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Enesto Guevara

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Enesto Guevara. By:Paige DeBaldo. Enesto Guevara. This is his famous photo. This photo is hanging besides the hand sanitizer in Profe’s room. Enesto !. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enesto GuevaraBy:Paige DeBaldo

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ENESTO GUEVARA This is his famous photo. This photo is hanging besides the hand sanitizer in Profe’s room.

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Enesto! Makes a 4,000 mile long journey through Nortstudied medicine he

is interested in leprosy. Asthma disqualified him from joining the army.

1948 he went to northern Argentina alone on a moped, encountering many indigenous tribes and experiencing first hand the impoverished conditions of their lives.


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PALITTA RINO This is a painting by Palitta Rino. He painted the famous picture of Enesto Guevara.

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October 9, 1967 He was shot by the CIA on October 9,1967

After his death, a death mask was made and his hands were cut off to ensure identification. His body was buried in a secret grave. Guevara was 39 years old

In June of 1997, a team of Cuban and Argentinian scientists recovered the skeleton, missing both hands, of Guevara in the town of Vallegrande, Bolivia. The bones have since been "repatriated" to Cuba.


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ENESTO GUEVARA I think this is a picture of his family. It may also be his wedding day.

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June 14, 1928 Enesto was born in Rosario, Argentina

Lived from 1928-1967

1941 attended Colegio Nacional Dean Funes, secondary school in Cordoba


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BONES This Enesto Guevara. They found his bones about 5 years ago somewhere in South America.

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Guevara! In 1951, he takes off on a motorcycle journey with his good

friend, Alberto Granado.

They travel from Buenos Aires, down the coast of Argentina, through the Andes into Chile, and then north into Peru, Colombia and Venezuela


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YOUNG ENESTO This is Enesto when he was about 8 years old.

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Famous Quotes! I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to

kill a man. [facing his assassin]

Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel!


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IN DISGUISE This is Enesto when he was in incognito from the CSI.

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Enesto Guevara He qualifies as a doctor in 1953, specializing in dermatology.

Around this time he was exposed to the attempted worker reforms following the National Revolution of 1952 in Bolivia

In September of 1954, he moves to Mexico City, finding work in the General Hospital.


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LEADER OF CUBA This Enesto he is on the Cuba flag because he was a leader in Cuba.

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The year 1956 In 1956, the revolutionaries land in Cuba on the "yacht" Granma,

initating a three-year guerrilla war against the dictator

He is directly responsible for dozens of executions of defectors and Batista loyalists.

The revolutionaries succeed in overthrowing the Batista regime in January of 1959.


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MAP ROUTE This was the route Enesto went on when he did his motorcycle trip.

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Enesto and Aleida

He marries Aleida March de la Torre, with whom he eventually has four children.

From 1961 to 1965, he travels with his wife around the world as an ambassador for Cuba.

Che goes underground, traveling through Africa, eventually

assembling a group of Cubans to fight in the Kinshasa rebellion in the Congo

Castro informally removes Guevara from office, their ideas for the future of Cuba having radically diverged.


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THE GREATEST Enesto is still a big deal today in Cuba. He was the greatest leader they ever had.

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1966 He disguises himself by shaving off his beard and not wearing his

famous beret, in order to travel incognito through Latin America.

In November 1966, he leads a group of guerrillas through southeastern Bolivia

hoping to inspire the peasants and workers into a revolutionary movement that would spread all throughout Latin America, sparking off "twenty new Vietnams".

October 8. Two jets and a helicopter provide air support. Che is taken to the nearby town of La He refuses all attempts at interrogation by CIA and Bolivan officials. The Bolivian president, General Rene Barrientos, orders the execution of Guevara as soon as possible.Higuera