Engaging Students in Informational Text

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Engaging Students in Informational Text. a few strategies York Public Schools 1.17.2011. Objectives. Use strategies to encourage greater comprehension Setting purpose Text Protocols Questioning Summarizing Graphic Organizers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Engaging Students in Informational Text

Engaging Students in Informational Texta few strategies

York Public Schools1.17.2011ObjectivesUse strategies to encourage greater comprehensionSetting purposeText ProtocolsQuestioningSummarizingGraphic Organizers

Whether youre a novice or a veteran teacher, using texts effectively requires the willingness to explore instructional strategies and to move beyond assigning and telling.--Vacca & Vacca, 2002, p. 6ESU 6, 2.8.082Successful ReadersUse strategies when encountering new wordsConnect new information to existing knowledge Continually monitor own understandingUse a variety of effective strategies before, during, and after reading.Create images of reading contentPeriodically summarize reading/learningUse textual cues, visuals, structureSet a purpose and adjust rate and strategy useESU 6, 2.8.083Comprehension StrategiesBefore ReadingPreview the textSet a purposeActivate background knowledgecontent vocabularytext structurePredictAfter ReadingDetermine importanceInferSummarizeSynthesizeQuestionEvaluate

During ReadingMonitor own comprehensionVisualizeInferUse fix-up strategiesQuestion Summarize

ESU 6, 2.8.084http://www.literacymatters.org/content/socialstudies.htm (also science, math, others)BEFORE READINGSet a PurposePurpose affects comprehension.appropriate speedimportance of specific informationactivation of relevant background knowledgememory

Complete a sentence stemThe purpose of (source) is to _(inform, persuade, etc.) (audience) about (topic) by (methodsexamples, description, facts, etc.)

BEFORE READINGSet a Purpose Anticipation Guideactivate upon prior / background knowledgeidentify misconceptionsprovide purpose (support, refute, answer questions)

Before ReadingStatementAfter ReadingTo produce the best grapes for wine, vines should be well-irrigated.The vines with the highest yields tend to produce the most flavorful grapes.

BEFORE READINGPreteach, Preview, PredictPreteach key wordsKey proper nouns, critical concept nounsTarget vocabulary

Introduce the big idea

Preview (teacher think-aloud) & PredictBriefThink-aloudLink to background knowledge, previous learningWhat do you think you will learn about? Why?

DURING READINGAsk & Answer QuestionsRight ThereAnswers word-for-word in text

Putting It TogetherAnswers throughout text or in different wordsMust look in more than one place & put information together

Making ConnectionsCannot be answered by text aloneRequire thinking about text, own knowledge, and how it fits together

DURING READINGDetermine Main IdeaGet the GistWho or what is the paragraph/section about?What is the most important information about the who or what?Say it in a main idea statement with 10 words or less.(Repeat and combine the main idea statements to summarize a longer selection.)

DURING / AFTER READINGDetermine Main IdeaTwo Stars and a Wish Please share two of the most important or relevant ideas you heard.

Please record something you wish: a question or a comment about something you heardsomething you need to know to understand bettera resource you would like postedsomething to help make the in-service more engaging, relevant, accurate

ESU 6, 2.8.0811A Few More Summary ActivitiesLearner Summary:Mosaic Draw a window with 5 panes.

Write a single word or short phrase in each pane representing the most important ideas

Connect these ideas/concepts in (1-3) sentences.

13Write A Headline

Consider a chunk of information.

Write a short headline to summarize the information.Death, Insanity Dominate Shakespearean TragedyNounAction VerbObject14Write News Article BeginningMost information in first two paragraphsWho?What?When?Where?Why?How?15R.A.F.T.RoleAudienceFormatTopicYou are a kidney in the human body. Write a letter to your host to explain what you need to stay healthy and why the host will be better off if you ARE and STAY in tip-top condition.

(Wormelli, R., 2005, p. 133)16