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We believe our talented in-house team

combined with our network of media partners and

talented freelancers, enable us to lead the way in

providing ground breaking campaigns.

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Social MarketingIssues, campaigns, CSR, media partnerships, communications

Online MarketingFull suite of online marketing services – digital audits, seo, adwords, viral etc

ConsultancyIdeas and project development & management, partnership brokering, research & evaluation

Social MediaDevelopment and management of social media campaigns eg on facebook, myspace etc

CreativeDesign, copywriting, web development

Youth CampaignsYouth culture and engagement specialists

PRMedia and public relations, strategy and execution

Our services

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Getting trashed

Equator Media is working with

ASDA and business in the

community to investigate

binge drinking culture in

the UK – Campaigns to

be announced summer 2009


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Performing Arts

City AcademyCity Academy is a joint venture between Equator Media and

three times London Entrepreneur of the Year, Anna Fiorentini.

Acting, singing and dance workshops – supported by Channel

4’s 4Talent.

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Channel 4 testimonial

“Equator Media are prolific networkers and have, over the years, proved to be fantastic brokers of targeted media campaigns between socially-aware brands and organisations from the public, commercial and charitable sectors. A notable recent success is Breathe - a joint venture between Channel 4's 4Talent and Cancer Research UK - that fully engaged with young people and empowered them to create a viral campaign to illustrate the dangers of smoking to their peers.

Equator Media adopts refreshing and innovative approaches to develop long-term and sustainable relationships, whilst working hard to maximise relevance and integrity for all stakeholders.”

James EstillSenior Producer, 4Talent Networks, Channel 4 Television

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Channel 4 and GLAWe worked with Channel 4 to produce content for the

interactive walk-on aerial photo of London, which forms part

of the visitor experience at City Hall.

Content covered all 33 London boroughs to capture the

distinctive cultures, diversity, energy and heritage of each.


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The image of AfricaWe are working with the African Foundation for Development and Channel 4 to challenge the stereotype that most people hold of Africa.

Media partner:Channel 4


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Talk to Frank

National competition with Channel 4 – under 21’s

from across the UK sent in ideas for a campaign

to communicate the risks of smoking cannabis as

a teenager. Finalists attended a day at Channel 4

and winners were produced as part of a national


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i-geniusA world community of social entrepreneurs and

promoting a new generation. The i-genius

community already spans over 65 countries – and

growing fast.

Social entrepreneurs

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Green is the new blackClimArt is a campaign and national competition

to invite the public to contribute ideas to

combat climate change.

Climate Change

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Thank youIf you are a company, charity or public sector agency

and you think we could help you, please contact us at

the Equator Media office:

Contact [email protected]

Mobile: 07973 658487

Or call our office on 0207 704 3717

35 Britannia RowLondon, UKN1 8QHequatormedia.co.uk