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<ul><li><p>Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Activities </p><p>The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that simple word - extra </p><p>Extra Curricular Activities </p><p>The range of activities on offer, and the way in which the school encourages participation </p><p>in these, help pupils to become active and responsible citizens. Ofsted Sept 2016 </p><p>There is a wealth of opportunity for learning experiences beyond the normal curriculum. Here </p><p>are some examples of the different activities that we provide. </p><p> Showtime! a chance for singers, musicians, dancers and actors to showcase their talent. </p><p> PE sports activities a range of activities each year including football, netball, swimming, </p><p>table tennis, basketball </p><p> Read it, watch it compare the film to the book </p><p> Debating opportunity to improve communication and debating skills and work towards </p><p>regional and national competitions. </p><p> Art develop your artistic skills </p><p> Craft Club Get creative and learn how to use different craft skills which to make fabulous </p><p>products. </p><p> Chess Club </p><p> Prayer - opportunity for all students and staff to take part in the Catholic life of the school. </p><p>To come together in prayer three times a week and get ready for the day ahead </p><p> Geography Club and History Workshops </p><p> Science Club - experiments, science skills and a bit of gardening too! </p><p> Computing Club </p><p>Please click here for an updated list of activities that are on offer this term </p></li><li><p> Performing Arts is a great way for students to gain confidence and try new things e.g. </p><p>Showtime is an event where students can shocase their dance, drama and musical </p><p>talents. Year 8 pupil </p><p>Reasons why pupils should get involved in extra-curricular activities? </p><p> Improve your academic performance </p><p> Make new friends with people who have a similar interest </p><p> Improve your social skills </p><p> Learn new skills </p><p> Extend your knowledge and understanding </p><p> When applying to schools and colleges it shows that you are an interesting person they </p><p>like to know how you spend your free time. </p><p>Being part of the school football team is amazing because I like to develop my skills, </p><p>improve my teamwork and get the opportunity to represent my school whilst doing </p><p>something I love. Year 7 pupil </p><p>Birmingham Catholic Secondary Schools Events </p><p>Pupils at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School get to represent their school at a range of different </p><p>events and competitions throughout the year alongside other secondary schools from </p><p>Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry. These events are great opportunities for our pupils to </p><p>perform and compete against the best students from 12 secondary schools. This helps to improve </p><p>their performance and inspires them to aim higher. </p><p>Here are some of the events that pupils will be taking part in this academic year: </p><p> Performing Arts Event </p><p> KS3 and KS4 Maths Challenge </p><p> KS3 and KS4 Public Speaking Competition </p><p> STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Event </p><p> Swimming Gala </p><p> Chess Competition </p><p> PE Events (a range of competitions throughout the year) </p></li><li><p>A wide range of enrichment activities support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural </p><p>development of pupils effectively. These activities include trips and visits, including </p><p>visits to science museums, a retreat in France and a visit to Oxford University for the </p><p>most able. Pupils can also enter inter-school sporting as well as debating competitions </p><p>or musical and drama performances. Ofsted Sept 2016 </p><p>We promote healthy competition across the school with our House System. All pupils represent </p><p>their house group which helps to develop a team spirit e.g. Sports Day. </p></li><li><p>Educational Visits and Trips </p><p>Many educational visits take place every year at various times, to a diverse range of locations. </p><p>These specialist trips are aimed to educate, inspire and provide new experiences for our pupils </p><p>including: </p><p> Paris Maths is Everywhere visit one of the worlds greatest capital cities whilst </p><p>improving your understanding of Maths. </p><p> London be inspired by the world of Science </p><p> Retreats to numerous pastoral centres including Savio House and Alton Castle </p><p> Trips to Oxford University for the most able pupils </p><p> Theatre visits to gain a better understanding of set texts in English and Drama </p><p> Shakespearience a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. </p><p> a visit to the British Science Festival at Birmingham University for the most able Scientists </p><p> Birmingham Through the Ages understand the history of the city that you live in. </p><p> as part of the Arts Across the City trip, Year 7 students attend a concert at Symphony Hall </p><p>in the International Convention Centre </p><p>Having the opportunity to perform a duet during Mass gave me an immense confidence </p><p>boost. I loved that I got to exhibit my talent infront of the whole school at such a sacred </p><p>time Year 7 pupil </p><p>The Pupil Pledge </p><p>We feel so strongly that all pupils deserve the opportunity to have their lives enriched with a </p><p>variety of different opportunities and activities that we have designed with our pupils a Pupil </p><p>Pledge consisting of 15 things that pupils should do before leaving the school. </p></li><li><p>Pupil Pledge </p><p> Things you should do before leaving school </p><p>1. Take part in a residential trip. </p><p>2. Take part in charity work or a fundraising activity. </p><p>3. Take on a leadership role. </p><p>4. Help to make a change in your community. </p><p>5. Visit an art gallery/museum. </p><p>6. See a production at a theatre or attend a concert. </p><p>7. Attend a regional/national sporting event. </p><p>8. Take part in a performance. </p><p>9. Take part in a liturgy. </p><p>10. See the sea. </p><p>11. Climb a mountain. </p><p>12. Represent your house. </p><p>13. Represent your school. </p><p>14. Visit a place of non-Christian worship. </p><p>15. Visit a place of further or higher education. </p><p>When pupils start school, staff give them a pupil pledge that lists 15 things you </p><p>should do before leaving school. This pledge includes activities such as take part in </p><p>a residential trip, help to make a change in your community, and visit a place of </p><p>non-Christian worship. Ofsted Sept 2016 </p></li></ul>