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  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook



    A clause is a group of related words that has both a subject and a predicate.

    An independent clause presents a complete thought and can stand alone as a sentence.• Sparrows make nests in cattle barns. (Independent clause)

    A dependent clause (also a subordinate clause ) does not present a complete thoughtand cannot stand alone as a sentence.

    • Sparrows make nests in cattle barns because they need to stay warm during thewinter. (Dependent clause)

    There are three types of dependent clauses adverb clauses, adjective clauses, andnoun clauses.

    An adverb clause is used like an ad!erb or modify a !erb" an adjecti!e" or an ad!erb. Allad!erb clauses begin with a subordinating conjunction.

    • If I study hard, I will pass.• I will pass if I study hard.

    An adjective clause is used like an adjecti!e to modify a noun or a pronoun. Adjecti!eclauses begin with relati!e pronouns.

    • Tomorrow#s test" which covers the entire book " is half essay and half shortanswers. (The adjecti!e clauses modifies the noun test .)

    A noun clause is used in place of a noun. $oun clauses begin with relati!e pronouns andcan be replaced with “it” or “someone.”• %owe!er" the teacher said that the essay questions are based only on the last

    two chapters. (The noun clause functions as the direct object)• That someone took the cookie is undeniable. (The noun clause functions as the

    subject.• I talked to whoever was on the other line. (The noun clause functions as the

    object of the preposition to)• That is what I want. (The noun clause functions as the predicate nominati!e)

    &ey to determine usage of noun clauses'efore predicate subjectAfter action !erb direct objectAfter being !erb predicate nominati!eAfter preposition object of the preposition

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !"

    Directions Identify the italici*ed clauses as independent or dependent in the blank pro!ided.

    _______ . Because Bishop Jean Marie Latour had once lived in the room " he felt athome there.

    _______ +. The room had changed remarkably little, e!en though many years had passed.

    ,,,,,,, -. The furnishing that he recalled so ell still stood in the room.

    ,,,,,,, . The bishop awoke" began to sha!e" and reflected about the land and hyhe !elt so content there.

    ,,,,,,, /. The bishop" ho as no an old man, felt almost like a boy again in hisformer surroundings.

    ,,,,,,, 0. %e e1perienced a feeling of newness and !igor henever he breathed thelight, dry morning air o! "e Me#ico.

    ,,,,,,, 2. The source of the in!igorating air was the country around him" hich as still untamed.

    ,,,,,,, 3. 4ther places had once produced this remarkable effect" but they no longerdid.

    ,,,,,,, 5. A sense of newness disappeared a!ter an area as developed.

    ,,,,,,, 6. Although progress brought with it many ci!ili*ed comforts and pleasures" italso carried a high price.

    ,,,,,,, . 7ahalia 8ackson was an African American singer ho became popularorld ide as a per!ormer o! gospel music.

    _______ +. $lthough she as strongly associated ith religious music, her !ocal stylewas influenced by ja**.

    _______ -. Jackson gre up in "e %rleans, where she sang in a church choir.

    _______ . &hen she as si#teen years old, 8ackson mo!ed to 9hicago.

    _______ /. 'he orked as a maid and a !ood packager during the first years that sheli!ed in the city.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !#

    Directions Identify each italici*ed group of words by writing ( for a phrase and ) forclause.

    ,,,,,, . 4!ershoes were once called arctics since they ere used in cold climates.

    ,,,,,, +. The house fly has fi!e eyes located on the upper part o! its head.

    ,,,,,, -. &hen the sun is close to the hori*on, it looks larger.

    ,,,,,, . The king issued a proclamation against shooting bears in the region.

    ______ /. The growth of a tree splits the bark !ertically" producing ridges.

    ,,,,,, 0. &hile red lights repel birds, white lights attract them.

    ,,,,,, 2. The poet Aeschylus was reportedly killed by a tortoise !alling on his head.

    ,,,,,, 3. A full moon appears larger as it emerges !rom behind clouds.

    ,,,,,, 5. The computer needs to be !i#ed no .

    ,,,,,, 6. I get worried hen other people are sick.

    Directions Identify italici*ed clauses by writing +(independent) and ' (subordinate).

    ,,,,,, . :hen ;eter changed his clothes for the party" he !orgot to comb his hair.

    ,,,,,, +. 9oney Island once had a hotel that as built in the !orm o! an elephant.

    ,,,,,, -. Since the

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !$

    Directions Identify each italici*ed group of words by writing ( for a phrase and + forindependent clause or ' for subordinate clause.

    ,,,,, . +n the !ar estern (aci!ic, just north of the e>uator" lies a newly formed nationof islands.

    ,,,,, +. Actually" people have lived on the Micronesian islands !or a long time.

    ,,,,, -. 'asalt temples on the island of ;ohnpei show that there as a civili*ed societythere as !ar back as $. . /011.

    ,,,,, . $dministered by 2uropeans and $mericans !or about /31 years, the islandsha!e only recently recei!ed their independence.

    ,,,,, /. 'paniards claimed the islands in the /3114s, although they did not interferewith the islanders until the late 366#s.

    ,,,,, 0. In 355" ?ermany bought the islands to harvest the coconut oil there.

    ,,,,, 2. The 8apanese took control of them around 5+6" a!ter hich they settled theislands heavily.

    ,,,,, 3. There are four main island chains" and by /561 the Japanese made up t o7thirds o! the population.

    ,,,,, 5. After :orld :ar II" 7icronesia became a trust territory of the @.S."administered by the 8nited 'tates government.

    ,,,,, 6. &hen the 9ederated 'tates o! Micronesia !ormed its o n constitution, thenation began its journey to self rule.

    ,,,,, . +! you have never snorkeled be!ore, you are in for an e1citing ad!enture.

    ,,,,, +. 7asks enable snorkelers to see clearly under ater.

    ,,,,, -. To enjoy this wonderful water sport you should seek instruction be!ore youbegin.

    ,,,,, . Snorkeling is easy" but you should !amiliari*e yoursel! ith all the e:uipment.

    ,,,,, /. 7any snorkeling enthusiasts ho travel to seas around the orld insist thatsnorkeling is the best way to disco!er the mysteries of underwater life.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !%

    Directions @nderline each of the main clauses once and each of the subordinate clausestwice.

    . If you ha!e sol!ed that pu**le" I#ll gi!e you a more difficult one.

    +. Bound only in the teeth" enamel is the hardest substance in the body.

    -. ;lease tell me what is in the bo1.

    . :e saw the superintendent climbing the stairs.

    /. The person who is climbing the hill is my mother.

    0. After making se!eral comparisons" ?reg was ready to buy a stereo.

    2. This is the computer game that I sent for.

    3. Striding down the hall" 7r. Simms looked neither right nor left.

    5. :hen I came home" I found my brother had arri!ed there ahead of me.

    6. Standing in the rain at the parade" Bred got drenched.

    . A massi!e rock tumbled down the hill" but it caused no damage.

    +. After lunch is o!er" we should go back to work.

    -. This green comforter will look nice in my bedroom.

    . 9larence studied hard" so he passed the test.

    /. Tom felt an urge to call home when he became lonely.

    0. The wind is blowing hardC the sky is a perfect blue.

    2. 'ecause the weather was so bad" we cancelled our fishing trip.

    3. Although I was e1hausted" I could not sleep well.

    5. Today I talked to 7s. ?ome*" whom I ha!en#t seen for weeks.

    +6. 7ary called yesterday" and I took a message.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !&

    Directions @nderline the subordinate clause in each of the following sentences.

    . The capital state of the Bederated States of 7icronesia is ;ohnpei Island" which is alsothe largest island in the BS7.

    +. ;ohnpei#s green" rounded mountains rise gently out of the ;acific as if they were pushed straight up by the wa!es.

    -. !en though the temperature is high throughout the year" rain and the spring tradewinds cool the air.

    . There are fre>uent sudden downpours that nurture lush tropical !egetation.

    /. 'ecause their ancestors had built a city of temples" the islanders named their island (ohnpei, meaning Eon the alter.F

    0. :ho built the basalt temples at $ana 7adol" ;ohnpei" is a secret no one knows.

    2. The temples" which are still used for religious ceremonies" are sacred to the;ohnpeians.

    3. &osrae" which lies to the east of ;ohnpei" is the smallest of the four states of the BS7and is shaped like a sleeping woman.

    5. In the nineteenth century" uropean whalers found that they could li!e comfortably on&osrae.

    6. Truk State" which is a collection of !olcanic islands to the west of ;ohnpei" is hometo one of the largest barrier reefs in the world.

    . Truk is a popular di!ing spot because beautiful reef ha!e grown around the :orld:ar II ship and plane wrecks in Truk Gagoon.

    +. That most of the people of the BS7 li!e in the Truk islands is not surprising.

    -. Hap State" where the people still grow taro and breadfruit in their gardens" is the mosttraditional of all the 7icronesian islands.

    . Hap is most famous for its money" since the coins are giant stones up to twel!e feetwide.

    /. Since this money is so !ery hea!y" it cannot be easily stolen.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet !'


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses orksheet ! (

    Directions 9reate 6 creati!e sentences of your own that combine main clauses.











    Directions 9reate 6 creati!e sentences of your own that combine main clauses withsubordinate clauses.












  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !"

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each of the following sentences" then doubleunderline the subordinating conjunction and circle the word that is modified.

    . I enjoy summer because I ha!e so much time off.

    +. As the days go by" I find myself becoming more and more tanned.

    -. :ith not much to do" I usually sleep in later.

    . 7y friends run around as though they ha!e urgent matters to attend to.

    /. The pool is wonderful as long as the water is not too cold.

    0. I liked the baby pool until I reali*ed that it was suspiciously warm=

    2. All of the children like to play when their friends are with them.

    3. :hate!er they do" they seem to ha!e fun=

    5. Since summer is short" I try to make the best of e!erything.

    6. !en though I ha!e fun" I do look forward to school.

    . I get e1cited when school starts since it is a new year.

    +. As long as there are not too many papers" I am happy.

    -. :hene!er we ha!e a >ui*" I am ner!ous that I will make a mistake.

    . Hou don#t know how hard a class is until you ha!e to take it.

    /. Although I lo!e summer" I enjoy school as well.

    0. Some students don#t want summer to end because they lo!e the weather.

    2. 7y kids want summer to begin as soon as possible so that they can swim.

    3. If there weren#t such horrible humidity" summer would be my fa!orite season.

    5. I didn#t know that &ansas could get so hot until we mo!ed here.

    +6. After I e1perienced a &ansas summer" I appreciated the temperate states.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !#

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each of the following sentences" then doubleunderline the subordinating conjunction and circle the word that is modified.

    . nglish is my fa!orite subject because it gi!es people a chance to be creati!e.

    +. Although I lo!e nglish now" there was a time I didn#t.

    -. :hen I was in high school" I thought my teachers ga!e too much work.

    . I didn#t reali*e how difficult it was to teach nglish until I got a job as an nglishteacher.

    /. I don#t mind doing the paperwork as long as my students do their best.

    0. Sometimes I get frustrated when I think no one is listening=

    2. As the years go by" I become more and more comfortable with the language.

    3. :hate!er happens with teaching" at least it#s not boring=

    5. I want all of my students to be successful e!en though some of them don#t seem tocare.

    6. I wish e!eryone could lo!e nglish as much as I do.

    . If I didn#t ha!e to grade papers" this would be a perfect job=

    +. As long as there is no e1tra talking" I am happy.

    -. :hene!er someone turns in a paper with Efringes"F I get upset.

    . Hou don#t know what it#s like to teach until you try.

    /. Although many jobs pay better" I lo!e to teach.

    0. @nless my students are being !ery loud" I tend to like them.

    2. I try not to fail any student until they pro!e they will not do any work.

    3. If I didn#t like students" this would not be a !ery interesting job.

    5. As far as I am concerned" most of my students are !ery trustworthy.

    +6. :hen I think of my students graduating" I begin to miss them already.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !$

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause once and the subordinating conjunction twice. If the ad!erb clause begins the sentence add a comma after the clause.

    . After Gabor Day weekend is o!er there are !ery few holidays.

    +. I don#t think I ha!e another holiday until Thanksgi!ing is here.

    -. 'ecause the festi!ities are wonderful 9hristmas is one of my fa!orite holidays.

    . Although it can be !ery cold 9hristmas is e1citing.

    /. I lo!e it when my family gets together.

    0. :e play until the sun comes up=

    2. As long as no one gets mad fun is had by all of us.

    3. !en though I ne!er know what I#m going to get I always know it will be good=

    5. Alyssa and 8enni can ne!er wait until we open gifts.

    6. Although 8enni is much older than Alyssa I think she is as an1ious as any kid=

    . :hen 8enni and I were little we used to fight o!er who got to put the angel on thetree.

    +. As the years go by 9hristmas means more and more to me .

    -. I lo!e to watch my children open their gifts after we get home.

    . They can hardly wait until they get to rip into the paper=

    /. As much as I like my own gifts" I like to watch other people more.

    0. If my kids didn#t like their presents" I would be so disappointed.

    2. I think that my kids act e!en happier because they want to make me happy.

    3. :hen 9hristmas is o!er" I can#t wait for aster.

    5. I like it when my family can get together.

    +6. As long as e!eryone is gathered" it feels like a wonderful holiday=

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet ! %

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each sentence.

    . :hene!er teacher Diane ?illson says E

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !&

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each sentence. ;ut an ESF o!er the subjectand a E F o!er the !erb of the ad!erb clause.

    . 7aurice ;rendergast enjoyed drawing when he was still a child.

    +. Although he was born in 9anada and grew up in 'oston" he studied art in ;aris.

    -. :hen he was in Brance" ;rendergast admired the work of 8ames :histler.

    . Since he car!ed picture frames for a li!ing" his interest in painting grew.

    /. ;rendergast is considered a postimpressionist because he used broad areas of color.

    0. :atercolor was his preferred medium when he was young.

    2. $!ternoon, (incian ;ill is a watercolor he painted at age thirty nine while he was inurope.

    3. Although ;rendergast used oils for his later works" these had the same mosaic likeeffect as his watercolors.

    5. :hile this talented painter#s early works were li!ely" his later paintings were wistful.

    6. 'ecause the artist e1hibited in unpopular shows" his following was ne!er great.

    . 7any people build their own house" e!en though the task can be time consuming.

    +. They usually opt for energy sa!ing features although the initial cost can be high.

    -. They also incorporate solar panels into the roof design whene!er they can.

    . After the construction crews e1ca!ated the building site" they pour concrete.

    /. As soon as the concrete sets" the carpenters arri!e and start laying the joists.

    0. Then they frame the walls" working steadily until the roofline is completed.

    2. Then they install fiberglass in the walls so that the interior is protected from wind.

    3. They install all windows and doors before they finish the outside shell.

    5. :hile the carpenters are busy outside" the electricians and plumbers arri!e.

    +6. 7any owners elect to complete the interior themsel!es as they get the house ready.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !'

    Directions 1pand each sentence by adding an ad!erb clauses that e1presses therelationship described in parentheses.

    . Some foreign language teachers are finding that more is learned and retention is better (9ondition They use a techni>ue called Total ;hysical

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !(

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause once and the subordinate conjunction twice.Gabel the subject with an ESF and the !erb with a E F in each ad!erb clause .

    . If I had married an a1 murderer" I would ha!e been !ery upset at my wedding=

    +. I wonder if most people know about homicidal spouses before they get married.

    -. I don#t think that I would get married to a person who had been married and widowedse!eral times before we met.

    . 9onsidering that the woman#s husbands were murdered" I would be suspicious of her.

    /. !en if my family wanted me to gi!e this woman a chance" I would be >uite skeptical.

    0. I thought the man would run when the police began to implicate his wife.

    2. I might ha!e felt okay so long as other people were around to witness any foul play.

    3. I would probably start to get a little an1ious as night fell.

    5. I don#t think being ner!ous about murder is bad when you are married to a murderer.

    6. Since her husband didn#t object" I suppose they will ha!e a happy" if short" marriage.

    . A1 murderers are pretty scary people as far as I am concerned.

    +. I think I would want to keep a weapon under my pillow while I was sleeping.

    -. I might not be too worried about being married to an a1 murderer if I was certain thatthere were no sharp objects in the house.

    . I think that I would remo!e all objects in the house so that I could be sure I was safe.

    /. Although I know the husband lo!es his wife" I think that he should be more careful.

    0. %e continues to let her out of his sight as if there were no reason to suspect her.

    2. :hene!er he lea!es her side" I get ner!ous that she may jump out of the corner.

    3. I would be much more careful than he is so that I would stay ali!e.

    5. If I became an a1 murder" I wouldn#t ha!e to deal with annoying people.

    +6. I think if I became an a1 murderer" the blood and gore would probably bother me.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !*

    . I really don#t like !iolence because I am a little s>ueamish.

    +. 9onsidering that I hate blood" I think that life as an a1 murderer is probably not forme.

    -. !en if I wanted to hurt someone" I am not sure that I could actually do it.

    . The wife in 'o + Married an $# Murderer is actually not a murderer at all since hersister is the one doing the killing.

    /. I really like 7ike 7yers character in this mo!ie because he#s funny and paranoid.

    0. !en though the sister is chasing him around the roof with an a1" I doubt that he willactually die.

    2. :4:= %e slipped and nearly fell off the roof when she swung at him with the a1.

    3. This character is really psycho though she#s kind of funny too=

    5. If she doesn#t watch out" she#s going to be the one that gets hurt.

    6. I told you= She#s about to fall off the roof and onto the a1 because she isn#t payingattention=

    . 4h no. I think she#s dead unless I am being fooled by one of those horror mo!ietricks.

    +. @nless I#m mistaken" the psycho killer really is dead.

    -. If this mo!ie wasn#t so funny" it would be a bit disturbing.

    . I don#t know if I really liked this mo!ie or not.

    /. Although it was really >uite entertaining" I was also unsure of the appropriateness.

    0. I like to watch mo!ies after I finish making and eating supper.

    2. I wonder if my watching this will make me stupidJ

    3. I hope I can sleep before I become too scared.

    5. I think I shouldn#t be as scared as I am=

    +6. 7aybe I should lea!e on the light so that I can sleep=


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !+

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each of the following sentences. Addcommas if the ad!erb clause comes before the independent clause.

    . After I finished doing the dishes I helped my dad mow the lawn.

    +. The little girl was upset because her puppy was lost.

    -. That old house looked spookier than a haunted house in a nightmare would look.

    . 8eremy left for the football game before I could offer him a ride.

    /. 8ennifer will go on the retreat unless it rains.

    0. Dino ran the 66 yard dash much faster than I did.

    2. 'ecause the sweaters were on sale Stuart bought three.

    3. !e was more interested in geography than her brother was.

    5. :ill you wait in the car until it#s time to lea!e for schoolJ

    6. Ale1 wa1ed the car until it looked brand new.

    . :e met where his street intersects mine.

    +. I heard a strange noise when I turned on the computer.

    -. :hile it was snowing outside Simon was daydreaming about sunny beaches.

    . The band began a food dri!e so that we could help the hungry.

    /. 'ecause she couldn#t find an opener Sandy didn#t open the can.

    0. :hene!er I go to that restaurant I run into someone from the old days.

    2. I dropped my wallet as I was crossing the street.

    3. Hou will see a gas station where!er you look in that city.

    5. The crowd roared as the team ran onto the field.

    +6. :e sat in the dark and shi!ered because the power was out.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )dverb Clauses orksheet !"

    Directions @nderline the ad!erb clause in each of the following sentences. Addcommas if the ad!erb clause comes before the independent clause.

    . The charity e!ent would be a success as long as it didn#t rain.

    +. :hene!er we ice skate we put on our mittens.

    -. %e will go away unless you apologi*e.

    . :here!er we went we put up flyers announcing the play.

    /. If we understood the rules we would be able to play the game.

    0. :e walked slowly away from the barking dog because we weren#t sure of itsintentions.

    2. 'ecause he is a fine athlete Terry will compete for a scholarship.

    3. Tim has been dri!ing e!erywhere since he got his dri!er#s license.

    5. uestions as long as you answer each >uestioncompletely.

    /. ?randpa bought the telescope because my brother lo!es to look at the stars.

    0. I like to e1ercise soon after I get up each morning.

    2. Those chemicals are not dangerous unless they are combined.

    3. After they left the theater 8ohn and &im went out to dinner.

    5. :hene!er I get a cold I feel miserable.

    +6. :e will stick to the schedule as long as there are no objections.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheet !"

    Directions @nderline the adjecti!e clauses in each of the following sentences .

    . :illy %iginbotham is the scientist who in!ented the first computer game.

    +. It was he who de!eloped computer tennis.

    -. %a!e you seen the computer that %iginbotham usedJ

    . %a!e you seen the desk where %iginbotham satJ

    /. Tourists can !isit the laboratory that employed %iginbotham.

    0. 'rookha!en $ational Gaboratory" which employed %iginbotham" is in @pton" $ewHork.

    2. I lo!ed the dress that sparked in the sunlight.

    3. I don#t know why Susan" who ne!er gets upset" wasn#t smiling.

    5. I ha!e !isited the place where Anne Brank hid to escape the $a*is.

    6. It was my aunt who told my mom that I came in late.

    . %a!e you seen the mountain of work that the teacher wants us to doJ

    +. 7ul!ane %igh School" which is located in 7ul!ane" &ansas" is where I go toschool.

    -. :isconsin" where I met my husband" is beautiful" but cold=

    . %a!e you seen the room where I can put my copiesJ

    /. It was my aide who misspelled that word=

    0. 7y daughter" whose name is Alyssa" is a !ery sweet little girl.

    2. %er brother" Tyler" who is a little angel" lo!es to play with her.

    3. mporia State @ni!ersity" where my mother works" is a fine institution=

    5. :ashburn @ni!ersity is the school where my father got his Gaw degree.

    +6. Shy is the dog that is a Dalmatian.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheet !#

    Directions @nderline the adjecti!e clauses in the sentences below. Identify whethereach of the clauses is essential or non essential. If the clause is non essential" addcommas where necessary. Then circle the word that each adjecti!e clause modifies.

    . Students who do their homework are most often successful.

    +. Success a word not spoken in schools nearly enough is the satisfaction that resultsfrom a job well done.

    -. Students who represent appro1imately ten percent of the countries# population oftendo not recei!e much deser!ed respect.

    . Students are one of the least respected groups who are still producti!e to society.

    /. Teachers who dislike students are generally !ery unhappy.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheets !%

    Directions @nderline the adjecti!e clause in the sentences below. If it is essential addcommas where necessary. Then circle the word that each adjecti!e clause modifies.

    . I saw the mo!ie that starred 7el ?ibson.

    +. The setting which was shot in Australia was beautiful.

    -. Australia is a country that is known for kangaroos.

    . The plot which was e1hilarating captured my interest from the first moment.

    /. 7el ?ibson was playing the part of 7ad 7a1 who was an outlaw hero.

    0. 7ad 7a1 encountered the character played by Tina Turner who was somewhat e!il.

    2. 7el ?ibson who is an e1traordinary actor also played the part of %amlet.

    3. ;amlet which deals with issues of loyalty" sanity" and forgi!eness is famous.

    5. :hen the king is murdered" %amlet the king#s son becomes bent on re!enge.

    6. The king#s ghost who cannot rest because a priest was not present at his death asks%amlet to a!enge him.

    . The king#s brother who is now married to %amlet#s mother murdered the king.

    +. %amlet lo!es 4phelia who returns his lo!e with hopes to marry.

    -. :ith %amlet#s growing insanity" it is 4phelia who e!entually becomes hurt.

    /. 4phelia throws herself into the ri!er which causes her to drown.

    0. %amlet feels he must e1act re!enge that will a!enge his father and sa!e his mother.

    2. The major characters die" and the audience who has been anticipating a happy endingis saddened.

    3. ;amlet which is one of my fa!orite plays may ha!e been named after Shakespeare#sson.

    5. Shakespeare#s only son who was named %amnet died at the age of nine.

    +6. Shakespeare#s plays which are long and in!ol!ed are cornerstones on which muchliterature written in the nglish language is based.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheet !&

    Directions @nderline the adjecti!e clause in each of the following sentences. Doubleunderline the subject. 9ircle the !erb. After each sentence write the word modified inthe blank.

    . Sparta was the city state where physical strength and skill were most highly admired.

    +. In Athens" which was Sparta#s ri!al" intellectual achie!ement was greatly !alued.

    -. All Spartan youths who were the sons of citi*ens were raised to be soldiers.

    . Spartans li!ed under go!ernment super!ision from the time when they were born.

    /. :eak children" who would not become citi*ens" were left on a mountain to die.

    0. At age se!en" all Spartan boys went to li!e in go!ernment barracks" where they begantheir education.

    2. This education was mostly physical training" which included sports.

    3. !en children who were obedient were whipped occasionally.

    5. A man did not complete training" which was re>uired for citi*enship" until thirty.

    6. !en men who had wi!es continued to eat in the mess hall with the other soldiers.

    . The horse that Danny owns is a well trained Tennessee walking horse.

    +. Tell e!eryone whom you see about Tara#s surprise party.

    -. There is no one whose cooking tastes better than 7om#s.

    . Bor his science project" 8eff collected many specimens.

    /. I don#t like dri!ing in traffic where !ehicles are bumper to bumper.

    0. Gana often goes to the mall" where she shops with her friends.

    2. At the fashion show" ;aula saw many outfits that she liked.

    3. The boy whose face is red fell down the stairs.

    5. The house" which was made of brick" stayed cool in the summer.

    +6. I finally saw the T series you recommended.)djective Clauses orksheet !'


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Directions 9ombine the pairs into one sentence with an adjecti!e clause.

    . The pentathlon is one of the oldest 4lympic e!entsK It is still part of 4lympic games. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    +. A pentathlete had to run" jump" and throw wellK%e was the most admired athlete in theancient ?reek games.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    -. All children learned these skillsKThe children li!ed in Athens or Sparta. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    . Aristotle praised pentathletesK ;entathletes were the most well rounded athletes.

    /. The pentathlon had of fi!e e!entsK It re>uired both upper and lower body strength.

    0. 4ne e!ent re>uired throwing the discusK The discus is a hea!y" rounded stone.

    2. The pentahlete faced the stade (track) racesK Stade races demand sprinting speed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    3. A competitor might e!entually become a soldierK The Spartans rewarded competitors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    5. The pentathlon reflected the culture of SpartaK The Spartans highly !alued war. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    6. The modern 4lympic pentathlon includes riding a horse" fencing" shooting"swimming" and runningK The modern 4lympic pentathlon is also based on military skills.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheet !(

    Directions 1pand each of the following sentences with an adjecti!e clause. 'e sure touse commas where necessary.

    . 7y sister got a new car.

    +. 7y dog is black.

    -. 4ur cat needed to go to the !et clinic.

    . 8anie#s sweater had a hole in it.

    /. The computer wouldn#t work.

    0. I go to school.

    2. The athletes ran around the field.

    3. The lasagna was delicious=

    5. The birds flew south for the winter.

    6. Alyssa lo!ed to swim.

    . Tyler wanted to be Spiderman.

    +. 7r. 8ones taught us math.

    -. Aberdeen was not a cultural mecca=

    . 9hadron was an interesting place to go to high school.

    /. I lo!ed :isconsin#s scenery=

    0. :inters in Blorida were beautiful=

    2. The Blint %ills of &ansas are incredible=

    3. I lo!e to ski in 9olorado=

    5. The new !an is white.

    +6. I almost hit a car.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    )djective Clauses orksheet !*

    Directions 9reate +6 of your own creati!e sentences combining main clauses withadjecti!e clauses.






















  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !"Directions @nderline the noun clause in each of the following sentences" then identifywhether it works as a subject (S)" direct object (D4)" predicate noun (;$)" or object ofthe preposition (4;).

    . :hoe!er gets to the door first must answer it.

    +. I don#t know who did it" but I#ll find out soon=

    -. It is what makes me happy.

    . Do you know anything about why whales singJ

    /. I ran where she told me to run.

    0. :here!er you go is where you are.

    2. The book is what she had been looking for.

    3. If I talk too long" remind me about why I am up here.

    5. :hiche!er one you want is the one we will buy.

    6. The radio show is why she mo!ed to Gas egas.

    . I stopped when the sirens blared.

    +. She wanted to know about which student was chosen.

    -. :hy the baby was crying is unknown.

    . I need to know why I#m in trouble.

    /. The homework assignment is what is dri!ing her cra*y=

    0. I don#t know about how students are chosen.

    2. :hy dogs think I want to hear them bark is a mystery to me.

    3. I need to know about why you are angry.

    5. The reason for crime was what we were looking for.

    +6. :here!er the cat goes is where I will be.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !#

    Directions @nderline each noun clause.

    . 4ur choice will ha!e to be whate!er is the least e1pensi!e.

    +. That we heard the weather report was lucky for us=

    -. 8oan disco!ered where I hid her keys.

    . :hate!er the lady at the ne1t table is eating is what I#ll ha!e" too.

    /. I don#t know what she e1pects of me.

    0. :hy he does that is a mystery to me.

    2. I wonder when news of 7arcus will arri!e.

    3. I#ll do whate!er you say.

    5. %owe!er much you plan in ad!ance makes the o!erall job that much easier.

    6. :hoe!er wrote that essay should be !ery proud.

    . :hat this story lacks is a strong ending.

    +. The report e1plains how ?em Gake became polluted.

    -. :hat makes a great hamburger is the right seasoning and lots of onions.

    . The principal announced that Briday would be a teacher in ser!ice day.

    /. 9an you tell me where the new restaurant isJ

    0. :hen the whistle blows is the signal to begin.

    2. %ow you can eat that is beyond me=

    3. 7ary reali*ed that she would ne!er ha!e sol!ed the mystery without 8ack#s help.

    5. This is where we came in.

    +6. &im shouted that we were headed in the wrong direction.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !$

    Directions ;lace a check ne1t to each sentence that contains a noun clause.

    . The note she left tells me why &ate dro!e to &entucky.

    +. ;lease choose whiche!er seat you find most comfortable.

    -. 7rs. 7atthews" who taught history for thirty years" will be honored at the ban>uet.

    . :ho the winner is remains a mystery until the en!elope is opened.

    /. 7iki made a cake that had a race car made of icing on top.

    0. :here do you keep the e1tra platesJ

    2. I screamed when e!eryone jumped up and yelled" ESurprise=F

    3. The horse is kept where 'illy can see him.

    5. %ow a bill becomes a law was the topic of 7r.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clause orksheet !%

    Directions :rite three noun clauses used as each part of speech.A. Subject

    . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    +. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    -. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    A. 4bject of the ;reposition

    . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    +. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    -. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    A. Direct 4bject

    . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    +. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    -. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    A. ;redicate $oun

    . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    +. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    -. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !&

    Directions @nderline each noun clause. In the blank" indicate its function in thesentence S (subject)" D4 (direct object)" 4; (object of a preposition)" or ;$ (predicatenoun).

    ,,,,,, . The assumption is that we will reach the coast before Briday.

    ,,,,,, +. :hate!er you want is fine with me.

    ,,,,,, -. :ill someone please tell me why the basement light is onJ

    ,,,,,, . :e were worried about what would happen after the senior center closed.

    ,,,,,, /. That the team will make it to the state finals is the hope of all the players.

    ,,,,,, 0. Guanne wondered aloud why the car was so muddy.

    ,,,,,, 2. This open window must be where the burglar entered.

    ,,,,,, 3. :hat we wished for came true after all.

    ,,,,,, 5. :hy she had chosen that college was ne!er e!en discussed.

    ,,,,,, 6. 7arnie asked the author why he wrote the story in the present tense.

    ,,,,,, . This co!ered bridge is where my mother proposed to my father.

    ,,,,,, +. :hiche!er route you want to take is fine with me.

    ,,,,,, -. :e talked about what she would do if the road was closed.

    ,,,,,, . ;lease sa!e the stones for when we build the path from the cabin to the creek.

    ,,,,,, /. 'irthdays are when I really appreciate ha!ing a big family.

    ,,,,,, 0. I can#t remember why I chose the morbid poem.

    ,,,,,, 2. Aunt 9arol told me all about where she grew up.

    ,,,,,, 3. That they will hear a world class orchestra is the e1pectation of the audience.

    ,,,,,, 5. $o one can tell me what to do about this problem.

    ,,,,,, +6. %olidays are when I miss my grandfather the most.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !'

    Directions @nderline each noun clause. In the blank" indicate its function in thesentence S (subject)" D4 (direct object)" 4; (object of a preposition)" or ;$ (predicatenoun).

    ,,,,,, . Some days it seems whate!er I do is wrong.

    ,,,,,, +. :hoe!er wrote this perfume ad needs a good editor.

    ,,,,,, -. I had a dream about when we were in 9anada.

    ,,,,,, . Does anyone here know how to change a tireJ

    ,,,,,, /. Theo#s ad!ice was for whoe!er would listen.

    ,,,,,, 0. :hen we lea!e the party is up to you.

    ,,,,,, 2. :hich flight to take was a real dilemma.

    ,,,,,, 3. She#ll gi!e me whate!er is left of the cake.

    ,,,,,, 5. 9ollege is whate!er you make of it.

    ,,,,,, 6. Sa!e this sample for whoe!er is in charge of printing the brochures.

    ,,,,,, . 7arch drew whate!er we asked her to.

    ,,,,,, +. This deserted e1it is where we ran out of gas.

    ,,,,,, -. That Daniel missed his sister was apparent.

    ,,,,,, . The police officer talked about how his dog had sa!ed his life.

    ,,,,,, /. 8immy could hit whate!er I pitched him

    ,,,,,, 0. :hene!er I get upset is bad.

    ,,,,,, 2. I go where you tell me to go.

    ,,,,,, 3. :hoe!er talks first is it.

    ,,,,,, 5.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clause orksheet !(

    Directions @nderline the noun clause in each of the following sentences and identifywhether it is used as the subject" the direct object" the predicate noun" or the object of the


    . Did you know that a column called EStraight DopeF appears in many newspapersJ

    +. 7any readers wonder who the author of the column really is.

    -. ditor d Lotti swears someone named 9ecil Adams writes EFStraight Dope.F

    . The editorial office of the 9hicago

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    -oun Clauses orksheet !*

    Directions @nderline the noun clauses in each of the following sentences" then tell if itis used as the subject" direct object" predicate noun" or object of the preposition.

    . :hat concerns scientists is the chance of a collision between the earth and a meteor.

    +. :hen such a global collision might take place is" of course" unpredictable.

    -. The scientists# >uestion" though" is whether life could sur!i!e such a disaster.

    . They know that small meteors ha!e already hurtled through our atmosphere.

    /. Brom what obser!ers deduce from past occurrences" a major collision could occur.

    0. Archaeologists ha!e suggested that this type of catastrophe resulted in the e1tinctionof the dinosaurs.

    2. !idence gi!es whoe!er studies it an idea of problems following a massi!e collision.

    3. The ne1t issue is how any !egetation can grow under !apor clouds blocking the sun.

    5. :hether such collisions may ha!e affected the planet is a fascinating >uestion.

    6. There is irony in the >uestion of whether such collisions may destroy our planet.

    . :e know that the appearance of maga*ines followed the in!ention of the printing press.

    +. %istorians e!en ha!e some information about when the first maga*ine was printed.

    -. The first periodical ga!e whoe!er was interested articles on politics and religion.

    . uropean maga*ines published what was considered light entertainment.

    /. A curious finding is that maga*ines had a limited market in the American colonies.

    0. That" for a !ery long time" no maga*ine lasted e!en one year is not easy to e1plain.

    2. ;ublishers thought people would object to paying for a monthly subscription.

    3. 9ertainly" another contributing factor was that the mail system was poor.

    5. S. S. 7c9lure pro!ided a maga*ine for what became a following of de!oted readers.

    +6. That other subscriptions cost more ga!e the maga*ine an ad!antage. Clauses eview orksheet !"


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Directions Identify the type of clause illustrated by the underlined group of words in thesentences below.

    . !eryone should be aware that the food industry routinely adds !itamin supplementsto products such as milk and bread" artificial coloring to butter and hot dogs" andchemical preser!ati!es to all manner of products.

    +. Some people make it a point to a!oid eating foods with any type of additi!e" e!enthough the Bood and Drug Administration !ouches for their safety.

    -. They buy organically produced foods that are completely free of chemical additi!es of any kind.

    . Hou will ha!e to decide for yourself where you stand on the issue.

    /. If you are purchasing good nutrition" you must learn how to read food labels.

    0. The go!ernment re>uires label information that specifies ingredients and nutritional!alue for most food products.

    2. All the ingredients" which are listed in the order of amount used" must be clearly printed.

    3. If food shoppers read labels carefully" they can go home with bags full of chemical feefoods.

    5. The Bood and Drug Administration determines what constitutes the Eminimum dailyre>uirement of a nutritional element such as !itamin 9 or protein.

    6. The manufacturer must tell what amount of each of these elements is in the productand then list the proportion of the daily re>uirement.

    . This information" which is called Epercent of minimum daily re>uirements"F is on thelabels of all domestic foods.

    +. Hou can make good food choices if you take the time to become familiar with foodlabel information.

    -. If you ask Americans to name their fa!orite dish" they might say hamburger or apple pie.

    . There are some people" howe!er" who consider pi**a the most popular Americanfood.

    /. The year 53 marked the first time when pi**erias outnumbered hamburgerrestaurants in the @nited States.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    0. ;i**a is ine1pensi!e.

    2. This is no doubt one reason why it is so popular.

    3. Also" it contains most of the basic nutrients that are listed on food labels.

    5. ;i**a was in!ented in 335" when a baker from $aples prepared a special pie for the>ueen of Italy.

    +6. @sing tomato" basil" and mo**erella cheese" he produced a pie that incorporated thered" green and white of the Italian flag.

    + . If the baker saw some modern pi**as" he would disco!er that they are stuffed ortopped with e!erything from artichokes to *ucchini.

    ++. In the ;acific $orthwest" they are e!en stuffed with pineapple.

    +-. The baker didn#t know how good his pi**as would become" but it didn#t matter.

    + . I#d like to meet the baker who thought of pi**as=

    +/. ;i**a is the food I like best.

    +0. I like pi**a" but I do like hamburgers too=

    +2. 8ack is the one I picked.

    +3. In the summer" I need a pi**a that won#t make me greasy.

    +5. This pi**a place" which is located on

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Clauses eview orksheet !#

    Directions :rite ten of each type of clause in the spaces below. @nderline each mainclause once and each subordinate clause twice.























  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook
























    6.Clauses /erformance )ssessment


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Directions Demonstrate your ability to effecti!ely use independent and subordinateclauses by writing a four paragraph letter re>uesting that a change be made concerning a

    policy of your school. 'e sure to use each of the types of clauses at least fi!e [email protected] and label fi!e main clauses and double underline and label each of the threetypes of subordinate clauses (ad!erb" adjecti!e" and noun).








    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




















  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook













    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


















  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences

    A sentence may be simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex. It all depends onthe relationship between independent and dependent clauses.

    A simple sentence may ha!e a singe subject or a compound subject. It may ha!e a single predicate or a compound predicate. 'ut a simple sentence may ha!e 4$GH oneindependent clause" and it may ha!e $4 dependent clauses.

    • 7y back aches.• 7y teeth and my eyes hurt.• 7y throat and nose feel sore and look red.

    A compound sentence consists of T:4 4< 74< independent clauses and $4dependent clauses. The clauses must be joined by a semicolon" by a comma and acoordinating conjunction" or by a semicolonKconjuncti!e ad!erbKcomma combination.

    • I usually don#t mind going to school" but this isn#t fun.• I feel too sick to watch T C I feel too sick to eat.• I don#t want to miss going to the *ooC howe!er" I don#t want to finish eating either.

    A comple0 sentence consists of 4$ independent clause and 4$ 4< 74<dependent clauses.

    • :hen I get back to school" I#m actually going to appreciate it.• I won#t e!en complain about classes although I might be talking out of my head

    because I#m fe!erish.

    A compound1comple0 sentence contains T:4 4< 74< independent clauses and4$ 4< 74< dependent clauses.

    • Hes" I ha!e a bad flu" and because I need to get well soon" I won#t think aboutschool just yet.

    • I need to do my homeworkC howe!er" I am >uite ill because I ha!e contracted theflu.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"

    Directions 4n your paper write simple sentence or compound sentence to identify eachtype of sentence.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . $ineteenth century American scenes and customs were recordedand preser!ed by the firm of 9urrier and I!es.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. $athaniel 9urrier was a printer" and 8ames I!es was ane1ecuti!e.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. The two men produced Eprints for the people.F

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . 9urrier fa!ored current e!entsC he produced prints of ships" battles" and news e!ents.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. I!es had broader interests and generally fa!ored country scenes.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. Together they published color lithographs depicting e!ery facetof American life.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. 9urrier and I!es produced thousands of lithographs" and each print was rich in color and detail.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. 7any prints showed city life" but others depicted life in thecountry.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. In the last century most Americans li!ed in the country" andmany e!ents took place outdoors.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. 9urrier and I!es#s prints show Americans at work and at playin the nineteenth century.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The art shows are wonderful" but I enjoy the musicals e!enmore.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. I lo!e to watch the singers and dancers on the stage.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. The ballet is wonderfulC the story lines are enthralling=

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The art museums and the professional e1hibits are enchantingand somewhat o!erwhelming.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. The ballet is also o!erwhelming and enchanting" but thedancers are so magnificent.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !#

    Directions :rite in the blank pro!ided whether the sentence is simple or compound .

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . A trained dog#s help could make independent li!ing possible for adisabled person.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. Someone in a wheelchair can#t reach a light switch" and a deaf person can#t hear a smoke alarm.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. Dogs can help in many e!eryday situations.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Gabrador retrie!ers open refrigerators" and 'order collies nudge people awake.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. Assistance dogs push ele!ator buttons and pick up telephones.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. An assistance dog performs many duties" and these duties couldchange from one day to the ne1t.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. Some dogs go to work or school" and others help with child careand house work.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. 4ne dog might signal the whistle of a teakettle or the beep of amicrowa!e o!en.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. Assistance dogs ser!e as eyes" ears" legs" or armsC they empower people.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. 7any breeds become assistance dogs" but a few seem particularly well suited to the role.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Gabrador retrie!ers" golden retrie!ers" :elsh corgis" and 'order collies generally respond well to training.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. These dogs are eager to pleaseC praise and affection are their primary rewards.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. Assistance dogs face unfamiliar situations dailyC thus" the single most important job >ualification is a calm disposition.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . A dog might ha!e to na!igate a crowded bus or a noisyrestaurant.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. Assistance dogs regularly encounter strangersC therefore" theyshould not be apprehensi!e.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !$

    Directions :rite in the blank whether the sentence is simple or compound.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, . alery ran her fingers through her long" straight hair.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, +. I may seem calm to you" but I#m really >uite ner!ous.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, -. That song always melts my heart=

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, . ?et used to hearing a racketC ?lenna#s mo!ing ne1t door.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, /. I was ner!ous about asking 7arcia to danceC therefore" I stumbled.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. The grandfather clock chimed the hour.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. Darkness descended on the countryside" and many stars shown.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. 8an and Ste!e walked to the grocery store.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. Gast year we took a trip to IowaC this year we#re going to ermont.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. The old car#s engine sputtered and died.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, . Su*anne practices acrobatics e!ery night after school.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, +. 'ring me the !ideotape" or you can put it in the 9ues will meet us here" or he will meet us at the mall.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. Tiffany is bringing decorations" and :ilson is supplying food.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. 7agenta is 9laire#s fa!orite color" but $ora prefers tur>uoise.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. ;lace the painting on the wall abo!e the couch.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,, +6. Dr. 9alis may speak about atoms" or Dr. Hee may gi!e a presentation.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !%

    Directions 4n the line pro!ided combine each pair of idea below into a simple sentence.

    . ?randma 7oses was born in 306.She was an American painter.



    +. She embroidered all her life. She didn#t take up painting until the age of 20.



    -. 7oses had no formal art training. She possessed great natural talent.



    . Barm scenes and old fashioned farm acti!ities are her subjects. %er paintings are simple and colorful.



    /. 7oses#s talent flourished. She died at the age of 6 .




  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !&

    Directions @nderline each main clause. If there is more than one main clause in asentence" add a comma or a semicolon as needed.

    . 'ooks lined the shel!es but no one noticed them.

    +. 4ur school colors are black and white.

    -. :ait for the bus or you will ha!e to walk se!eral miles.

    . 8ason cleaned the garage and cut the grass.

    /. Tina is redecorating her half of the room but Tammy is keeping her half the same.

    0. The trees swayed with the bree*e the birds twittered and fluttered as they tried to hangon.

    2. 9rimson silk was 8oanna#s choice for her prom dress.

    3. The school newspaper printed my story but they omitted the picture.

    5. Muentin#s journal has ne!er been read by anyone.

    6. Gisa bought three 9Ds and one poster at the music store.

    . Dad is cooking pasta for dinner and I can#t wait to eat it=

    +. ?eorge and 7artha were main characters in the play.

    -. Three players hit home runs in during the baseball game.

    . 7uriel will hand out the yearbooks or you pick up one in the student go!ernmentoffice.

    /. I am eager to learn the solution to this mystery.

    0. I need to do my homework but I can#t find my book.

    2. The lesson was interesting it was about molecular functions.

    3. I wanted lasagna but 8ennifer wants pi**a.

    5. Daniel plays football now but he might play soccer ne1t year.

    +6. I thought the game went well the coach had different ideas.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !'

    Directions Draw one line under each main clause and two lines under each subordinateclause. Identify each sentence as either compound or comple1 and pro!ide any necessary


    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The little girl was not a !ery good student but she was !ery sweet.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,+. :ho do we want to come with us they are both good tra!elers.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-. 'efore you go to the store make a list.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Gisa who is a !ery good babysitter is watching Alyssa and Tyler.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,/. I don#t want you to lea!e this house until you#!e cleaned your room.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,0. The cat did not like the tuna but she lo!ed the chicken.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,2. 4ur dog likes to play before breakfast but he wants to sleep after supper.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,3. If you don#t clean your room you can#t go out tomorrow night.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,5. The place where the meeting was held was closed after nine.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. E?i!e me liberty or gi!e me death=F

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The girl down the street is sweet but she is !ery shy.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. If you don#t want to talk to her you should at least bring her a gift.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. The boy whose hair is red fell down the stairs.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The person didn#t guess the answer so she won#t win the pri*e.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. The bike race will begin on Thanksgi!ing Day which is Thursday.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. I don#t know if I go with you.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. 7y mom would let me but my dad will probably say no.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. Gisa wanted to go with us if she could find a ride.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. Daniel wanted to go to the store but he couldn#t find his wallet.

    2222222222222 +6. Andrew played the guitar but &yle played the drums.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences !(

    Directions Draw one line under each main clause and two lines under each subordinateclause. Identify each sentence as either compound or comple1 and pro!ide any necessary


    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . mily breaks out in hi!es whene!er she eats strawberries.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,+. I like strawberries but I do not like grapes.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-. After I heard Syl!ia 7c$air I bought one of her 9Ds.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . 8im is going with us :ednesday if he can take time off from work.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,/. As long as ui* after :ednesday.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,5. :e re>uested mini blinds but they won#t be in until Tuesday.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. @ntil you go to the store you cannot ha!e any milk.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . %e decided he should ha!e hired a professional painter.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. If we get home soon we#ll ha!e pi**a for supper.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. I#m still hesitant to show anyone else before I proofread a paper.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Are you going to the dance or will we all goJ

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. The girl who spilled the soda is !ery inattenti!e.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. ither you will go to the game or you won#t.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. $either Sam nor ric wanted to go because they were sick.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. I need new skates and I need a new dress for the recital.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. She wants a new doll and a new blanket because she lost them both.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,+6. If you don#t tell her I won#t.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !*

    Directions Draw one line under each main clause and two lines under each subordinateclause. Identify each sentence as either compound or comple1.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . The play was !ery good" but I needed a longer intermission.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,+. ;atty doesn#t like ric" and ric doesn#t like her.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-. The package should arri!e ne1t Thursday" but I won#t be here to retrie!e it.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . 'ecause you are not a senior" you cannot participate in graduation.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,/. The seniors are conceited" and the freshmen are silly.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,0. Alyssa is in kindergarten" but Tyler is only a baby.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,2. If I cannot go home for Thanksgi!ing" will you all please come hereJ

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,3. Lack e1plained the mi1 up" and he apologi*ed for it.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,5. The bus that Sheila rides is !ery old.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6. Shelly sold tickets to the people who li!e down the block.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . If you don#t want to go with us" stay home.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, +. The girl who has the big brown eyes is named Alyssa.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, -. The little boy is so cute" and his name is Tyler.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . If I didn#t know better" I#d think you were going away.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, /. 8eff collected e!ery specimen that he could find.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0. 8ason wanted to go if 7artin would go with him.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. Abby didn#t know what to do" but 8anie did.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3. &yle wanted to go to the dance" but &ayla didn#t want to go.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5. Andrew watched football while 'ecky talked on the phone.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,+6. 9heryl had to baby sit after the game was o!er.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !+

    Directions Draw one line under each main clause and two lines under each subordinateclause. Identify each sentence as either or comple1 or compound comple1.

    ,,,,,,,,, . 9orey" who dri!es a hearse" is really funny" and his friend 7ike makesme laugh too=

    ,,,,,,,,, +. 9orey used to sit in the front row because he and 'randon made me laugh.

    ,,,,,,,,, -. Although their stories were long" and usually inappropriate to a Eschoolen!ironment"F we all lo!ed to hear them.

    ,,,,,,,,, . !en though T.8. wasn#t in their class" he was usually a part of one of their stories" and I told him about it second period.

    ,,,,,,,,, /. :hile they were telling stories about the weekend or se!enth grade" myfirst period used to make me roll with laughter.

    ,,,,,,,,, 0. Ashley usually had really good stories too" and 'randon would add indetails although we were ne!er sure that they were actually true.

    ,,,,,,,,, 2. 4ne time I got really mad" and they knew that I meant business.

    ,,,,,,,,, 3. I guess if you throw a book and slam it" people know you#re upset=

    ,,,,,,,,, 5. $o one really did anything wrong" but &im wasn#t listening" and 8ordanwas writing a note as though I was reading for fun=

    ,,,,,,,,, 6. The class said that I had left the room the year before while I was ha!inga temper tantrum" but I don#t belie!e them.

    ,,,,,,,,, . !en if I had been walking the hall and pulling my hair" I don#t think Iwas swearing" because I really try had not to swear if I can help it.

    ,,,,,,,,, +. 7y third period was not a good class" but I lo!ed them anyway because Ihad taught them their sophomore year as well.

    ,,,,,,,,, -. They were pretty funny" e!en if most of them has e1tensi!e criminalrecords.

    ,,,,,,,,, . I really miss my old juniors because they often forget about me since thesenior teacher is so cool=

    ,,,,,,,,, /. %opefully the law enforcement officials found my old students as funnyas I did" though I doubt that they did=


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"

    Directions @nderline the subordinate clause from each of the following sentences.Indicate whether each sentence is a comple1 sentence or a compound comple1 sentence.

    ,,,,,,,, . :hen people in 7e1ico build their homes" they sometimes use adobe.

    ,,,,,,,,+. Adobe is the Spanish name for sun dried bricks" which are made accordingto an ancient process.

    ,,,,,,,,-. :orkers who manufactured adobe mi1 sandy clay with water and a smallamount of straw.

    ,,,,,,,, . After the clay" water" and straw are thoroughly mi1ed together" the adobe issho!eled into wooden forms and molded into rectangular bricks.

    ,,,,,,,,/. The blocks bake in the sun for about two weeks" and the result is strongadobe bricks that can be used for construction.

    ,,,,,,,,0. 4nce the bricks are dry" workers remo!e the forms.

    ,,,,,,,,2. Traditional adobe houses are co!ered with mud" but modern adobe homesare sometimes co!ered with a plaster like material that is called stucco.

    ,,,,,,,,3. 7any people prefer adobe houses" since they remain cool in hot weather.

    ,,,,,,,,5. Although adobe is a popular building material in 7e1ico and the [email protected] States" it is not good for !ery damp or cold areas.

    ,,,,,,,, 6. If adobe is e1posed to fre>uent rains" the bricks will e!entually crumble.

    ,,,,,,,, . Adobe brick will not crumble when they are left out in the sun.

    ,,,,,,,, +. Since Adobe brick are made from the earth" they ha!e been used forcenturies.

    ,,,,,,,, -. :hene!er people !isit $ew 7e1ico for the first time" they are shocked atthe number of adobe homes.

    ,,,,,,,, . The adobe is usually a red like color because the earth in that part of thecountry is toned a deep rust.

    ,,,,,,,, /. I don#t like adobe houses much unless they ha!e Spanish tile roofs.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !""

    Directions Draw one line under the main clause and two lines under the subordinateclause. :rite 9 in the blank if the sentence is comple1 and 99 if it is compoundcomple1.

    ,,,,,, . After searching e!erywhere" I found my ring" and I put it in my jewelry bo1.

    ,,,,,, +. 8ulia cooked the lasagna yesterday because she would ha!e time today.

    ,,,,,, -. As long as you#re dri!ing that way" could you stop at the post office for meJ

    ,,,,,, . :hile thinking of an answer" 8ason stared at his feet.

    ,,,,,, /. Tillie paused for a moment when she reached the landing.

    ,,,,,, 0. Terese apologi*ed because she had lost her temper and she had yelled.

    ,,,,,, 2. I ga!e him a pen so that he could write down the phone number.

    ,,,,,, 3. I wrote a letter because the cafN was filthyC I#m waiting for a response.

    ,,,,,, 5. She didn#t ha!e the shoes that I wanted to buyC howe!er" she is ordering them.

    ,,,,,, 6. The kite didn#t fly because there wasn#t enough wind.

    ,,,,,, . I met Dr. :olfe while I was attending college" and now I work in her office.

    ,,,,,, +. 7ary ne!er called because she got home too late.

    ,,,,,, -. :hen the weather is hot" gardening can be drudgery.

    ,,,,,, . %e didn#t raise his !oice" but we knew he was mad" and we got to work=

    ,,,,,, /. As long as you#re calling" ask for her salsa recipe.

    ,,,,,, 0. Gee is worried" and I agree that we should take the cat to the !et.

    ,,,,,, 2. 'ecause it was directed at toddlers" the program had to be brief.

    ,,,,,, 3. As he described his trip to sunny ;uerto

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"#

    Directions @se the independent clauses or phrases to create fi!e of each type of sentencesimple" compound" comple1" compound comple1.

    . 7obile homes are easily mo!ed.

    +. 4ne >uarter of a single family

    -. Some people tra!el in them.

    . dwellings are mobile homes.

    /. Some people li!e in them.

    0. Their length !aries from + to -6 feet.

    2. They are pulled by cars or trucks.

    3. 9ommunities regulate their placement.

    5. They became popular during a war time housing shortage.

    6. They were once called trailers or cara!ans.

    . Sites in trailer parks are usually rented.

    +. They can be connected to utilities.

    -. Some people use mobile homes as campers.

    . 9ampers are sometimes cost effecti!e housing.

    /. Some mobile homes are !ery spacious.

    0. 4ccasionally the walls of mobile homes can be mo!ed to create different si*edrooms.

    2. Skirting around the bottoms of mobile homes creates an aura of permanence.

    3. 7anufactured homes can sometimes be put on foundations.

    5. Some people like to ha!e basements dug for manufactured homes.

    +6. 'asements pro!ide e1tra storage as well as security.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"$

    Directions @nderline all main clauses once and subordinate clauses twice" then identifywhether the sentence is simple" compound" comple1" or compound comple1.

    ,,,,,, . That song always reminds me of you.

    ,,,,,,+. 7ary may seem ner!ous during rehearsals" but she becomes >uite calm.

    ,,,,,,-. ?lenna will arri!e today" but 9arl won#t be here until Saturday.

    ,,,,,, . Gink is lea!ing ne1t :ednesday if he can take off time from work.

    ,,,,,,/. After I had typed the paper" I found some mistakes" so I looked them up.

    ,,,,,,0. @nless I am mistaken" the first door on the left is the entrance to the art roomC howe!er" it may be another door farther along.

    ,,,,,,2. Gisa hung pictures of 'eatri1 ;otter characters in her little sister#s bedroom.

    ,,,,,,3. ;arker edited the yearbooks" and they will be a!ailable in a few weeks.

    ,,,,,,5. The local cable station aired my story" but they mispronounced my name.

    ,,,,,, 6. Although 8une is a long month" its sunny days can ne!er be long enough.

    ,,,,,, . If you hold the door open too long" the alarm will sound.

    ,,,,,, +. The Gincoln %igh School 'obcats won the state finals.

    ,,,,,, -. 'rad ;itt is 9laire#s fa!orite actor" but 'arbie prefers 7ichael 8. Bo1.

    ,,,,,, . :e were sailing on the lake when the storm hit" so we immediately headed for shore.

    ,,,,,, /. :e read stories by candlelight when the lights went out after the storm hit.

    ,,,,,, 0. If there is not a new swimming pool" I think my son will cry.

    ,,,,,, 2. The car is new" and I lo!e it because it is mine=

    ,,,,,, 3. Dale ate the apple and he got sick since it was poisoned.

    ,,,,,, 5. :ade played the piano" but 7att danced ballet.

    ,,,,,,+6. 'randon and 8ody went to dinner and then to the dance.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"%

    Directions @nderline all main clauses once and subordinate clauses twice" then identifywhether the sentence is simple" compound" comple1" or compound comple1 and addnecessary punctuation.

    ,,,,,,,, . 7y sister is mo!ing because she got a new job.

    ,,,,,,,, +. Although I promised I#d be there I couldn#t make it because my carwouldn#t start.

    ,,,,,,,, -. !en if you mail the card today it won#t arri!e until after her birthday andyou will ha!e to call anyway.

    ,,,,,,,, . If this snow continues school will be canceled.

    ,,,,,,,, /. The snack bar is behind the boathouse.

    ,,,,,,,, 0. Angela called but she didn#t lea!e a message.

    ,,,,,,,, 2. !en though 9arey is gone the cat sleeps on her bed.

    ,,,,,,,, 3. @nless it rains she will take her binoculars and go bird watching.

    ,,,,,,,, 5. :ill the person with the pearl necklace please come to the counterJ

    ,,,,,,,, 6. If you paint o!er them the cracks will still return.

    ,,,,,,,, . 7s. &ing needed two people and the brothers needed work.

    ,,,,,,,, +. :e may dri!e to Lion $ational ;ark during spring break.

    ,,,,,,,, -. I remember that summer when you fell into the swimming pool.

    ,,,,,,,, . The two ri!ers met where the fork occurred and the boat crashed.

    ,,,,,,,, /. I can#t recall her name nor do I know where she li!es.

    ,,,,,,,, 0. They waited and watched by the water hole for the lion to return.

    ,,,,,,,, 2. I just met the new student who went to ;aris last year=

    ,,,,,,,, 3. 9rocodiles usually li!e in remote places but greedy hunters find them.

    ,,,,,,,, 5. If they know this manufactures can reduce output when it is necessary.

    ,,,,,,,, +6.

  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences orksheet !"&

    Directions @nderline all main clauses once and subordinate clauses twice" then identifywhether the sentence is simple" compound" comple1" or compound comple1 and add anynecessary punctuation

    ,,,,,, . ;eople demand that crocodile skin be banned from being made into things.

    ,,,,,, +. 9rocodiles can be +/ feet and can sometimes weigh more than +666 pounds.

    ,,,,,, -. If prices drop too low" money may be lost and people may lose jobs.

    ,,,,,, . 9onsumers buy fewer goods when prices rise.

    ,,,,,, /. If production increases prices may drop and people may buy more.

    ,,,,,, 0. Hou can see one of the platforms of the A*tec temples a church and offices.

    ,,,,,, 2. 9ities were built when A*tecs filled in Gake Te1coco during the th century.

    ,,,,,, 3. ;eriodicals that inform and entertain make good reading.

    ,,,,,, 5. There is just one store in our town that sells maga*ines and periodicals.

    ,,,,,, 6. Se!eral writers whom I admire contribute to e1cellent maga*ines.

    ,,,,,, . The store sponsors readings by contributors and sells maga*ines.

    ,,,,,, +. A*tecs founded two different cities Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco.

    ,,,,,, -. The 7e1ican go!ernment has preser!ed the ancient A*tec ruins for e!eryone.

    ,,,,,, . The Spanish constructed their own buildings and worshipped their own ?od.

    ,,,,,, /. Though Tenochtitlan became a capital Tlatelolco gained it#s independence.

    ,,,,,, 0. :here!er I go I bring a maga*ine with me.

    ,,,,,, 2. The owner greeted me immediately and I#m just an ordinary shopper.

    ,,,,,, 3. As long as I ha!e a book with me I#m happy.

    ,,,,,, 5. Hou might want to subscribe but you might not want to.

    ,,,,,, +6. Some don#t like to read and some simply cannot read enough=


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences eview orksheet !"

    Directions @nderline main clauses once" subordinate clauses twice" and identify whether the sentence is simple" compound" comple1" or compound comple1.

    . 7any people wait on the bus.

    +. 7any people wait on the bus while the dri!er repairs it.

    -. Alyssa and Tyler lo!e to run and play.

    . 7any people lo!e to swing and dance.

    /. ;eople who lo!e to play are usually !ery nice.

    0. Shad lo!es to fish and 9urt does too.

    2. 7ike plays the guitar" but Shad and 9urt ski because it is what they lo!e.

    3. If you do not you you#re homework" you will most certainly fail.

    5. I don#t care if you do it because it isn#t my business" but you#ll only hurt yourself.

    6. :hy don#t you imagine the possibilities of the e1perimentJ

    . The comedians bra!ely acted on while the audience booed their efforts.

    +. The re!iew sessions the chemistry teacher pro!ided made a big difference.

    -. That old house looked spookier than a haunted house in a nightmare would look=

    . :hene!er I go to that restaurant" I run into someone from the old days.

    /. The teacher predicted how the chemicals might react.

    0. I like swimming" but &ay likes to golf.

    2. I want a slushy and some ice cream.

    3. ?randpa bought me the telescope and ?randma bought the chemistry set.

    5. The rest of the group arri!ed later.

    +6. Hou may take whiche!er puppy you want.


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Types of Sentences eview orksheet !#

    Directions :rite ten of each type of sentence in the spaces below. @nderline each mainclause once and each subordinate clause twice.























  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook














    9ompound 9omple1










    6.Types of Sentences /erformance )ssessment


  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook


    Directions Demonstrate your ability to effecti!ely use simple" compound" comple1" andcompound comple1 sentences by writing a four paragraph essay addressing your biggest

    pet pee!e. 'e sure to use each of the types of sentences at least fi!e times. %ighlightcompound sentences in yellow" comple1 sentences in pink" and compound comple1sentences in blue. @nderline fi!e simple sentences.








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  • 8/17/2019 English 2 Workbook













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