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  • Essential English 1: Students Book Transcripts Track 1.1 Leo: Hi. Anna: Hello. Leo: Im Leo. Anna: Hi, Leo. My names Anna. Nice to meet you. Leo: Nice to meet you, too. Track 1.2 1 a supermarket 2 an actor 3 a restaurant 4 a city 5 a book 6 a TV programme 7 a party Track 1.3 Anna: Wow! Its a fantastic party! Leo: Yes! And the food is good, too. Anna: Mmm! Yes, I agree! Leo: And the Green Parks an excellent hotel! Track 1.4 a fantastic restaurant an excellent restaurant a good restaurant an OK restaurant a bad restaurant a terrible restaurant Track 1.5 One, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight, and nine, and ten, and eleven, and twelve and relax. Track 1.6 Woman: Good morning. Man: Good afternoon. Mary: Good evening. Woman: Goodbye. Teen: See you. Bye. Boy: Good night. Track 1.7

  • Kate: Good evening. Leo: Good evening. Kate: Are you Leo? Leo Jackson? Leo: Yes, I am. And youre Sorry, I dont remember. Whats your name? Kate: Im Kate. Kate Dixon. Leo: Right! How are you, Kate? Kate: Im fine, thanks. And you? Leo: Im fine, too. Oh, Im sorry Kate, this is Anna. Anna, this is Kate. Anna: Hello, Kate. Kate: Hi. Nice to meet you, Anna. Track 1.8

    /a/ hi five nice night

    // it this six aspirin Track 1.9 Woman: Hi, Im fine! Man: a nice night Woman: This film is terrible! Man: Think in English! Track 1.10 A Teacher: OK, class? Please look at page 11. Lars: Oops, Im sorry! Just a moment. Teacher: Lars. Are you OK? Lars: Yes, Im fine thanks. B Teacher: Come in. Lars: Sorry, Im late. Teacher: Thats OK, Lars. Track 1.11 Read the text. Write the word. Look at the book. Listen to the CD. Say the words. Match the word and picture. Close your book. Open your book.

  • Track 1.12 1 a board 2 a door 3 a table 4 a computer 5 a notebook 6 sheets of paper 7 walls 8 a chair 9 a bag 10 a window 11 a noticeboard 12 desks Track 1.13 1 Lars: Whats this in English? Teacher: Its a chair. Lars: And what are these? Teacher: They're CD-ROMs. Lars: Thank you. Teacher: Youre welcome. 2 Rita: Excuse me, please. Teacher: Yes? Rita: Whats that? Teacher: Its a whiteboard. Rita: And what are those? Teacher: They're magazines. Track 1.14 this these that those Track 1.15 this kiss these keys that cat those phones Track 1.16 1 a wallet 2 coins 3 a pen 4 a pencil

  • 5 a lighter 6 a laptop 7 a rubber 8 a dictionary 9 a memory stick 10 a diary 11 a newspaper 12 glasses 13 a hairbrush 14 a lipstick 15 a mobile 16 a watch 17 a credit card 18 keys 19 an identity card 20 tissues Track 1.17 Lars: What are these in English? Rita: Theyre keys. Are those newspapers? Lars: No, no, I dont remember. Just a moment. Er. No. No they arent. They arent newspapers, theyre, magazines. Track 1.18 Tim: Hey, Anna. Good evening. Anna: Tim! Hi! How are you? Tim: Im fine. Sorry Im late! Anna: Oh, thats OK. Let me introduce you. Kate, this is my friend Tim Grant. Kate: Hello, Tim. Nice to meet you. Tim: Nice to meet you too, Kate. Track 1.19 Tim: Where are you from, Kate? You arent British Kate: No, Im not. Im from the USA, from Washington. And you? Where are you from? Tim: Guess! Kate: Hmmm, I dont know Are you from Australia? Tim: Yes, I am! Im from Sydney. Kate: Where are you from, Anna? Anna: Me? Im Italian. Leo: Really? Where in Italy are you from? Anna: Im from Milan. And you? Leo: Im from York. Not New York! York in England. Im British. Your English is excellent, Anna. Congratulations! Anna: Oh Thank you. Track 1.20

  • Woman: Country Nationality Tim: Australia Australian Anna: Italy Italian Leo: Britain British Kate: The USA American Track 1.21 The Americas Argentina Argentinian Brazil Brazilian Mexico Mexican The USA American Asia and Oceania China Chinese Japan Japanese India Indian Australia Australian Europe Britain British France French Spain Spanish Italy Italian Germany German Africa Egypt Egyptian South Africa South African Track 1.22 Britain: Three nationalities in one country People from Canada are Canadian. People from Japan are Japanese. The Irish are from Ireland. And people from Britain are British, right? Yes, they are! But it isnt that simple. Theyre also Scottish, Welsh or English. It depends on the country where theyre from. So be careful! Remember: people from Scotland or Wales are not English, OK? The English are from England! Track 1.23 Kate: So, Tim. Are you and Anna just friends or ? Tim: Me and Anna? Yes, were just friends. Were journalists were on a project together. Kate: Oh, I see. And, are you married? Tim: No, Im divorced. What about you? Are you married? Kate: Married? No way! Im single. Very single!

  • Tim: And ... what do you do? Kate: Im an actress. Tim: Really? Are you famous? Kate: No, Im not! But Im in one or two television commercials. Tim: Wow! Thats interesting! Track 1.24 1 Man: What do you do? Woman: Im a housewife. 2 Woman: Are you doctors? Man & Women: Yes, we are. 3 Woman: What do you do? Man & Woman: Were retired. 4 Woman: Are you a teacher? Young Woman: No, Im not. Im an engineer. Track 1.25 1 a student 2 a footballer 3 a waiter and a waitress 4 a businessman / a businesswoman 5 a teacher 6 a doctor 7 an actor / an actress 8 a receptionist 9 a secretary 10 a chef 11 a journalist 12 retired 13 a housewife 14 a civil servant 15 a lawyer 16 unemployed 17 a police officer 18 an engineer 19 a dentist Track 1.26 $13 thirteen dollars

  • 14c fourteen cents 15 fifteen euros 16c sixteen cents 17 seventeen pounds 18p eighteen pence 19 nineteen yen 20 twenty 21 twenty-one 22 twenty-two 23 twenty-three 29 twenty-nine Track 1.27 Different countries, different cultures In the UK you can marry when youre 16. In France you can marry when youre 18. In parts of Russia you can marry when youre 14. In Iran a man can marry when hes 15 and a woman when shes 13. In the UK you can drive a moped (50cc) when youre 16 and drive a car at 17. In Spain and Portugal you can drive a moped at 14 and a car at 17. And in New Zealand you can drive a car when youre 15! In France you can buy cigarettes and buy alcohol when youre 16. In the USA, you can buy cigarettes at 18 and alcohol when youre 21. In Brunei you cant buy alcohol but everybody can buy cigarettes. And in Norway, you can work 12 hours a week when youre 13! Track 1.28 Man: twenty Woman: thirty Man: forty Woman: fifty Man: sixty Woman: seventy Man: eighty Woman: ninety Man: a hundred Woman: a hundred and one Man: two hundred Woman: three hundred and eleven Man: four hundred and twenty-eight Woman: five hundred and sixty-seven Man: nine hundred and ninety-nine Woman: a thousand Man: two thousand and one

  • Woman: four hundred and fifty-six thousand, seven hundred and eighty-nine Man: a million Woman: ten million Track 1.29 Lars: Oh hi, Rita its Lars please come to my birthday party at eight oclock on Friday thats eight oclock on Friday. The party is at the Elephants Head (E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T--S H-E-A-D) and the address is 224 Camden High Street and thats in Camden. OK 224 Camden High Street, the Elephants Head. and my home number is 020 908 7454 020 908 7454 OK? My work phone numbers 01453 399522. Thats 01453 399522. And my mobile phone number is 79663 289851. Thats 79663 289851. So please call me and ... See you on Friday. Bye. Track 1.30 In Camden in North London, these are the restaurants Food Lovers recommend: The Great Wall 438 Victoria Avenue Great Chinese food Little Italy 409 Harley Street Wonderful Italian with excellent pasta Best Burgers 491 Cambridge Road Fantastic American food and great service Super Sushi 489 Riley Street The best Japanese food in North London Track 1.31 Anna: This is very good food. Leo: Well, yes, its not bad. Tim: So where are you from, Leo? Leo: Im English, from York. Kate: I see. And what do you do? Leo: Im a chef. Anna: A chef? Really? Like in a restaurant? Leo: Yes, thats right. My restaurant! Italian food, really good! Anna: Italian. Like me. Wow! Leo: Look. This is my card. Come and visit the restaurant! Anna: Thanks. Little Italy. Thats nice. 409 Harley Street, Camden! Good! Leo: And heres my mobile number: 077 2386 7982.

  • Anna: Er Leo: Heres a pen. 077 2386 7982. Please call me. Anna: Oh! Thank you! Leo: But I dont have your number, Anna! Do you have a mobile? Anna: Oh, OK Track 1.32 Anna: Whats your full name? Leo: What nationality are you? Tim: What do you do? Leo: Whats your mobile number? Anna: Whats your home address? Track 1.33 Lucas: Hey, Norma! Norma: Hello, Lucas. How are you? Lucas: Fine, thanks. And you? Norma: Fine, thanks, Lucas. This is my friend, Carol. Lucas: Nice to meet you, Carol. Carol: Nice to meet you, too. Lucas: Are you American? Carol: No, Im Canadian. And you? Lucas: Im from Denmark. Carol: Where in Denmark are you from? Lucas: Copenhagen. Carol: Oh, Copenhagen! I think Copenhagens a fantastic city. Lucas: Thank you! Track 1.34 Teacher: Please open your books at page 90. Student: Sorry, is it 19 or 90? Teacher: Its 90. Student: Thank you. Track 1.35 Rafael: Hi everybody! Were Laura Bernard and Rafael Petit. Were French and we live in Lyon. Were lawyers and we work for the same company. Laura: We love Lyon. We think its an excellent city. Come and contact us! Our work number is 3771 4563 and our home address is 1483 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Unit 2 Track 2.1 Cake: A, H, J, K

  • Cheese: B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V Bread: F, L, M, N, S, X, Z Eye: I, Y Soap: O Moon: Q, U, W Star: R Track 2.2 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Track 2.3 Answers A = Agent; Mr W = Mr Wang; Mrs W = Mrs Wang A: Good morning, Mr and Mrs Wang. Its W-A-N-G, right? Mrs W: Yes, thats right. W-A-N-G. Wang. A: Thank you. OK. Heres your programme. Mr W: Than