Enhancing Your Child’s Creativity Presented by Susan Whittington Director American River Charter School April 17, 2013.

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  • Enhancing Your Childs Creativity

    Presented by Susan WhittingtonDirector American River Charter SchoolApril 17, 2013

  • Creative learning and thinking skills promote: Visual imagination, handcrafting skills, musical perception, originality and task appropriateness. The ability to think outside the box.

    Research from National Center for Education Statistics:90% of public elementary schools offer Art or Music instruction once a week97% of public elementary school do not offer Dance or Theater Arts at all What is Creativity?

  • Why is Creativity important?Produce effective solutions to highly complex societal challengesCreate intense personal enjoyment, engagement and meaning in lifeLead to higher levels of career success

    from James Kaufman, 2009

  • Right Brain Rising from A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

    Left Brain Characteristics: sequential, literal, functional, textual, and analyticL-Brain Careers- Scientists, Doctors, EngineersL-Brain Childrens Activities: Playing chess, Math games, Putting puzzles together

    Right Brain Characteristics: simultaneous, metaphorical, aesthetic, contextual, and syntheticR-Brain Careers- Designers, Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, Educators,R-Brain Childrens Activities: Creating Art, Playing a Musical instrument,Writing creative stories or poetry

  • Blending Right and Left Brain LearningGifted and Talented children need help in blending because they get stuck in their strongest learning style.

    As parents we needs to help our children develop their sense of:Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy ,Play and Meaning

  • Ways parents can enhance or develop your child's creativity

    Encourage your child to take dance lessons, learn to play an instrument, and sign them up for art and theater classes at a young age.

    Help them blend science and art projects, art and research projects, and music and technology projects for school assignments.

    Encourage brainstorming ideas, develop flexible thinking, and help develop empathetic capacity.

    Develop good questioning skills and cultivate divergent thinking.

    The more arts and crafts that scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs engage in across their lifetimes, the greater their likelihood of achieving important results in the workplace.Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein, 2008

  • Can Creativity be Developed?YES!!!We have heard the expression, Curiosity killed the cat, but nobody talks about how it helps your GATE child develop the love of learning, increase his or her engagement and be successful in school!

    Curiosity needs more than stimulation and freedom. For children to develop and satisfy their urge to know, they need role models, opportunities to practice and guidance. Susan Engel, 2011

  • Local ResourcesImagination Theater in PlacervilleOle Coloma Theater in ColomaLocal Dance StudiosLocal Music and Art instructorsSugarloaf EDCOEs Summer Camp at Sly ParkCamp Augusta- Nevada County



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