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  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    Esmeralda Ball Chain PendantLevel: Advanced

    Nicole Hanna


    1 Piece 200cm 28 Gauge Round Wire

    6 Pieces 20cm 22 Gauge Round Wire

    !"tional# $%10cm 2mm &all '(ain or '(ain o) '(oice!"tional# 1 8mm Rondelle or Round &ead

    !"tional# 2 2mm Round &eads

    Needle Nose PliersWire 'utters

    Note: Please )eel )ree to sell )inis(ed "ieces* ten or fewer+ ,) -ou .ould li/e to "urc(ase an unlimitedlicense* "lease contact me ni//i+(annagmail+comRememer to attriute design credit to Nicole

    Hanna e.elr-+ 3(an/ -ou )or t(e consideration and Ha""- Weaving4

    Disclaimer: &- using and t(is content* -ou agree to e ound - t(e terms o) e.elr-Lessons+com5s Privac- Polic-* 3erms o) se and

    'ommunit- Guidelines+ Please re)er to (tt":77...+e.elr-lessons+com7"age7terms%use+ 9ou also agree to e ound - t(e 3eac(er5s 3utorial Policies

    "osted at t(e site+ 9ou ma- do.nload and "rint one co"- o) a 3utorial )or -our "ersonal use+ o not re%engineer* trans)er* co"-* re"ulis( ot(er t(an

    determined - t(ese terms+ 9ou agree to (old ;a

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 1

    Gat(er -our si> "ieces o) 22 gauge

    round .ire* called ase .ires+ Gri"

    tig(tl- et.een t(um and )ingers

    and se"arate slig(tl- so t(e- )an at

    t(e ends+ 3(is .ill allo. )or easiermani"ulation o) t(e .eaving .ire in

    later ste"s+

    =te" 2

    &egin 8cm )rom t(e le)t+

    Wit( -our 200cm "iece o) 28 gauge

    .ire called .eaving .ire#* leave a$0cm tail* and coil once or

    around t(e ottom ase .ire* or ase

    .ire 1+ 3(is .ill secure -our

    .eaving .ire and "re"are )or t(e

    .eave in t(e ) ste"s+

    =te" ?

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ires 1 and 2* et.een 2 and ?*e(ind 2* t(en et.een 2 and 1+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" @

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ires 2 and ?* et.een ? and @*

    e(ind ?* t(en et.een ? and 2+

    =te" $

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase.ires ? and @* et.een @ and $*

    e(ind @* t(en et.een @ and ?+

    =te" 6

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ires @ and $* et.een $ and 6*e(ind $* t(en et.een $ and @+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant



    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ires $ and 6* e(ind $ and 6* t(en

    et.een $ and @+

    =te" 8

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase.ire $* et.een $ and 6* e(ind $

    and @* t(en et.een @ and ?+

    =te" B

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ire @* et.een @ and $* e(ind @and ?* t(en et.een ? and 2+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 10

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase

    .ire ?* et.een ? and @* e(ind ?

    and 2* t(en et.een 2 and 1+

    =te" 11

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire over ase.ire 2* et.een 2 and ?* t(en e(ind

    2 and 1+

    =te"s ?%11 com"letes one rotation o)

    t(e 671 .eave si> .ires* one .ra"

    "er ste"#+

    =te" 12

    'om"lete 2$ rotations o) t(e 671

    .eave+ 3(is s(ould leave -ou .it( a$0cm tail give or ta/e a cou"le cm#

    on eit(er end o) t(e .eave+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 1?

    &end -our .eave into a CD s(a"e+

    =(a"e slo.l- to "revent .ar"ing o)

    t(e .ires or .eave+ Press t(e .eave

    )irml- et.een t(um and )ore)inger

    as -ou s(a"e+

    =te" 1@

    'urve ot( o) t(e inner ase .iresto.ards t(e inside o) t(e CD s(a"e

    and t(en over t(e to" o) t(e .eave+

    3o assure a s-mmetrical a""earance*

    count t(e numer o) rotations )rom

    ot( t(e eginning and end o) t(e.eave and curve -our ase .ire

    over t(e same rotation+ ,n t(is

    "icture* t(e ase .ire la- over t(e

    si>t( rotation )rom ot( t(eeginning and end o) t(e .eave+

    =te" 1$

    Wra" -our ase .ire around t(e

    .eave+ 9ou see t(e .ires criss%crossin t(e ac/* .it( t(e CED directl- in

    t(e center o) t(e + 3(is is a good

    indication -our sides ares-mmetrical+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 16

    Fli" -our "iece to t(e ac/+

    3rim e>cess ase .ire* evenl- on

    ot( sides+ Note (o. t(e ase .ire

    e>tends e-ond t(e .eave+ 3(is isasolutel- necessar-+

    An e>tra ?%$mm o) .ire e-ond t(e

    .eave .ill t(en e tuc/ed ac/

    to.ards t(e )ront o) t(e .eave+ seneedle nose "liers to gri" t(e .ire

    and end t(e end ac/ over t(e


    =te" 1

    9ou can see (o. t(e ase .ire endsust gri" t(e .eave at t(e inside o)

    t(e + 9ou .ant to (ide t(ese ends

    so* .it( -our needle nose "liers*"us( t(em eneat( t(e curved ase


    =te" 18

    =e"arate t(e ne>t inner ase .ire

    )rom t(e remaining )our on eac(side+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 1B

    Wit( t(e tails le)t at t(e eginning

    and end o) t(e .eave* coil around

    ot( o) t(ese inner ase .ires+

    'ounting -our coils assures -ou(ave t(e e>act lengt( on ot( sides*

    and )urt(er ensures -our s-mmetr-+

    , )ind t(at $0 coils is su))icient* ut

    -ou ma- need to adust u" or do.naccording to t(e s(a"e and si

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 22

    Wit( one o) t(e .eaving .ires

    trimmed in =te" 20* coil ? times

    around t(e ase .ire* second )rom

    t(e inner .ire+

    =te" 2?

    Wra" -our .eaving .ire t(ree timesaround ot( t(e inner and second

    )rom inner ase .ires+

    3(is com"letes one rotation o) t(e

    ?7? .eave t(ree one%.ire coils*

    t(ree t.o%.ire coils#+

    =te" 2@

    'om"lete 8 rotations o) t(e ?7?

    .eave* ending .it( t(e one%.irecoils+

    3rim an- e>cess .eaving .ire )romt(e eginning and end o) t(is .eave*

    and discard+ =cra"s )rom -our.eaving .ire s(ould e minimal+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 2$

    'om"lete 8 rotations on t(e

    o""osite side o) -our CD s(a"e+

    Rememer* in order to /ee" it

    s-mmetrical* t(e one%.ire and t.o%

    .ire coils need to occur on t(e same

    .ires* ot( sides+

    Note (o. t(e solid coiled side o)

    t(is .eave )aces a.a- )rom t(e

    center o) t(e CD on ot( sides+

    =te" 26

    'urve t(e .eaves in to.ards t(ecenter o) t(e CD s(a"e* t(en over

    t(e 671 .eave+ ee" -our ?7? .eave

    inside t(e curve o) t(e coiled .ires+

    3a/e -our time s(a"ing t(is curve+

    9our .ires .ill .ant to and la-at an angle+ 9ou can use "liers to

    gently adust t(ese .eaves to la-

    )lat* i) necessar-+

    3rim and tuc/ as in =te"s 16%1+

    =te" 2

    Wit( t(e ne>t inner ase .ire* create

    a small loo" over t(e end o) t(e 671.eave and slig(tl- overla""ing t(e

    ?7? .eave+ ;>tend t(is movement

    into a curve over t(e to" o) t(e 671.eave+ Rememer to /ee" t(is ase

    .ire inside t(e curve o) t(e ?7?


  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 28

    Re"eat =te" 2 on t(e o""osite side+

    &e)ore ending -our ase .ires

    around t(e .eave* adust t(e loo"s

    so t(e- loo/ even and .ell "laced+

    3(en .ra" -our ase .ires over t(e671 .eave* trim and tuc/ as in =te"s


    3(is is t(e )ront o) -our "iece t(us

    )ar+ At t(is "oint* , recommendma/ing sure t(e tuc/ed ends are nots(* and adust .it( needle

    nose "liers i) necessar-+

    3(is is t(e ac/ o) -our "iece t(us)ar+ Note (o. t(e ase .ires are nice

    and )lat against t(e ac/ o) t(e

    .eave* and t(e .ire ends are allsecurel- tuc/ed to.ards t(e )ront o)

    t(e .eave+ 3(is "revents "o/ing o)

    an- /ind* .(ic( is im"ortant .(en.orn as a "endant+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant


    =te" 2B

    3rim t(e e>cess .ire )rom -our

    remaining ase .ires* leaving a 2cm


    =te" ?0

    9ou (ave a )e. o"tions (ere+ 'reateloo"s out o) t(e trimmed ase .ire

    ends and attac( um" rings created

    )rom t(e ase .ires trimmed in"revious ste"s#* t(en run a c(ain or

    cord t(roug( t(e um" rings+ 9ou

    can also attac( c(ain directl- to t(eloo"s or um" rings as .ell+

    Here , cut cm o) 2mm all c(ain*

    t(en .ra""ed t(e trimmed ase .ireends et.een t(e last t.o alls on

    eit(er side+

    =te" ?1

    ,) -ou c(oose to add a small c(ain or

    all c(ain* -ou can t(en add an ear.ire directl- to t(e c(ain* or -ou can

    create um" rings out o) t(e ase

    .ire trimmed in "revious ste"s*attac( to t(e c(ain* and t(en run

    -our nec/ cord t(roug( t(e um"rings+

    3(e design is ver- versatile* and

    o"en to inter"retation+

  • 7/23/2019 Esmeralda Pendant



    9ou can decorate -our "iece -

    adding eads+ Here ,Ive used a single

    8mm rondelle ead* and t.o 2mm

    icone cr-stals+ sing a 20cm "iece

    o) 28 gauge .ire* coil a )e. timesaround t(e loo"ed ase .ire+ Add a

    2mm ead and la- t(e ead on to" o)t(e 671 .eave+ 'arr- t(e .eaving

    .ire e(ind t(e ?7? .eave and

    coiled .ire* t(en over t(e )irstuncoiled curved .ire+ Add -our

    8mm ead* attac( to t(e o""osite

    uncoiled curved .ire* t(en add t(e

    second 2mm ead as -ou did t(e)irst+ 9ou can add ust a center ead*

    or ust t(e small accent eads* or/ee" it ead%less+ Lots o) variationsand "ossiilities are availale+

    , (o"e -ou eno-+ Ha""- Weaving4

    Nicole Hanna tutorials are All Rig(ts Reserved+ 9ou ma- not co"-* lend or re"roduce* via an- )ormat*.ritten or "(otogra"(ic instruction "resented - or attac(ed to Nicole Hanna* (er name or designs* or

    Nicole Hanna e.elr-* )or an- reason* .it(out e>"ress .ritten "ermission+ 3(is includes derivative or

    reverse%engineered .or/ ased on* or ins"ired