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  • Endless Opportunities Await... Education to take you Places

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  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    There are few earthly things more splendid

    than a University

    In these days of broken frontiers and collapsing values when the dams are down and the floods are making

    misery, when every future looks somewhat grimand every ancient foothold has become something of a quagmire;

    wherever a University stands it stands and shines:wherever it exists, the free minds of men,

    urged on to full and fair inquiry,may still bring wisdom into human affairs

    John Masefield

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    The USIU-Africa Alma Mater

    Oh! USIU of Africa,Our Alma Mater dearWell crown Thee fairest MaterOur School we love so dear.For Thee well ever labor,To keep Thee on thy throneOh, USIU of Africa,Thy reigneth alone.

    Oh! USIU of Africa,Our Alma Mater dearWell cherish all thy precepts,And serve Thee far and near.Well carry high your banner,Your torch will ever burn.Oh USIU of Africa,We love you our own.

    Our Alma Mater dearWell neer forget Thee Mater,Your name we love so dear.The noble lives of those who served,To guide us on our wayOh USIU of Africa,God bless you, we pray.

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015



  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    Vision & MissionVision: United States International University- Africa will be a premier institution of academic excellence with a global perspective.

    Mission: To promote the discovery and application of knowledge, the acquisition of skills, and the development of intellect and character in a manner that prepares students to contribute effectively and ethically as citizens of a changing and increasingly technological world.

    AccreditationThe United States International University - Africa (USIU-A) is accredited in Kenya by the Commission for University Education (CUE) and in the United States by WASC Senior Colleges and University Commission (WSCUC). WSCUC is recognized and authorized by the US Department of Education to accredit universities and senior colleges in the Western Region of United States.

    USIU-A was awarded the Kenyan Charter in 1999 and in July 2008 received a reaccreditation certificate from CUE after re-inspection and affirmation that the university met the CUE set criteria for quality assurance. USIU A received the initial accreditation by WSCUC in 1981 as part of USIU San Diego, and eventually as an independent institution. The accreditation was re-affirmed in March 2009 after a comprehensive review of the institution in November 2008.

    The dual accreditation gives USIU- A graduates recognition worldwide and enhances their opportunities to secure employment and admission/scholarships for further studies.

    Academic Programs & FacultyUSIU-A is a private, non-profit, secular institution of higher learning. The university offers undergraduate degrees in International Relations, Criminal Justice Studies, Psychology, Accounting, Business Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Management, International Business Administration, Finance, Tourism Management, Applied Computer Technology, Journalism, Information Systems and Technology and Pharmacy. The graduate degrees offered include: Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Master of Arts in International Relations, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Master of Science in Business Administration, Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Master of Arts in Communication Studies, Executive Master of Science in Organizational Development, and the Global Executive Masters programs in Business Administration and Health Leadership.

    The doctoral programs include a PhD in International Relations and professional doctorate programs in Business Administration (DBA) and Clinical Psychology (PsyD).

    Faculty: The full-time resident faculty is augmented by visiting professors and academically qualified adjunct faculty from international agencies, professional organizations and institutions.

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    USIU-Africa Board of Trustees

    Dr. Manu Chandaria, OBE, EBSCEO, Comcraft Group of CompaniesChancellor and Chair of the Board of Trustees

    Dr. Omolola E. Odubekun , PhD

    Independent Consultant Vice Chair

    Mrs. Carol Wallace

    President and CEO, San Diego Convention Center CorporationMember

    Mrs. Deloris JordanPresident and Founder of the James R. Jordan Foundation InternationalMember

    Mr. Vimal Shah, MBSCEO, Bidco-Africa Group of CompaniesMember

    Mrs. Jane KarukuManaging Director, Kenya Breweries LimitedMember

    Prof. Barbara Mahone, PhDProfessor Emeritus (Rtd.), College of Business, San Jose State UniversityMember

    Dr. Peggy Oti-Boateng, PhDSenior Program Specialist/Coordinator of ANSTI, UNESCO MSRO for Southern Africa,Harare, ZimbabweMember

    Mr. Kris SenanuDeputy CEO, Access Kenya Group Member

    Kevit Desai, PhDDirector of Engineering and Proprietor,Centurion Systems Ltd.Member

    Mr. Linus GitahiIndependent ConsultantMember

    Dr. Ralph Wolff, PhDIndependent ConsultantMember

    Prof. Freida A. Brown, PhDVice-Chancellor, USIU-AfricaSecretary and ex- officio member

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    Prof. Freida A. Brown, PhD


    Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono, PhD

    Deputy-Vice Chancellor

    Academic Affairs

    Mrs. Ritah J. Asunda

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

    Student Affairs & Enrolment Management

    Dr. Paul Okanda, PhD

    Deputy Vice Chancellor,

    Information Technology

    & Chief Information Officer

    USIU-Africa Management Council Dr. Willie L. Butler, PhD

    Deputy Vice Chancellor,

    Institutional Planning & Advancement

    Ms. Isabel Juma



    Eng. Paul Warui



    Helen P. Ambasa

    University Legal Counsel/

    Company Secretary

    Chandaria School of Business Advisory Board Dr. Manu Chandaria - CEO, Comcraft

    Dr. John Muriithi - CEO, Mater Hospital

    Ms. Jeniffer Barassa - CEO, Top Image Ltd

    Mr. Anthony Kithinji - Group CEO, Linksoft

    Mr. Bob Collymore - CEO, Safaricom

    Mr. Zaf Khan - CEO, Chase Bank

    Mr. Hassan Bashir - CEO, Takaful Insurance of Africa Ltd

    Mr. Michael Odera - MD, Tata Chemicals Magadi Soda Ltd

    Ms. Eva Muraya - CEO, BSD (EA) Ltd / Color Creations

    Mr. Tewary Rajendra - Manager, Comcraft Group of Companies

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    USIU-Africa Alumni Association Executive Committee MembersDolly Sagwe-Onyoni

    Director, Business Finance Oracle


    Ian Mukuria

    Director, Royal Ngao Holdings Ltd

    Vice Chairperson

    Kalekye Mumo


    Chairperson Public Relations

    Charles Mwakio

    Communications Director Hifadhi Africa Organization

    Chairperson Membership Committee

    Norah Kiereri

    Enrollment Manager, KCA University

    Chairperson Academic Committee

    Mr. Jacob Ogola

    Head of Credit Administration, Commercial Bank of Africa Limited

    Adjunct Faculty- Chandaria School of Business-USIU-Africa

    Out Going Chairpersons

    Mr. Uvyu Mbole

    Head of Alumni Affairs, USIU-Africa

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    Order of Processional & Recessional March

    9.30 a.m. All guests to be seated

    10.00 a.m. All standing, the Vice-Chancellors procession will enter in the following order:

    - Mace Bearer- SAC and Staff Representatives- Alumni (Class Representative)- Valedictorian- Vice-Chancellor - The Chief Guest- Invocation Speaker- Members of the Board- Members of the Management Council- Platform Guests- Faculty- Alumni - Graduands

    The Vice-Chancellors recession leaves the graduation square in the following order:

    - Mace Bearer- SAC and Staff Representative- Vice-Chancellor- The Chief Guest- Alumni Representative- Invocation Speaker- Members of the Board- Members of the Management Council- Platform Guests- Faculty- Alumni - Graduates

  • Endless opportunities await...

    37th Commencement/ Class of 2015


    Commencement Program - 2015The Processional .By Elgar (Audience Please Stand)

    Mace Bearer ........................Dr. Kefah Njenga Chair-Faculty Council The Kenya National Anthem

    The American National Anthem

    The Invocation...........................