England and France Develop. England (Early Invasions) ► Vikings (Danish) ► Alfred the Great turns back Vikings  England United under 1 rule  “Land of

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  • England and France Develop

  • England (Early Invasions)Vikings (Danish)Alfred the Great turns back VikingsEngland United under 1 ruleLand of the Angles1016 Danish king conquered EnglandMolds Anglo-Saxons and Vikings together

  • England (Norman Conquest)William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy)William invades EnglandBattle of Hastings Normans winWilliam declares England his property

  • Battle of Hastingshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLy1LskT6Y8

  • Battle of Hastings Map

  • England EvolvesEnglish Kings want 2 thingsAdd to French LandStrengthen power over nobles and Church

  • England EvolvesHenry II Marries Eleanor of Aquitaine (From France)Vassal to French king, but also a king himself

  • Juries and Common LawLoyal People 12 neighbors of the accused who answered royal judges questionsOnly Kings court could conductCommon Law Unified body of law from rulings of Englands royal judges

  • Magna CartaJohn SoftswordLost Normandy and Northern FranceCruel to SubjectsAlienated from ChurchHis nobles revolted and had him sign Magna Carta

  • Magna CartaJune 15, 1215 Nobles forced John to agreeSafeguard nobles feudal rights and limits kings powers

  • Magna CartaLater- Applied to every citizenNo Taxation without representationTrial by juryProtection of the law

  • Model ParliamentEdward I needs $ for war raised ParliamentMeets at WestminsterHouse of Commons (knights and burghers)House of Lords (nobles and bishops)

  • France1000 47 Feudal territories

  • Hugh CapetBegan Capetian DynastyWeak rulers at firstParis Good for tradePower spread outward

  • Philip II Powerful CapetianRuled 1180-1223Willing to do whatever for powerIncreased territory of France Normandy3X land under his controlWanted stronger central govtSent bailiffs to collect taxes in every district

  • Louis IX (Grandson of Philip II)Ruled 1226-1270Ideal king (very religious)Made French appeals courtStrengthened monarchyWeakened Feudal ties

  • Philip IV Ruled 1285-1314Feud with PopePope refused to allow priest to pay taxesPhilip called meeting of lords and bishops (commoners were included)

  • Estates General1st Estate Church2nd Estate Great Lords3rd Estate Commoners (Wealthy landowners, merchants)