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  1. 1. ENGLISH 2 + EPC Presentation Slides for Report
  2. 2. 1. Ignatius Jee Shao Iang 2. Erica Chin 3. Yong Man Kit 4. Vincent Foong Wing Hoe 5. Pe Zhi Yong Group Members:
  3. 3. History of Barber - One of the oldest profession in the world - Barbering was practised by prehistoric human way back in the glacier age - Used to do weird stuff like surgery, bloodletting, extracting teeth, herbs administration - Was known as barber-surgeon for more than 1000 years - A degradation of barber art causes a downfall in the field - Causes barbers to be group in the lowest social strata
  4. 4. Barber Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop in Georgetown, Penang in Kota Damansara, KL Implementing an unique theme in a business proved to be extremely successful.
  5. 5. Location (Map) Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop 53A, Acheh St, Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, 10200 No 25, Jalan Teknologi 3/6B, The Core Sunsuria, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  6. 6. History - Son and Dad Barber - Business started in 2004, founded by Elyas Yunoos - The founder was inspired by his father who was a hair stylist in the 1980s - The shop used to be a hair salon until the year of 2011, where it became a barber shop - Used to be located at a small street behind Acheh Mosque - Its new location provided tons of publicity as it is at a core zone - The business is now extremely successful with estimated around 30 customer per day.
  7. 7. History - Garage Barbershop - Business started in 2002, founded by Jay (Muhammad Firdaus) - started learning hairdressing due to his love towards fashion at the age of 21 - worked in Penang as a part-timer one year after finishing his study - moved to KL and worked in the extremely famous Joes Barber located at SS15, Subang as a lead barber - After quitting his job due to personal issue, he started his own shop which is Garage Barbershop - Named Garage Barbershop due to it started in a garage - Opened his own shop in Sri Gombak after having a great business - Recently opened a new branch in Kota Damansara, which is where we went for interview
  8. 8. Brief Description Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop Founded in 2004 by Elyas Yunoos Family business Provide haircut, shaving and hot towel service (no kid service) Also sell pomades Customers are mostly regular customers Small business No branches Open from 11am to 10pm Off on Friday Founded in 2002 by Muhammad Firdaus (Jay) Is its own brand Provide haircut and shaving Has one branch Old shop located at Sri Gombak Open from 2pm to 10pm Off on Monday
  9. 9. Facilities Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop 4 barber chairs and mirrors A long bench made of planks and tires Several Air-conditioners 2 couch outside the shop Plentiful of lights (to make sure the barbers can focus on their work) 4 Hardware cases with barber tools TV Washroom 2 barber chair (+ 1 for decorative purpose) Multiple mirrors Several Air-conditioners 2 wooden old school-esque couch outside the shop Plentiful of lights (to make sure the barbers can focus on their work)
  10. 10. Services and Price Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop
  11. 11. Interior Design and Decoration - Son and Dad Barber Posters Outdoor Posters Indoor Old school barber tools Music box View of interior
  12. 12. Interior Design and Decorations - Garage Barbershop Outdoor View Indoor View Recycled Furnitures
  13. 13. Son and Dad Barber Competitors Garage Barbershop New Light Hairdressing Salon Hun Hoe Barber Snob Hairdressing Joes Barbershop & Kitchen Shino Barbershop Anas Barbershop
  14. 14. Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop Competing Strategy RM30-40 No extra during peak season Pricing RM10-20 Charge RM3-5 during peak season Hipster signage (hand-drawn) Through social media Price written on a blackboard outside the shop Advertisement Very distinct signage Through websites and social media Price written on a blackboard outside the shop Haircut Hot towel Shaving Selling pomades Services Haircut Shaving Kid haircut give a 1970s classic-esque vibe Atmosphere very stylish and give a garagey feel Experienced barbers Very kind Uses high quality pomades from both local and America Quality of Service and Product Experienced and talented head barber Very kind Uses high quality pomades
  15. 15. No kid haircut Sell pomades Services Has kid haircut 1 senior barber 3 junior barbers 1 cashier Workers 2 senior barbers 6 junior barbers 2 cashiers Expand business Future plans Establish more branches Shop located on a busy street Cool theme Sell high quality pomades Strategy Extremely talented and experienced barber Elyas Yunoos Founder Muhammad Firdaus (Jay) Georgetown, Penang Location Kota Damansara, KL 11a.m. - 10p.m. Business Hours 2p.m.- 11p.m. Mostly regular customers No kids service Target Market Male adults age between 25-35yo RM30 to RM40 Price Range RM15 to RM20 RM10 for kids Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop
  16. 16. Obstacle faced by new business 1. Lack of publicity - not having at publicity from the start leads to low amount of customer 1. Lack of skillful worker - new shops usually have little to no experienced workers, which might cause dissatisfaction in customers 1. Customers preference - everyone has their own barber/salon preference and will hardly try out a new shop
  17. 17. Recommendation Son and Dad Barber Garage Barbershop 1. Space Consider expanding the shop as it can only accomodate one customer at a time. 2. Pricing The price range (RM30-40) is quite high. Lowering the price might help attracting new customers. 1. Location Located at a industrial area with low population. Moving to a highly populated area might help boost the business. 2. Product and Service Consider providing service to woman and hot towel service.
  18. 18. Conclusion Son and Dad Barber Located in Penang Family business having plan to expand the business providing hair cut services and sell pomades More experience in the market Garage Barbershop Located in Kuala Lumpur A hobby rather than job having plan to expand the business providing adult and kid haircut only Relatively newer to the market