Endotracheal and Tracheostomy Tube Suctioning

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Steps on how to suction an ET and T-tube


STEPS IN ENDOTRACHEAL AND TRACHEOSTOMY TUBE SUCTIONING1. Explain the procedure to the client client. 2. Wash hands before and after and observe appropriate infection control procedures. 3. Provide privacy and place the client o semi-Fowlers position to promote deep breathing and maximum on lung expansion. source and adjust the oxygen flow to 100%. st 4. Attach the resuscitation apparatus to the oxygen so 5. Open the sterile supplies and place the sterile towel below the clients tracheostomy. pplies 6. Turn on the suction machine and set the pressure in accordance to the hospital policy. ction 7. Put on sterile gloves and hold the catheter using a forceps on dominant hand and the connector on the non dominant hand. 8. Flush and lubricate the catheter by placing the tip in saline solution. 9. Using the thumb of your non dominant hand, occlude the thumb control and suction small amount of sterile solution through the catheter. 10. Hyperventilate the patient before and after suctioning. 11. Using your non dominant hand turn on the oxygen to 12- 15L/min, (disconnect the oxygen source from the disconnect tracheostomy tube if the client is receiving oxygen oxygen). 12. Attach the resuscitator to the tracheostomy or endotracheal tube and compress the Ambu bag 3 - 5 times, as the client inhales. (If the client is on ventilator, use it as hyperventilation and hyperoxygenation). he 13. If the client has copious secretions, do not hyperventilate with a resuscitator, instead keep the regular oxygen delivery device on and increase the flow rate or the FiO2 to 100% for several breaths before suctioning. 14. Gently advance the catheter without applying any suction into the tracheostomy/endotracheal tube. 15. Insert the catheter about 12.5 cm for adults and less for children or until the clients co cough or if there is resistance. 16. Apply intermittent suctioning for 5 10 seconds by placing the non dominant hand on the suction port. 17. Withdraw the catheter completely and release the suction. 18. Flush the catheter by instilling normal saline solution into the irrigation port and apply suction. Repeat and until the suction catheter is clear. 19. Reassess the clients oxygenation stat and repeat suctioning (allow 2-3 minutes between suctioning). tion status 3 20. Flush the suction catheter and repeat suctioning until the passage is clear. 21. After each suction hyperventilate the patient using your non dominant hand and ventilate the clients in no ion more than three breaths. tubing on the suction machine. 22. Cleanse the suction tubing and disconnect the t 23. Provide client a comfortable, safe pos position that facilitates breathing and lung expansion expansion. 24. Record relevant data including the amount and the description of suction secretions and any other relevant assessments.

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