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Unit III B. England & France Develop. England Absorbs Waves of Invaders. Who Invaded England first?. Danish Vikings and Anglo-Saxons invade England in the 800’s. How did English Kings try to improve their power?. 1. Hold and add land. Land=Wealth=Power. 2. Centralized Gov't. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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England & France Develop

England & France DevelopUnit III B

7/2013Izydorczak1England Absorbs Waves of Invaders

7/2013Izydorczak2Who Invaded England first?

Danish Vikings and Anglo-Saxons invade England in the 800s

7/2013Izydorczak3How did English Kings try to improve their power?3. Control the Church2. Centralized Gov't1. Hold and add landcontol governmentLand=Wealth=Power7/2013Izydorczak4

The last years of Anglo-Saxon England King Edward 924 AD to 1066 AD

7/2013Izydorczak5Who invades England next?William the Conqueror

Duke of Normandy

Nothern France7/2013Izydorczak6Battle of Hastings

William lands on the coast of England with his army and defeats the Anglo-Saxon king, HaroldResult? William becomes King of England!7/2013Izydorczak7Who was a descendant of William and ruled from 1154 to 1189?Henry II

7/2013Izydorczak8Who did Henry II marry?Eleanor of AquitaneWhat is the significance of this marriage?She had been married to King Louis VII of France

7/2013Izydorczak9Henry IIBegan to practice trial by jury.Result7/2013Izydorczak10Henry IIEnglish judges formed a body of laws called?Common LawBasis of law for many English speaking countries including the United States.7/2013Izydorczak11In 1215 King John signed what document?Magna Carta

Significance7/2013Izydorczak12Limit the monarch to tax and guaranteed trial by jury to freemen.

7/2013Izydorczak131295, Edward I called a meeting of representatives from all over England which was called?Parliment

Why?7/2013Izydorczak14Needed to raise taxes for war against France.

7/2013Izydorczak15What important weapon did Parliament have that limits the power of the leader?

Powerof thePurse7/2013Izydorczak16The English Parliament is what kind of Legislature?bi-cameralWhat does this look like?7/2013Izydorczak17bi-cameralHouse of CommonsHouse of LordsSenateHouseofRepresentativesEnglandUnited States7/2013Izydorczak18