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  • Enrolment Application

    for WS (winter semester) SS (summer semester)

    Matriculation No.: (Please leave blank)

    Personal Details Last Name 1st nationality First name 2nd nationality Gender Street, no. Date of birth Additional Place of birth Zip code, town Country of birth Telephone Name at birth

    Have you been enrolled at a German higher education institution before? If you answered yes: number of university semesters (total including vacation semester/s):

    First higher education institution First enrolled in (semester) Have you already completed a degree programme in Germany?

    Which degree programme/s are you applying for enrolment on? 1st choice 2nd choice (where applicable)

    Degree level Degree level Degree programme/subject Degree programme/subject 2nd Subject (where applicable) 2nd Subject (where applicable)

    Complete this section only if you are selecting more than one subject or programme In which subject do you wish to be entitled to vote? In which subject do you wish to use the mentoring system?

    For information on the mentoring system: http://www.uni-due.de/zfh/ude_mentoring_system.php)

    T O B E C O M P L E T E D B Y T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O N L Y

    HZB Semester Vorsemester AB Inland AB Ausland Ausl-Stud. Sonstige

    Schlssel HSSem Hochschule AB Art AB Art Land Alumni

    Datum UnterbrSem Abschluss Fach Fach Monate KV

    Ort KlinSem Fcher Datum Datum Datum/Krzel

    Stempel/Unters. Note





    Universittsstrae 2 Geibelstrae 41

    45117 Essen 47057 Duisburg


    Please do not use scanned or copied


    Affix with glue.

    Do not staple.

  • YES NO

    Study abroad Have you ever been enrolled at a higher education institution abroad?

    (For Erasmus semester please tick No) If you answered yes:

    In which country abroad were you enrolled at a higher education institution?

    How many months were you enrolled at the higher education institution abroad for?

    Have you already completed a degree programme abroad?

    If you answered yes:

    In which country did you complete your degree programme?

    Details of previous study Have you ever failed the final attempt in any examinations in your previous study? If so: For registration you will need the Prfung des Antrags auf Einschreibung

    (Examination of Enrolment Application) form, signed by the Examinations Section (and

    possibly also by the responsible Examination Committee).

    Tuition fee loan (NRW-Bank) Have you entered into a contract with the NRW-Bank for a loan to finance your tuition

    fees? Please enter your application number here:

    I confirm

    that the social and student body contribution will be paid in full to the University by the beginning of the semester (WS 01.10.,

    SS 01.04.), or within 14 days of enrolment in the event that enrolment takes place after 01.10./01.04.,

    that I have not been excluded from study at any other higher education institution in the Federal Republic of Germany,

    that I have not failed any of the examinations required for enrolment,

    that I have not failed the final attempt in any of the examinations and/or assessments required in accordance with the Examination Regulations for the study programmes I am applying for enrolment on,

    that all the information I have provided is true and correct.

    Important information Bachelors and masters degree programmes which have not yet been accredited may be subject to changes. I am aware that applications cannot be processed if they are incomplete and that any untrue information can result in exmatriculation. I acknowledge that the University may use my contact details (in accordance with Section 8 (5) of the North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act, HG NRW) to contact me if any questions arise during and after my time as a student and in connection with its alumni work. I may at any time with effect for the future withdraw my permission from the Enrolment and Examinations department (Einschreibungs- und Prfungswesen) for the processing and use of my data. I likewise acknowledge that the University may use my data in connection with scholarship proposals in the faculties and in connection with the UDE mentoring system. I may at any time with effect for the future withdraw my permission from the Enrolment and Examinations department for the use of my data. With my signature I accept the information (see accompanying notes Important Notes on Enrolment) on the use of the multifunction student card. I also agree that personal data arising in connection with use of my card may be stored and processed by the University of Duisburg-Essen within the scope of data protection regulations. On enrolment I acknowledge the Rules for the Use of the University Library and the Centre for Information and Media Services (ZIM) at the University of Duisburg-Essen in the valid version.

    Date Signature


  • Enrolment Dates/Appointments

    The application for enrolment must be submitted by you personally or by a person authorised by you. The person authorised to act as your agent must present both identity documents and a letter of authorisation. Enrolment is not possible by post. Please under no circumstances pay the fees in advance. You will be informed of the payment formalities during enrolment.


    You may enrol on a programme with admission restrictions if you have received a letter of admission to that programme. The letter of admission is made available to you online in the applicant portal. It is essential that you book an appointment online for enrolment. The link for booking your appointment is given in the letter of admission. Enrolment is not possible without an appointment. The enrolment period for restricted programmes is indicated by the calendar that is available for you to book your appointment. If you do not book an appointment or enrolment does not take place at the time of the booked appointment, you lose your entitlement to the place on the programme.

    ENROLMENT ON NON-RESTRICTED PROGRAMMES Enrolment on a programme that does not have admission restrictions can take place during the specified period without prior application. Enrolment is only possible during the specified period. For details please see the following page: www.uni-due.de/studierendensekretariat/einschreibungsfristen It is essential that you book an appointment online via the following link: www.uni-due.de/studierendensekretariat/ts_zulassungsfreier_studiengang The appointments are released two weeks before the beginning of the enrolment dates. Enrolment is not possible without an appointment.

    Exception: For programmes that allow enrolment after 30.04. for the corresponding summer semester or after 31.10. for the corresponding winter semester (e.g. on masters degree programmes, doctoral programmes), it is possible to enrol after the enrolment period without an appointment during office hours.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The above link is for booking an appointment for enrolment on a non-restricted programme only. You will receive the link for enrolment on a restricted programme in your letter of admission.

    Information on the student card and semester ticket

    After you have enrolled, you will receive your multifunction student card by post. This card is your student ID, library card , Mensa card (payment function, use of the washing machines in the student residence, bottle deposit refund) and can be used on the photocopiers. Your card is valid for the entire duration of your studies on condition that you pay the necessary social and student body contribution for each semester. If you lose or damage your card, a fee of 10 euros will be charged to issue a new one.

    Following matriculation and payment of your social and student body contribution, you are entitled to use the VRR and NRW Ticket for travel by public transport. You have the option of downloading your travel pass (VRR and NRW Ticket) onto your smartphone via the myUDE campus app (https://www.uni-due.de/myude/). A PDF document is also available here, which you can print out and present as proof of your ticket if necessary (e.g. if your mobile is not working).

  • The following documents must be presented at enrolment: Enrolment is only possible with all the required documents. Documents may not be submitted later. If your documents are not complete, you must book a new appointment for enrolment.

    General The completed Enrolment Application form Confirmation mail for your enrolment appointment Your original Abitur certificate or a certified copy or certified photocopy of it; if you gained your school-leaving qualification abroad, you must obtain

    confirmation of your entitlement to study from the International Office before enrolment Degree certificate (original or certified copy or certified photocopy) if you have previously graduated from a higher education institution in Germany or abroad Proof of special preparatory training or a

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