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  • 8/14/2019 Enjoy Arlington Summer 2009



    Arligto Coutys Guid to Rcratio & Lisur Summr 2009

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    Enjoy Arlington!

    Its free. Know

    what's happening

    in Arlington.

    Call 703-228-4747

    or go online at


    keyword classes.

    Adaptd Aquatics 6

    Adaptd Gymastics 8

    Adults 55+ 18

    Arobics 4

    Arts & Crats 14

    Aquatics 6

    Cramics 14

    Dac 12

    Dog Obdic 15

    Draig & Paitig 15

    Fcig 9

    FitArligto 10

    Fitss 3

    Gymastics 8

    Jlry 15

    Map ad Facility Addrsss 25

    Martial Arts 9

    Momt & Music 13

    natur 16

    Parks & Trails 24

    Pho numbrs 27

    Photography 15

    Pilats 4

    Public Spac or Public Us 22

    Rgistratio Iormatio 26

    Spcial nds Commuity 21

    Sports 9

    Ts 20

    Tis 12

    Tis Courts 19

    volutrs 22

    wllss 6

    wllss workshops 5

    Yoga 4

    Dont let ee or ability be a barrier! Check out the ee

    reduction and accommodation policies on page 26.

    E c e ar puee prveer mes

    eesrs perss eeses espees. ar

    quere que ss m se u brrer pr que

    resees prpe e ses, mpmes prrms, me

    703-228-4747 ttY 703-228-4743 pr ms rm.

    We Aim to Please! our vs r ar s hppy hehy pe ve, er, wrk py. t mke hs rey,

    ur mss s prme weess vy hruh ym

    prrms rve pub spes. ar cuys

    deprme Prks, Rere cuur Resures s e

    he y-ve ees he U.S. hve reeve

    re rm he cmmss r

    are Prk Rere aees

    (caPRa) by mee 155 srs.

    Online registration begins June 3 at 8 am.

    Just go to www.arlingtonva.us/PRCR!

  • 8/14/2019 Enjoy Arlington Summer 2009


    2 S U M M E R 2009 RE c RE a t i o n & l E i S U RE g U i d E

    Scholarship FundHeLPaRLinGtonianS LeaRn anD GRoW!

    de he Shrshp Fu suppr

    reses wh wu herwse

    prpe ue hrshp. Jus

    whe yu reser r

    ssheres my ar h

    w rey ppree yur hep.

    Gt Acti Arligto!FitArlington presents a plethorao options to get you (or help keep

    you) healthy and ft. Take a class(page 3), or fnd a team or group

    (page 10).

    Adaptd Programsor Spcial nds!The Therapeutic Recreation/

    Prevention Intervention ofce providesprograms and service to promote

    healthy liestyles or individuals who

    are at risk or have special needs. While

    we have included adapted classes in theappropriate class category (or examplego to gymnastics or the adapted gymnastic

    class), look or a complete overview o

    adapted programs on page 21.

    Com volutr ith Us!Friendly, outgoing volunteers only need apply.

    PRCR is piloting a program to place

    customer service volunteers at the rontdesk o recreation centers and pools. Be a

    volunteer. Check out even more volunteeropportunities on page 22.

    This logo sigis a class that

    supports th missio o FitArligto.

    For mor iormatio o FitArligto

    ad mor opportuitis to gt t, go

    to .arligtoa.us/FitArligto.

    Welcome to Enjoy Arlington!Visit Arlingtons newest

    summer-un siteDrew Park!

    Adjacent to Drew Elementary School alongS. Kenmore Street, check out our new, un and

    colorul park in south Arlington. Its got a play

    area or tots, another or school age children,

    swings, seating, paths, ornamental

    encing, landscaping and a

    way-cool water sprayground.






    Com Crat ith Us!From jewelry, photography,and drawing to ceramics!Enroll in an art class or visit

    a drop in at one o ArlingtonCountys public art studios.

    Page 15

    Com Gro ith Us!Gul Branch and Long Branchnature centers oer programs or

    all ages. Visit our centers to enjoyyour exhibits, walk the trails and

    celebrate your love o nature! Page 16

    Flourishig atr 55!For people 55 and older, ArlingtonCounty oers classes, enrichment and

    travel programs, cultural and social events,

    physical ftness opportunities and more. Signup to get the 55+ Guide or the complete

    listing; go to www.arlingtonva.us, search55+ Guide to sign up. To learn more about

    programs see page 18.

    Ts Rul!Or at least they think so. Want to fnd asset-building activities or your teen when he or

    she is out o school? Check out page 20.

  • 8/14/2019 Enjoy Arlington Summer 2009


    S U M M E R 2009 RE c RE a t i o n & l E i S U RE g U i d E 3

    FitnessToT & AdulT

    Mom & Toddlr workoutMms keep hs wrku ss hve her er me ! ths ee,h-rey exerse rm r mms kses e hree ues vrey sreh,r fexby wrk, rpr yss, sep, resse bs, ree wehs,shes, prer wrk, sreh hres mus/re/eher me. WalterReed Center. is: ByMves Fess llcAgs 1-3 5 Sssios $68

    410301A tues., Ju. 30, 10:00-10:50m

    Teen & AdulT

    Absolutly ABS !ths 30-mue re r wrkurpres exerses ere e he ruk,u upper wer bs, he bques(he ve he re) he wer bk. thswrku ues ervs er bs se bk exerses be he by rese rs sreh. gre r sbz heme he by, yu evep psure ree e rmme wse.Langston-Brown Center. is: aerbx, i.Ags 15-Adult 7 Sssios $55

    440365A Fr., Ju. 10, 8:00-8:30m

    Byod Absou sr rs, hehy rms spr he shuers re hehy. t keep yurshuers pmum shpe, yu ee wrk he muses ru he shuer...very spey. i hs ss yu w wrkhse muses h h he rm he rb e shuer be, yu w eve u hesuppr r yur ek s we s hruh buus se exerses r he m-by/spe wer bk. ths ss w ve yu re m-se mke yur upper bkee re! Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center.is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 10 Sssios $106

    440320A thurs., Ju. 2, 5:30-6 :15pmAgs 13-Adult 8 Sssios $86

    440320BSu., Ju. 12, 5:05-5:45pm

    Cardio KaratJb, rss, kk bk yur wy ess!ths e-hur, mere- hh-esywrku s ese r rvsur muse eure. Wrk hruh mb mr rs rs us mus ree s-pe, u-pke wrku. isrurmes every mve s h ye prpe. Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center.is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 8 Sssios $115

    440368A Su., Ju. 12, 4:00-5:00pm

    Cardio SculptJ us r hh-eery, -by wrku hur. We sr wh r wrku whyur vre -sh erbs. the we

    sup yur muses wh wehe by brs umbbes. the ss es wh m wrkus bs, ues bk srehe.a sreh ues he ss. is: Er

    Fairlington Center

    Ags 15-Adult 20 Sssios $185

    440345A M./We., Ju. 29, 6: 30-7:30pm

    Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center

    Ags 15-Adult 8 Sssios $79

    440345BS., Ju. 11, 8:00-9 :00m

    Dac or Fitss new

    try hs u mb syes h w mkeyu swe sme. Bewee he wrmup w yu ejy 10 mueseh Hp Hp, Rver de, bey e,sep e, Byw e be. nexperee eessry. Langston-Brown Center.is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 10 Sssios $120

    440335A M., Ju. 29, 5:00-6: 00pm

    Happy Hour Boot Campnew

    Skp hppy hur he br j J r ss h w rese sreh sm

    eves, mprve fexby, evep y, e yur by. ths s-pe 60 mue ssw ere bewee wehs, shes(push ups, ues, squs), re sbz sreh, r sesss (jump jks,jump rpe, sprs), sreh . B cmpw mee he ees prps rm hebeers he ve. Why sze he br empy res whe yu wrku bur res. Walter Reed Center.is.: lusAgs 13-Adult 7 Sssios $70.00

    440315A Fr., Ju. 10, 7:00-8:00p.m.

    Muscl CoditioigMuses be weke er ur ys res mer wh. ths ss w y ve yu beermuse rmess bu s beer be esy psure. there w be ms r everyess eve. Langston-Brown. is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 10 Sssios $120

    440346A M., Ju. 29, 6:00-7:00pm

    cHDMuscl Coditioig/Sculptigge re wrku sup yur mjrmuse rups. the ss uses squs,ues resse wrk wh wehe bybrs umbbes. We sup shuers, beps,reps s, he mve he fr rse bm, us bk wrk. a sreh mpees he ss. is: Er

    Fairlington Center

    Ags 15-Adult 20 Sssios $185

    440347A M./We., Ju. 29, 7:35-8:20pm

    Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center

    Ags 15-Adult 8 Sssios $79

    440347BS., Ju. 11, 9:05-10:05m

    Start at Zroare yu sre exerse? Hs bee me se yu h he e up mve? are yu rever rm physhees? the hs s he ss r yu. Wew be wh ur mues r-rexerse mve up 15 mues by he e he sess. theres me r Q&a ehss hep yu jus e, bu er mrebu keep . Barcrot Sports & FitnessCenter. is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 8 Sssios $61

    440333A Su., Ju. 12, 2:30-3:00pm

    Turbo Kickis kkbx! is by sup! is jusp h! turb kk s superhre rss h burs res whe see

    resus ser h ever! i pks eh wrkuwh re-bs kkbx mves pushe hes e mus! chek u www.letsturbokick.com r mre rm.Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center. is: XFrAgs 13-Adult 9 Sssios $87

    440312A thurs., Ju. 2, 6:30-7:30pm

    wight Traiig 101ler vrey ehques eheyur ess reme. Uers hw ppy he physy phsphes sreh ves s re es suessu wrku. dsver hw mbepers r ehques wh rup essrevy semessy ere srehr equpme u rs r ex, u-by wrkus. the rsur sesss w be eure he s wbe ess sses he weh rm. BarcrotSports & Fitness Center. is: MlerAgs 13-Adult 8 Sssios $61

    440807A Su., Ju. 12, 3:00-4:00pm

    Zumbadh he wrku, j he pry! ths e-spre r ss s r eves eur hees ss, umb, smb, mereue, hh, ree mre! these esy- wrues eure erb ess erv rwh mb s sw rhyhmsh mxmze r upu, bur by .

    Barcrot Sports & Fitness Center. Inst: XFactor

    Ags 13-Adult 9 Sssios $87

    440344A M., Ju. 29, 7:00-8: 00pm

    Walter Reed Center. Inst: XFactor

    440344Ctues., Ju. 30, 7:45-8:45pm440344Dthurs., Ju. 2, 7:45-8:45pm

    Madison Center. Inst: Aerobix Inc.

    Ags Adults 8 Sssios $78440344Btues., Ju. 30, 7:40-8:40pm


    Body SculptigSr yur wrku wh w-mp wrmup, we by 50 mues h wehs rubber b/resse wrk sup e yur ere by. c w rex y srehes w. Wer mrbeh, br h wehs pssbe (epu s e) m we. MadisonCenter. is: aerbx i.Ags Adults 16 Sssios $134

    440334A M./We., Ju. 29, 6: 20-7:20pm440334Btues./thurs., Ju. 30, 8:30-9:30m

    Halthy Hips

    Srehe he muses rm yur v yurkees hep keep hp repeme wy.Pere r hee kees re r hps ummy hep h s! Yu w ss s my spe s hs ywher

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