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  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG


    A flexible MBA that blends

    academic trainingand professional experience



  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG


    International AcclaimLocated in the commercial heart of Europe, ESSECs reputation as one of Francesmost established and most prestigious business schools has earned itinternational recognition and respect. As the first non-American businessschool to receive official international accreditation, ESSEC is consistentlyranked in global media publications, including the Wall Street Journal,as one of the worlds premier business education providers.

    A curriculum tailored to your ambitionESSEC offers a full range of programs to cater to the particular needs of eachstudent. Offering a bachelor in business administration, several AdvancedMasters programs, a wide range of MBAs, a research focused Ph.D, and acomprehensive executive education track, ESSEC has developed a curriculumthat encourages open-minded, global thinking whilst acknowledgingthe need for specialization in an increasingly competitive marketplace.ESSEC trained professionals are well-known for being operational andeffective when they reach the business world.

    Creating and maintaining strategic relationshipsESSEC collaborates independently with over 300 partner companies to createtailored research projects, educational work placements and high calibrerecruitment opportunities. With 33,000 alumni already present worldwide,ESSECs ambassadors continue to bring their leadership skills and values toinstitutions in all four corners of the globe.

    A global mindset for a global community45% of ESSECs 134 permanent professors are from academic institutions in33 different countries. ESSECs research partners, Mannheim Business Schooland Stanfords SCANCOR reinforce the emphasis placed on maintaining an

    internationally renowned faculty and cutting-edge research: ESSECs facultyhave published over 356 articles and 110 books in the last 5 years.ESSECs student body spans over three campuses in France and Singapore andboasts over 1 000 international students representing 82 nationalities. Thanksto ESSECs international network of 350 companies and its wide range offoreign exchanges and double-degree opportunities with 118 worldwideuniversities, ESSEC is never far from where you are.or where you want to be.

    Founded in 1907 in France, ESSEC is a leading Europeanbusiness school, recognized for its academic excellence,highly competitive admissions process and renownedrelationship with the business community. ESSECs

    mission is to create influential and responsible worldleaders in the fields of business and public affairs.

    ESSEC Business School

  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG



    At ESSEC Business School, we provide one of the worlds leading MBAprograms, designed for students who want to develop critical, creative

    management skills in a truly international context.The ESSEC MBA curriculum introduces participants to cutting-edgeeconomic, social and management concepts taught by world-classfaculty and business experts. We place significant emphasis onprofessional work experience throughout the course, an opportunitywhere students reap the benefits of our long established corporaterelationships and high-caliber alumni community.

    Our personal approach to participants career development meansthat students can opt to focus their training on particular topics, andwork on company-sponsored projects in areas such as finance, socialentrepreneurship, innovation, bioethics, luxury brand managementand real estate management.

    The Singapore campus provides an ideal platform for students wishingto deepen their understanding of East and South-East Asian businesspractice. In addition, eighty distinguished world-wide exchangeprograms, as well as extensive, unique double-degree opportunities,allow participants to seamlessly pursue their studies in a host ofinternational universities from Mexico to Tokyo.

    Our mission for the ESSEC MBA is two-fold: We recognize theimportance of equipping participants with the concrete knowledgethey need to operate confidently in the competitive business world.But we are also training leaders who can think for themselves, adaptsmoothly to the dynamic, international environment around them,and who have the vision to find solutions for tomorrows challenges.

    Franoise ReyDean for MBA Programs


    The MBA objective Prepare tomorrows managers to becomeeffective leaders in a complex and increasinglyglobal environment by developing their

    capacity to analyse, anticipate and adapt, andby providing them with the necessary skills forsetting high-value goals and makingresponsible decisions.

    ESSEC MBA7th in the world



    in Francein the lastWall Street Journal

    MBA ranking

  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG


    Research in numbers

    356 articles and 110 books published over the last 5 years

    including several articles in top international management

    journals. Some examples include:

    Ayse Onculer (ESSEC) &Serdar Sayman (Ko University),An Investigation of Time Inconsistency, Management Science,Volume 55, N3, 2009, pp. 470-482

    Jrme Barthelemy (ESSEC), Opportunism, Knowledge andthe Performance of Franchise Chains, Strategic ManagementJournal, Volume 13, N29, 2008, pp. 1451-1463

    Arnaud de Bruyn (ESSEC) &John C. Leichty (Pennsylvania

    State University), Eelko K.R.E. Huizingh (University ofGroningen), Gary L. Lilien (Pennsylvania State University),Offering Online Recommendations with Minimum CustomerInput through Conjoint-Based Decision Aids, Marketing Science,Volume 27, N3, 2008, pp. 443-460

    As an institution of higher education, ESSEC BusinessSchool engages its faculty in research in order to fulfil astrong societal need: create knowledge in the fields thathelp to clarify management decisions and identify theireffects on company performance and environment.ESSEC not only contributes to the development ofconcepts and theories that treat new and increasinglycomplex problems, but also offers technical responsesto problems that companies encounter daily. Preparingfuture leaders for high-level decision-making requires apedagogy that builds on innovative concepts stemmingfrom fundamental research in management, combinedwith the ability to offer applications that solve concreteproblems.


    Director of the Research Center

    Research at ESSEC

    International partners Mannheim Business School SCANCOR - Stanford University

    The Ph.D.The ESSEC Ph.D. Program trains future professors andresearchers at the international level. With its emphasison research, the Ph.D. Program facilitates the productionof outstanding dissertations that are widely recognizedin the academic world.

    Some examplesof recent ESSEC faculty books

    David Avison, ESSEC, and Gholamreza Torkzdeh, University ofNevada. Information Systems Project Management. Thousand Oaks(USA): SAGE Publications, 2009.

    Stefan Grschl, ESSEC, Peter J. Dowling, Victoria University ofWellington, Marian Festing, ESCP Europe, Allen D. Engle, Sr.Eastern Kentucky University. International Human ResourceManagement: A Canadian Perspective. Toronto (Canada): NelsonEducation, 2009.

    Patricia Langohr, ESSEC, and Herwig Langohr, INSEAD. TheRating Agencies and their Credit Ratings. What They Are, HowThey Work, and Why They Are Relevant. Chichester (UK):

    John Wiley &Sons, 2009.

    Andrea Roncoroni, ESSEC, and Gianluca Fusai, University ofBocconi. Implementing Models in Quantitative Finance: Methodsand Cases. Heidelerg (Germany): Springer, 2008.

    Ashok Som, ESSEC. Organizat ion Redesign and Innovat ive HRM.Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press, 2008.

  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG


    The quality of a higher education institution is, first and foremost, a reflectionof the quality of its faculty. ESSEC is an academic institution of excellence whereresearch activity nourishes the act of teaching on a daily basis and infuses ourcollaborations with business. 134 permanent professors, educated by the worlds

    top universities, carry on ESSECs world-renowned tradition for academic excellence.The greatest asset to ESSECs ambition and dynamism is a faculty capable of combiningthe richness of our European heritage with the complexity of a global world."

    Jean-Marc XUEREB, Dean of the Faculty

    134 permanent professors

    30 visiting professors from prestigious international universities(IIMA Ahmedabad, India - University of Mannheim, Germany - KeioUniversity, Japan - Bocconi University, Italy - New York University, USA)

    45% foreign professors

    33 different citizenships

    At ESSEC, we have a veryinteractive approach toteaching. We offer an openenvironment that encouragesstudents to become activeparticipants in the classroom.

    In addition, a large number ofexchange students from worldrenowned business schoolsallows for cross-culturalperspectives and exchangeson many current strategic andconsumer behavior issues.

    Sonja PROKOPEC, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMarketing DepartmentESSEC Business SchoolAlumnus: University of

    Houston, Texas

    An internationally renowned faculty


  • 8/2/2019 ESSEC MBA Full Time Mba ANG


    Core Courses 8 courses

    Financial Accounting, Management Control, BusinessEconomics, Financial Theory, Organizational Behavior,

    Marketing Management, IS/IT for Managers, Strategy &Management.

    Elective Courses 12-14 courses

    Accounting &Management Control, Business Law, Economics,Finance, Management, Information and Decision Systems,

    Logistics, Production