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Engaging P-20W Stakeholders. Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Bill Hurwitch, Maine Department of Education Mike McKindles, Illinois State Board of Education Steve Snow, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Peg Votta , Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SLDS Webinar

1Engaging P-20W StakeholdersTuesday, October 30, 2012

Bill Hurwitch, Maine Department of EducationMike McKindles, Illinois State Board of EducationSteve Snow, North Dakota Department of Public InstructionPeg Votta, Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceNorth Dakota: Engaging Stakeholders from LEAs and REAsIllinois: Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement through Organizational StructuresMaine: P-20 CollaborationRhode Island: Leveling the Data Playing FieldQuestions & AnswersOverview22012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference2Engaging Stakeholders from LEAs and REAs

North Dakota32012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceEnlist the support of current organizations and other user groups in waving the SLDS flag:Educational leadership organizationsTeacher associationsTechnology teamsAssessment working groupsSIS user groupsProgram-specific groups (Special Education, School Lunch, Title I, etc.)

Determine What is Already In Place42012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceDevelop a Communication PlanWhat message do you want to send?Develop a proposed benefits document and timelineWho is your target audience?What questions may already exist?How much cost and additional effort to stakeholders?How will you update them on progress and interest?Website, Twitter, Blog, Newsletter ...Keep your team on the same page

Plan the Engagement Process52012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceDevelop (and Publish) Data Governance GuidesExplain hierarchal decision processDevelop Data Steward groupsProgram Areas (Special Ed)AssessmentsData DictionaryDisciplineSet up a feedback process

Engage Stakeholders in Decision Process62012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceCommunicate!7If you dont provide the answers,they will always get them from somewhere.2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceFacilitating Stakeholder Engagement Through Organizational Structures

Illinois82012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceIllinois P-20 CouncilILDS Data Advisory CommitteeIllinois Higher Education ConsortiumMulti-Agency GovernanceIllinois Organizational Structures92012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference9Illinois P-20 Act (Public Act 096-0107, SB1828) established a P-20 Council under the Governors OfficeP-20 Council meets quarterly and includes multiple subcommittees and work groupsMembership includes a full spectrum of education organizations, as well as workforce, legislators, researchers, advocacy organizations, and foundations Education agency members include Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), and Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)Advocacy groups, including labor organizations, are very active in Illinois, and many are P-20 Council members

P-20 Council102012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceP-20 Council11

Illinois P-20 Council site: http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/P20/Pages/default.aspx2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceThe ILDS Data Advisory Committee (DAC) was established through the ILDS ProjectSLDS grants support the CommitteeMembership includes entire a spectrum of education organizations and workforceIncludes some organizations not represented on P-20 CouncilMay explore tighter integration or merging with P-20 CouncilILDS DAC site: http://www.isbe.net/ILDS/htmls/ildsdac.htm

ILDS Data Advisory Committee122012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceIHEC Membership:ICCB on behalf of Community CollegesHas collected data for over 10 yearsPublic Participating Institution All 12 Universities, contributed data in 2012 Private Institutions Participating Institution65 Universities, will contribute in 2013Proprietary (For Profit) Participating Institution12 Universities, will contribute in 2013IHEC site: http://www.ibhe.org/ILDS/HEConsortium.htm

Illinois Higher Education Consortium132012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceGoverning Board (formally established in 2011)Voting members (2 votes each): Community College, Private Institutions, Proprietary Institutions, Public UniversitiesNon-voting members: IBHE, ISBE, ICCB, FIICU, ISAC Board Chairman rotates bi-annually between sectorsAdministrating Institution appointed by the BoardMembers sign agreement governing participation, data governance, data ownership, data usage, etc.Illinois Higher Education Consortium142012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceSub-committees EstablishedData Elements CommitteeData Access and Use Committee Technical Advisory CommitteeReport Development CommitteeRegular IHEC Governing Board Meetings Quarterly (at a minimum) subcommittee meetingCross representation among subcommitteesWeekly Governing Board Chair meetings with Administrating Institution

Illinois Higher Education Consortium152012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceVoluntary initiative, may result in changes to P-20 ActTargeted to include education data, workforce, human servicesModeled after IHEC implementation, incorporates lessons learnedCommon data repository to address multi-agency data requests. Includes common identifier initiative as part of WDQI grant scope of work

Multi-Agency Governance162012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceP-20W Collaboration


2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceHealth and Human Services/Early ChildhoodEducare/Early Head Start/Head Start PilotLinkages with Child Development Services/4-year oldsFollows children into K-12Measures effectiveness of programs/interventionsDepartment of LaborCenter for Workforce Research and InformationSLDS/ WDQI PartnershipOutcome reports employment by industry linked to degrees/majors; quarterly wages; continuing educationPartners - CTE schools, Adult Education, WorkReady, Community Colleges, Universities

Current P-20W Collaboration in Maine182012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferencePostsecondaryResearch partnership with University of MaineTeacher preparation programsFollow graduates link to certification, LEA employmentTeacher training courses on using SLDS dataElectronic TranscriptsHigh schools to public postsecondary institutionsTeacher preparation programs to State certification systemRemedial course taking feedback to high schoolsReports to SEA and high schoolsCollege readiness early warning system

Current P-20W Collaboration in Maine192012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceFocus on Mutual BenefitsStakeholder access to dataOutcome/feedback reports across agencies/programsAgree on Common GoalsProgram/intervention evaluationImproving readiness K-12/College/WorkforceProfessional development providers/educatorsProvide Ongoing CommunicationStakeholder TrainingPresentationsSharing best practices

P-20W Collaboration in Maine202012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceGovernanceExpanded multi-agency Data Management TeamBi-directional memorandums of agreementLessons LearnedBuilding a longitudinal data system with multiple partners is technically and operationally complexTechnology release cycles can be longer than anticipatedLimit scope to meet achievable timelinesCoordinating cross-agency teams is challengingOnce you build it stakeholders will want moreP-20W Collaboration in Maine212012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceLeveling the Data Playing Field

Rhode Island222012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceRhode Islands Statewide Efforts to Level the Data Playing Field StructuresData Team - Communicate and CoordinateLongitudinal Data Analysis Committee - Keep decision making agency agnostic and student-centricIntentional and Strategic Marketing and Communication

Engaging P-20W Stakeholders232012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference23Rhode Islands Statewide Efforts to Level the Data Playing Field ToolsRI DataHUB - Reach audiences at their comfort levelData Stories - Democratize Data, Take Action Tiered Training, users guides and video tutorials You can NEVER provide enough support!Engaging P-20W Stakeholders242012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference24Questions & Answers

252012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceContact information:Bill Hurwitch, Bill.Hurwitch@maine.govMike McKindles, mmckindl@isbe.net Peg Votta, MARGARET.VOTTA@RIDE.RI.GOV Steve Snow, fsnow@nd.gov Patrick Alles, patrick.alles@sst-slds.org

For more information on engaging P-20W stakeholders:Stakeholder Communication: SLDS Best Practices Brief: http://nces.ed.gov/programs/slds/publications.asp

Contacts & Additional Resources262012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference