Equipping the Church Planting Family

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Equipping the Church Planting Family. One8 Network: 2011 Boot Camp, August 8-9, Hernando, Mississippi. Contact Information: J. D. Payne 2825 Lexington Road Louisville, KY 40280 1-800-626-5525 x4498 jpayne@sbts.edu @ jd_payne www.jdpayne.org www.NorthAmericanMissions.org. Survey says. . . . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Equipping the Church Planting Family

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Equipping the Church Planting FamilyOne8 Network: 2011 Boot Camp, August 8-9, Hernando, Mississippi


Contact Information:

J. D. Payne2825 Lexington RoadLouisville, KY 40280

1-800-626-5525 x4498jpayne@sbts.edu@jd_payne www.jdpayne.org www.NorthAmericanMissions.org

2Survey says. . . The Challenges

Top 10 Struggles of Church Planting Wives

(Taken from My Husband Wants to be a Church Planter. . . )Personal FinancesFeeling Overwhelmed with Needs / ResponsibilitiesTime Management / PrioritiesBoundaries Between Home Life and Ministry LifeEffect of Church Planting on FamilyLack of Time with HusbandLoneliness / IsolationLack of Emotional / Spiritual Support from Local ChurchesCriticism / Rejection from IndividualsUnderstanding Her Role as the Wife of a Church PlanterThe Blessings

85%Flexible SchedulesFamily InvolvementAvoidance of Traditional ExpectationsPersonal Considerations

Dont Neglect Your Personal Time with God Each DayHome Life Does not have to be Perfect . . . . Just Next to PerfectIf Your Family Falls, the Church Planting Work Falls Even HarderTake Days of Rest and be with Your FamilyDevelop a Family StrategyTo Protect the Tree, Begin with Three