Ernesto “Che” Guevara

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Ernesto “Che” Guevara. An inspiration to Mecha activists Who is Che Guevara?. Foto-Alberto Korda Havana, 1960. Last Supper of Chicano Heroes Jose Antonio Burciaga-Stanford U. Trendy fashion statement. Che “stuff”. Questions. 1. Who is Che Guevara? 2. Why has be an inspiration to the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Ernesto Che GuevaraAn inspiration to Mecha activistsWho is Che Guevara?

  • Foto-Alberto KordaHavana, 1960

  • Last Supper of Chicano HeroesJose Antonio Burciaga-Stanford U

  • Trendy fashion statement

  • Che stuff

  • Questions1. Who is Che Guevara?2. Why has be an inspiration to the Chicano movement? View of murals.3. What is the meaning of Che today?

  • Ernesto Guevara de la Sernael Che BiographyBorn 1928Rosario, Argentina

  • Youth in ArgentinaFamily moves toBuenos Aires

  • University EducationMedical degree


  • 1st trip through Latin Americafilm Motorcycle DiariesProfound impact:1. Commits life to the poor2. Develops a broad Latin American vision3. Travels to Chile, Peru, Bolivia

  • 1954--GuatemalaWitness to the fall ofArbenz government

    US backed military coup

    US Opposed to land reform policies-toHelp poor campesinos

  • Exile in Mexico, 1955Meets Fidel Castro

    Joins Cuban revolutionaries

    Nickname: CheSlang (Argentina) means friend

  • Arrives in Cuba, 1956On Granma boatEnters Cuba with 81Revolutionaries

    Goal: overthrow dictatorship of General BatistaAnd initiate Revolution

  • Guevaras route in CubaArrival of Granma in 1956Rebel stronghold in Sierra MaestraGuevaras Route to Havana via Santa Clara in December 1958

  • Revolutionaries arrive in Cuba82 leave Mexico

    16 survive Batistaattack

  • Sierra Maestra, Cuba

  • Guerilla WarfareSierra Maestra, Cuba

  • Ches victory in Santa ClaraDecember 1958--

  • Victory of Cuban Revolution1959Che works in Revolutionary gov.

    EconomistCentral BankAgrarian Reform

  • PhilosophyRevolutionary ethicsVoluntary Work


    Believed in Moral incentives

  • Advocate of African liberation,1964Cuba supports Angola with troops

    Che denounces the murder of of Lumumba (Congo) in a speech at the UN

  • 1965BoliviaRevolutionary struggleGoal:Ignite revolution in BoliviaOppression:Indigenous peoplesWorkers in Tin minesOwned by US, BRITISH interests

  • Che is taken prisoner in Bolivia, 1967

  • Che murdered in Bolivia, 1967

  • 1997 Ches body returned to CubaBuried in Santa Clara

    Monument in his honor

    Sight of victory overBatista army

  • Named as Time Magazines 100 Most Influential of 20th C.

    Only 2 Latin Americans named

    Other: PeleSoccer playerBrazil

  • Murals and Visual artLinking Che Guevara and the Chicano MovementAs hero and role model

  • SymbolismChe and Chicano movementIn USA:

    Che is linked to struggle of Cesar Chavez justice for Chicano farm workers

  • SymbolismMexico link to ZapataRevolution link to Morelos/HidalgoStruggle against colonialism link to indigenous culture Struggle for Latin American political identity

  • Chicano Park Murals #1-HistoricalSan Diego, 1970

  • Chicano Murals, Tucson, 1970s

  • Colegio Cesar Chavez, 1981Mt. Angel, ORegon

  • Estrada Courts,Olympic Blvd 1978Mario Torero

  • Chicano Pride

  • Chicago, casa Aztlan

  • Che as Saint/Christ figureVirgin of GuadalupeReligious/ moral/ Chicano identity

  • Belfast Barrio mural, 1992Ruben Ortiz Torres & Gerald Kelly

  • LegacyCuban Revolution:

    RevolutionaryStruggle for social justiceHerodies for cause of justiceAnti-capitalistChicano Movement:

    Mexican IndependenceAnti-ImperialismZapata & RevolutionCesar Chavez & Farm workers movementLatin American identity global level of struggleVirgin of Guadalupe- Mexican nationalism Cause of justice Indigenous rights