English Renaissance 1485 - 1660

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English Renaissance 1485 - 1660. A time of “ rebirth ” Two period : the Elizabethan the Jacobean. Humanism. New way of looking at the world It was caracterized by voyages and discovery Breaking down of the Christian church Importance of rationalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of English Renaissance 1485 - 1660

English Renaissance 1485 - 1660

English Renaissance1485 - 1660A time of rebirth

Two period: the Elizabethan the Jacobean

New way of looking at the worldIt was caracterized by voyages and discoveryBreaking down of the Christian church Importance of rationalismGreat thinkers: Erasmus of Rotterdam and his English disciples Thomas More and John ColeHumanismFive monarchs:Henry VII (14851509)Henry VIII (15091547)Edward VI (15471553)Mary I (15531558)Elizabeth I (15581603)Elizabeth period

He was the first monarch of the House of Tudor.He was born during the wars of the Roses.He was not a member of royal family.He restored the reputation of the monarch ad one who rules, not merely reigns.He founded the English navalpower

Henry VII1485 - 1509

Henry VIII1509 - 1547 He was called Golden Prince Henrys reign was that of a typical Renaissance Prince. The second half of his reign was dominated by the Reformation. He had six wives. Schism from the Church of Rome for marriage Anne Boleyn.

Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.He was only 9 years old when become king.Only one male heir.Book of common prayer.He should marry Mary Queen of Scots.He died at 16 years old.

Edward VI1547 1553

Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.Bloody MaryRestore Catholicism after the reform. Mary I1553 - 1558

Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.She was well educated and cultured.The Virgin QueenShe was popular.She was buried in Westmister Abbey.Elizabeth I1558 - 1603

Economy and English piracy in Spanish colonies were the reasons of this warIn 1588 the invincible Spanish Armada (130 ships and 30.000 soldier) went to England.England won this war, because British ships were lighter than Spanish ships. War with Spain Her cousin, Mary Stuart, was proclaimed Queen of England because Elizabeth wasnt recognised by the catholic church. Mary of Guise, mother of Mary Stuart, allowed the French to place fortifications in Scotland. Treaty of Edinburgh said that these fortifications were deleted.

War with France and Scotland


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