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  • LS605 A Curated Learning Journey:

    ePortfolios and Open Digital Badges

    Michael Goudzwaard, Dartmouth College

    Orlando, FL • March 16 – 18, 2016

  • Collaborators: G. Alex Ambrose, Notre Dame

    Trent Batson, AAEEBL

    Helen Chen, Stanford University

    Kathryn Coleman, AAEEBL

    Michael Goudzwaard, Dartmouth

    Tracy Penny Light, Thompson Rivers University

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  • Session Outcomes: • Define what problem we are trying to solve with badges

    and portfolios

    • Develop a working definitions of badges and portfolios

    • Investigate three case studies from higher education

    • Apply badging and portfolio concepts to your work

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  • Science and Religion in American Media

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  • Badging a Course: Science and Religion in American Media

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  • Digital Media Analysis

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    Complete in-class workshop Complete supervised assignment Complete collaborative assignment Complete feedback assignment Complete reflection assignment

  • Solving for x

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  • http://eportfolio.nd.edu/directory/badge-directory 8

  • 9

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    3 skills badges and learning over time

  • Title





  • “Badges provide recognition of student achievement, and along with eportfolios, they can often provide a deeper representation of those achievements than you'll find in transcripts and more traditional records.”

    - G. Alex Ambrose, Notre Dame

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  • “…a purposeful collection of a learners work that illustrates efforts, progress, and achievement [over time].” The Northwest Evaluation Association

    A portfolio is. . .

  • “… a tool for employers to ensure that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company or organization.” American Association of Colleges & Universities

    A portfolio is. . .

  • …owns the evidence?

    the learner

    …controls access?

    the learner

    …reviews work over time?

    the learner

    In a portfolio who. . .

  • Making connections between courses/trainings/experiences/artifacts.

    Reflection (metacognition).

    Story telling about a learning journey for different audiences.

    What is curation?

  • Learner selects evidence for badge from the portfolio.

    Issuer (teacher/trainer/institution/peers) endorse claims to learning.

    Provide milestones to learning pathways (video editing 1,2,3).

    What do badges add?

  • Explore. Design a Badge

    Define a skill or learning outcome.

    Who might make a decision based on this badge (audience)?

    What is the badge evidence? Is it in a portfolio? Who has access?

    What are the criteria to earn a badge?

    Who assesses the evidence and issues the badge?

    Bonus: Draw your badge.

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  • Pathways to Empower Learners

  • The Sample Learner: • 4th year BA Geography student • Mission: Work in a NGO abroad • Transfer student from UBCO • Involved in diverse learning opportunities

    The Learner’s Pathway

  • Evidence Included in Portfolio • Learning Styles Reflection (Discover) • High School Community Service Learning Photos/Reflection (Connect)

    • Undergrad Research Poster (Experience) • Co-Op Work Experience (Experience) • Geography Field Trip (Become)

    The Learner’s Pathway

  • Solving for x

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  • Connecting transcripts to evidence through portfolios and badges.

    Comprehensive Student Record Course descriptions Faculty profiles Learning outcomes eDisserations & theses

    Badges Criteria Evidence Endorsement Connections

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    Portfolios Experiential learning Research experiences Service and internships Certificates and badges

  • AAEEBL Midwest Regional Conference : Notre Dame University, May 12 and 13, 2016

    Keynote: Professor Dan Hickey, Indiana University “How do we know they are learning?

    ePortfolios and Badges as Part of an Evidence-Based Ecosystem”


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  • Resources.

    Inside Higher Ed: Beyond the Transcript (July 13, 2015) https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/07/13/project-create- models-broader-form-student-transcript

    Extending the Transcript: Rethinking the Record (July 29, 2015) http://www.aacrao.org/resources/resources-detail-view/extending-the- transcript--rethinking-the-record

    @mgoudz | #LSBadges | CC-BY-SA

    AAEEBL: Association for the Authentic, Experiential and Evidence- Based Learning. aaeebl.org

    OBHE: Open Badges in Higher Ed (working group) https://sites.google.com/site/openbadgesinhighereducation/working-group

  • (e)Portfolios and Open Badges

    A Curated Learning Journey cc: Manoj Kengudelu - https://www.flickr.com/photos/11767573@N02

    Slides: bit.ly/LSbadgeport @mgoudz | #LSBadges | CC-BY-SA