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Energy, Infrastructure & Defence Corporate Presentation August 2018

Energy, Infrastructure & Defence PRESENTATION... · Transmission, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar • EPCC of 32” dia , 301 km Fahud Sohar Gas pipeline of Oman Gas Company, Oman • Design

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Energy, Infrastructure & DefenceCorporate Presentation

August 2018

An Overview• A global US$ 780 million EPC conglomerate, founded in 1988

• Providing services in Energy, Infrastructure and Defence sectors

• Present across Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, the

Caspian, UK and China

• International offices in 14 countries

• Listed on the BSE and NSE in India

• Multicultural workforce of 9,951 employees

• Equipment assets worth US$ 263 million

• Listed in the ENR Global Ranking of Top 250 International

Contractors consequently for 10 years

• Revenues : US$ 780 million

• Order Backlog : US$ 1.40 billion

Punj Lloyd Group

Providing EPC Services for ENERGY

OIL & GAS• Pipelines

• Tanks & Terminals• Onshore Field Development

PROCESS• Refineries• Chemicals• Polymers &



• Biofuels• Water Treatment

Punj Lloyd Group

Providing EPC Services for INFRASTRUCTURE

BUILDINGS• Commercial, Industrial

Institutional & Residential Complexes• Healthcare

INFRASTRUCTURE• Subway & Metro Systems

• Airports• Highways & Expressways

• Bridges, Flyovers & Interchanges• Railways

• Tunnels & Caverns• Landside Development of

Seaports• Water Treatment Facilities

POWER• Nuclear• Thermal

• Solar• Transmission &


Punj Lloyd Group

Providing Services for DEFENCE

• Small Arms

• Homeland Security

• Land Systems

• Aerospace

• Component Manufacturing

Skills and Capabilities

Total Delivery Capability

Feasibility Study Master Plan Technology

Packages Concept Design /

FEED Cost Estimates Detailed Multi-

disciplinary Design Validation

Procurement ServicesMaterial Management

Project Management Construction

Management Construction

Services Commissioning Start-up / Training

Ongoing technical support

Turnaround support O&M Technology

improvements De-bottlenecking Plant Expansions

Engineering Procurement Construction Post Completion


Post Completion

• Ongoing technical support

• Turnaround support• O&M

• Technology improvements

• De-bottlenecking• Plant Expansion

• Statutory inspection


Value Drivers

Experience &


Responsive to Market




Manpower – Punj Lloyd Group Punj Lloyd boasts of a rich multicultural team from different nationalities, adapting to the local customs andtraditions of the region. It is the people of Punj Lloyd responsible for the creation of many global iconic landmarks.Readily mobilised, they are willing to take up the challenges of execution in diverse geographies, often in toughterrain and hostile weather.

Punj Lloyd PL Engineering Total


PROJECT SERVICES / Execution 8212 4 8216

ENGINEERING 289 12 301



Grand Total 9931 20 9951

Beating Deadlines

Belgaum - Maharashtra Highway 5 months ahead of schedule

Vadodara - Halol Expressway 4 months ahead of schedule

Dahej Vijaipur Pipeline 42” x 506 km in 9 months

South Sumatra to West Java Pipeline, Indonesia 32” x 26.62 km of lowering in 1 day

OGC Pipeline, Oman 32” x 25.5 km of lowering in 1 day

Gas Export Pipeline, Oman 48” x 21 km of lowering in 1 day

LNG Storage & Regasification Facilities, Dabhol Early completion

Jamnagar - Loni LPG Pipeline 8 months ahead of schedule

Balongan - Jakarta Pipeline 2 months ahead of schedule

Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation, Haldia Refinery Completion in 18 months


Global Clientele



Global Presence

Global Experience

Bahrain Bangladesh China Georgia Hong Kong India

Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Libya Myanmar Malaysia

Oman Qatar Indonesia Saudi Arabia Singapore Thailand

Turkey UAE UK Yemen

Organisational Structure

Dotted line reporting to MD

MD & Chairman

Group CEO

HR & Admin Supply Chain Operations Infra

Operations Oil & Gas


Plant & equipment


Engineering Roads


Plant, Process & Nuclear Power


Country Mgr


Group Finance

Strategic Initiatives/ Biz Development**

Sub Contract Management

Bridges & special Strs.



Chairman’s Office


Corp Affairs

Country Mgr

Saudi & Bahrain Aero Euro


Corporate Communication

CEO’s OfficeMIS & Process

Legal & CS


Finance & Commercial


Accounting and Control

Banking & Treasury

Contract & Claims

BD, Estimation & Tendering

BD, Estimation & Tendering

Internal Audit

Pipeline & HDD

Order Backlog (Consolidated)USD Mn

Order Backlog comprises unexecuted orders as on Mar 31, 2018 plus new orders received after that date.* Excluding orders of Libya worth Rs. 6,845 crores which are not seeing traction.

B&I *54%

Pipeline & Tankage







Order backlog Mar-18

B&I * 750.73

Pipeline & Tankage 379.74

Power 168.54

Process 82.50

Defence 18.98

Offshore -


Total 1,400.48

Segment Revenue (Consolidated) – FY18USD Mn

Pipeline & Tankage







PL Infra1%


Revenue FY18

Pipeline & Tankage 464.52

B&I 127.46

Process 74.43

Power 56.55

Others 29.05

Offshore 16.50

PL Infra 6.24

PLE 4.66

Total 780.40

Safety Statistics

Frequency Rate =

Severity Rate =

No. of LTI Cases

Total Manhours worked

Mandays Lost due to LTI

Total Manhours worked

x 2,00,000

x 2,00,000



Total Manhours Worked

Lost Time Injuries

Lost Workdays


Frequency Rates

Severity Rate
































2012 2016







Safety MilestonesSafety is Paramount :• in design• in construction• inside / outside the workplace

Achieving Safety Targets through :• safety audits• training• safety records / benchmarking

Recognition and Awards :• ISO 9001 : 2015• OHSAS 18001• ISO 14001 : 2015

Man-hours without lost time injury :

21.5 million Polysilicon Project, Qatar

20 million Paradip LSTK Project, India

20 million J3 Project, Jamnagar, India

13 million Dabhol-Bangalore, India

12.9 million HCU/HGU, Haldia Refinery, India

12 million Dabhol Power/LNG Terminal, India

11.2 million Dahej-Vijaipur, India

10 million Shah Gas Gathering, Abu Dhabi

10 million Sabah Sarawak, Malaysia

10 million YLNG , Yemen

9 million SGI/SGP Project, Kazakhstan

8 million Fuel Systems, NDIA, Qatar

7.5 million LNG Expansion Project, Dahej, India

7 million OGD III Abu Dhabi

5 million Habshan 3, Abu Dhabi

5 million ISPRL, Mangalore, India

4.5 million Oman Gas Company

4 million BTC, Turkey

4 million Peciko Field Dev., Indonesia

2.5 million BTC, Georgia

Safety Milestones

Buildings &Infrastructure

Buildings Transportation


Hospitality & Leisure Commercial Complexes

Healthcare Residential Complexes

Buildings & Infrastructure Cumulative Data

Excavation - Cu Mtr, 10825000

Emabankment - Cu Mtr, 37364431

Subgrade - Cu Mtr, 9128387

Aggregate Base Course - Cu Mtr, 6192828

Bituminous Course -Cu Mtr, 2195951

DLC and PQC - Cu Mtr, 1913996

RCC - Cu Mtr, 2159491

Structural Work -MT, 140016 Reinforce Earth Wall

- Sq Mtr, 1684635

Buildings - Landmark Projects

Medical College and Hostel Complex, AIIMS, Raipur, India: Construction of medical, dental and nursing colleges, six hostel buildings, warden residence, auditorium etc.Built-up Area : 800,000 sft.

Medanta, The Medicity, India:Construction of 21 storeyed OPD block, two 18 storeyed IPD block, nine storeyed OT blocks, seven storeyed admin and night lounge blocks.• Built-up Area : 215,200 sft.


• Capitol Heights, residential & retail complex, TRIF Real Estate & Development, India: Excavation and auxiliary work across 10 acres, construction of four residential towers – two 23 storeyed and two 20 storeyed along with a retail complex

• Residential Built-up Area : 0.952 million sft.• Retail Built-up Area : 0.64 million sft.



• Total Road Length built by Punj Lloyd - 3,637 lane km

• We have delivered over 19 highway projects, some falling under the prestigious Golden Quadrilateral in India.

Enhancing commuter’s travel experience in :

Subway and metro systems

Airports Bridges, Flyovers & Interchanges

Highways & Expressways

Tunnels & Caverns

Transportation – Landmark ProjectsSubway & Metro Systems

• Design and construction of elevated viaduct including structural work of four stations for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

• Construction of elevated structures – viaducts and ramp for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

• Construction of eight stations and viaduct for Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation

Airports• Greenfield airport project in Sikkim, India – Construction of a

high altitude airport at a height of 1,410 m sea level. Thescope of work involve excavation of 100 m depth and earthfilling of slopes of 80 m height, stabilised with GeogridReinforced Retaining Wall. A large volume of earthwork, 65lac m3, involved blasting in hard rock apart from excavationin soft rock and soil

Transportation – Landmark Projects

• Four/six laning of Raipur - Simga section of NH 31, Chhattisgarh, India

• Four laning of Simaria - Khagaria section of NH 31, Bihar, India• Rehabilitation and upgradation of Talebani - Sambalpur section

of NH 6, Odisha, India• Four laning of Tallewal - Barnala section of NH 71, Punjab, India• Four laning of the Gorakhpur - Gopalganj section of NH-

28, Bihar, India• Rehabilitation and upgradation of two and four laning of Bhutan

border at Pasakha to Bangladesh border - Asian Highway contract, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, India

• Upgradation of National Highway No. 9, GMR Hyderabad Vijayawada Expressways, India

• Upgradation of the Belgaum-Maharashtra Border Highway Section of NH-4 in Karnataka, India

Major Projects - India

Highways & Expressways

Major Projects - Overseas

• Upgradation of 2 lane, Yargi-Kalewa Road section on EPC mode, Myanmar for NHAI

Oil & Gas

Onshore & OffshorePipelines Tanks & Terminals

Onshore Field Development & Gas Processing


Pipelines• Acknowledged as one of the leading pipeline contractors in the world

• Laid more than 12,775 km pipeline world over

• Known as ‘All terrain experts’ with experience of laying pipelines in mountains, deserts, swamps and shallow water

• Owns and maintains 10 spreads of pipeline equipment upto 56” dia

• Owns 18 automatic welding machines. Punj Lloyd introduced this technology in India

• Owns HDD equipment upto 400 MT

• Owns a flotilla of pipelaying barges capable of laying pipe invarying depths

Welding (inch dia), 96657324

Trench (Cu Mtr), 36424793

ROW (Cu Mtr), 38319378

Total Number of Joints, 1277513

Total Pipeline laid in KM, 12775

Major Pipeline Projects

• EPCC of 48” dia, 265 km gas pipeline, Oman Gas Export Line, Petroleum Development Oman

• Construction of 46” dia, 53 km crude oil pipeline and 42” dia 53 km gas pipeline, BTC and South Caucasus pipeline, Spie Capag - PetrofacInternational, Georgia

• EPCC of 42” dia, 207 km and 34” dia, 124 km, Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Crude oil pipeline, Botas/BTC Co., Turkey

• EPCC of 40” dia, 205 km Myanmar China oil pipeline, South East Asia Crude Oil Pipeline Company, Myanmar

• EPCC of 36” dia, 512 km Sabah Sarawak Gas pipeline, Petronas Carigali SdnBhd, Malaysia

• EPCC of 36”, 12” and 8” dia, 97.2 km Doha Urban Relocation Gas pipelines, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

• EPC of 36” dia, 124 and 87 km twin pipeline, Strategic Gas Transmission, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

• EPCC of 32” dia, 301 km Fahud Sohar Gas pipeline of Oman Gas Company, Oman

• Design and construction of 32” dia, 270 km and 28” dia, 4 km South Sumatra to West Java gas pipeline, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara, Indonesia

Large Dia Projects - Overseas

Major Pipeline ProjectsOverseas Projects

• EPC of 32” dia, 270 km South Sumatra to West Java onshore pipeline, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara, Indonesia

• EPC of 24” dia, 40 km looplines, 32” dia, 252 km loopline, Oman Gas Co., Oman• EPCC of 22” dia, 183 km Myanmar China oil pipeline, South East Asia Crude Oil

Pipeline Company, Myanmar• EPC of 20”/16” dia, 60 km jetfuel pipeline and jetfuel receiving tankfarm of 141000

m3, Falcon Jetfuel Pipeline and Bulk Terminal Facilities, UAE • Construction of 16” dia, 210 km Balongan Jakarta multi product pipeline, PT Trihasra

Bimanusa, Indonesia• Construction of 16” dia, 177 km crude oil KAM

pipeline, PetroKazakhstan, Kazakhstan• Construction of 16” dia, 128 km multi product pipeline, Kumpunan Juri Teknik Sdn

Bhd, Malaysia

• Construction of 16”, 20 dia, 105 km Onshore Gas Development Phase II pipeline, Easter Bechtel Co., UAE

• Construction of 16” dia, 82 km Asab Gas Development Phase II pipeline, Easter Bechtel Co., UAE

• EPC of 14” dia, 300 km Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) pipeline, ORPIC, Oman

• EPCC of 14” dia, 129 km, 10” dia, 5 km dense phase ethylene pipelines and 3” dia, 5 km butane pipeline from Ras Laffan to Mesaieed pipelines, Ras Laffa Olefins Co., UAE

Large Dia Projects - Overseas

Major Pipeline ProjectsIndian Projects

• Construction of 48” dia, 145 km Dahej Vijaipur upgradation, GAIL India• Construction of 48” dia, 186 km East West Gas pipeline, Reliance Gas

Transportation Infrastructure• Construction of 48” dia, 120 km East West Gas pipeline, Reliance Gas

Transportation Infrastructure• EPCC of 42” dia 506 km Dahej Vijaipur gas pipeline, GAIL India• Laying and Construction of Steel Pipeline, 36” dia, 206 km Dhamra Angul pipeline

Ph II, Odisha, GAIL India• EPCC of 36” dia, 825 km Dabhol Bangalore gas pipeline, GAIL India• EPCC of 36” dia, 335 km gas pipeline Bijapur-Dadri-Burda gas pipeline, GAIL India• Construction of 30” dia, 144 km Dahej Uran pipeline gas pipeline, GAIL India• EPCC of 30” dia, 113 km Dabhol Panvel pipeline gas pipeline, GAIL India• EPC of 24” dia, 103 km Darod Jafrabad oil pipeline, Gujarat State Petronet Ltd, India• EPC of 24” dia, 57 km crude oil pipeline and 8” dia, 57 km gas pipeline, Mangla

Development pipeline I & II, Cairn Energy India • Construction of 24/20” dia, 363 km Mangalore Bangalore pipeline, Petronet

MHB, India• Construction of 22” dia, 339 km and 14” dia, 218 km Kandla Bhatinda product

pipeline, Skoda Export/Indian Oil Corp., India

Large Dia Projects - India

Major Pipeline Projects

• Construction of 18” dia, 434 km, 16” dia, 73 km and 8” dia, 36 km pipelines, Mundra Delhi, HPCL

• Construction of 18”, 253 km Mumbai Manmad multi product pipeline, BPCL

• Construction of 18” dia, 75 km Hazira Ankleshwar gas pipeline, Gujarat Gas

• Construction of 18” dia, 55 km and 18” dia, 57 km Vijaipur Kota gas pipeline, GAIL India

• Construction of 16”/12” dia, 435 km Jamnagar Loni LPG pipeline, GAIL India

• Construction of 16” dia, 332 km Mumbai-Manmad-Manglya oil pipeline, BPCL

• Construction of 14” dia, 189 km Mumbai Manmad multi product pipeline, BPCL

• EPCC of 14” dia, 182 km and 12” dia, 161 km Pune-Solapur oil pipeline, HPCL

• Construction of 14” dia, 160 km Mumbai Pune product pipeline, HPCL• Construction of 14” dia, 80 km Kalol Navagam oil pipeline, ONGC

Indian ProjectsLarge Dia Projects - India

Offshore Pipelines • EPCC of 30” dia, 3.5 km and 36” dia, 28 km oil pipeline for

ONGC, India

• EPCC of 20" dia, 40 Km Offshore crude transmission line for Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia (Field jointly owned by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait)

• EPCC of 20” dia, 24 km gas pipeline from Uran to Trombay for ONGC, India

• EPCC of 28” dia, 30 km gas pipeline and two terminal stations having scraper receivers, scraper launchers for PT Perusahaan Gas Negara, Indonesia

• EPCC of 20” dia, 25 km and 10” dia 15 km pipeline for Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, India

• EPCC of 8/12/14” dia 122 km rigid submarine pipeline for ONGC, India

• Construction of 10” dia, 18 km pipeline for Bharat Petroleum Corporation, India

Tanks & Terminals

Achievements & Highlights

Built 10.5 million m3 of Storage Capacity Crude / Cryogenic LNG & LPG Tanks

Only Indian Contractor to have executed LPG/Cryogenic tanks on EPC basis including mechanical, civil and insulation work

Constructed India’s first LNG Storage & Regasification Terminal

Involved in the construction of 3 LNG terminals in India –Dabhol, Hazira & Dahej

One of the few Companies in India to have In-House LPG Tanks / Refrigerated Tanks Design Capability

Double Wall, Full Containment, Refrigerated Tanks – LTCS Steel Construction

- Double Wall, Double Containment, LNG Tanks*

External Double Deck & Single Deck Floating Roof Tanks

- Internal Single Deck Floating Tank - Fixed Roof Dome / Cone, C.SFloating Roof

Internal Single Deck Floating Tank - Fixed Roof Dome / Cone, AluminiumFloating Roof

- Fixed Dome / Cone / Column Supported Cone Roof Tanks

- Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof Tanks*

* Design of LNG Tanks and Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is outsourced.

Engineered & Constructed by Punj Lloyd

Tanks & Terminals

Competence on Engineering Codes :





es American Codes: API 650, API 620, API 625, API 653 etc.

European Code: EN 14015

Indian Code : IS 803, IS 875, IS 1893 etc..



f St


ure American Codes: UBC, ASCE -07, AISC 360, API 650,

API 620

European Code: EN 14015, Indian Code: IS 800, IS 875, IS 1893 etc.

Software: STADD Pro V8i

In- HouseEngineering







0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10






n, S



Spectral Period (s)

Convective Spectrum (at 0.5% Damping)

Impulsive Spectrum (at 5% damping)

Tanks & Terminals

Tanks & Terminals

Cryogenic Tank CapabilityLNG

• LNG Tanks (2x180,000 m3) at IOCL terminal, Ennore, India for MitsubishiHeavy Industries, Japan

• LNG Storage (3x160,000m3) and Regasification Terminal Dabhol, India for Skanska

• LNG Storage (2x148,000m3) Tank Expansion Dahej, India for IHI• Low Storage (2x160,000 m3) for Receiving Terminal Hazira, India for Shell

LPG• Propane / Butane / Propylene Storage Tanks (2x25000 MT i.e 48451

m3), for Mundra LPG Terminal Project, Mundra, Gujarat• Propane / Butane / LPG Storage (2 x 26,000 m3) LPG Terminal

Project, Ennore, Tamil Nadu, India for Indian Oil Petronas Pvt. Ltd• Propylene Storage (2 x 13,000 m3) Panipat Naphtha Cracker Project,

Panipat, Haryana, India for IOCL & IOTL• LPG Storage (2 x 40993 m3) Cryogenic Storage Tank Package at

Reliance Jamnagar Complex, Gujarat, India

Note: *Design of LNG Tanks is outsourced. Only Construction by PLL.

Pressurized & Atmospheric Tanks - Major Projects

• Design and construction of 44 storage tanks of 13,40,272 m3 capacity including External DDFR, External SDFR, Dome Roof Tanks, Cone Roof Tanks, IFRTs with C.S IFR and Aluminium IFR etc - RAPID Project, Malaysia

• Design and construction of 13 storage tanks of 2,42,852 m3 capacity including 11 External DDFR and 2 Cone Roof Tanks - Expansion and revamping of Ahmadi Depot, KNPC, Kuwait

• Design and construction of 7 storage tanks of 1,34,556 m3 capacity including 4 Aluminium Geodesic Roof and 3 C.S Dome Cone Roof Tanks -Project Falcon, UAE

• Design and construction of 9 storage tanks of 15,800 m3 capacity including 7 Aluminium and 2 Dome Roof Tanks, 20 storage tanks including Aluminium, Column Supported Cone Roof Tanks & External SDFR Tanks -MSQ Up-gradation, IOCL Barauni Refinery, India

• Design and construction of 20 storage tanks of 2,93,395 m3 capacity including IFRT (Aluminium), Column Supported Cone Roof Tanks & External SDFR Tanks - Singapore Parallel Train Project, JurongIsland, Singapore

• Design and construction of 8 storage tanks of 1,54,591 m3 capacity including Dome Roof & 3 Column Supported Cone Roof & SDFR Tanks -Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex, Saudi Arabia

Tanks & Terminals

• Design and construction of 19 storage tanks of capacity - Dome and Cone Roof Tanks - Storage Tanks for Onshore Gas Development Phase – III, Abu Dhabi

• Design and construction of 15 storage tanks of 2,40,000 m3 capacity including C.S Dome Roof & Geodesic Aluminium Dome Roof Tanks - Fuel Oil & White Oil storage tanks for Tankstore Phase V Expansion on Pulau Busing Island, Singapore

• Design and construction of 59 IFRT storage tanks of capacity 12,23,700 m3

capacity Geodesic Aluminium Dome Roof with Aluminium IFR - Fuel Oil Storage Tanks for Bulk Liquid Products Terminal on Jurong Island, Singapore

• Design and construction of 9 storage tanks of 4,40,000 m3 capacity - External DDFR and Cone Roof Tanks - Paradip, Orissa, India

• Design and construction of 9 Column Supported Cone Roof Tanks of capacity 6,36,332 M3 Steel Water Storage Tanks for Fujairah Water and Power Project, UAE

• Design and construction of 7 IFRT Storage Tanks, External SDFR and Cone Roof Tanks of 51,349 m3 capacity - Sulphur Block & Offsite / Utilities, IOCL, Guwahati, India

• Design and construction of 19 storage tanks of 2,15,837 m3 capacity - External SDFR and Cone Roof Tanks at Numaligarh Refinery, India

• Design and construction of 7 Column Supported Cone Roof Tanks of 89,064 m3

capacity - Kochi Refinery, India

Tanks & Terminals

• Design and construction of 21 storage tanks including C.S Dome Roof & Geodesic Aluminium Dome Roof Tanks of 4,52,000 m3

capacity - Fuel Oil & White Oil Storage Tanks for Bulk Liquid Products Terminal on Jurong Island, Singapore

• Design and construction of 12 storage tanks including External SDFR, IFRT (Aluminium) & Dome Roof Tanks of Tanks of 1,37,040 m3 capacity - Panipat Naphtha Cracker Project, India

• Design and construction of 23 External DDFR Tanks of 10,80,379 m3

capacity - Marine Tank Farm at Reliance Refinery, Jamnagar - India

• Design and construction of 11 storage tanks of 9,34,937 m3 capacity -External DDFR and Cone Roof Tanks Crude Oil Tank Farm at EssarRefinery, Vadinar, Gujarat - India

Onshore Field Development & Gas Processing• EPC of Tie-ins for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil

Operations, Abu Dhabi

• EPC of Shah Gas Gathering – Package 1 for Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. Ltd, Abu Dhabi

• EPC of Spiking Compressor for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, Abu Dhabi

• Construction of flowlines and transfer line for Huwailah Field Development for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, Abu Dhabi

• Construction of wellheads, flowlines, manifold, transfer line and related work for Jarn Yaphour Field Development for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi

• EPC of Peciko Field Development Phase 4 for TotalFinaElf, Indonesia

• EPC Service for Betara Complex Development, Sumatra, Indonesia

• EPC of Gas Field Development for Oil India Limited, India

Offshore Platforms• EPC of three wellhead platforms and laying of three segments of 24” dia, 18 km offshore

gas pipeline for Pertamina Hulu Energy, Indonesia

• Platform Deck Removal and installation of Well Head Platform for Pertamina HuluEnergy, Indonesia

• EPC of four wellhead platforms and laying of 57 km rigid pipeline and 10.5 km flexible submarine pipeline and associated work for Heera Redevelopment Offshore Platform, ONGC, India

• EPC of Betara Complex Development Project for Petro China International, Indonesia

• EPC of South Utility Platform for Total E&P Indonesie, Indonesia • Engineering, procurement, fabrication and loadout of a offshore six leg platform (Poleng

Process Platform) for Korea Development Co., Indonesia



Refineries• Specialized in LSTK / Composite and Up-gradation projects

• Ability to work in live plants within restricted spaces and under tight schedules, while maintaining highest standards of health, safety, quality and environment

• Extensive Experience in almost all major Process Units including :

• Sulphur Recovery Block

• Delayed Coker

• Visbreaker

• Hydrocracker & Hydrogen

• Motor Spirit Up gradation

• Completed more than 17 refinery modernisation projects

• Expertise in Brownfield and Greenfield projects

Excavation (Cu Mtr) -772014

RCC (Cu Mtr) -

425382Supply (MT) -59993

Erection (IM) -67737

Welding (ID) -


Erection (IM) -


Total Equipment erection -

MT, 40133

Refineries – Major Projects• EPCC Package for Sulphur Block - Sulphur Refinery Unit (SRU -

80TPD), Amine Regeneration Unit (ARU – 260 TPH), the Sour Water Stripper (SWS – 65 TPH ), 132 KV Switchyard along with utilities & offsite facilities for Haldia Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation

• EPCC of Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation Project (Naphtha Splitter –385,000 MT/YR, Naphtha Hydrotreater – 82,000 MT/YR, Reformer Splitter – 182,000 MT/YR, ISOM – 122,000MT/YR, Selective Hyrodegenration – 200,000 MT/YR, FCC Gasoline Splitter – 200,000 MT/YR, Hydrodesulphurization – 160,000 MT/YR) for HaldiaRefinery, Indian Oil Corporation

• EPCC of Hydrocracker Unit 1.7 MMTPA & Hydrogen Generation Unit 70 TTPA at Haldia Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation

• EPCC Package for Sulphur Block - 2 x100 TPD Sulphur Recovery Unit including Tail Gas Treatment Unit, 60 m3/hr Sour Water Stripper and 250 TPH capacity Amine Regeneration Unit on a single point responsibility basis at Manali Refinery, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

• EPCC package for Process Facilities and Utilities for underground cavern and top side facilities for top side and inside Cavern for Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd

Refineries• EPCC of Kero Treatment Unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit, FCC LPG Treatment

Unit, FCC light naphtha treatment unit, alkylation unit, butane isomerisationunit, spent acid regeneration unit and flue gas desulphurisation unit for lumpsum turnkey package-B of the Paradip Refinery, India Oil Corporation Ltd

• EPCC Package of 165KTPA Coker LPG treating unit, offsite & utility facility for Paradip Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

• Installation of ISBL units, setting up of Crude and Vacuum Distillation units, Gasoline and saturated gas plant, Catalytic Hydro-De-sulphurisationand Isomerisation units and construction related procurement for NagarjunaOil Corporation Ltd. The Cuddalore Refinery project will have a capacity of 6 MMTPA.

• EPCC for CDSP Delayed Coker Unit Plant, capacity - 3 MMTPA. 4 Coke Drums – 2000 MT (Each 500MT, 10m dia. x 41m High)

• EPCC of Delayed Coker Unit and LPG Merox Block for 3.7 MMTPA Delayed Coker Unit and 150 TMTPA LPG Merox Unit for VadodaraRefinery, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

• EPCC of Sulphur Block, Amine Regeneration Unit, Sour Water Stripper, Tail Gas Treating Unit and Sulphur Recovery Unit of Grassroot Refinery, Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd., India

• EPCC for MSQ Up-gradation Project of Barauni Refinery - Reformate Splitter Unit (RSU - 274,000 TPA), Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (NHDT 183,000 TPA), C5 – C6 Isomerization Unit (ISOM -126,000 TPA), Prime G+: 322,000 TPA (LCN) + 81,000 TPA (HCN). Nitrogen Generation Unit: 850 Nm³/hr capacity for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Refineries• EPCC for Delayed Coker Unit (3.7 MMTPA) and Coker LPG

Merox Block (150 TMTPA) for IOCL Vadodara Refinery

• EPCC for Sulphur Block (SRU - 360 TPD , ARU- 470 TPH, TGTU – 360 TPD, SWSU – 125 TPH & 49TPH) for BORL Bina Refinery

• EPC of 2 MP Gas Compression Trains at Onshore Plant at Senipah with a Gas Capacity of 450 MMSCFD (Each Train)

• EPC for Visbreaker Unit (3,600 MT/SD), SRU (2 x 90 TPD) along with ARU and SWSU for CPCL Refinery

• EPC for Sulphur Block (SRU - 5TPD along with ARU,SWSU and offsite Utilities) of IOCL Guwahati Refinery

• EPCC for MTBE Plant (37,000 TPA) at Gujarat Refinery


Nuclear Thermal Renewables Transmission &Distribution


Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (units 3 & 4)Supply, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of indoor piping and associated work for 2 x 220 MW Nuclear Power Plant at Kota for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd

Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (units 3 & 4)Supply, fabrication, erection of piping, equipment and instrumentation of active process cooling water system for2 x 220 MW Nuclear Power Plant at Kota for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd

NuclearPrimary Piping Package for 2x700 MW Nuclear Power for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Mumbai

KAPP, Surat (Gujarat) and RAPP, Kota (Rajasthan)

• Supply, fabrication, erection & testing of equipment, pipes, fittings, valves, instrumentation items, structural steel and pre-commissioning support for Nuclear Island system

Salient Features Supply

• 200 km of piping ranging from 15 NB to 650 NB (thickness up to 50 mm)

• 70,000 Pipe fittings

• 14,000 Valves with seismic, radiation and thermal qualifications

• 5,000 Equipment

Erection• 8,00,000 Inch-Dia of Fabrication work

• 12,00,000 Inch-Mtr of Erection work

• 6,000 MT of Equipment Erection

Manufacture of Critical Components for Nuclear Power at MSID

Non Channel VenturimeteresSize : 20NB, 50NB, 65NB, 100NB, 200NB, 300NB & 400NB

Material : A350LF2 C-1, SS304L

Critical Operations : Machining of intricate ID profile and achieving

surface roughness Ra 0.4

Description : Flow measuring device in moderator system,

Customer : NPCIL

Channel VenturimetersSize: 50NB, 65NB & 100NB

Material : A350LF2 C-1

Critical Operations : Machining of intricate ID profile and

achieving surface roughness Ra 0.4

Description : Nuclear Reactor channel Flow measuring

device, High precision inside surface machining

Customer : NPCIL

Fabrication of Structural Assemblies for Nuclear Power at MSID

Size : 5000Kg per assembly

Material : MS/SS

Critical Operations : Accurate welding, assembly and

finishing surface treatment

Description : Parts used in Nuclear Power Plants

Customer : NPCIL

Thermal• EPC of 2 x 300 MW Power Plant, Haldia Energy Ltd., West Bengal

• EPC of 2 x 300 MW Thermal Power Project, Dhariwal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Chandrapur, Maharashtra

• EPC of 2 x 270 MW Thermal Power Station, GVK Power (GoindwalSahib) Ltd, Tarn Taran, Punjab

• EPC of 2 x 250 MW Thermal Power Station, Rajasthan Rajya VidhyutUtpadan Nigam Ltd., Chhabra, Rajasthan

• Civil and structural work for 4 x 250 MW Jindal Power Plant, Chhattisgarh

• Civil and structural work for 6 x 600 MW Thermal Power Plant, KSK Mahanadi Power Corporation, Chhattisgarh

• EPC of 2 x 18 MW Coal Fired Power Project, PT. Citra KusumaPerdana, Indonesia

• EPC of 2x30 MW Coal Fired Power Project, Poyry Energy Ltd, Indonesia

Renewables• Punj Lloyd is capable of developing, engineering and executing renewable energy based projects• The company’s key focus in renewables is on Solar Photovoltaics (including Polysilicon and Solar Thermal)• The Group is also focused on special projects to develop non conventional sources of energy - Bio-fuel and Polysilicon

Project Experience• Qatar’s first Polysilicon plant 7200 MTPY capacity from Qatar Technologies• Commissioned World’s largest wheat based ethanol plant in the UK• Solar PV Lighting, India - Reliance Industries• Five Turnkey Rooftop Solar Power Projects - Govt. of Punjab (2010-11)• 36 MW (12x3) Solar PV Power Projects in Rudrapur under Uttarakhand State Solar Policy (2016-17)• 42 MW (21x2) Solar PV Power Projects in Mansa under Punjab State Solar Policy (2014-16)• 5 MW Solar PV Power Project in Bap, Jodhpur under Jawaharlal Nehru National Mission (2011-12)• 435 KWp, 495 kWp & 200 KWp Rooftop Solar PV project for Chandigarh Renewable Energy, Science & Technology

Promotion Society (2012-15)

Manufacture of Components for Hydro Electric Turbines at MSID

Spring Bar Size : 1402 x 69 x 68 (28Kg)

Material : JIS G4053 SCM435

Critical Operations : Profile milling

Description : Component used in Steam Turbines

Customer : Toshiba

Pressing PlatesSize : 1625 x 670 x 25 (200Kg)

Material : S690 QL

Critical Operations : Profile cutting using Water-jet machining

and hole drilling

Description : Component used in Hydroelectric Turbines

Customer : AHPL

Transmission and Distribution

NTPC• Supply and erection for rural electrification work for construction/

augmentation of substations, installation of distribution transformersand providing service connections to BPL consumers in Puri andKoraput

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)• Augmentation of the existing 33/11 kV sub-station, construction of

11kV outgoing bay, construction of new 11kV line, LTlines, installation of distribution transformers and service connectionto BPL consumers in districts of Odisha – Jajpur, Khorda andGanjam under the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojna(RGGVY)

Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Co Ltd• Won its first transmission project for construction of new 220 kV

and 132 kV sub-stations, transmission lines and feeder bay work inBhopal region

Equipment Assets• Large fleet of equipment for ready mobilisation

• Equipment assets valued at USD 263 million

• The company owns equipment to cater to every terrain and every project need:

Amphibian : including swamp excavators, dredgers, marsh buggies, flexiyoke work barges, swamp cranes

Pipeline - 10 spreads of equipment Road - 07 sets of bituminous road equipment

- 3 sets of concrete paving equipment Offshore - 3 pipelaying barges HDD drilling Rig - 3 of 250 T, 1 of 400 T capacity Other Onshore Piling Rigs – 6 of different capacities

• Young equipment fleet – minimum downtime with skilled and trained staff

• Single largest equipment lifted : 590 MT

Asset ManagementMaintenance

• Upgradation of two lanes, undivided carriageway with paved shoulders of NH-31 from Khagaria to Purnea in Bihar on BOT Annuity basis, National Highways Authority of India

• Design, engineering and construction for strengthening and widening of NH-4 of Belgaum Maharashtra border section, National Highways Authority of India

• Development of a 5 MW Solar Power Plant under Jawaharlal Nehru National Mission with a PPA of 25 years with NTPL Vidyut Vyapar Nagam, Baap, Rajasthan

Equipment Yard & Maintenance Facilities

Inventory maintained on ORACLE based ERP system Equipment managed by Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

Central India Middle East

Equipment yard in Abu Dhabi

Facilities in Banmorespread over 20,000 sq mtr.

Track Repair and Engine Maintenance facility area -

7,000 sq mtr., equipped with 40 tonne EOT crane

Land Systems AerospaceHomeland



Small ArmsManufacturing

Component Manufacturing

DefenceFocus areas in Defence: Small Arms Homeland Security Land Systems : Air Defence and Artillery Aerospace Component Manufacturing

• Strategic partnerships with many international companies including a Joint Venture with IWI for Small Arms

• Over 120 K Sq Ft of manufacturing area comprising a high precision Manufacturing and Systems Integration Division, a Small Arms Manufacturing plant and a fabrication yard

Holds seven licences for : Small Arms Guns, Rocket and Missile Artillery Systems and related Equipment Electro optical systems, Fire control systems, C31 systems and power

packs associated with armored fighting vehicles Conversion of civilian aircraft into aircraft for defence application; Precision

manufacture of aero structure and Dynamic Components for Aviation and Land System Products; Fabrication and manufacture of aero-structure, airframes and accessories using composites

Journey in Defence

Built capability from component manufacturing to full systems

2006 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

• Procurement of the first Defence

License• Opening up of

Defence for Private sector participation

Bid on ZUUpgrade

Program as prime

ISO 9001 (Quality)ISO 14001 (Environment)ISO 18001(OHSAS)ISO 50001 (Energy)AS 9100C (Aerospace)

Home Land

Security, Small

Arms JV

PLR Small Arms Manufacturing

Unit Established

Lease of Land for setting up


Manufacturing plant


Component Manufacturing, first Export order, Bid for

Artillery Upgrade

L1 ZU UpgradeL1 Home Land

Security IWI FDI

Contract for Full Body Truck Scanners awarded by Ministry

of Home Affairs

Component Manufacturing Up-Grade Programs Complete Systems

2013 2014 2015 2016-17 2017-20

Manufacturing capability growth chart

CapabilityBuilt capability from component manufacturing to full systems

ZU 23 AirDefenceUpgrade




Simple Fabrication



130 to 155 upgrade Artillery

Full BodyTruck Scanners

Air DefenceGuns

Mounted System (Artillery)

Aero-structures Nuclear Reactor Core

Parts Structural Parts, Engine

Parts, Jigs & Fixtures for Aviation

Manufacturing & Systems Integration Division (MSID) Malanpur

• World class manufacturing facility, spread over 65 acres of land

• Certified with AS 9100, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, OHSAS 18001-2007, ISO 50001-2011

• Capable of undertaking high speed and heavy duty machining

• Capable of handling exotic metals

• Lean and flexible Manufacturing Systems, ERP system

• Machines include 5 Axes Double Column Gantry, Floor Type, and Horizontal Machining Centres along with 5 Axes Mill Turn Centre and Water Jet Cutting Machine imported from Italy, France and USA

• CAR Bottom Furnace for heat treatment

• TIG and MIG welding facilities

• Lab testing equipment includes CMM from Zeiss Germany

• Full Fledged Metrology and Metallurgy labs

Small Arms Manufacturing FacilityMalanpur

• India’s first Private Sector Small Arms Manufacturing Facility in the support of “Make in India” initiative

• World class manufacturing facility with a focus on state-of-the-art technology.

• A joint venture between Punj Lloyd Industries Ltd and Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)

• Firearms range of :

Assault Rifles Tavor and X95

Sniper Rifles Galil

Light Machine Gun Negev

Sub Machine Gun Uzi

• The IWI Assault Rifles are in service in India with the Special Forces units of the Indian Army (Para SF), Navy (MARCOS), Air Force (GARUD), CRPF (CoBRA) and multi state armed police forces.

Component Manufacturing - Clients Energy

• Hydro ( Andritz Hydro)• Wind ( Inox)• Gas ( Toshiba & BHEL) • Nuclear (NPCIL)

Aviation & Aerospace• Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd• Mahindra Aerospace• RRCAT

Defence• Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur• SAAB• Israel Weapon Industries Ltd

Transportation & Mining• Indian Railways• METSO


• Fincantieri

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)• Regular community improvement activities including

local infrastructure development, traffic awareness and safety meetings, medical and dental check-up camps

• Recruitment opportunities provided to many locals. New recruits exhaustively trained and empowered with skills required for future employment

• HIV/ AIDS, an integral part at all sites globally. Ongoing workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness at sites globally

• Promoting education with Dayawanti Punj Model School in Sitamarhi, a backward region of north India

• Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school equips the students with the intellectual and practical skills necessary to carve a career and meet the challenges of a professional life

Dayawanti Punj Model School, Sitamarhi - Allahabad

Life Enrichment programme for construction workers• Stems from our belief that 'Each life is precious'. It is a programme which

aims at the holistic welfare of workers with a special focus on wealth HIV/AIDS

• Creating awareness about HIV/AIDS and other diseases, providing medical facilities, first aid training, adopting safety practices at work, training in Yoga for health and relaxation

• Introduced first in 2007 at Medicity, Gurgaon, International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, offered to support the programme

• With the launch of Phase II of Life Enrichment Programme in 2008 it was introduced at three other sites namely, Panipat, Haldia and Vadodara

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Awards• ENR Rankings - Ranked no. 144 under International contractors category by ENR.com in


• Excellence in Infrastructure by Economic Times - 2014

• Construction World – One of most admired company of the Year 2013

• D&B Axis Bank Infra Award for best project 2012 - East West Gas Pipeline

• Construction Week - Engineering Company of the Year 2011

• Infrastructure Company of the year - 2010 (CNBC/Essar)

• Infrastructure Excellence Award’ in association with in the Oil & Gas category for the Dahej-Vijaipur Gas Pipeline – 2009

• Chemtech Award – Outstanding contribution to Engineering – 2009

• Top Indian company ‘Construction – Infrastructure Development’ Dun & Bradstreet -RoltaCorporate Awards 2008

• Best Infrastructure Award NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards October 2008

Awards – Punj Lloyd

• 20 x Construction Excellence Awards (BCA, 1987 to 2005)

• 138 x Safety Performance Gold / Silver / Merit Awards (MOM, 1985 to 2005)

• British Safety Council 5 Star Award for last five years Engineering

Construction Industry Association (ECIA)

• Safe Working Award (1995)

• National Productivity Award (PSB, 1994)

• Overseas Enterprise Award (EDB, 1997)

2003 - Safety Award - IPLOCA

2004 - Safety Award – BTC Pipeline Project

2016 – Runner-up for the Shah Gas Development Project Package 1

2017 - Best Contractor Award – RAPID, Malaysia

Greentech Awards:2005-06 - Environmental Excellence - Gold 2007 - Safety - Gold 2008 - Environment Excellence - Platinum

- Safety Gold2009 - Environment Excellence - Gold2010 - Safety Award - Gold


OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management


Our Pledge

• The Safety of People

• The Protection of the Environment

• The Assurance of Speed and the Control of your cost

• The Quality of our Service

• The Success of your Project

Thank you

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