after all ES is all about equal opportunity. Because theres a very fine line between trendy and unfashionable which more often than not comes in extra shades of grey, we rounded up some ESSENTIAL items to wear for almost every occasion. But remember, nothing says it worse than wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time not even being caught with last seasons drabs at a trendy dinner party so be sure to check out our Day & Night rulings. And, especially for the working readers, weve put together a few guidelines of what not to wear around the office.If youre into statistics and lab experiments, check out our Fashion & Sex columnist report on human behavioural responses to beauty. The findings were... unexpected.Next month ES comes full circle to celebrate Christmas, arguably our favourite holiday. There are few other better excuses to waste the days away at the arcades, window shopping and maxing out credit cards - all in the spirit of the season, of course. And theres always a loooong shopping list, for Him, Her, the Kids, the Gadgets, for the Home, the Office - plus all the gatherings and events that take place during the holiday season. Youll be lost without a guide!We always crave your feedback. The first issues of ESSENTIAL were met with enthusiasm from many a reader and we thank you for your encouragement and suggestions. If you have something to share, please keep it clean and write to us at Go ahead, indulge yourself in the best the city has to offer and enjoy!

  • sins at workwinner? Daywear you can wear the same you wear at night but during the day!


    WHAT NOT TO WEARHow good are you at avoiding fashion faux pas? A bad judgment can scupper that promotion you have been longing for, or even that job you want!

    1 exposure of cleavage showing too much is often considered the main problem at work. Studies show that women who go to work dressed in very sexy attire are most likely to be passed over for a promotion!2 Short Skirts too short is not good either. People might think you are trying to compensate for what you lack

    in professionalism. Do you want people to look down instead of looking at you straight in your eyes?3 See-through If what you are wearing, in certain lighted areas, becomes see-through, you have stepped over the line. It is not a conservative attitude - it is simply respecting others.4 over-accessorising besides the

    obvious part: you dont want to look like a Christmas tree. wearing costume jewellery with too much make-up is a no-no.5 too much perfume when people start passing out around you, youll know. one or two sprays are good enough depending on the brand you are wearing. keep it to a minimum.

    Babydolls As comfortable and delicate as they feel

    and look, all that lace wont last long if you really sleep in it often

    Equivalent to light short dresses over the knees - fresh and easy to wear

    Bustiers Great if your objective is to get them

    taken off by your other half, otherwise they can get uncomfortable

    Jeans over bustiers great for summer looks. Remember Madonnas dramatic example

    wearing a JPG creation?

    Corsets Too great not to be shown

    Corset and skirt Grand Dame style, Hollywood favourite for the red carpet

    Garters Unless you are getting married.

    We wonder what else you can do with them

    suspenders Well. They make everything better

    Picture Larry King do you feel the bad vibe? Keep to the night option

    Camisoles Wear them for your comfort at home. Just make sure your neighbours are not looking.

    Camisoles for summer sleeveless and exposing the midriff, who doesnt wear them?

    kimonos Great as a throw on, what else?

    Kimono inspired dresses or jackets, made of embroidered silk or cotton. French label Kenzo is a specialist and you get to wear them on a daily basis!

    Pyjamas Only for cold winters, and preferably made of flannel

    Pyjamas during the day in China, maybe

    Mules In the bedroom might be the only place you should wear them so out of style!

    No. no. no. Please, too big a faux pas!

    Pasties (nipple covers)What can we say? They look great if your bust size and form are right!

    In Brazil, beach goers often wear them instead of going topless


  • Feature

    ohn Galliano, the enfant terrible of world fashion, proposes a new, high-tech look for the Spring/

    Summer collection creating a cinematic dream like scenario. The Spring 2010 collection is considered one of his best ever. His Paris show was one of the most talked about events of the fashion week.Galliano said his inspirations were old Hollywood heroines. The result is a collection filled with poetry, highlighted by the use of chiffon dresses cut with lace insets, plisss, puff-shouldered blouses,

    back tulle, point desprit sleeves and film gel! Its palette of ice blues, powder pinks, strong yellows and silver lams were masterly combined. His romantic image, a signature style developed throughout the years, strongly present in this collection, is underlined by a futuristic look. The Galliano woman for Spring is daring, strong and modern, yet the Galliano man somehow comes out of history, with Napoleon Bonaparte as the inspiration.

    a cinematic view of women


    The creator used a mix of tailored and not tailored pieces: denim jackets with cuffs encrusted with embroidery; coats became multilayered, providing a floating sense to the wearer. The models were Napoleon soldiers, some resembling Arabic nomads in the desert, wearing tulle layered coats in black and desert based palettes, including yellows, reds and oranges. Harem shorts seem to be in vogue again, as well as head wraps, according to Galliano.


  • angel sleeves: Long loose flowing sleeves, very popular in the sixties and seventies. androgyny: A look of indeterminate gender, often featuring traits associated with the opposite gender to the wearer. Aviator sunglasses: Fashionable, oversized style of sunglasses, often worn by pilots. baroque: Descriptive term for expensive, extravagant and elaborate ornamentation, verging on the excessive, and of the style of popular art, music and architecture in the 17th to mid-18th century. blouson: Bodice or jacket gathered into a cuff at the waist. bomber jacket: Waist length cropped jacket with a rounded or puffed out body. Large but fitted arms are elasticized at the wrist, sporty looking often with zip fastening from waist to neck. brocade: Rich weave fabric with a woven design of raised figures and floral motifs, pattern emphasised by contrast in weave or colours. Catsuit: All-in-one garment, usually zipped or buttoned from navel to neck. Popular in the 1960s owing i