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Environmental Considerations

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Environmental Considerations. And how they may affect the role of hydro in New England’s energy future. Tim Brush and Jen Stone Normandeau Associates Westmoreland, NH. Outline. Waterpower Technologies Facts of the Matter Typical Environmental Issues Regulatory Drivers Some Specifics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Considerations

Environmental ConsiderationsAnd how they may affect the role of hydro in New Englands energy future

Tim Brush and Jen StoneNormandeau AssociatesWestmoreland, NHOutlineWaterpower TechnologiesFacts of the MatterTypical Environmental IssuesRegulatory DriversSome SpecificsBottom Line

Waterpower TechnologiesConventional HydropowerDamHeadTurbinesSpillway

Pumped StorageUpper and lower reservoirsPumps/turbinesA twist, but high value

Waterpower Technologies

HydrokineticTidal/Wave/LockVelocity component of Bernoullis equationSmall energy output relative to conventional because of no head (except for lock application)Value in use of arrays and as components of meeting Renewable Portfolio Standards

Waterpower Technologies

We have impacted our landscape in many ways, including virtually all riversWe cannot revert to pristine conditionDam removal many should go butCost of compliance with agencies and special interest demands very high costs come back to youAncillary benefits of hydro no other industry comparesFacts of the Matter23,000 MW could be developed by 2025 without building a single new damIn many (if not most) cases, fish restoration targets are overly optimisticLicensing/Relicensing Costs, Time, and Uncertainty

Facts of the Matter

Typical Environmental IssuesInstream FlowRecreationConnectivityWater Level FluctuationsEndangered SpeciesNon-native SpeciesSpecial Interests

Regulatory DriversFederal Power ActEndangered Species ActClean Water ActMagnuson Stevens ActStates lawOthers

Regulatory DriversFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)FPA Section 18CWA Section 401Licensing/Relicensing ProcessPM&EsSpecial Interest GroupsYears to complete process

Some SpecificsInstream Flow

Some SpecificsConnectivity Migratory Fish

Some SpecificsFish Passage

Other Limiting Factors

Non-native SpeciesContaminantsWater QualityWatershed DevelopmentSome SpecificsBottom LineTechnically - waterpower technologies could be implemented in short order23,000 MW without any new dams!There are new incentives to help achieve this but many obstacles remainFrom an environmental perspective, its my opinion that this is a no brainerThank you

Tim BrushNormandeau